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Ryo : 33973

Untrustworthy (Part 2) Empty Untrustworthy (Part 2)

Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:24 pm
The sun had just rose above the bright blue sky. It seemed like a peaceful day at the moment. Nothing important going on at the moment. Kyson woke up from his bed and did his daily routine to prepare for the day. Brushing his teeth, showering, etc.. After all of that was done, he decided to cook him  some breakfast. Something simple today, since he has plans to speak to more higher ups about his place in the village. As he thought about the meeting from yesterday he had with those older gentlemen. One guy in particular did seem off at the meeting though. Everyone else had a annoyed look on their face, but that guy wearing blue never seemed troubled at all. In fact, he was a little too calm. As Kyson walked over towards the fridge and grabbed a couple eggs. He'd pull out a pan to start preparing to make scrambling eggs. As the eggs were cooking, he heard a sound come from outside. It sounded like someone landing on the ground. But what was unusual about it was that if it was a normal person visiting. They wouldn't try to hide their presence.

He paused for a moment as the eggs were cooking. And as it became totally quiet for about 5 seconds. Kyson heard the door slam open, breaking the lock on the door. Judging from hearing the foot steps and the rhythm of the steps. It assumed it was 3 people rushing in from the front door. This must be them, so they were planning something after all. Kyson thought to himself. Kyson's house was one floor. So he stopped everything he was doing as he took a look at his polite visitors. It was three shinobi standing in front of Kyson as his back was towards the stove. Letting off a smirk from his face, this wasn't the day he was expecting. This could either be because of his actions from yesterday or maybe they looked him up and found out he left this village without permission. Well they were bound to find out either way.

"Kyson Hozuki, we have orders to take you in custody." The shinobi in the middle said. Kyson assumed he was the leader, usually the leader is always on the middle. It would look a little weird for a leader to be on the left or right side. But that was just his opinion. "You guys just love showing up at the weirdest times. Fine let me just put this-" Kyson grabbed the pan with eggs on it with his left hand. And threw it at the shinobi on the right. The pan hit shinobi on the right, straight at his head. The 3 shinobi were about 5 meters distance from Kyson. As Kyson saw the middle shinobi bring out a kunai, Kyson took one out as well. The middle shinobi tossed the Kunai as Kyson's chest. But Kyson watched him pull out and watched his form to predict where he would throw the kunai. And as soon as it left his hand, Kyson saw exactly where he was aiming his kunai. So he turned his body to the side as he continued to move forward, this way it would be easier and less movement to dodge the kunai. The kunai would fly right pass Kyson's stomach, as he used his momentum to move forward. He was ready to deliver a finishing blow with his own Kunai. The middle shinobi shocked to see how fast Kyson moved.

As Kyson was about a meter away from the middle shinobi. His was attempting to stab the man in his neck. As the kunai was about 10 inches from landing. The 4 more shinobi entered the house quick and swiftly. With about 8 more waiting outside. Kyson stopped the kunai, 2 inches from the man's throat. As he noticed this would be a bad place to start things. If it was someone elses home he wouldn't care. But to get his house messy wasn't an option. Plus he didn't wake up today looking for a fight. Especially from shinobi that was suppose to be considered his own comrades. So for now, he'll do what they say. "Fine fine, you win. Just please take your shoes off next time before you come in." Kyson said as he dropped the kunai.

"Don't worry, you won't be seeing your little home for a long time." The voice that was heard came from a new person entering the house. The guy that was wearing blue from yesterday's meeting. But Kyson never got his name. "You remember me from yesterday's meeting right? I go by the name Zayko." The man said calmly. Kyson smirked as he heard his words. This was the same guy he knew was trouble. but he wasn't surprised he led this investigation. "So I suppose your not here to help me, huh?" Kyson said with a slight chuckle. As the shinobi began to put handcuffs on him.

"Sadly no, I'm not.. You know, your files are quite interesting. 5 years ago, you escape the cloud village out of no where. But didn't tell anyone where you were going. And then you had the audacity to come back to the same village you betrayed and try to take charge. Did you think this was some type of game?" Zayko said as he stared the young shinobi into his eyes. The man was wearing a blue samurai robe with a right scar going across his face. Kyson was still calm though. If it was one thing he learnd over the years was to never get so tense.
"I just thought I needed a little vacation, that's all. Ya know, hit up a beach, pretty girls, catch some sunlight. Maybe it was a bit overdue. But I did decide to come back though." Kyson said giving off a smart remark. Zayko closed his eye's for a brief second as he turned his back to Kyson. Two more shinobi were waiting outside of Kyson's house. he could hear people curious of what was going on in the village. "Such a immature kid. And you think your fit to lead us? Get him out of my sight and lock him up. Send him to the prison where he'll spend the rest of his days there." Zayko said as he exited the house and was no longer in Kyson's view. The other shinobi pushed Kyson forward as they were escorting him to prison.
Ryo : 33973

Untrustworthy (Part 2) Empty Re: Untrustworthy (Part 2)

Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:57 am

TWC: 1085

- 1085 words towards Demon Fang Triplets 
Ryo : 1250

Untrustworthy (Part 2) Empty Re: Untrustworthy (Part 2)

Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:08 am
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