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Tranquil Training Empty Tranquil Training

Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:35 am
Clone Jutsu.

The water gardens came into view in the distance.

The water heralded the weary traveller before he hearkened to the sweet sound and fragrance of running waters music.
Tamaki paused to listen to the melodies of nature welcoming his journeys end, he felt well-rested immediately after plunging his hands into the cold water as his perils were well behind him...
Recounting tales to himself, he had found himself alone again and smelling vaguely of wood.

The first thing that wandered into Tamaki's attention about this place was the advantages it offered him were over-shadowed by conflicting doubts of permanency.
Unsupposed and admittedly foreseeable convictions of condescension outwitted the forces predetermined to the dismissal of outward cynicism which unfortunately resulted in surmountable dilemma of unfocused inner mediation being reflected poorly and artlessly.
Regrettably misspoken and cursed by the malformed conjecture, he witnessed his handsigns aggressively implode before completely surrendering him into a soundless vacuum. Ram → Snake → Tiger

Tamaki took his time to reassemble and refine his mudra structure; first grabbing the tips of his fingers and clasping his right hand over his left and then came the second one, the one he never got right but quickly corrected himself where he was faltering on and the basic tiger hand seal... come to think of it for the thousandth time, they were pretty basic mudra to both accelerate and slow the flow of the energy in his body he didn't quite understand yet.
He was following along in a manual given to him by a completely random npc character who shall not be named to see if he did in fact possess the ability to shape and mold chakra.

Alluding him was some revelation that through would allow him to reconstitute his fractured charms and airs.
This jutsu was not a hard one, the grounding; earthing component, of the hand signs would allow him to project a reflection of his chakra and would allow him to entertain the notion of three replicas of non-corporeal entities baring a resemblance to himself.

At the moment, to Tamaki, it was a remarkable technique  that at once gave the impression that with an understanding of this jutsu he may not embark on this journey alone and that in itself; even if it were an illusion, was a daunting fate for a sixteen year old to consider.
One may remark the buoyant quality of transferring ones will and effort into a task, how ever menial, once fruitful will establish a firm foundation in ninjutsu and through it a thorough transferal of understanding that is expressed during this endeavor.

However, many variations of views are adopted by different individuals as to the proper tutelage of a student, many refer to this as a fundamental worthy of learning.
Transmuting resources into usable substances was not alien to Tamaki, yet some how fashioning something into a visible entity entirely made of nothing was a concept and experience otherwise not tapped on by the young academy student.

It required a catalyst to work through and a fuel source to be manipulated by the concentrated will of the user, once the necessary strength is gathered one must not waste the opportunity provided by the forming of hand signs.

Tamaki parched his thirst before trying again
and hey presto!
clone ala'markey.

Staring back at him was an entity that not only resembled him but to and extent drew it's actions from his own... this was the kind of thing he could get used to

Clone Jutsu
Word Count: 500/583

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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:38 am
Transformation Jutsu

"Grant that I may better myself and encourage virtue in my fellow shinobi passively and positively reflecting the inner light I conduct myself in."
"A lost grace of mine is eloquence of speech yet the fluency of written word transcends my required need; I've always precluded a statement with an explanation so that the flowers of my speech may bloom in the minds of others."

All that written down and still a fractured childhood memory of his father remains, a content man but by no means caring... or so it had seemed to a younger Tamaki but now, after some time; some reading, and a pensive point of view he was beginning to appreciate the man his father was through his expressed thought in this book that Tamaki now kept as memento to his passed father.
Speaking to himself to echo the memories of his father, "I desire to seek, so that I may find an explanation of the absurd and often abstract actions or statements I may redeem through concise phrasing of poetic reflections."

A reformed suggestion from his manual suggested the Transformation technique.
A jutsu that allows the user to take on the appearance of something else by expressing a constant flow of chakra.
Dog → Boar → Ram
The tips of his thumbs pressed together in a cross formation while pointing either way before slipping into pressing his closed fists together then placing his palm flat facing down on his other hand... or so he thought.
The resulting incantation had been spelled out incorrectly and he was hard done by to do anything but find a slight refrain when he started feeling that he wanted to be someone else; something else, anything else other then a feeble young man standing there with his hands put together trying to find time to learn.

"The reformed suggestion may envelope it's predecessor in difficulty and require further elaboration, but platonically; in it's bare essentials, it is indifferent."
What it embibes and what its primary focus-constituency depends upon are dissimilar and disguised by allegory.
"To appear to be another."

The unmentioned quota of the lands unformed were the agricultural subjects of the stars above us and how and why they were lost; if not a handful of them scattered, in the immaterial void from which they; grasses and fruits, grew.
The celestial kingdom sprinkled down their glistening presence, the moon brought tides of social graces and the gravity's of those around him were more or less kind.
His hands were sore from how many attempts he had foolishly misplaced a finger and rough and calloused on his palms where he had rubbed sweat into his clothing.
Dog → Boar → Ram
Tamaki was filled with energy and after a cloud of smoke he slowly walked over to the waters to gaze at his reflection.
Staring back at him was a face not so different from his own yet not, he resembled his father more than anyone but no; there was no comparison.
He tried again. This time trying to feel like someone other than himself, like the noble-types he had seen walking around the place, not entirely sure if impersonating someone was a crime he did the necessary handsigns and tiredly and resentfully spoke, "Transformation Jutsu!"

He transformed into a much nicer dressed person and he even felt better about himself, quite the self confidence booster to be in fine clothing, though he felt restricted by superficiality when it strayed into his thoughts to attempt to replicate a woman's body with his little experience in the subject.

word count: 596
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:48 am
Hiya, so when you write a training thread at the bottom you need to have something that looks like this:

Clone jutsu (500/500)
Transformation jutsu (500/500)

Also if you could include the links when you train techs that'd be great too.
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:25 am
Stat Training: Strength.

After his success with the two basic recommended jutsu; Transformation and Clone technique, for the rudimentary foundations of his ninja career, he had decided that if he were to make use of a weapon later on in life, he would have to be strong enough to wield one for lengthy periods of time.
His forearms had gained scarce amounts of vital muscle necessary holding farm tools and working on a farm, yet he could confidently hoist and swing the blade his wazikashi that had belonged to his father.
A few careful and deliberate swing of the blade; a flicker of sunlight gleaning off it as it streaked past the few feat in front of him and the empty space, not exactly proficient with it Tamaki felt clumsy.

After hours his right arm began to sear with an ebbing warmth that slowly began to snake up his arm and into his shoulder, deftly sweeping his surroundings at imaginary foes was beginning to tire him.
Switching to the left hand alleviated some of the distress growing in the bones of his hands, yet somehow it seemed unrealistic and a little deranged of him to be conspicuously disrupting the casual nature of the water pools around him.
Some clones would liven up the exercise and give him something to aim for he had decided, Ram → Snake → Tiger his hands strengthening with the tightening contractions and flexible nature of his fingers.
A clone of himself suddenly burst into life and animated the vacancy he had felt before, his sparring partner would be himself.
Though not critical that it being solid, he envisioned that the mere unorthodox shadow-boxing with his clone would suffice when assessing his own weak spots and developing methods of striking his opponents'.

Not able to boast being ambidextrous, he found it difficult gripping the handle of the sword for much longer than ten minutes or so and that was without the advancements of a competent, deadly opponent.
The effort was draining him but with striving to better oneself, one must be prepared to work hard; to get stronger, faster and wiser.
He slipped the sword into his clone a few times before waving his imagination aside to practice stances found in his father's journal, one in particular caught his attention where the sword was raised above the head and pointed forward.
"A good offense is a good defense."
Tamaki often pondered on his preferred style of fighting; which would be essential to develop should he actually ever require to defend himself during confrontation, his inclinations were more towards learning ninjutsu how ever but should that fail he needed a solid taijutsu style to ward himself, for he truly was alone in this world; for now.

A strange thought had occurred to him about the water pools situated around him particularly the deeper ones, should he submerge his clothes in the water they would soak up a significant amount of extra weight as well as cooling him in the humid environment.
A quick bath while no one is looking; clothes on, and he would make a swift recovery before returning to his training.
Tamaki casually glanced over his shoulder before jumping into the waters of a pool.
The water was cold, colder than the steel of the sword he had left lying on its side.
His country feet could touch the bottom of this lovely well that he prayed wasn't holy to someone in the village, he only needed a few minutes floating around before Tamaki was very well done with blaspheming; how was he to know?
A loud cry from someone in the distance confirmed his fears as he hoisted himself out of the well, the man was reasonably dressed and Tamaki's dead-pan expression was not the answer the reasonably dressed man was looking for.
By the time Tamaki had taken his first steps out he had been accosted with a deluge of royally pompous babble in what he could only presume were cut blessings, but what came next was something only his prevailing notions of training expected.

A blow had been swung; a disciplinary clouting from the left, and Tamaki's reflexes were not his strong point.
Though expecting a jarring sensation, his forearm braced the strike below the wrist and to no prevailing notion he found the force behind the hand to be comically noble, Tamaki's natural strength absorbing the light and unpracticed man's overzealous smiting.
Much to the man's surprise he recoiled at the unjust situation of denied redemption, Tamaki exclaimed in a monotonous voice, "I don't see why you should strike me for simply considering my environments in my training."

The nobly dressed man seemed insulted and a little disquieted by the remark as he took it upon himself to inform Tamaki otherwise, " Aghast! Another one of those ninja sorts, alas, will we ever strive to at least educate these imported simpletons. How dare you use the water gardens to bath!"

Tamaki retorted after lowering his arms to indicate he did not want to fight, "It's for my training, to protect people like you."
In protest to which the man turned his back towards Tamaki, sensing a beguiling nature to the man Tamaki ascertained it best to use the clone jutsu to mislead his wrath and so he did the necessary hand signs Ram → Snake → Tiger
"I don't think this guy is going to quit trying to hit me. I hope that's not too common in the noble folk around here."
The clone came to fruition and just as predicted the man turned around leading with a wide open hand aiming to slap the clone's head, passing through the incorporeal image to his dismay, Tamaki sprung from behind the well to crash into the man, clumsily knocking his adversary to the ground.

There was a slight gasp from the man as the air left his lungs under the knees pressed to his chest, Tamaki had managed to maintain the high ground and was know unknowingly causing immense difficulty to the unfit noble's breathing.
With no real fighting knowledge Tamaki based the struggles of the man to be an indication he should relent.
He rolled off the man before apologizing profusely, "I meant no harm, but, you cannot just strike people if it takes your fancy without expecting retaliation."
The distraction had been enough to rest leverage and pummel some sense into the man as he regained his composure; scrambling to his feet if not gracefully, than somewhat disheveled he grunted a short unfathomable reply and walked away from the likely upsetting confrontation.
High hope he'd forget the incident and merely pass if off as an unresolved misdemeanor, Tamaki had become some what tired, his clothes soaked and now a fair amount of dirt on his cloak.

He removed his dark cloak to reveal a robe of woven white fabrics that hung close his person, his pants were almost dry from colliding with the finer man's silks absorbing the moisture.
A great deal of the weight lifted from his shoulders and onto the ground Tamaki could think of no finer suggestion then lunch and some rest.

Today had been a learning experience and his body was sore from exertion but he felt more than anything uncertain about his fate in this village; Hoshigakure, as he has yet to meet a friendly face.

Strength: +6.
6x200= 1200.
Word Count: [1200/1228]
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:47 am
Training: Speed.

A few days later...
The warm soft texture of the potato was creamy, spicy and it sponged the meats' vitality enriched juices into it before disappearing from the table.
The pork offered little resistance to his incisors and despite being tender the way the peppercorns stuck to the fat was tempting but unpalatable he discovered.
He had enjoyed the meal, a day later he highly commended the meal to the inn keeper as he was handed an orange fruity drink which much to his liking.
He had devoured his food quickly and was extremely content with the energy that was slowly coursing it's way back into his body.

Ready for the day he simply left and returned to the water gardens, the paths through the village becoming more and more familiar making his journey all the more swift.
Though not in a haste to return to the place of his misdemeanor Tamaki was young, not cruel by nature, but he felt all the more certain that he may be killed before becoming a shinobi of worth.
Perhaps living to fight another day was factoring into his decision making processes but he made his way through the water gardens completely at a brisk pace to reaffirm the strategic vantage points looming in the shadows and high places supported by columns.
Tamaki had made adjustments to his current situation; being that he needed to replicate his efforts with weight training, so, he lazily flung his cloak into the water and allowed it to soak a moment before replacing his dark mantle on his shoulders.
Weighing at least 6 kilograms, the youthful Tamaki began to sprint down the cobblestone path and through the many walk ways he found at a brisk pace.
He was not the fastest person on the planet he soon discovered but his endurance and constitution allowed him to drag himself the next hundred of metres with seeming ease, yet another hundred metres and he'd run out of breath and be enjoying his breakfast for the second time.

Fires contending within him were swelling in various sizes and severity throughout his body, his legs ached, his chest was heaving breath after breath, his vital winds were short and clipped.
Water soothed his throat as he walked away from the furthest point he could find in the village and disembarked to the start of the water gardens, thoughts tending towards what next to push himself towards he elected more sword training.
The wazikashi was lighter than he imagined as it was lighter in earlier practises, only know did he notice some of the more wild parts of the garden were over run with weeds of various descriptions.
He ventured that a little trimming from a green thumb would be over looked by his superiors and would incur no harsh words or anger like yesterday's humble mistake.
Hoisting the small blade nimbly onto his shoulder he steeled himself to the task and began to swiping at the vegetation.
There were parts of the gardens that hadn't been tended to in what seemed an age and they were dried and brown, they turned to dust underfoot and crumbled to pieces in the hand like they had been lacking water.
"How strange."
Tamaki said to himself, expecting no reply from the frail flora in this vicinity he began at once looking for a bucket.
This was a garden, so, logically Tamaki assumed there would be a green-house of sorts or at least gardening tools of some description, and before too long his search was not in vain and he had acquired a bucket.

Back-tracking a little he gathered some water in the wooden bucket and; hoisting it by its handle, began to pour it over the drier portions of the plants.
He continued to do this several times until he had soaked a good portion of the soil, after which he retrieved a satchel from his pocket; containing seeds, and began pressing his closed hands into the soil with a seed in each one.
One day they would grow and all his effort would not be for nought, it would compliment the scenery which was dense and lush otherwise.
Returning once more to the well for the last time after replacing the bucket, he washed the soil from his hands and from underneath his fingernails and began to remember what he had been doing before tending to the garden.
Tamaki had rested awhile to catch his breath during the watering procedure; gardening always seemed to revive his spirit, working with water and earth was something like an affinity to him despite never having actually worked any elemental ninjutsu; he had the innate capabilities and only the basic precept of ninjutsu from his father's examples.

With the gardens thoroughly mapped in his mind, he began to retrace his steps to the entrance carrying only his cloak and wazikashi.
Tamaki was thoroughly tired from the day's training and he felt more prepared than ever to train tomorrow

Speed +4
4 x 200 = 800
Word count : 800/831 word
Madrigal Kaguya
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:16 am
Heya friend! For the record, you don't have to train stats by themselves. You get stats at a rate of 1 stat point for every 200 words. This includes training jutsu, so you actually can get 5 stat points for your two jutsu's above) and more for your solo stat training. I clocked your total word count at 3238 (It would help us immensely if you kept a running total word count in a thread where you keep posting in) That's good for 16 total stat points. You do not have to specify where you put them in the training post, you can look at your stat page and figure out how you want to allocate them. 

PLease go ahead and put a link to your stat page in your signature <3 The stat's themselves are fine but it makes it easy for people to see what they need to see on your stat page if they have a link to it :) 

I'm approving your stat training, and telling you to make sure you add on a TOTAL of 16 stats from the ENTIRE thread, Jutsu training and singular stat training included. But again in the future, you DO get stats from training jutsu as well. So for the future your claim should look like this 

(Using your word counts from above)
WC: 583
TWC (Total Word Count):583 

Claiming Clone Technique 500/500 (Put the link to the jutsu in the claim somehow, you can use the hyperlink function in the taskbar in the reply box to make it neater) 
2 stat points. 

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Have a great day.
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:49 am
Training: Hidden Mist Technique

The day was well into the afternoon and the orange sun hung lazily in the sky, the clouds were swept this way and that by the humid breeze, and Tamaki had drifted off into a reverie it had seemed while walking back to the water gardens.
He had just accomplished becoming a ninja; head band and all, which he secured to his forehead and while he found the weight  of it pleasing, he knew that the road ahead was a long one and not all fights would be won through shear force or ingenuity.
He realized that there were fights he just could not win, and one day that may force him to retreat.
To live to fight another day was a healthy enough prospect and so entertained Tamaki enough to give his father's book a perusal for a defensive technique, before long his search was fruitless save for one; not too far out of abilities, The Hidden Mist Technique.

It required a source of water, an affinity for suiton and a small amount of chakra, all of which Tamaki could boast, the water gardens was the perfect place to perfect this particular technique and Tamaki hoped he would make good use of the abundant waters here in the gardens.
He wore his dark cloak which was made of light fabric, the humidity seemed to cling to him as he felt dampened just by entering this humble place.
"This is perfect."
He slid his hand across the surface of a few of the closer pools before consulting his father's detailed sketches and careful calligraphy with his dry hand, the single hand sign was one of confrontation; a warning, a tiger mudra.
The simplicity of the hand sign would mislead him to believe that it was easy, as many different techniques had the same mudra.

Belying the difficulty, it would seem the chakra control necessary was absolutely key in executing this technique.
He splashed the water with his hands again before forming the tiger seal, to draw his chakra into the water first which started to evaporate a small portion of water into a fine mist; nothing concealing just more of a spray of water, whilst getting a small portion of the effect it was nothing compared to the diagrams and information provided.
The small transparent cloud of water crystals in front of him were refracting the light into a small seven colored rainbow, though positive it was a grim sign that his failure had resulted in the gayest thing possible; a freakin' rainbow.

Tamaki found the density of the air around him begin to shift as he applied more chakra to the water, the volume of the wells were deep and his own storage of strength was bolstered by some passive quality that he had never registered before until now.
His own reserves were untapped and this jutsu was hardly causing a great strain on him, he enveloped himself in the water before kneading more chakra into it.
The mist that formed was starting to spread around the immediate vicinity and growing in size, Tamaki applied more pressure to the tiger hand sign until it started to deepen and swallow him in a blanket of fog.

More immaterial techniques based to prevent combat or to hinder the enemy, while he was admiring the effects of the jutsu, he felt his chakra expand and spread out further enfolding the foliage in a dense and inescapable mist.
There where startled gasps from a nearby location that Tamaki could only derive was behind him, it sounded familiar but it began to become lost in the sound swallowing veil.
He released his pressed together hands but found that the initial chakra remained prevalent without need of being fueled, perhaps this jutsu would be helpful after all; perhaps he should find the lost soul he'd confused, perhaps he would take a walk.

The gardens had a unique mysterious beauty in the mist as precipitation gathered on leaves, the sun was dimly lit in the distance giving a dying greeting of yellow in the mid-afternoon.
The nicely dressed man had stumbled into the gardens at this time and was mildly bemused and distressed to find that a thick fog had covered some of the water gardens.
Tamaki walked carefully through, taking each step calculating where he was in the gardens.
It wasn't long before he found the entrance, the fog was easier to see through here from the distance but he found he was sharing the view with the man who had attacked him before he had become a genin, before exclaiming his surprise the man had deduced two things.
One, that Tamaki was responsible for this calamity, and two, that the only way to deal with this; was harshly, and immediately would have decided this he tried grimaced and said, "I'm pretty tired of your low behavior here in this village, I will have you dealt with. "

Upon hearing this, Tamaki reacted quickly as experience had taught him that this man would attack him, he ran back into the mist and pressed through onto the other side leading deeper into the gardens.
Hoping to evade his pursuer and what ever punishment he could fathom was more than necessary encouragement to continue to train, while also figuring out how to tactically use the jutsus he was learning, he would simply aggravate this particularly nicely dressed man just by existing.
He pressed his hands together and again and the fog lifted as suddenly as it had appeared; somewhat slowly dissipating the effects, leaving the lasting impression of water puddles and wet footprints leaving the scene.

Quite tired and quite sure he had evaded any danger Tamaki concluded his training for the day by retiring to his place of residence; quickly putting head to pillow, he dreamed of what he would learn next.
Chakra wasn't an issue, but his own stamina in a fight would be matched by someone who would be pressing every advantage to capitalize on injuring him, the prospect did not appeal to him and so he would solely prevent the enemy from striking him, or; at least, so he thought.

TWC: Hidden mist technique [1000/1026]
+5 stat points
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:46 am

Fish Spit

Night turned to day, Tamaki awoke well-rested and swung his legs over the edge of the bed before standing; stretching to meet the morning sun, he bent and swayed like the limber branches of a sprite sapling unknotting the muscles in his back and shoulders accumulated from laying still for so long... not to mention all the running around he was doing.
The water gardens; this place more than another other, was becoming his favorite spot to visit in the village and the primary place that he had begun his training.
Plenty of water for ninjutsu.

The water springing from the mouth of a fish gargoyle; producing a steady stream, had given the young shinobi a brand new form of an idea.
Given that he had been capable of performing the Hidden Mist technique; which was a water jutsu, his affinity for water was undeniable, and so he would have to have the liquid present in combat.
Producing water by chakra was a tranquil process and making suiton jutsu form was not very difficult it seemed, the diagrams showed only one hand sign; monkey.
As making water from chakra was a process that was new to him he figured a teaching implement would be useful, and so he dunked his head into the nearest well and gathered a mouthful of water.
Pressing his hands together into the monkey sign he applied chakra to his palette, swishing the chakra infused liquid around he parted his lips and expelled the h2o forcefully.
A mildly pressurized stream of water blasted from his mouth much like a water gun but slightly large, it streamed into the next well of water disturbing its surface.
He swept it to the left as he noticed someone approaching, only to run out of water a moment after drenching the nicely dressed man's clothes.
Tamaki had serious concerns that this man only came here to spy upon him and his exercise his disproportionate wrath on unfortunate strangers.

Rather than an exaggeration the man simply began to berate Tamaki, "I'm sick of this water tag!"
Tamaki replied, "What's water tag?"
An innocent question in the face of aridity but much to the young man's succor the nicely dressed man relented; perhaps a moment's lapse of pity, "The academy students have developed a similar jutsu to play tag with. Perhaps you should seek them out if you're training; so you can bother me less? You can find them deeper in the water gardens. Go."
Nodding in affirmation Tamaki bowed in respect then departed company from the nicely dressed man in search of the academy students that had been mentioned, a slight chill in the air began to sink into Tamaki's clothes and he began to shiver as he walked.

Soon before long Tamaki heard playful laughter and the sound of rapid footsteps.
It hadn't been too long since Tamaki was an academy student and though he was new to the village he found the other academy students to be much younger than he.
One sprung from the bushes; much shorter than Tamaki, and sprayed the dour expression on his face only to grimace to find a newcomer to their games.
Startled and surprised further when Tamaki smiled and did the same handsign as him and sprayed a jet stream of water into his sour face.

WC: 500/554
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:27 pm
Claim:7 + stats
WC: 1400/1580
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Tranquil Training Empty Re: Tranquil Training

Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:32 am
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