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Food to the Needy [Mission] [E] Empty Food to the Needy [Mission] [E]

Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:44 am


The Uzumaki wasn’t too happy with her mission parameters today, as it dealt with a group of people that sort of hated her and her kind. Her kind meaning, of course, ninjas. The priests of the city, and many who held their religion, hated the ninjas and what they could do, being fearful and mistrustful of their powers and abilities.  Unfortunately, Kama’s parents had pushed the young kunoichi into a mission of mercy to bring supplies and aid to some of these people. In theory this would help improve trust and relations between the groups of priests and ninjas but the kunoichi was unsure if this was the right choice or not. She wanted to help, she truly did, but if they discovered who she was there was a good chance she could be maimed or beaten and the girl really didn’t look forward to the prospect of that happening. While she could theoretically handle a bunch of old priests it would be against her principles to hurt the people who lived within the village, bigoted as they may be, and this definitely caused a rift within herself of how she should feel. Though whether or not she had any feelings about the mission, it was her duty now to complete it as she had already accepted the mission from her superiors. The Uzumaki’s parents were of course proud of her for this, but they were some of the more spiritually inclined anyway and would give their right feet for Kama to join the church.

The girl had to put on different clothes then what she normally wore, as she couldn’t be caught with any ninja items or symbols on her. This definitely drew some distaste from the girl as she had a fondness for her uniform, though she also had a fondness for herself not getting beaten so she had no choice but to comply with the order. She had a simple green jacket on, her hair tied up in a ponytail and her headband removed from her person. She wore a normal civilian pair of jeans and shoes that the girl had found just lying about the house. The girl was fully dressed for her part of infiltration as another do-gooder citizen despite her best efforts to get out of the mission. Her parents had insisted, sort of guilt tripped her to be fair, and had even come up with most of the outfit she now wore. They were awfully helpful when she’d rather they not be, especially in this situation, but she couldn’t deny that the outfit at least fit her. In theory it was a simple task bringing food to this church, the girl just couldn’t believe that she was the one being made to do it. As she left the mission office, waving to her parents she went to pick up the box of food that she was meant to deliver, finding it in a shop down in the market. Now she just had to deliver it without being caught as a ninja. Simple enough in theory.

The walk down to the church was a bit of a somber experience, the uzumaki nervous and a bit unsure of whether she should keep going. She didn’t want to report a failure but at the same time she had a worry about being beaten to death if she accidentally did something a little faster then what a normal person should be able to do. Within a few minutes the church came into sight and she was on the path down to it, only having to hand out her things and then leave as the mission commanded. At the door she was met by an old priest, bald and all in black. He gave her a smile and bowed as he opened the door for the girl. “Bless you miss, we have many sick and hungry that you are helping. It's nice to know the city still cares about us folks in the church.
The girl smiled, trying to be as natural as possible as she entered the building. The priest likely wouldn’t have been anywhere near as nice if he knew who, or rather, what she was. This gave his words a lot less weight but, looking around, she could see these people really needed it. Some of these people had cuts and bruises that Kama herself could heal in two seconds if only they would let her. These people were suffering, and some of them, were suffering because their beliefs outweighed what they actually needed.

The girl was friendly and polite as she handed out supplies to everyone in need but inside, she was starting to feel sick. A day in her with her abilities and she could solve so many of these problems. Help heal the sick and wounded, her runtime to any store in the district would be ten times over anyone else in this church who tried. It was awful that some people had to be like this, to absolutely refuse the help of those that could help them, simply because they had abilities that didn’t coincide with their beliefs. It took her a few hours to hand out all the supplies, medicine, food and even toys for some of the children. The girl could at least take some solace in the smiles she had brought to some people's faces but all the same, they would probably be just as bad off within a month or two and who knows if they will accept any help if they find out this task was given out as a ninja mission. As she headed for the door to be let back out, the old priest gave her a smile. “Thank you miss, you’ve brought happiness to a few who needed it.
The downcast kunoichi did her best to smile but it was hard, she felt worthless and unable to help these people because she couldn’t change their hearts. “I just wish...I could do more.

The priest smiled and shook his head shooing her away. The Uzumaki left solemnly, ready to just get home and be alone with her thoughts...


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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Food to the Needy [Mission] [E] Empty Re: Food to the Needy [Mission] [E]

Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:38 am

(Make sure in the future you claim mission rewards)
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