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Shunro Nomura
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Helping out the Needy [Mission/Solo] Empty Helping out the Needy [Mission/Solo]

Sun Nov 14, 2021 3:59 am
Another early wake up for the young missing ninja. The sun filtered in through the raggedy blinds that over looked his bed. The humid air of the refugee housing speckled with flecks of dust. Shunro takes his time waking up, or at least he would had his stomachs growling not urged him further and further out of bed. Reaching into his pocket however he finds them woefully light. He sighs. Gonna have to work hungry then for a bit it seems.

He stands in front of the public missions board, the only real place for Missing Nin like him to get an actual chance for work around here. It seemed to be pretty backed up at this point. Lots of small requests with the big ones already taken off. They were missions that even academy students could handle. Basic E rank things. But still, it was a good start.

And so, looking for work. The morning begins.

The first posting on the  board was a simple one. An old man needed some help getting his morning groceries. Shouldnt be too hard Shunro thought. Though when he found the old man he looked sullen, on seeing the young blonde however the elders demeanor instantly changed. Odd he thought.

As he walked the old man to and from the various market stalls he listened attentively to the old mans stories. Of when Konoha was a great nation, and when the will of fire was still strong in its people. Shunro listened though honestly he could scarcely believe it. That this city was once a bustling powerhouse. However it wasn't his place to talk down to the hold man. It was his job to take care of the food.

With every stall and place however the old man grew a bit more downtrodden. And once they finally returned to his home he was positively despondent, when shunro tried to help the old man just brushed it off. Saying something about "not wanting to trouble the village ninja". To which shunro simply replied

"Well it's a good thing I'm no village ninja hm?"

The old man perked up and invited shunro in for some of the tea the two had gotten at the market. To which shunro happily joins him. Inside the old man has pictures and photos up of old family, some of them bearing the konohagakure headband. The two drink tea and munch on some biscuites the old mans wife has prepared. The old man tells him stories of the nation and good times long since past. Eventually however time runs short and Shunro must take his leave. Before this however he leaves behind a gift.

A small paper Crane for the man. A parting gift.
With Shunro waving goodbye to the elderly man and feeling a bit higher in spirits. The morning turns to the afternoon.

Back to the mission board Shunro feels he could pretty easily take another. He looks among the missions presented. Most sadly would require him to get permission from the kage who honestly he wasn't too keen on letting know he was here yet. He picks one off the board.
"Lost cat huh? Shouldn't be too difficult."

An easy job and a thousand ryo reward? Perfect.
Wandering around what was the higher class areas of Konoha he can spot it. A pretty black cat with beautiful little blue eyes. Napping lazily under the shade of one of the houses overhang. Shunro thinks "This'll be the easiest thousand ryo I've made"

Heading over to pick it up though the cat yowls and bolts off into the house. "Alright a little bit harder". And so he heads inside. About to spend the next few hours here.


His shout and his harsh footfalls echo throughout the empty home as Shunro chases after a black blur. It darts between two rooms. He sends a clone racing down the path to chase it into his awaiting arms. However all his trick gets him is a scratched face and a bruised pride. Again and again the cat and mouse game (or rather cat and cat game) continues between Shunro and the slippery feline. Each time desperately trying to snag its tail or its body and each time it slips and gives him another nick for his troubles. Until finally, transformed into the shape of an actual mouse (mouse and cat game?) That he finally manages to grab a hold of it and get it to stop stabbing and slashing him.

He wraps the cat up in a towel, its constant yowling and hissing raising some eyebrows as he goes to bring it back to the owners. However as soon as he comes near the owners home the cats demeanor instantly changes. From the hissing and angry feline of earlier to a docile and cute little kitty. This only raises Shunros anger even more and he honestly considers chucking the cat for the trouble it's given him. But he decides against his instincts. Handing off the cat to its owners once more. As he receives the payment, he swears. He swears he can see in the cats little slit eyes a look of smugness.

And so the weary afternoon gives way to evening, few are still out. Not much of a night life in Konoha. But it provides a quiet comfort.

Last on the docket was a spot up atop Hokage Rock. It was a long climb but honestly the fresh mountain air did wonders for him. The cool evening breeze blowing through his hair as the stars began to blink into existence above him. Atop the Heads of the monument was a single man. He was just beginning to unpack his belongings from a black suitcase. Expensive camera equipment it seemed. However he didn't look like he was from around here. Too clean cut with his hair. Too nice of clothes with his suit. Too expensive of equipment. Especially considering how much more advanced it looked compared to the big box cameras he was used to seeing.

"Ah. Seems my helps finally arrived"
"I suppose you're the photographer? Don't look like you're from around here"
"And that would be because I'm not."
The photographer smiles. Tossing a tripod and camera his way which Shunro catches easy.
"Too much light pollution in Kirigakure for the pictures I want. Can never see the stars properly"
"So that's why you're out here? Stars? Bit of an odd reason to travel all the way out here."
He laughs at the odd artist, but still gets to helping out all the same. Setting up the camera overlooking the village and the

"It's more than that. It's.." He pauses, searching for a word. Searching for what fits. "It's a contrast. The bustling and prosperous city of industry. Versus their source of wealth."
"Aaahhhh. Trying to make a point with it I see"
He screws in the shutter, prepares the lights, and sets it. The moon full moon shot high above the kage office.

"Why make something if you have no point to make with it?"
"Well I usually do so for money"
"Money hm? If you only make art for money you'll find your inspiration pulled out from under you as soon as you get too much. Trust me. Why not try creating for yourself? Or to make a statement?"
"It just... didn't seem much like me"

"Well what are you?"
The setting is perfect. The circumference of the moon touches down atop the kage's tower. It's a flash. A few more shots for good measure.
The word rung in shunro's ears for a bit. Before he was tapped on the shoulder by the photographer. Time to pack up.
"I'm... Hm..."

The photogpher chuckles.
"itll be a while before you figure it out. Don't worry. For now just create what you can."
The photographer hands him a card.
"If you ever make anything nice, why not show me over in kiri?"

He takes it. Smiling. Ready to help him pack up his things again.
And so, the evening turns to night. The lights are out. The day is done. The village is quiet. 

Finally to cap off the day Shunro heads to the warm inviting light of Ichiraku Ramen. The pale orange glow emptying out into the street with the smell of warm noodels and pork. He sits and gets a smile from the owner. He buys a bowl of tonkatsu ramen. The smell of the meat and broth let his body relax as he eats. Talking relaxed to the shop owner about his day, the people he met. The owner comments that its nice to see a smiling face around here.

Finally, tired from all his days work and happy to relax in the little hovel he got to call a home Shunro smiles. A belly full and a body tired.

And so Night turns to Sleep. His dreams are nice. Dreams of riches, of plentiful food, of flying through the air and sky. Of freedom and joy.

[TWC: 1543]

3,300 Ryo from Missions
15 AP from Missions

+15 points into Vigor [70 to 85]

1000 words to Touch Explosive A rank [1000/2500]
400 words Paper Release [1403/2000]
143 to Genjutsu Release [143/250]
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Helping out the Needy [Mission/Solo] Empty Re: Helping out the Needy [Mission/Solo]

Sun Nov 14, 2021 8:58 am
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