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Kouga Hinomatsu
Kouga Hinomatsu
Stat Page : Stat Page
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 2000

Helping the poor[solo] Empty Helping the poor[solo]

Thu Dec 29, 2022 12:31 pm
Mission: Valuable assets(E rank)

Stat Page:

Kouga was walking down the corridor, coming from the Hokage's office. He just got his first mission as a genin. Granted it wasn't anything groundbreaking, but helping the poor seemed like a good place to start. He had his doubts about the village's true intent, but in the end help was help. He speeded down the stairs and as he stepped outside the chilly wind bit into his exposed skin. It never got too cold in the land of fire, but this night is probably going to be one of the coldests in the year.

Konoha had contracted a few weavers to make coats and blankets, and some food places to make hot soup for as many in the slums as possible. His job was to get them to the people fast and safe. He also had the help of two carts, both with its respective coachman. So he was the protection and the coordinator.

The carts were waiting for him right in front of the hokage building. They weren't much to look at, but they'll get the job done. He quickly introduced himself to the coachmen, then climbed up on the first cart, told its driver the address of the first weaver, and their little caravan started rolling.

The wagons stirred up dust as they speeded through the streets to their destinations, one after another. Once at a shop Kouga would hop off, hurry inside and with the help of the owners would stock up the goods on the carriages. The objects weren't too heavy most of the time, but there were a few weavers who did package quite a handful pieces of clothing in boxes, that proved to be good opportunities for some strength training.

Once both carts were full, they departed to the slums. Kouga only ever was in this part of the village in passing. Somewhere in his brain he knew it was bad, but the transition from the wealthy shopping district to the bustee shocked him. Gone were the well dressed people, the tidy shops and houses, the neatly maintained roads. Wherever he looked, he saw starving, meager people, broken windows, shady figures in alleys. He didn't know where to start. The coachman beside him seemed distressed as well. He obviously didn't want to be here. But Kouga wasn't afraid, he was heartbroken. So much suffering all around him. He wanted to help even more now. He won't stop until everyone got their blankets, coats and soups. He wasn't delusional, he knew these were only band-aids, to make a true difference he would need to treat the underlying disease. But band-aids are useful.

He told the coachmen to stop and hopped off. "Everyone, we brought coats, blankets and soup!" - he shouted. Some people started to walk slowly towards them. "Form a line, we have enough for everyone." The line didn't really remind him of anything that has something to do with lines, so he tried to keep in mind who was there before who.

He kept giving off everything for the better part of the day. Once the wagons were empty they went for another round. It wasn't an easy job, but seeing the grateful faces was more than worth it.

[TWC: 538]
- 538 towards Blacksmithing
- 5 stats to strength
- Mission rewards (1000 ryo, 5 AP)
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Mementos of Noon - Hiroki Shimada
Mission Record : Hiroki's Mission Log
Living Clones : Mementos of Dawn - Hiro Shimada

Mementos of Dusk - Ki Shimada
Familiar : Shichiro
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 150580

Helping the poor[solo] Empty Re: Helping the poor[solo]

Thu Dec 29, 2022 12:55 pm
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