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Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:48 am
It was early in the morning and young Sanae was stepping out of her home into the garden. She bowed down and touched her toes with her hands. Slowly she did a little warm up and after that she sat down and started meditating like she had started to get used to since she discovered she could use the power of her blood. Deep breaths emitted from her mouth while she was training, silently gaining more control over her Jutsu and the ability in her blood. Once again she could feel the bones slowly creeping underneath the skin. Gently she moved her hands across her arms and shoulders where she could feel her bones forming the armour that was supposed to be a shield for her body. Gently she knocked against her chest where the collarbones where located and it felt better and stronger, but for all she knew it was supposed to become even stronger in the future. But as her father would say so often, she would need to train more. Slowly she moved her arms to her lower back where she moved her fingers along her spine. No there where holes in her defence, weak spots or spots that were not perfectly covered up with bone where there should be some. Slowly she untangled her legs which she had crossed to sit down meditating and then stood up. She did some more stretching. Turning the joints of her Hands making them warm and smooth to work with, after that she bent her head to the sides all the while she was proofing if the armour would withstand her exercise and it was working. But as soon as she got down for some push ups she could hear a crackle inside of her, no this was not working as well as she would have wanted it. A little frustrated she tried to fuse some more chakra into her bones to make them harden even more but she signed it was not working unfortunately. She got up and went inside.

This time she did not dress up in her usual clothes, no since she was to stand at the gates of the palace of her beloved Hoshigakure she made her mother help her dress up in a Kimono. She was very proud to have this one her mother wore when she was young and her mother before her, it seemed to be some kind of family treasure. It was of a blue to green colour gradient that was showing a blue sky with soft touches of white to resemble clouds, a green ground with ears of barley stitched with golden thread right onto it painting a field of it up to the horizon that is kind of marked with the obi, that special clothe belt her mother needs to help her fix around her waist. After that she puts the hair of her daughter up in a strict but pretty topknot decorated with a jewellery comb. Then slipping into her getas the special kind of sandal with high sole she bowed smiling to her mother before rushing of. Well not rushing there was no sense to rushing anymore. She could not do any big steps because the tight wrapping of the kimono and the weight of the sandals were keeping her from it.

She was walking towards the Central area where she would stand in front of the gates next to a sign that said she would help anyone with anything regarding the tourism and directing them to sites and places. So she was standing there prettified, smiling like she had eaten sunshine for breakfast she was waiting if someone needed help. It took a while for the first person to approach her. A woman having a young boy at her hand who was hugging a stuffed bear walked straight at her. One could see that she aimed to walk at that girl who turned towards her even before she fully reached her and took an elegant bow. While she was asking with what she could help the woman her boy was eying her. He had something mischievous about him the small eyes looked at her sly like a fox one would say. The mother was asking for the way to a dentist, after she took a second look the boy had a swollen cheek somehow she pitied him for now having the need for a dentist. But as she was telling the address to the dentist she went at least twice a year. From experience she knew he was kind and gentle especially with children. Once she bit him as he had to remove one of her first teeth because she had broken it by face planting. Another one grew back but he always reminded her of the bite mark she left on his hand. But it was a joking reminder at least, she was sure he was not mad, but the kind was, just before they left, he hit her with his bear but it was okay, he would face fare more pain soon.

She watched them walk away waving and then she stood up straight again then hands folded in front of her body. Looking around sweetly smiling and while she did and older couple approached her slowly. Respectfully she bowed low and a chuckle was her answer as the woman complimented what a nice and well behaved young lady she was. So beautifully dressed and such nicely done hair like she had done her daughter when she had been young and Sanae confessed that this was her mother's doing so that she would be inviting for today's work. Another compliment followed this time from the senior that this aim had been well accomplished and she promised to deliver the compliments to her mother when she had returned home. Afterwards they asked if she knew the place where the post office had moved. They had recently become grandparents and wanted to send a gift for the young baby boy she had. He was carrying it in his hands, it was a white box wrapped with a blue ribbon and a small card was attached to it. This was so very lovely and she explained the shortest way to the both of them and then they slowly went on. Lovely folks but sometimes she wondered. Would they have been this nice and welcoming, if she had worn her headband? Would they have been as welcoming if she had said she was a young shinobi? There was no way to really know, because she would never tell, she in fact was too scared.

Time was passing by and once in a while people were stopping shortly to talk to her. She then would direct and inform them about ways to go, attractions to see and other stuff they would want to know. She was just taking a break when a younger girl approached her, she was crying obviously lost and calling out for her mother. Gently she picked her up off the ground making her sit on her hip and was gently swaying her from side to side softly humming to her a children's song. The as she had calmed she asked for her name and got to know that she was named Yuko and had just lost her mother while she had looked at the toys in the window of a store while her mother was talking to a friend. When she turned around the mother was gone. These type of things sometimes happened when one was in thoughts. Then she looked around and there was a woman frantically looking around like she lost something important, something she would not want to live without. Slowly she walked over and as she asked the girl she confirmed, that this was the woman she was searching for the one she called mother. The woman turned and called out her name and almost ripped her from her arms to cuddle her. A mother and child reunited both happy to be together again and she was Happy about it. She waved as they were walking away.

Some hours later, her feet indeed were starting to grow tired the queensmen she had met previously was returning from his usual route. He waved at her as he was passing through the gates and she waved back. Afterwards he was the one signing the papers for her and patted her on the head. Said she had done well and could go home now. She nodded with her signed papers and then she walked home. She felt like her feet would fall off any time now. She swore she would never ever dress like this for a whole day, not even halve a day or quarter. At home her mother would wait for her seeing her pained eyes she would help her out of her shoes. What would follow was a long story about how one sometimes needed to endure the painful parts of being beautiful but her daughter was not really having it, no woman should be asked to endure this.

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Human Navigator at your service Empty Re: Human Navigator at your service

Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:45 am
Looks good approved
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