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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Shopping in the City Center (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Shopping in the City Center (IO)

Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:54 am
"Mhmm." Satoru would vocalize to show that he took in what Max had been saying. He knows that based on Max's explanation of how he came upon the scroll, that he would take good care of what he possesses.

With his original business of coming to this location taken care of, and having spent an enjoyable time conversing with a new acquaintance in Max, Satoru calls this outing complete.

"Max, thanks for showing me the scroll, and I'll see you around later." He says as he raises one hand to wave before turning to walk off. If Max had more to talk about, Satoru would give him his attention.


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Duncan Crawford
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Shopping in the City Center (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Shopping in the City Center (IO)

Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:22 am
Max would gladly end this pleasant encounter with the Nara known as Satoru. In just a short meeting, Max had managed to learn more about the Nara clan than all of his time spent previously perusing the subject. Now that he had a better idea of both what to seek and a bit of knowledge on the fundamentals of the Nara clan Jutsu, Max would put all of his things away and smile, giving a wave as Satoru left.

"Bye Satoru! It was nice to actually meet you. Try to have a pleasant day," The boy would say before turning around and continuing on to his own business for the day. 

The boy still had some shopping to do, though it was mostly just light things. He wasn’t here to make any large, major purchases. More like small things, here and there from the local shops. Max would find a small shop, selling what looked to be dress-up and costume supplies. Max wasn’t one to really do such things, but a particular Mask caught his eye. It was a simple thing, made of what had looked to be porcelain. It was a neat little trinket, and the mask reminded him of Napa. So Max would simply walk over to the Mask vendor and inquire as to the price of the item.
The shopkeeper was rather distracted, and he seemed to be in some kind of panicked state. “I can’t believe that they would threaten me! I’ve done nothing wrong!” the man would exclaim, his unease apparent in his voice. Max would wander over, asking what had happened. “A group of civilians claim that I am protecting a shinobi that killed two of their friends. They said that the culprit was wearing a mask like those I sell here at my stand. I gave them everything that I knew, but I get a lot of customers each day. How am I supposed to know who they all are? Now they are threatening me, saying that they will ruin my shop and my reputation if I don’t contact them with answers soon.” The man’s panic was apparent to young Max, and so trying his best he would help calm the man.
“I can look into the issue for you. There is a chance that maybe I can get them to stop harassing you,” the boy would say, a wide smile attempting to ease the mans worried heart.

“I have no money to give you for this service,” the man would reluctantly say, expecting that his lack of funds would also be a lack of Max’s service. He didn’t realize that Max didn’t want his money.

“Can I have one of those neat masks? In particular, that one. I like it and would gladly accept that as a reward for helping you.” Max pointed to the mask that caught his eyes earlier, one that reminded him of Napa.

The man looked over, and realizing that the mask was incredibly inexpensive, he would gladly offer it up. To pay for a shinobi to look into the matters would easily cost much more, and so he would agree. With a shake of his good hand, Max would head to where they told the shopkeeper to meet up with them.
The boy would find his way to a strange building called a morgue. Max had no idea of what the morgue was, as most folks in Kumo tended to be tossed into the swamps, mass graves, or simply buried in the graveyard. There was a good chance that there was some sort of morgue in the hospital of Kumo, but he hadn’t ever really explored that building surprisingly.
The boy would walk in and inform the desk clerk of the people he was to meet. The clerk would point to a nearby room and said that they were in there, speaking amongst themselves as to how the men were killed.
Max would walk in and look them dead in the eyes. “Why are you hassling that shopkeeper?” They snickered, thinking the man was either stupid or some sort of coward.

“Did he send a child thinking that we would feel sorry and that everything would be okay? Pft. What is he trying to play here? Do you have the name of the man that killed our boys?” The man asked, his gruff voice and scar covered body suggested that he had seen his fair share of brawls. They all looked to be thugs and ruffians, and so Max didn’t feel very bad for his upcoming actions.
“Well, you are going to stop hassling the shopkeeper. Otherwise, you are going to have a problem with me.” Max would say, his tone having as much authority as the little voice could muster up. The men broke out in laughter, clearly thinking that this was some sort of joke. Max wasn’t thrilled about their disposition towards him. A body that was lying on the nearby table would begin to rise and hop down, shambling towards the group of men. Their jaws went slack upon seeing this, and they immediately began to draw weapons. Of course, the body was just a simple, improvised puppet for Max and his puppetry skills were far too advanced for these men to contend. The dead body would quickly thrash them, beating several of them unconscious with the force of its club-like arms. The last man left was on the floor, trembling.
“You are going to leave that shopkeeper alone, otherwise you will have a problem with me!” Max said again, though this time his voice held much more sway with the terrified man.
“O-okay. P-p-please don’t hurt me!” With that, Max would look around, investigating the morgue. It was a neat building, and it would likely house most of the raw supplies Max needed for his puppets. He would need to find some fine tools, but that shouldn’t prove too difficult. Upon his investigation of the room, Max found two scrolls next to the bodies of the dead men. They were scrolls used to preserve the body for study, and the boy immediately grabbed these. He was accustomed to taking things that others didn’t need, and so this would prove no different.
“Remember, don’t bother the shopkeeper. Otherwise I’ll have to come back, and I don’t want to have to do that.”

Max would then return to the shop and inform the man that he would no longer be hassled. Incredibly happy, he would hand over the mask as promised. Max happily placed it in his bag, thanked his new pal, and wandered around the village, hoping to find more fun things to do.

TWC: 3162
+1 thread learning about Nara BL
1x Mr. Smiley (Cosmetic modifications to make it look like This (100/100 WC)
2x Corpse Storage Scroll (500/500 for the first, and 500/500 for the second)
Memorizing Satoru Nara's Chakra Signature (2000/2000, doesn't count against WC for claims)
1x Rotting Corpse Puppet (Received IC when he used the dead body as a puppet. 1000/1000 WC)

Doubt that I can claim stats (since this was mostly CD) but if possible I will claim them. If not, no worries.
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Shopping in the City Center (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Shopping in the City Center (IO)

Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:40 am
Approved at everything except the stats, can't claim stats since you trained for the items.
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