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Guilt - Yurei learns Phoenix Fire Empty Guilt - Yurei learns Phoenix Fire

Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:02 pm
Brisk air touched down throughout Hoshigakure’s streets. The ground was rife with a chilling breeze that stretched beyond the village borders. The Moon slowly awoke from its slumber, rising above the horizon much like the sun, its pale glow looking on the world below and brining a soft like. The moon’s glow was surpassed only by the numerous stars that filled the sky, bringing a beautiful sight to everyone who looked up.

Yurei stirred in his slumber from the frigid wind, his afternoon nap interrupted by the flowing air. His white eyes fluttered open, meeting the brilliant sky that sat above him. Yurei smiled. This was the first time he had awakened to a moonrise, rather than a sunrise.  The air swarmed around him as he slowly became aware of his surrounds. He shook and folded his arms, the once hot air of the Hoshigakure desert now becoming chilling to the bone.

The pale Uchiha slowly got himself up, positioning himself upright and stretching. He had been asleep for numerous hours under a tree just outside of his house. The shade the tree provided was cool against the hot sunlight, and brought a beautiful pink aura to the shattered light that penetrated the pink flowers. Trees such as this one did not grow in the desert, but Takia loved them so. She took every precaution to keep the tree alive, just so that she could stare at it from her porch or a living room window. It did bring a certain welcoming vibe to the home, and Yurei was not opposed to that.

The genin twisted his torso from side to side, popping his back with an awful cracking noise. He took a deep breath, yawned, and then exhaled forcefully. How odd it was to wake up to a dark sky. Yurei scratched his head and looked around his resting place, finding the scroll he had been studying: the phoenix fire jutsu. Reading often made Yurei tired, and that tree and sand had been abnormally comfortable.

Yurei picked up his scroll and carefully rolled it into a small cylinder. He placed the coffee-stained parchment into his belt and walked inside his home. Upon opening the sliding door, Yurei took off his shoes and found his mother to be in the kitchen and brewing tea. The smell of honey and crushed plants was rife in the air.

“Finally wake up, Yurei?” Takia had asked, eyeing the pot of tea over the stove.

“Yep. How long was I out there?”

“A few hours, I think. I don’t think you got much done,” she chuckled.

“I guess not,” Yurei laughed, scooting his bamboo sandals to the side. The young Uchiha stepped onto the cold floor and walked into the kitchen where the smell had become even stronger.

“Staying inside for the rest of the night?”

“No, I’m going to head out in a bit. I wanted to get some extra clothes and something warm in my stomach. It’s really windy outside.”

“Oh, I see. Using me for your tea supply, eh?” Takia smiled, turning to face her son. “You going to learn some jutsu?”

“Yeah, the Phoenix Fire jutsu. It’s kinda like the fireball jutsu you showed me, only it’s like a mini version with… well, more fireballs.”

“Interesting,” Takia said nodding her head. The tea pot had began to hiss in a low hum, water vapor slowly escaping the spout. “How’s your training for the second chuunin exam going?”

“Well, I think. I’m not sure who I’m facing off against, but it’s supposed to be against other ninja.”

“Other ninja? You going to be able to keep up with them?”

“I think so. I’m learning the phoenix fire jutsu so I can be a bit more… uh.. what’s the word?”


“Yeah! That’s it. Versatile. I don’t wanna just use genjutsu. I need some variety.”

Takia bit her tongue at the word: genjutsu. “I wish you would stop with those genjutsu techniques,” she said, turning to face her teapot. The roar of it had grown louder. Water vapor erupted from it like a white, steamy flame.

“I know you’re not really comfortable with it, Mom, but it has the best chance of changing the world.”

“Changing the world, huh?” Takia said, turning back to Yurei.

“Yeah, Mom. Like I said, genjutsu has so much potential. I can change the way everyone thinks. I can make us safe. I can-“

Then tea swelled with a horrible growl, high-pitched and screeching.

“You can do a lot of things with genjutsu,” Takia said, now much more serious and stern.

Yurei fell silent for a moment. “Mom, I-“

Takia’s lips pursed in anger and her eyes watered. Her expression turned to that of pure anger. The high-pitched screech of the teapot pierced the air, paining Yurei’s ears. “It killed your father! Why are you still using that damned jutsu!? Tears streamed down her eyes. She sniffed, trying to dispel the snot and tears. The dark-haired woman sobbed softly to herself as Yurei watched, pleading to her with his eyes.

“Mom, I didn’t mean to-“

“I know, baby, I know,” she said rapidly, cutting him off. She wiped away her tears with her wrist. “I’m sorry…”

Takia quickly turned and drew two teacups. She took off the teapot and poured it into the two cups. Swiftly, she placed sugar into both, then milk, and stirred. “Here, you go, Little Ghost,” she said, smiling with her bloodshot, moist eyes. “I’m sorry, I.. I’m going to go lay down for a while.”

Taking her cup of tea, Takia left the kitchen and went into her bedroom, pulling her door to as she entered.

Yurei took his tea and placed it onto a low table. He sat on his knees and sipped on the drink, pulling out the jutsu from his belt. Using his tea as a paperweight, Yurei flattened out the scroll and began reading about the jutsu. Tears had began to swell in his eyes, but he quickly swept them away with his finger and kept on reading.

The phoenix fire jutsu was interesting, albeit just another flashy ninjutsu. The jutsu provided more options than the great fireball jutsu in that he was six projectiles as opposed to jutsu one. These projectiles could also house ninja tools within them, like shuriken and other weapons. These would be great for forming sandstone shields, even without knowing earth style.

Yurei took a sip of the warm tea as he read on. There were numerous handseals with the jutsu. First rat, then tiger, then dog, then rabbit, then ox, and then tiger again. Six handseals was a bit much, but if he could do it fast enough, the results would be well worth it. Yurei quickly finished the rest of his tea and washed the cup he had been drinking out of. The boy walked into his room, and he searched in his closet for a coat. Quickly putting it on, Yurei ventured out of his room and stopped at his mother’s door. He rose his hand to knock but stopped.

I should just leave her alone. No use in trying to talk to her. Not right now. She’s too upset.

The pale Uchiha moved on, grabbing his scroll and his shoes and stepping outside into the cold. He rubbed his hands together, his belly warm from the honey tea, and he set out to find the training grounds. Yurei walked past the housing district, passing each dully colored house beckoning for vibrant color in the dim moonlight. The pale boy ventured through the street until he came upon the marketplace which had been surprisingly busy in the cold. Too many smells were alluring, and the thought of a warm bowl of ramen was likely too difficult for people to resist. Yurei maneuvered through the crowds, bumping into people on accident as he smelled the spiced air and the numerous foods being offered. Ramen, dango, dumplings… the pallets seemed endless.

Yurei held onto that tea, drawing from its heat. He tucked his coat over his torso, trapping the warmth inside. As thin as a twig, Yurei wound it difficult to retain heat in the cold. Perhaps more physical training was necessary. It certainly was worth not freezing to death.

Yurei meandered through the crowd, leaving the aromas behind in favor of the empty shinobi district that laid ahead. The lanky, albino Uchiha ventured through the dim area, passing the shinobi academy and then venturing into the training grounds. The sand was cold, but much more favorable than the scorching hot sand during the day. The Uchiha unraveled his scroll and took one last look before attempting to use the jutsu. The handseals seemed a bit difficult to remember, but that was as far as the difficulty went with the jutsu, in theory.

The Phoenix fire jutsu seemed to be much like the great fireball just, only smaller and with more projectiles. This meant Yurei couldn’t let all of his fire chakra escape at once, instead using it in bursts. The shinobi quickly signed rat, then tiger, then dog, then rabbit, then ox, and then tiger once more. The boy took a deep breath, kneading the chakra within his lungs. The chakra swelled, becoming warm and wild, and Yurei released his breath, firing off numerous spheres of blazing fire. He launched them, propelling them forward, and then discovered something curious: he could control them. Although limited, Yurei found that he could manipulate the fireballs to curve at most a complete 90 degree turn. This was not present within the great fireball jutsu. What the projectiles lost in terms of terms of blast radius, they gained in versatility, control, and number.

The fireballs scattered as Yurei willed them to move in different directions, each exploding into the sand and leaving behind a glassy fountain of sandstone, frozen in place. Once the final fireball had exploded, a number of sand spikes had been generated in the ground. These would suffice as targets.

Yurei recalled the handseals from memory, signing: Rat → Tiger → Dog → Ox → Rabbit, and then Tiger. Yurei’s chakra swelled within his chest and, like turning a faucet off and on, Yurei released the fire chakra, generating one blazeball after another. The spheres of roaring red, orange, and yellow light swirled. There were six, and then Yurei launched them forward like missiles. Each fireball hit its target with precision, heating the sandstone spires.

Yurei huffed, taking deep breaths. While not exhausting per se, the jutsu did require concentration. Still, the display it possessed was more than impressive, and quite powerful, well worth the concentration necessary.

Yurei took one last deep breath before continuing. He wanted to use the jutsu one last time, this time with shuriken and kunai. Yurei once again signed the handseals, forming: Rat → Tiger → Dog → Ox → Rabbit, and then Tiger. Yurei channeled the chakra within his lungs and then expelled it all at once. Taking up three shuriken and three kunai, Yurei threw the the ninja weapons into his fireball, splitting it into six fireballs. Yurei launched them forward, sending them flying at their targets. With each explosion, the sandstone was pierced and then blown to shreds and pieces of hardened, glassy sand. The hot sandstone sizzled in the freezing dunes below.

Yurei breathed heavily, then went to recover the scalding hot ninja weapons, cooling them off in the sand and then placing them in his pouches. He looked upon his work, and, satisfied with his use of the jutsu, took a deep breath and decided to head home. The trip home was a quiet one. Yurei didn’t think much of anything except walk. His thoughts stayed on training, on the next chuunin exam, but never of his mother. Never of his father. He walked on, through the shinobi district, past the academy, through the busy marketplace, worming his way through the crowds, and then threw the housing districts until he eventually arrived at his home.

WC: 2007
Requesting: Phoenix Fire Jutsu, 10 stats
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Guilt - Yurei learns Phoenix Fire Empty Re: Guilt - Yurei learns Phoenix Fire

Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:57 am
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