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Healing - Yurei Learns Genjutsu Choking Empty Healing - Yurei Learns Genjutsu Choking

Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:09 am
The sun had reached the peak of its height in the sky; its roaring heat baking the sand within Hoshigakure. There was not a cloud in sight, and, despite being inside, Yurei knew it was hot. The pale Uchiha had positioned himself on his bed, legs crossed and staring outside at the numerous buildings that surrounded his home. He pressed his hand against the glass keeping the heat of the sun at bay. It was hot, but it felt welcoming compared to the frigid temperature of his house. His fingers and feet ached with cold, and, despite his best efforts, he alone was incapable of keeping his skeletal fingers warm, so he pressed them against the glass, warming his hands.

Yurei had been awake for hours now, but he couldn’t bring to come out of his room for fear that he would greet his mother. Ever since his father’s funeral, Yurei’s guilt had grown, but so too had his appreciation for the power of his own clan. Power. was achieved through suffering, and because of this Yurei became stronger. Was this the way of things? No, Yurei didn’t feel stronger because of his father’s death. He felt weaker. His conviction, his will to prove his father wrong, was a strong as ever, but the guilt he carried was a greater burden than anyone could have anticipated.

He had learned more of the Uchiha, that he and Damon were related somehow. Was this my chance? By fate? What purpose do we have? What purpose does Damon have? Why am I here? Yurei looked down at the villagers below and found his answer. He existed to achieve peace, or, at least, that was his goal. But that goal required motivation, and Yurei could not even leave his room.

Yurei thought about these questions as he warmed his hands. Confidence slowly rose in him. The heat of the window was his spark, kindling a small flame. Since his father’s passing, Yurei had used jutsu not as a goal, but as a means of subsiding his grief and sorrow. Its true purpose was lost to him. He hadn’t learned a jutsu solely to help others in what felt like ages. That had to change.

Yurei sprang out of his cot and landed on the frigid wooden floor below. Ice crept up his feet, briefly freeze his toes. The boy swiftly dug under his bed, grasping for the scrolls he had collected over time. As he withdrew them, he found technique after technique, only to find that he had learned them. He laid on his stomach and pressed his side against his bed, reaching as far back as he could. Yurei gribbed something, a bit of parchment, and yanked it out. It was sprinkled with bits of dust, but nothing too unkempt. Yurei slowly unraveled the scroll and read it to himself. It was the Genjutsu Choking jutsu. An impressive technique, and easily hidden within another jutsu.

The main issue with genjutsu was just that, finding out it was a genjutsu. An opponent could easily dispel the technique unless the caster outclassed them in terms of raw power. But they had to know it was a genjutsu. Most were obvious, like Ephemeral, so any experienced shinobi would certainly be able to tell he or she were in a solution once the world had changed so drastically, and some genjutsu were rigged to a certain environment. This didn’t have any such weakness.

The Genjutsu Choking technique could easily be combined with Yurei’s fireball jutsu are and fire technique. This didn’t match with his goal of helping people as much as it helped with combat, especially against other shinobi. The boy swiftly rolled the scroll back up and placed it in his belt. Yurei slid his weapon pouch over his kimono and walked to his door. The boy reached for his handle, but stopped.

He heard nothing. The room went silent. There was no chatter, no discussion, not even the sound of footsteps. Was his mother even awake? Could he even talk to her? Yurei paused and looked down at his scroll. He clenched his fist and thought about what he had said the night his father died. How he would prove him wrong. Shinobi deserved peace, and so did the villagers. They all needed to understand one another. Yurei extended his hand and slid open his door. He peaked out into the hallway that lead into his living room, but he found nothing. The Uchiha took a deep breath before moving onward. He marched on, through the hall, and then into the living room. He kept his eyes on the door, but he heard something. Finally, something other than his own feet against the panels. Only this noise was regrettable.

“Yurei,” his mother had called out to him. This was the first time she had said something since his father’s funeral.

“Mother?” Yurei asked, slowly trying to build the confidence up within himself.

“Going out?”

“Yes, Mother, I am.”

Takia smiled softly. Her complexion was more pale than usual. Her typically bright skin had dimmed, like she was being slowly drained away. “I see,” she said. “Come here for a moment.”

Yurei tucked in his lips briefly before walking to his mother. “Yes?” he asked, almost afraid to utter a word, the fear of stuttering or breaking down constantly in the back of his mind.

“Hand it here,” she said with a smile. She was welcoming, not as welcoming as she was previously, but warm to a degree. The sadness in her eyes was potent, however. No matter what face she tried to put on, there was always that.

Yurei returned the woman’s smile as he handed her the jutsu. She slowly unraveled it, her eyes slowly tracing the text on the parchment. “A Choking Genjutsu?” she said with an impressed, yet cautious tone. She smiled briefly before looking at Yurei. Why would you need such a thing?”

“It’s not as violent as it sounds, Mother,” Yurei said, smiling. “It just knocks people out. I figure I can use it against other shinobi, too.”

“Ah,” she said, examining it longer. “I’m… surprised you’re still using genjutsu, Yurei.”

Yurei recoiled with her words. “I think it has the most potential. I want to use it so I can stop all the violence between shinobi and the religious. I want to help them understand one another…and I think that’s the best way to do it.”

“I see,” she said, raveling up the jutsu back into a cylinder shape. “Well then, Little Ghost, hurry along! Just be back before dark, ok? I don’t want you out too late.”

Yurei nodded, taking the scroll back. He briefly smiled, “I’ll see you soon then.”

“Be safe,” Takia replied, grinning her thin grin.

As Yurei left his home and slid the door closed, Takia leaned back in her chair, tightly gripping her armrest. Genjutsu. Genjutsu after what happened… She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, holding back the tears in her eyes. She bit her bottom lip to call them back and sat. She sat in that chair for what felt like an eternity before she finally dispelled the water in her eyes. Takia glanced at the floor where her husband had died and took a deep breath, exhaling with tangible sorrow. “Why can’t you be here, Roshi?”



Yurei walked slowly along the sidewalk, seemingly allowing his body to thaw out from the frozen cabin that was his home. He walked with greater ease than he had been. Talking to his mother had taken a bit of stress off of him, and a few sleep-filled nights had treated his body well. Yurei forced a smile on his face as he walked forward, passing by each house. Red, brown, grey, tan, orange… Even the buildings seemed hot, and thawing out shifted to boiling rather quickly. His pale complexion helped redirect the sun to a degree, but the heat of the desert was intense.

The young Uchiha finally came to the end of all the housing and ended up in the busy markets of Hoshigakure, the most active area in the city. It was no stranger to shinobi and the religious, but it was battleground of sorts. People busily trying to purchase goods and services, be they fruits, meats, vegetables, clothes, or anything of the sort. Yurei slowly wormed his way through the crowd, coming to numerous stops as people shoved him to the side and bumped into him. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to come a noon.

The air was filled with the stench of sweat and the howls of angry customers. It was a sight to behold, but an unsightly one. Yurei held his breath as he maneuvered through the crowd, trying desperately not to let any more people touch him. The boy wandered about until he could see the end of the crowd, and, with all of his might, he charged through the crowd like a bowling ball through pins.

At last, Yurei felt as though he could breath. He bent over and took several short breaths before standing tall and taking deep ones. He took to the streets as he made his way past the marketplace and into the shinobi district. Yurei wiped a bit of sweat from his brow as he passed the shinobi academy, more graffiti on it than ever. In fact, the entire district seemed more unkempt and dirty. I suppose you can only clean up the same place so many times before you get tired of it. It’s a thankless job. Yurei caught eye of a can in the middle of the street, so he kicked it until he met his destination, finally propelling it into a trash can.

 Along the pathway, Yurei heard something. Perhaps rustling, but it devolved into footsteps. An animal? A man? Then, in the opposite direction, he heard a similar noise. Yurei placed his hand inside his weapon pouch. He was ready. The boy quieted his breathing and opened his ears, listening as he slowly walked forward.

As Yurei reached the entrance to the training grounds, he heard voices from behind him. The boy quickly whipped around, withdrawing a kunai. A group of religious practitioners had followed him.

“You shinobi garbage! You’re ruining our home!” One of them cried out, a young boy. Among the group was the boy, very young, perhaps eight with dark blonde hair and a few men, all wrapped in clothing that covered their faces. They carried swords and an aggressive stance. The one closest to the boy placed his hand on the boy’s mouth, silencing him. The man in the center of the group rose up to face Yurei directly.

“Tell your buddies to get lost and leave our village. You’ve brought nothing but trouble since your kind started showing up!” He yelled. His passion was raw, unchecked. Perhaps it was tainted with rage as well.

Yurei positioned his right foot further back, defensively. “I’m not looking for any trouble. I want to help your people, really. We’re supposed to protect you!”

“We don’t want your damned protection, kid! You bring the violence! With that dark mumbo jumbo you use!”

“Mumbo Jumbo?” Yurei asked in a muted voice. “Look, just give us a chance and we can help you out. We can offer protection, but-“

“You’re not listening to me, Kid. We. Don’t. Want. You. Here. Our pastor says your kind brings bad luck.”

Yurei paused. Despite his religious jargon, the man sounded similar to his own father. Were these the issues the villagers had with shinobi? In truth, he had never listened to a villagers reasoning for hating shinobi. He just knew that the hatred was present. How could I be so foolish? I should know how to take them on, what their problems are. “I can’t leave, Sir, I’m sorry, but maybe-“

The man cut Yurei off with a wave of his hand. “Get him,” he said. The group behind him charged at Yurei with their knives and katana, but the shinobi was too swift for them. Yurei quickly overlapped his fingers, forming the sign for the body flicker technique, tiger. His index and middle fingers stood up as his left hand overtook his right and his right to the left, and, with a shift in light, Yurei stood behind the group. Before they had realized where he had gone, Yurei dashed onto a nearby building, surveying them from above. The group formed a circle, looking all around them.

They’re organized. Odd. I’ve never known the religious to be out to kill like this. Are they even trying to kill me? Yurei quickly withdrew his choking genjutsu from his belt, examining the specifications on the jutsu. Let’s see…

Yurei unraveled the scroll, holding it down with his knees and palms. He read swiftly. It was nothing too complex. Very similar to what he had already been used to, only this required smoke and time. That would be perfect practice for when he would need to go up against a shinobi. Yurei examined the hand signs of the jutsu carefully. Tiger, then Ram, then Tiger again. Easy. Yurei looked up at the sky, trying to remember the hand signs for the fireball justu. That should generate enough smoke.

In truth, the smoke probably wasn’t necessary. As Yurei understood it, the smoke was only a cover so that others with chakra couldn’t detect a genjutsu and dispel it. Still, he needed the practice.

Yurei peaked over the edge of the building at the group. They were in the same formation, all looking outward. A foolish mistake, and a fatal one if he were a different shinobi. Yurei leapt into the air, overlapped his hands, signed Tiger, and then burst into the air just above the group. He quickly scanned the area for wood, the perfect source for smoke. There!

Yurei signed in midair, horse, then tiger. He weaved his hands and took a deep breath, generating massive heat and pressure within his lungs, then he exhaled. Like a flamethrower, fire sprays from in mouth, igniting the wood buried in the sandy streets and creating a layer of glass around the villagers’ feet.

Yurei finally touched down before recalling the handsigns for the jutsu. Smoke rose from the adjacent bits of wood. He overlapped his hands, index and middle fingers pointed to the sky, Tiger, then he formed the ram seal, placing his right hand over his left, then tiger again. Yurei’s chakra surged through the area, and everyone fell into his grasp. They all began choking and gasping for air. The site was not pleasing to Yurei in the slightest. Their gasps for air reminded him of his father’s, but Yurei closed his eyes tightly, allowing the jutsu to continue until there was complete silence. The group feel silent, all unconscious but unharmed, including the young boy. Yurei walked to the boy as sweat dripped from his brow. How odd that someone so young would be with this group. What had they indoctrinated him with? What had they lied about? Seemingly everything. He, like so many others here, was living in a façade, an untrue reality perpetuated by people like these and Roshi Uchiha, his father. But Yurei was going to stop all of that.

Yurei gather the men one by one, placing them all in the shade in order to prevent a heat stroke or any bad burns. Especially on the boy. He could not help but feel sad that he had grown to be so hateful while so young. His father had similar sentiments as far as he could tell, but there were happy moments, too. Were there any for this child?

Yurei rose and took a deep breath. The air was dry and hot. The sun was unforgiving, but he had utilized the jutsu well, and all with ease. It was a most effective genjutsu, mostly because it didn’t appear to be as such.

The pale Uchiha signed tiger, then leapt onto the building with body flicker. He lifted his coiled scroll of the ground, this time reading to more thoroughly. Apparently, the genjutsu is triggered by smell. So the smoke is necessary. Any smart shinobi would recognize it as some sort of trick, so the only real way to use this jutsu is when smoke is everywhere or if they get enough to poison their lungs. Either way, it’s sneaky, but it’s very effective.

Yurei quickly raveled the scroll up into a cylinder and placed it in his belt. He had anticipated to be out here much longer, but the need for the jutsu arose earlier than he had anticipated, but with great affect. Yurei placed his legs over the build and pushed himself off, stopping on the sandy road below. He brushed his kimono off, took a deep breath, and started his way back home.

The boy went through the shinobi district, picking up trash as he went, and placed what he had gathered in the trash cans that lined the city. It was only a fraction of the trash, but any help is still help. Yurei turned to look at what he called the shinobi district. It was still filthy, but it looked a tad bit better.

Through the market Yurei went, then through the neighborhood in which he lived. Yurei finally reached his home, took off his sandals, and stood at the door. It wasn’t long after noon, but he was too tired to do anything else.

Yurei stepped inside to find his mother in her room, and the boy slowly made his way into his own room where he gathered each scroll he had thrown from under his fed. He sat in his cold bed, unraveled the scrolls, and studied them, remembering each handsign sequence and reciting each by heart. Thinking fast was essential, and after his father’s passing, a little mental exercise was welcomed. The mourning was over, but the grief was still present. Even then, Yurei had to press onward.

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Healing - Yurei Learns Genjutsu Choking Empty Re: Healing - Yurei Learns Genjutsu Choking

Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:32 pm
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