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Test of Might - Page 3 Empty Re: Test of Might

Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:28 am
After Kyson placed down the seal to absorb his chakra, judging from his body language. It seemed that it had no effect on him. His body was that durable that the seal had no effect on him.. impressive. Kyson thought to himself. No surprise to someone who was Koroshi's bodyguard. So far so good as he was analyzing his moves. As he began to create space between each other, Kyson waited to see what his next move was. He guessed seeing that he used fuinjutsu made him think twice about getting in close. Noticing Nobu performing hand seals, a rock coming from the ground and he also made the ram hand seal. Kyson first assumption was body flicker.

With both his fist forwards in a fighting stance. Kyson was ready to go, with a smirk on his face. The feel of being in combat hasn't came around in a while. Especially since he was useless in Suna's destruction. He was desperate to become stronger so something like that would never happen again. As Nobu bodyflicked, Kyson saw him the entire time as he close the gap between him. Keeping his eye on him as he was moving at a temporary speed. As he was 5 meters away Kyson and was ready to hit him with that chunk of rock. As the rock was aiming towards Kyson's chest. Once again Kyson would duck but this time. He would launch a kick towards the sky. Aiming at the chunk of rock and hitting it at a speed of 150 and a strength of 55. This would shatter the rock into small little pieces seeing how durable it was. 

Though, he didn't stay in that position for a long period of time. As the kick shattered the rock he would immediately stand straight up again, in a fighting stance. But Kyson took this chance to try and learn something knew. As Nobu was trying to land a kick towards Kyson's chest. Kyson would channel Wind chakra in his hand. It would be a spiraling ball similar to his rasengan (Attempting to learn this). But this time, he had an idea. Why not infuse it with wind chakra to give it a stronger effect. As the kick was coming towards his chest, Kyson would only Hyrdifcate where the kick was landing and his leg should go through Kyson's chest as if he was kick water. As a balled up chakra was in Kyson's left hand, Kyson would aim it towards Nobunaga's chest. And right before it hits his chest, the ball of wind chakra disappeared. As Kyson solidified himself as Nobu's kick went through him. Kyson would run back at a speed of 65 to create a 5 meter distance between the two. "Welp, that failed.. didn't turn out the way I planned." Kyson would say chuckling to himself. Thought he wasn't surprise that doing something knew like that wouldn't have worked on the first try.

So he gave it another try, Kyson would form wind chakra into his left hand, in a shape of a sphere. Not as big as he would like it to be, but hopefully it would do something. Kyson would run forward at Nobu at a speed of 65, attempting to put this ball of wind chakra at his chest (Since I'm in the process of learning it, I'll give it a power of 30). If it were to connect, probably wouldn't do much. But Kyson was still trying something new and he was willing to give it a shot.

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Test of Might - Page 3 Empty Re: Test of Might

Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:34 pm
Nobunaga watched as his leader dodged the baseball bat swing with ease. His smaller frame crouched on the ground delivered a raising kicks strait to Nobunaga's weapon, shattering it into tony pieces. So he did have some Taijutsu skill. That was good, he was a fell versed shinobi. Without his weapon in hand Nobunaga continued with his assault and aimed to deliver a powerful kick to the Hozuki's chest. However Kyson was quick enough and talented enough to turn the exact portion of his chest that was about to be slammed into water, letting the Hiyu's kick pass right through him. Nobunaga had fought a Hozuki before but had never seen their kekki genkai used like this. The previous Hozuki used his body simply to create weapons out of the water. Perhaps this was the difference in strength from a Genin to a Anbu leader Hozuki.  

With his kick passing right through the Hozuki, Nobunaga would use the momentum of his blow to spin around and come back to facing his opponent. During the spin however, he herd something forming around the area of where Kyson's hand was. He sensed the formation of quit a bit of chakra. Now face to face he saw Kyson holding some sort of ball that appeared to be made out of wind chakra. A close ranged Ninjutsu. Being so caught up in mastering his swordsmanship and Taijutsu, the Hiyu had never even considered learning close ranged Ninjutsu such as this one. The only Ninjutsu he thought of learning were those that would aid him in closing the gap between him and his foe. But onc the gap was closed he could use a combination of ninjutsu, taijutsu and kenjutsu to defeat his foe. It was an eye opener for him, one that he was grateful for. But that didnt mean he was going to hold back on his leader.

The jutsu was seconds away from making contact with the Hiyu when suddenly it dissipated and vanished. Before Kyson could make his inevitable retreat Nobunaga would grab a hold of his outstretched arm. Wrapping his powerful left hand around Kyson's forearm, Nobunaga would make sure to take advantage of the fact that his jutsu failed. Preventing the Hozuki from retreating, Nobunaga would pull backwards, pulling Kyson in towards him, simultaneously lifting his right leg. Still pulling his attacks as to not kill the Hozuki, his bent knee would slam into Kyson's gut. Nobunaga would aim to hit him with enough force to stun him, hurt him just enough to leave him open for another attack. Hopefully with the Hozuki bent over his right knee, Nobunaga swung his right arm in a circular motion, aiming to deliver an upper cut strait to Kyon's face. Simultaneously letting go of the Hozuki's forearm, the clenched fist would slam into the bridge of Kyson's nose, knocking his head upwards and his upper body backwards. 

With his head up in the air, Nobunaga would deliver a simple t-kick with his left leg. Not really kicking the Hozuki but once the sole of his foot made contact with Kyson's gut he would push off of his right leg. Pushing himself forward Nobunaga would in effect push Kyson backwards, putting some distance between the two of them. If there was now distance put between the the two of them, whether his attack worked or not, Nobunaga would reach into the weapon pouch on the back of his waist. "That was a risky attack my lord." Spoke the Hiyu while pulling out a scroll that unravelled as he brought it before his chest. Placing his left palm onto the biggest seal, a puff of smoke would erupt around his palm. Grabbing onto the bandaged wrapped handle that appeared, Nobunaga would throw away the scroll and pull out his massive great sword at the same time. Swinging the 6ft6 long sword onto his left shoulder, Nobunaga would stand tall and menacing. Nobunaga was taking this fight to the next level, now it was Kyson's turn to make a move.

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Test of Might - Page 3 Empty Re: Test of Might

Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:18 pm
As Kyson was running towards Nobunaga trying to land his new attack. It failed during his attempt which looked a bit embarrassing. With the jutsu dispelling right before it could hit Nobunaga. Kyson noticed he used that chance to attack, Kyson was glad he was on his feet even in this spar. Clearly showing that he is experienced in combat. But seeing as Kyson failed horribly, Kyson decided to Hydrificate his arm so Nobunaga wasn't able to grab it. He saw how he was trying to pull in the Hozuki. But seeing how he fights, close range would be a dangerous battle. Kyson would back up about 5 meters to create some space between the two of them. Not feeling any sign of fatigue at all, since they weren't doing much in this spar. 

Hearing Nobunaga's comment, Kyson would chuckle a bit as he scratched his head. "Yeah I was trying something since this was a spar. Didn't expect it to turn out like that." Kyson would say. As he watched Nobu pull out a scroll, he assumed he was going to summon something. It seemed that he summoned his huge sword. Kyson still can't believe anyone could hold a sword that big with ease. But as he handled the sword, Kyson thought it was time. He put his hands in his pockets. "I think that's enough for today.." Kyson would say to Nobunaga.

"As fun as it was to get a spar in. Here wouldn't be the best place to go all out. I'd hate to cause a commotion to a place that isn't ours. besides, like you said.. you never know who's watching." Kyson would say to Nobu. Though he already proved that he was enough to be Kyson's bodyguard. He was probably more qualified to be a storm shinobi before Kyson was appointed to lead the organization. "So, we'll call it a day.. But anyway, I did like what I see. But I'll be heading back." Kyson would say as he began heading back towards the slums. If Nobu was going to follow Kyson would wait and if not. Then the boy would continue.

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Test of Might - Page 3 Empty Re: Test of Might

Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:18 pm
As expected and smartly done, Kyson converted the portion of his arm which Nobunaga's had caught into water, causing the Hiyu to lose his grip. He could have still attempted to make an attack as the Hozuki made his retreat however Nobunaga decided not too. Creating some space would allow him to do what he had planned next which was to take out his massive freeking sword. Releasing it from the scroll, Nobunaga watched as Kyson slipped his hands into his pockets while he simultaneously swung the sword on his left shoulder with extreme ease. It appeared Kyson was calling an end to this spar. Was he frightened by Nobunaga's sword? Highly unlikely. He was a skilled shinobi. Probably afraid that now that Nobunaga had taken his sword out things would be getting more intense. If that happened, they would inevitably reveal techniques that they would rather keep hidden from those who may be watching. A good decision from his leader but unfortunate, things were just starting to pick up and Nobunaga was having fun.

Nodding in compliance, Nobunaga would respond "As you say my lord." With Kyson leaving, Nobunaga would keep his great sword perched on his shoulder and bowed. "I'll be staying for a bit. Enjoy the nice weather." With his leader now gone, would slowly stroll over to the nearest tree, placing himself under the cool shade. Lifting the sword off of his shoulder and with fines, he would swirl it around with a quick flick of his wrist. Rotating the blade downwards, Nobunaga would thrust it into the ground. Planing it like a spike, the massive blade would remain there unmoving while Nobunaga took a set behind it. With the sword before him and his back resting up against the tree behind him, he would gently rest his head against the the tree. Without a word, the Hiyu would calmly sit there until nightfall, before he made his way back to his residence. 


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Test of Might - Page 3 Empty Re: Test of Might

Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:43 pm
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