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Tenshi Hiyu
Tenshi Hiyu
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More training. Empty More training.

Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:20 pm
Another day, another time hanging out after school. The more he did this the more he realised how little they did actually learn in classes. I mean sure they were taught these techniques but he seemed to always needed to work out of class to actually master them. Perhaps it was just bad luck, or his own lack of talent. Either way, here he was again, isolated and trying to learn a technique that most other seemed to of already gotten in the lesson.
He flicked the book open on the marked page. This time he had the foresight to bring a book so he could remember the hand seals correctly. The page fell with a small thud as it landed on the entry ‘Transformation technique’. According to this is was one of the harder techniques, so maybe, just maybe Tenshi  had an excuse for having trouble with it. Regardless he read the small text, noting important details. Changing ones appearance, constant streak of chakra,human size, it hard to maintain when damaged.
“Okay” Tenshi noted slowly “Visualise what I need to change into” He stared down at the image of a young student in the book, showing an image of the technique in action. He closed his eyes visualising transforming into that person. Dispelling his flak jacket, shortening his hair, stretching his face ever so slightly. Changing his shirt and pants and finally adding a single gloved hand.

He kept muttering the hand signs, trying to figure out their movement so there would be no stray finger or incorrectly performed seals.

“Dog, Boar, Ram” He muttered, three seals, simple enough to do, but it was a balance, they must be made quickly and accurately along with concentrating on what you want your appearance to change to.

With a single deep breath he began performing the hand seals, practising them again and again so that he made sure he had the motion before he fully attempted the technique. It was no or never, well that may be a little dramatic, he could always try again later anyway.
He opened his eyes, his hands moving quickly. Dog, Boar, and Finally Ram
“Transformation Technique” He muttered as he performed the final hand seal.
The sensation of transforming felt rather odd, it was almost like having a large invisible sheet draped over you, you could almost feel the tactile contact with your skin, but only just, and when you opened your eyes you were not greeted by your own skin, but someone else’s. There was another sensation aswell, it started out small but seemed to grow exponentially, it was almost like tensing a muscle, but a muscle in your mind. To begin with it wasn’t so bad, Tenshi  could manage it. He had at least completed the first step, but a transformation that can’t move is a useless transformation. So now he needed to see how much dexterity he could maintain.

He began moving forward, slowly, and ever so slowly. Every step almost sending a shockwave up into his mind as the illusion took the impact. This though aswell, wasn’t too bad. He began picking up the pace more and more. Moving into a full of stride, he was doing it, he let a grin onto to his face as he moved into a small jog around the field. Okay now it was getting kind hard. Tenshi  could distinctly feel a throbbing sensation now in his head, like a growing headache, but even this didn’t deter him.

“I d-did it” He managed to say “yeah” He continued enthusiastically, without even thinking he took a swing at one of the training dummies…That was too much, as soon as his fist made contact a splitting sensation filled his brain and he let out a startled gasp. Within a millisecond he was engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Quickly dissipating Tenshi was now laying on the ground breathing heavily and drenched in sweat.
“Okay” He began inbetween deep breaths “Combat” He took several more gulps of air “A little too much” After all this though, he did manage to chuckle to himself.

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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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More training. Empty Re: More training.

Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:26 pm
It looks like you linked clone when you meant to link transformation 

Approved for the stats and the transformation technique, careful which techs you link to in the future
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