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Blood Games: Crescendo

Kozachi Uchiha
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Aryll Hyuuga
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Faith Akari
Faith Akari
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:52 am
(Can't post, surrendering and giving haru the win, attacks go through, destroys the clones and injures angel to the point she can't fight.

Will probably edit this in a few days and give a proper defeat post)
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:51 am
(Got permission to NPC Angel since she has no internetz)

Aryll smirked with satisfaction as the seal of confrontation was returned. A sign of respect from her competitor, and one that the crowd would likely take notice of. It was an honorable gesture, and whether they were looking at Aryll’s newly manifested aura or her sign of battle, the hyuuga heiress was doing a good job of holding the crowd’s attention.

Angel held that same seal back from across the arena, and the air seemed to be electric. The crowd was eating up this display, the calm before the storm. Still, they wanted blood. As Angel stared down the bear that faced her, she felt her doubts creeping up. She pressed them aside. This was a battle she knew she couldn't back down from. Her fears seemed to lessen as she made her move.
As much as she loved her friend, Aryll knew that she was the stronger of the two. She had always known this, since their very first spar. The effort had been valiant, but Aryll already knew Angel’s tricks. Or, well, so she thought. Angel projected a disc of chakra, which stopped the Makibishi just short of tearing through her. As they bounced harmlessly to the ground, Aryll's vision began to tunnel towards the original Angel. How had she done that? In her annoyance, Thane began to step forward, seemingly of his own violation, headed towards Angel. As Aryll threw the kunai at the two clones, she promptly continued forward, hearing the satisfying pop of a destroyed shadow clone. She continued forward, closing Thane's hatch in preparation and beginning to run now, charging down her opponent as Angel backed towards the water. 

With a splash, Angel stepped right back into the water, the smallest of smirks crossing her face as she allowed herself to fall into the water. She sunk down ten feet, holding her breath, and watching for her opponent as she readied her weapon...

Aryll, meanwhile, was in full chase mode as her opponent fell into the water. What was she playing at? As she stomped forwards, Thane raised his blade, ready to jump in after the water and end this fight. She didn't like playing hide and seek, as, being a Hyuuga, it was rather easy for her. She saw the kunai and knew what Angel was trying to do. Her shadow Shuriken trick again. 

That was when Aryll froze. She couldn't move. Standing atop the back of Thane's back, in her blind spot, was the remaining clone. In her haste to chase the original, Aryll had registered the sound of one clone being destroyed and mistook it for both. The second clone had blocked the kunai with the same disc technique that the real Angel had used, and now Aryll was frozen, helpless as the clone released the tiger seal it had made to paralyze Aryll and disappeared in a poof of smoke, her energy returning to Angel, giving her the chakra necessary for this last play.

In the water, Angel's smirk was growing ever wider as she released the kunai from her hand and performed the hand seals for her favorite technique. Though she was underwater, she was fast enough that the water hardly slowed her down enough to truly matter. This was far easier then she had expected. Aryll's hubris had been her undoing.

From the depths of the water, a thousand kunai surged forth. Some missed their target and split apart the stone floor of the arena, sending large rocks splashing into the water as the attack battered Aryll. The sheer force sent a large majority of the water cascading up and into the air, raining down upon the audience. The kunai flew towards Thane and, though his armor was tough, it wasn't enough. Thane was battered and ripped apart by the slew of kunai, and a few pierced the cockpit where Aryll sat. Thane stood there, motionless, torn apart by the barrage of kunai but still functional. Still, the holes in the center made it clear that Aryll was likely not in the best condition. The puppet lurched forward, and fell into the pit that was once filled with water, now not even knee deep. The rest of its contents rested upon the half of the arena with the displeasure of sitting across from the Mizukage, though they hardly cared. Their eyes were glued upon the arena. They roared as Angel secured her hit. Angel lowered her hands, exhausted. Thane did not stir. 

Had she killed her best friend?

Angel made her way through what remained of the water, sighing between shaky breaths, as she stepped towards Thane, partially out of fear that she had killed her friend and desire to save her if she could, and partially because she knew that this fight might not be over yet. She stepped towards the cockpit, which lay sideways in the water, and drew another kunai. Cautiously, she pulled the hatch slowly open. 

As she opened it, a huge cloud of smoke greeted her. Coughing, Angel reached into the smoke and clasped her hands around something... Cold... A stone from the arena floor, resting in Aryll's chair. Before she could turn, she felt cold hands wrap around her neck...

Aryll had sat there, bloodied and broken, wondering how she had let her arrogance blind her. How she, who possessed an all-seeing eye, had let herself be slighted by a simple clone. Not again. Never again. She looked down upon herself and assessed the damage. Blood was everywhere, but it seemed she was still alright. Her legs got the worst of it. Torn to all hell, she looked nearly worse then the day when Haru had broken every bone in her body.

"Fuck 'em." She muttered. Her hands were fine. Bleeding everywhere, and... Ah, shit, was that a kunai in her shoulder? She couldn't tell, everything hurt, but she felt mostly intact. Thane had saved er from the worst of it. It didn't matter for now. She felt blood matted against the side of her head and noted that she could not hear out of her right ear. Angel had really fucked her up, she had to give credit where it was due. But Aryll was not finished yet. If she and her brother shared one thing in common, it was sheer grit. 

The trick had been simple enough. She broke a smoke bomb in her hand to obscure the inside, and then used the substitution technique when Angel opened the hatch, before she stepped into the way. Aryll switched places with a boulder that Angel herself had knocked down into this pit. She found herself laying in the water, but she was strong enough to do what needed to be done next.

Using her upper body for support, she sprung up and wrapped an arm around Angel's neck, constricting her windpipe as her other hand reached for Angel's right, which held the kunai. Aryll gripped her tightly by the hand, pressing her thumb into her wrist and forcing the kunai to fall to the ground as Aryll repositioned herself into a rear naked choke. 

What came next was the final struggle of the two friends, each vying for victory. Angel fell back into the water, trying to hold Aryll under as she struggled. Aryll was too strong for Angel to fight off, but if she could just outlast Aryll, she could still win. She held Aryll's head under as she felt the wind being choked from her own lungs. A war of grit and attrition. 

Aryll tried her best to hold her own breath as she strangled Angel's away. She had the advantage of a preparatory breath of air, but the pressure of the water and Angel's body made it difficult to keep her lungs full. Angel, likewise, had every positional advantage. The high ground, a pair of working legs, and a lack of water. What she lacked was the sheer strength and grit of Aryll, who, although she was now rusty, had once been a taijutsu fighter.

The two girls struggled until finally, exhausted, Angel fell unconscious. Aryll sat straight up gasping for air as she burst from the water. She too was exhausted, but by the skin of her teeth, she had made it. Angel's head floated above the water nearby, face up but out cold, as Aryll collected herself. She took a few breaths to regain her composure, remembering that there was a crowd watching, after all, before shakily raising her left arm, a few threads connecting to Thane. The damaged automaton stood, hobbling over to Aryll, lifting her out of the water, and Angel as well, placing Aryll back inside her chair, while holding Angel in his (non-bladed) hand.

With a groan and creak of metal, Thane hopped back up to the main level, before shakily kneeling toward Xyxer, laying Angel upon the floor of the arena, still unconscious. Aryll kept her head bowed down and her face composed, despite the bleeding, for she knew that this was important. She awaited Xyxer's next words eagerly. 

(Claiming victory)
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:49 am
As soon as the flame of battle ignited once more, the carnage seemed to intensify more than it had before. Granted, nobody had died, but that was because the mad man was no longer participating.. now it was simply two friends. That was something that truly reminded Xyxer of his old days in Kirigakure.. where he could rough house with his companions to the point of inflicting grievous wounds on the other, and they wouldn't bear a grudge. That was different these days.. a grudge was all anyone ever held. Nothing was true friendship anymore, it all seemed so.. trivial.

The battle had been rather entertaining the entire way through as the two engaged in combat, and the splash that Angel made amused him somewhat.. although the potential danger of using such a technique when around such a mass of civilians halted that amusement. He'd have to talk to her about that after, if she remained alive. Thane was, ironically, crippled. Now it appeared he'd simply be watching a cripple fist fight a regular, normal person. It wouldn't even be clo- oh. It appeared that Angel wasn't the best when it came to fighting in close quarters, as she had allowed a cripple to choke her from behind, even with the switching of places Xyxer himself found that to be.. bewildering.

She'd soon start to fall to the floor from the lack of oxygen, which was naturally the reason for applying a rear naked choke in the first place. There was a clear winner now, and it became ever more evident when she found herself dragging herself into the chair, and even going through the effort with the damaged puppet. The large blade hung close to the unconscious girl, and a voice called inside the back of his mind, "Make this the Bloodiest Game you've ever hosted." and for a moment, the words of Hachibi struck true with Xyxer. Through the death of friendship, she would grow stronger. She'd become more than her brother could have ever been.. but.. at the same time, the tone of friendship confused him somewhat.

It was that which saved the girl. Xyxer realized that he could no longer truly understand friendship. Throughout his years, people had used one another to elevate themselves to where they wanted to be without a second thought for their companions. Altar himself was willing to try assassinate his best friend to reach the goal he wished to obtain. Yet this silver haired demon didn't kill her friend just for brownie points.. that was peculiar. Then, through that brief glimpse of empathy, a light smile formed upon his features.. that'd make the other a great rival when things got heated.

Standing up from the stone throne he found himself on, the crowd found themselves hushed almost immediately. The dogs themselves seemed to settle down and sit, gazing up towards their master. He stared directly down into the arena, not bothering to acknowledge the audience this time around as he looked between Aryll and Angel. The blood that decorated the arena.. the corpses. It'd been so glorious. "It appears we have a clear winner. Aryll of the Hyuuga clan, stands triumphantly over her opponent.. the only other living Genin of this game." Xyxer paused momentarily.. shit, did he just say that? Fuck, nobody would catch on anyway, they were too engrossed in the violence, the adrenaline would stop 'em from hearing what he said, "In this world there are winners, and there are losers. Here, we see an example of both of them. Aryll is the victor of these games.. and Angel is the loser. Yet failure does not always beget a punishment. The girl nobly put effort into her actions, yet she was unable to seal the deal. The drive to win, no matter what, is a phenomenal quality. That is why both Aryll and Angel will receive the rank of Chuunin " Hachibi would not have his way, not today.

After he finished speaking, the beast retrieved the greatsword Samehada from beside him before taking a few steps forward to drop down from the wall of the arena. He landed on the balls of his feet within the enclosure, taking some more steps so that he could close the distance between the trio. The bandaged blade of Samehada snarled within it's bindings, while Xyxer stopped five meters before them. He looked down towards Angel, frowning a little. He sure fucking hoped she'd wake up, or he'd just kill her himself for being so rude as to not regain consciousness while he conveniently talked. "Wake her up if she isn't awake already, then kneel before me, both of you." Xyxer said in the least creepy way possible when speaking to young girls, following up shortly, "I'm not sure how you'll pull that off yourself, Aryll, but.. we include all types of people in my progressive village." He smirked, before handling his large blade like an artisan as he put it on his shoulder to pass the time. It was so masterful.
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:52 am
Voices entered the girl's head as she slowly awoken from her unconscious state "Wake...... if........ kneel before me.... both of you." It was blury what had happened in the battle with Aryll, she probably had some sort of concussion..... Angel tried her best to recall the battle. Aryll came out of her giant mech... her chakra formed into a giant bear.... Angel tried to charge her.... attempted to end the fight with her 1000 shuriken clone tech..... somehow got close enough to Aryll to engage in melee combat... had her back taken by Aryll and... well... then everything went black.

Was Angel in heaven?

No.... she still could feel her body. The aching pain of her thought, and her head feeling quite light due to oxygen lost. She was still alive, but why? She had lost the fight, and she didn't find a way to escape, surely that meant that she was unfit to be among those who were the Kiri elite.

Either way, from the little bit she pieced together.... she was able to determine a few things,

1. Aryll had won.
2. She for some reason was still alive.
3. That the two girls were beling ordered to kneel in front of the Mizukage.

While literately another hundred questions was blaring through the girl's mind, she knew enough though to understand she need to Kneel.

Rolling over, the girl would get on her knees and bow to the Mizukage, however... a quick look at Aryll and Angel noticed a slight problem.

There was no way Aryll was going to be able to bow on her own. She had gotten back into thane, trying to get out of it and get to her knees. Angel would quickly get up, a little wobbly from being choked out, but stable enough to help Aryll get to her knees. Once that was done, Aryll wouldn't say anything, but give a slight nod to the girl as a thank you. At first, Angel questioned why she didn't just say thank you, but then recalled they were in a very formal and unfriendly situation, and perhaps having pleasantries was not the best idea right now.

Once Aryll was Kneeling before the Mizukage, Angel would do then get on her knees in front of the Mizukage as well, awaiting his orders as of what is next.

Last edited by Angel Uchiha <3 on Sat Jun 24, 2017 3:59 am; edited 2 times in total
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:55 pm
(Gonna post now since I probs won't be able to till later tomorrow)

As Xyxer spoke, declaring her the winner, Aryll breathed a shaky sigh, smiling victoriously. Of course she had won. It hadn’t been as easy as she had expected, but of course she had. Aryll listened intently to Xyxer’s speech, a tinge of satisfaction crossing her hidden features as she was awarded the rank of chunin, and the insatiable urge to squeal like a child and wake Angel when she had been awarded the same rank. She kept her composure as Xyxer dropped down, the familiar blade on his shoulder. Samehada snarled beneath the bandages, but Aryll did not flinch.
As Xyxer told the both of them to kneel, Aryll noticed that Angel was awake. Perfect timing. A look of minor uncertainty crossed Aryll’s features as she commanded Thane to lower her to the ground in her chair. She was still not used to these cumbersome legs of hers, and torn and battered by battle damage as they were, she did not believe for a second that she would be able to kneel. Still, she tried. Pushing up with her arms, she lifted herself from the chair and onto the ground, her legs folding underneath her so that she was kneeling. It was clear, however, that the Hyuuga heiress was struggling. That was when her friend assisted her.
Angel helped Aryll to her knees, something that, on any other day, she would have vocally thanked her for, but today she merely nodded. There were many things Aryll left unsaid today. The crowd was watching, and she was sure that this display of teamwork and friendship would contrast starkly with what they were expecting. Perhaps they’d cheer at the display of sportsmanship from the girl who had just been choked out by Aryll minutes earlier. Perhaps not.

As Aryll kneeled, she held herself in place with her bloodied arms, which, after a few seconds, would begin to shake from the strain, as Aryll was bleeding quite a lot. Through gritted teeth, she ignored the pain. Just a few more moments. She would not and could not show weakness, not here, not now.

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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:47 am
Now.. the comradeship sought only to scathe the Mizukage. He'd given them a direct command, an order.. and yet Angel was going to forfeit this for a moment just so she could help someone else do it? Was she.. really trying to cheat Aryll of the satisfaction of achieving this herself? The entire crowd was silent, and it soon became apparent by the leer of Xyxer that such an action.. would not fly in Kirigakure. Not Xyxer's Kirigakure.

He'd granted her her life, but he wouldn't grant her a second chance after this one. "If you try to help her, Angel, and deprave her of her right to prove her strength.. then I'll take your hand." Xyxer spoke sharply as soon as she started putting her hands on Aryll. To accentuate what he said, he'd wiggle Samehada a little on his shoulder while clicking his tongue; the comical sound that would be made if he was to bash the bulbous weapon against her should she continue on her path of aid. He'd respected her survival, but he couldn't allow so much weakness to be shown by them. Not out here at the event.. in the open.

Naturally, if Angel was to continue on her path of harmless help, Xyxer would make good on his promise and swing the monstrous weapon overhand towards her helping arm at the fastest speed he could, just to show he wasn't a liar.. but let's assume Angel was smart, for now at least.

If she was to stop her crusade of Hoshi-esque kindness, Xyxer would revert his attention back to the struggling cripple. Now, assuming she pulled all of this together and was kneeling somehow whether it be through the aid of Thane or propping herself up slightly, Xyxer would continue with his actions of beginning the knighting of the village's newest chuunin. He'd point Samehada towards Angel with a wry smile, "You! Angel here entered the tournament as a Genin.. a mere blob to be moulded into something better. Superior. She's adapted, she's changed to her surroundings.. She killed the kid that drowned himself! Phenomenal!" He paused his speech momentarily to shift his free hand towards the hilt of Samehada purely so he could clap over the handle of the weapon, applauding the girl, "Truly incredible. She even passed out not too long ago, choked out by a cripple.. but she woke up as soon as her Mizukage spoke! Dedication! That's why Angel is joining the rank of Chuunin!" Xyxer spun the hulking blade off from his shoulder down towards the girl in a controlled motion, shifting it towards her left shoulder where the blade would rest. The girl would likely feel herself becoming more fatigued as the blade fed from her, it's snarls quiet as it devoured whatever chakra it could from the girl. "Congratulations, Angel." He'd state finally before moving the blade to her right shoulder to complete the knighting of her to this new rank. Of course, there would be more to this after the games to truly cement her as chuunin, but this was just fine for now.

The blade rested on his shoulder once more as he stood before Aryll this time around, his grin almost able to match the Cheshire cat itself. He'd expected a lot from this girl due to her brother, and she'd proved it all right.. well, mostly. Some part of Xyxer wanted to embrace the girl who'd slaughtered others, but he refrained from that. Instead, he'd start speaking once more, "Aryll! She entered the games inside of Thane, and she'll leave in a wheelchair with a damaged puppet. A small price to pay when she joins the forces of our Chuunin. We've all witnessed what this victor has managed to accomplish today. The bountiful display of skill, the unique display of puppetry.." His grin lightened up somewhat at this point as he continued, "She's proven us all wrong about the stigma she carried from her traitor brother Haru. She is loyal to the village, and to it's people. May she defend us all to the best of her capabilities, which I'm sure surpass heights her brother could ever hope to attain." A few jeers arose from the crowd as soon as the name was mentioned, which was the entire point of the power exercise. Samehada was moved to the left shoulder of Aryll where it rest limply, sucking the chakra from her as it had wanted to do for a long time, ever since their day of eating spaghetti. "Congratulations, Aryll." He'd finish off with before shifting the blade to the right shoulder to complete the ritual. Proceeding to lift the blade and sheath it, he'd clap his hands once before announcing once more, "The survivors of this Game: Aryll and Angel. Let them walk off together, and I'll arrange to speak to you both later on through the week." The crowd would cheer the duo out of the arena, granted that Angel simply decided to not help wheels at the earlier interval.

[Basically a topic exit, I'll post the rewards after you've both done your exits]
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:34 pm
As the Uchiha girl would start to help Aryll down and bow, the Mizukage bellowed deeply, demanding Angel stop helping her freind and give her the honor of doing it herself.

With this thought, Angel bit her lips. Did she want her hands removed? No. But at the same time, If Angel didn't... and Aryll didn't have the strength to, what then? The blue haired village leader would probably kill her for being weak.... and with all honesty, when it came down to Angel's hands or Aryll's life.... Angel would chose her friends life in a heart beat over that.

However, perhaps there was another way. Angel would let go of Aryll and give her the opportunity to get up on her own, however, if she struggled for more then... say... 3 minutes, (or of the Mizukage looked like he was about to get sick of her attempts to get up and strike her down.) Angel would lean over and help the girl to her knees, even at the threat of loosing her hands.

(Going to post presuming that Aryll is able to get her up on her own, and Angel Doesn't loose her hands.)

The Mizukage would look over at Angel first, The girl kept her head bowed in respect, but would look at the Mizukage's feet, in order to see what he was doing, Not seeing the Hozuki's reasuring smile... she would shake slightly... not sure if the man was going to execute her on the spot or not. If he did though, he had every right... after all, she had been the one who decided to become a Kunochi, and she had been the one who lost.

To her surprise, that wasn't the man's plan at all! He started complementing Angel's ability to adapt to her surroundings, was impressed by the way that she had killed Azure Pheonix, which reassured Angel quite a bit. While The Uchiha took no pleasure in killing Azure, deep down, she knew it was for the best. The way Angel had killed the dark skinned boy... it was quick and painless... if the boy stayed alive he probably would of had a much more painful death.

He would continue, saying how Angel had been choked out... and was very quick to waking up at the Mizukage's command. With all honesty, Angel was still not 100% sure she was awake. She was still having problems processing things.... could she still be unconscious? No... she felt coherent enough to at least tell she was awake.

But then, perhaps the biggest surprise of all would be given to the girl, She had ranked up! She had been given the rank of chunin, and she felt the massive sword that the mizukage' carried around pressed on her shoulder, as if she was being Knighted into the next rank.

Her mind was a whirlwind right now, Between the fact that she wasn't dead, the fact that she had ranked up, and fact that her brain was still very depleted of oxygen, Angel was actualy quite surprised she didn't faint.

With, that, Xy would then go and face Aryll, doing the same process, Angel's mind was still trying to wrap around what she had heard before.... but the blonde did the best she could to make out what Xy was saying to Aryll.... something about her brother being a traitor? What could that mean?
Either way... Aryll was being given the same rank and even greater honors then she had, which made sense as she had won the games.

With that, Xy would order the two girl's to leave, as the two only survivors of the games, Angel would nod and say, "Yes... Lord Mizukage.' And with that, Angel would rise, and turn to leave the blood games arena alive, with her life still intact.


(Two OOC Notes:
1. I will not be making any claims on this topic until I fix up my defeat post, as I feel if I do not do that, then I might let it slip from my mind and not make it a priority, and I feel like that would be unfair to both Aryll and Xy, on top of all those who participated in the games.

2. I would like to thank all of those in Kiri for allowing me to join in these games. I know there has been a lot of people questioning if the player that plays a Hoshi Magical girl wanna be would be fit for Kiri, and while at first I was very worried about preforming in these blood games, In the end I am happy I did, because it helped me better understand the Kiri culture and how they view things.
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Blood Games: Crescendo - Page 3 Empty Re: Blood Games: Crescendo

Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:17 am
As Angel attempted to help Aryll to her knees, Aryll’s arms shook from strain and from loss of blood. When Xyxer commanded Angel to stop, however, Aryll remained silent. She struggled, but she understood the words of Xyxer. To receive help now would be to show weakness, to deny herself the honor of holding her own head high. She understood now. And so she would continue to struggle, trying her best to get to her knees. It was not an easy feat, and while Aryll had the capability to summon Thane to help her or even force her own legs to yield to her will with chakra threads, Aryll didn’t want that. She wanted to do it herself. No chakra, no jutsu, no gadgets. Just her. She struggled on.

About three minutes went by as Aryll tried again to force herself to her knees, but it felt like she was unable to do so. She was losing blood fast and with every drop lost she grew weaker and weaker. She could not prop herself up, it was simply proving too difficult. Still, she did not give up. She felt eyes upon her, and she knew that her friend was about to move to help her. Aryll would turn, shooting a glare towards her friend that made her feelings on the matter clear. She didn’t want Angel losing her hands over this.

Finally, after much struggling, Aryll managed to force her legs into a kneeling position. As Xyxer spoke, her arms shook with effort to keep herself upright, and she felt a burn in her muscles that cried out for relief. She denied their cries, and kept herself upright and focused as Xyxer spoke. First he spoke of Angel, and her deeds within the Games today. It seemed that she too had taken her first life. Aryll wondered if Angel had felt that same thrill that Aryll had encountered. Surely not.

As Samehada graced the shoulder of Angel, knighting her, Aryll glanced out of the corner of her still active byakugan eye, watching her expressions. How did she take it? How did she feel? Was there a rift growing between them now, or was it water under the bridge? And Xyxer… What did he think of Aryll’s deeds? Aryll would not be kept in suspense for very long, for as Xyxer finished speaking to Angel, he turned his attention to Aryll with a grin that sent a sense of warmth through Aryll’s entire being. As her name was announced, Aryll grinned despite her struggle to stay upright, despite her pain, because of her pride. He spoke of her skill and her unique usage of puppetry, and then… He spoke of her brother.

Aryll kept smiling.

The man who, in a premeditated fit of anger, had single handedly ruined Aryll’s life, and the Second Mizukage, was her brother, after all. Jeers rose from the crowd at the mention of Haru’s name, but no longer were they directed at the Hyuuga heiress. No longer did they hate her for the sins of her brother. Aryll was happy for the first time in months. All she had to do was slaughter a friend and a fellow apprentice ninja. A small price to pay for the return of her honor and her pride. As Xyxer knighted her with Samehada, Aryll wondered if it was just her imagination, or if she actually heard the blade purr. She felt it begin to consume some of her chakra, which nearly made Aryll collapse due to the strain her body was already under, but she held herself upright and, finally, Xyxer dismissed them both. Aryll reached up, granting her sentinel a few threads of chakra, and Thane lifted her into the chair. She kept her fingers outstretched as she began to wheel herself away beside her best friend, with Thane in tow.


+Display of Power
+21 Stats
+Chunin Rank
+20 more stats
+A sweet jacket
+3 Cannon Jutsu
+Whetever else Chunin get

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Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:29 am
[Topic closed since Angel isn't going to retaliate

+20 stats
A neat jacket (Which will totally have the flayed man along the center of the back and the Kiri insignia just above it)
3 free canon jutsu of the rank you have unlimited of, or lower. (C-Rank and below)
Chuunin rank and chuunin skills

That's probably it. Congratulations, don't make Kiri look bad.

Oh, and claiming the deaths of everyone that died in this topic and other affiliated BG topics from this event with their corpses now in Xyxer's possession]

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