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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Kaliz Treaining Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stone Empty Kaliz Treaining Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stone

Fri May 26, 2017 8:55 pm
Earth Style techniques were something new to Kalix. He didn’t know how he would even begin to learn everything that there was about the element. But everything that he did would help him learn more by the day. Today was going to be no different for him. He was going to learn a new earth technique that would allow him to make earth fly around at will. He would be able to use his chakra to throw stones at an enemy. The attack didn’t seem very flashy but it was meant as a way to disorient the enemy so that Kalix may be able to use another more powerful technique while the enemy was trying to dodge that one. This technique may yet prove to be useful in the future so Kalix would try to learn this technique quickly without fail. Kalix would read up on some of the old scrolls that were around his house. These scrolls would tell Kalix everything that he needed to know about the technique in order for him to learn it effectively. These were scrolls that his family had seemed to have for a very long time. At least since the great eruption of the world Kalix would have used these scrolls probably like many of his other kinsmen as a way to jumpstart the training process but Kalix would just assume that they were just something more of a memento than something that could actually increase the effectiveness of training alas Kalix would read his scroll at night and then decided that now he would take a break from training and just rest. It had been awhile since Kalix had actually take some time to rest at all.
The night of resting proved to be very good for Kalix. Because it gave Kalix some time to recover from all the constant training that he was doing. After all Kalix knew that a body that was well rested could train the best. Kalix needed to keep to that promise more now than ever since he was getting older but he would still make mistakes. Kalix would wake up late the next morning. His body would feel loose and relaxed for the first time in a few months. And he would feel better knowing that his training wasn’t stopping him from his recovery. A few hours after he woke up he would begin his normal routine again by cleaning his house and eating a healthy breakfast. After doing that he would take a quick shower and change into his training clothes and head on down to the training grounds for some much needed training.
Kalix would arrive at the training grounds later than normal. Many of the usual spots that he would go to had been taken by other people so Kalix had to venture deep into the area to find a spot large enough so that he could train without getting anyone hurt.

So much has changed. While the training grounds were still the same the people that occupied them were much different than they were a few months ago. The people had a different personality to them. The ninja there trained for different reasons now. Some trained to just survive. He didn’t know much about what was going on in the administrative part of the village because he wasn’t part of it. But from what he saw many people were gone, people that were once there in a place of power just didn’t show up any more to anything. They didn’t show up to events nor did they seem to be anywhere for that matter. Kalix thought of many things as for why that was but he knew that all of them were the cause of the Mizukage. That being said there was no evidence for him to know anything right now but still it was fun to think of what was happening. The village seemed to be teetering on the brink of apocalypse for a while when the new leaders came into power which caused concern but nothing major has happened in the village since then; this made Kalix wonder what exactly the meaning of all of this was. .  For the time being Kalix was safe from the pressures of establishment. But he couldn’t help but feel their breath creeping up on him from behind. His life was in his hands and every choice he makes now will affect so much more than it did. So for now he would train just for himself but always he knew that it could someday be for something like his life.
Alas training would continue. HE would find a quiet area near the center of the training grounds with some distance between him and the other ninja in the area. Giving himself about 10 feet in each direction he would begin by kneading chakra into his feet in an attempt to make small pebbles erupt from the ground. First he would master the hand signs for the technique, which was simple enough. It was more hand signs than most techniques which worried Kalix a bit. Knowing that he would spend time to make signs to do something like this could be fatal if he had to wait a long time to actually make an offensive attack. Kalix knew that this was just a beginning technique so that he could use it later to enhance another technique later. Moreover each technique that he had would make it easier for him in combat. Having several techniques at his disposal would be the best way for Kalix to survive a fight. He would continue to master the hand signs as he would knead chakra into his feet and hands. Doing so would provide enough stability in his body so that when he did the technique he wouldn’t bend forward or send the earth under him flying away.  Once there he would concentrate on taking on hand sized rock from the ground and launching it at an area about 10 feet away from him. Visualizing the technique in action he would do the hand signs and place his hands on the ground next to him. A few moments later a rock about the size of Kalixs’ hand would fly out of the ground and laugh upward about ten feet and then fall as fast back down to the ground. The basic of the technique was complete but now Kalix just needed to get the motions down and right concentration for the technique to be successful. He would try again in just a moment.
Concentration on making sure the rocks were going in the right direction would be the most difficult part of the training it seemed. Being able to control where exactly the stone would be thrown would prove the biggest challenge but that didn’t mean it was going to be impossible. For now however Kalix had done enough training for the day and decided to head home. He did not realize how long it took him to get started today. He was lost in thought and confused on where in the training grounds he could go. And once he found that he realized that he only had a few moments of training time before the sun went down. Displeased with his performance but satisfied that he actually went out to train Kalix would return home for the night and make himself some food before reading out of his book and heading back to sleep. Today was overall a good day for Kalix, and getting a good night’s rest tonight would mean that he would be able to get up early tomorrow and feel as though he would be able to train for the full day.
The next day was pretty much similar to the first. This time would get up just a bit earlier having gone to bed early the night before. He would make his bed and cook some breakfast before he went out to the training grounds earlier than usual. This time when he got out there was more space for him to train but still many people doing work around him. Today was going to be the day he was going master throwing one stone in the area that he wanted to. He brought with him a few targets that he would post onto some trees where he was going to train. His goal was that Kalix would throw the one stone at each one of the targets as though they were his enemy. This would give him a stationary target to start his training. Once he had finally completed his set up he would start by trying to knead his chakra into earth and then throwing a hand sized stone onto the target. After he warmed up a bit he would do the proper hand signs and then pound his hands onto the ground. Almost instantly a rock would fly out of the ground and towards the tree. He had concentrated hard on trying to get the stone to move in that direction. But after all of that effort the stone would just be angled in the general direction but wouldn’t exactly be a straight shot. The stone didn’t get close to hitting the target as it was lobbed upwards and then fell down about 10 feet from the trees. It was progress of course from the previous day but it was not any where near where Kalix needed to be. He would try for the rest of the afternoon doing the same technique trying to tat it to head straight for the target. He was determined to get the right angle and the right power to actually do some damage. For today however he wouldn’t exactly hit the mark. By the end of the training session Kalix had made some progress but still feeling as though he needed more training.
Kalix would spend the next few days doing the same routine as the last two. He would find a way to get the stones to hit the targets and not just lob in the general direction. The main point that made the technique difficult was getting them to move so low to the ground without them actually just sliding down. Each day of training would make the technique better and better than the last. Each time he practiced the technique the stone would get lower to the ground and faster towards the target. But he still wasn’t exactly hitting the mark. Then after about the week it finally happened. HE woke up and did his normal morning routine as usual and headed straight to the training grounds. That day was far more crowded than any of the previous ones in a while. Every ninja appeared to be training for something big that was about to happen but it had appeared as though Kalix did not get the news about it. So for now it was clear that it didn’t concern him yet so he would continue to train as usual. However since there was less space than before it was going to be difficult for him to get enough room for him to train. He would have to train almost right next to other ninja training their moves. Kalix began to sweat a bit. What would happen if he accidently hit another ninja with one of these rocks? Would that mean that he would have to fight them or would nothing happen at all? Kalix didn’t want to risk it so he thought that maybe he could just go home and train it another day. But that was what the old Kalix would say. He wouldn’t want to train because he thought that it was boring or stupid and would make excuses as to not train. But now with everything changing he would stay at the training grounds and grit his teeth. HE had to get the technique down now. So he waited for about 15 minutes before even beginning to warm up. HE wanted to make sure that he was mentally prepared for the training and all the outcomes that he would think of. He would then begin training today.
He would concentrate his chakra to his hands and his feet like normal and then imagine him throwing the stones to the target. HE would picture the earth cracking under him and the stone whistled through the air and hit the target straight on the head, ripping the paper and slamming into the trees. He would then do the hand signs and begin the training of the technique. Now at this point there are other people beginning to watch him. Perhaps they are wondering if he would actually do it. So he finally went for it. And with a few more breaths he bent down and thrust the earth out of his body. And this time it had actually hit the target. The stone hit the tree right where the target was and ripped the paper as the force of the rock hit it. He was relieved that he did not hit anyone. But he had a long way to go if he wanted to finish his training on this technique.

WC: 2200, Requesting 11 Stats, Earth Release: Flying Thrown Stones
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