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A brief shopping trip. - Page 2 Empty Re: A brief shopping trip.

Tue May 23, 2017 6:30 am
'Well damn, that was... easy' Ren thought to himself, almost second guessing his skills as he read the boy's emotions. 'I guess some of the people of suna are more than willing to fight...' He was about to question the boy a little more, but the child's next words put him at ease; it was hard to remember sometimes that despite all their training and skill, emotions can still motivate a shinobi like nothing else. "Well then, Welcome to the resistance Ryu Reinhard" Ren said, finishing shaking the boy's hand with a genuine smile, one that unfortunately dropped when Ryu asked why he'd come here in the first place.

"To be honest, with you Ryu I'm no saint, I came here to stop a boy from getting himself killed trying to save his grandmother, but after seeing what's happened to this village... it feels like my village all over again, I can't keep turning a blind eye and running away as these things just pass by..." Ren said Gritting his teeth and clenching his fist, "For now the plan is simple, we need to gather as many shinobi capable of fighting as we can, Kumo's army is now one of the strongest in the world, and the fact that it's been bolstered in part by the forces of this village makes it even more of a threat. Gather anyone capable of fighting that you can trust to come with us, I'm going to find this boy's aunt, we leave tomorrow. Try to get yourself put on guard duty at the gate with Faith Akari, she's not yet agreed to join us, but she's certainly not going to give us away. After we leave we'll regroup in the shadow country; I would have suggested we use the fire country as our base of operations, but if the Hokage is working with Kumo in secret then we'll be in even more danger there than in a small unknown country." Ren said, doing his best to think tactically as he tried to plan out each of their moves.

Watching the boy try to place another of his seals, "Oh I had a similar problem when I first developed my technique" Ren said, examining the boy's chakra flow as he did so "the trick is to use not just the elemental chakra that your imbuing but to add that chakra to the pure chakra that you'd normally use for the technique."

"Now then, we both need to get to work and move quickly, the longer we wait the harder things are going to get as Kumo reinforces its control over this village, here I'll leave you with a few seals to contact me and help defend yourself" Ren said, placing a telepathy seal on the boy and replacing his fuinjutsu barrier seal with a stronger version. Both of them seared themselves into his skin briefly before integrating into his chakra network and becoming completely invisible to anyone without the ability to see tenketsu. "Good luck" Ren would say before turning and leaving the room, a determined look on his face.

Ren had of course been trying to add conditional effects to all the seals he'd placed on and around the boy, but up until this point he'd not quite been able to master the concept.
[Claiming 900 words towards Contingency Sealing]
Granting Ryu Telepathy Seal, Fuin Barrier, and Chakra Storage. At full power all skills as per Here
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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A brief shopping trip. - Page 2 Empty Re: A brief shopping trip.

Thu May 25, 2017 12:23 am
Ryu nodded as Ren spoke, he seemed to get the idea. Well, after they let that guy walk on them I trust no one in this village to fight. I do however trust them to hide under a table. “Finding someone willing to fight will be tough. Most people in this village aren’t fighters.” Clearly, he had a few people on his mind when he mentioned this.

“We are leaving tomorrow… Okay, I need to pack a few things.” Ryu would continue to listen, getting himself put on guard duty would be easy. He was always on guard duty anyway. It wouldn’t even be odd to see the ninja there. Faith, the jounin I went on that escort mission with? She doesn’t seem to be the toughest, but I guess she isn’t as weak as some people.

“So, we are going to the shadow country!” He asked surprised by the statement. “I have no clue where that is, is it far? If Ren wouldn’t answer he’d just have to look it up somewhere. He wasn’t gonna look it up, he was just fooling himself.

So, the leaf may be working with Kumo. It makes sense form an alliance with us for easy entry. Then having most of their forces here for the exams in the event we decided to fight they may have attacked us. It makes sense, why none of them including their leader tried to save Koroshi.
Ren’s advice on Ryu’s technique broke the boy from his thoughts. “Regular chakra in with the scorch, I’ll try it.” He would add scorch element chakra and pure chakra to his body as he formed a few seals. He would let the jutsu fade out, the seals on his body placed by Ren were much more powerful.

The jounin would accept the seals pain and all and would leave along with Ren. He had to grab a few items and head over to the gates, he was leaving the village soon. Of, course he also had to place some seals on his parents so that he could summon them out of the village. No point in dragging them through the desert. When he could just summon them from the edge of the desert.

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Claiming 1725 towards Scorch Marks using 25% reduction from max stats, so only 150 more wc needed and exit.
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A brief shopping trip. - Page 2 Empty Re: A brief shopping trip.

Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:03 am
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