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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Lucien actually heads outside? Empty Lucien actually heads outside?

Sun May 21, 2017 8:08 pm
Lucien rolled out of his bed, his covers looking like a tumble weed of fabric as his head hit the floor with a thud. “Guh… feels like I haven’t been awake in ages.” He said. The shinobi stood up and walked to his dresser. Chuunin armor and other supplies were placed on it; some bits here, some there, with little correlation. His hair was a tattered white rag which he studied in the mirror. Lucien rose his eyebrow. “Am I losing my muscles too?” They were much softer than normal. He turned back to the window. “With a rate like this, I may end up behind that one ninja I fought before.” He said.  The ninja placed his hand beneath his chin and drew his eyebrows inward. “Hmm… what was his name again?” An icy breeze swept in from outside, chilling his cheek; he shivered slightly “Jzz-jz-Jason… Jason something, I never got to ask him his clan name heh… and damn it's cold in here.” Like a yoyo, he twirled over his bed and landed with a mini-wave of dust flying across the wooden floor like a million settlers panning out in all directions. 

Guess that settles it huh? I’m heading back to the training grounds. Hopefully I’ll find someone there, perhaps even that Jason guy.” Lucien swiped his clothing and gear; while his hand ran along the wear-less flak jacket he rolled his eyes. “I need to be in more battles if everything’s in this good of condition.” He hopped into his attire faster than a living hurricane. “Oh and… Where’d that guy Atem go? Can’t have him spilling any of our secrets… even if I doubt he’d ever do that. Better to be safe than sorry.
The shinobi placed his hand on the locks of the lifted window and slid out like a snake, making sure to ease the lock closed in his departure. The cold morning wind rustled his ears while his attire made the sound of bird wings flapping in unison. Houses extended in all directions with roads in between and some people setting up market stands.

Lucien landed on a roof and became a lightning bolt zooming from roof to rooftop. “Heading out this early, I doubt there’ll be anyone there for a while.” He said. “Better that way though, I get court rights if anyone shows up after me.

The ninja landed before the towering training ground gates; their metal exterior shined in the showering sunlight. He stepped forward, “Just like old times.” and pushed the gate open with a tap. “Irrrrk!” The gate needed some definite oiling. Lucien’s eyes widened. “Ehhh? Maybe less people come here than I thought.” He stepped inside and dropped his backpack in the field’s center. Past the fences, trees lined the perimeter in a fine circle and leaves fell like floating angels in slow descent. “Dang…. Don’t have my training to-do list like I normally do.” Lucien rested his hands behind his neck. “Welp, freestyling was never of much difficult, now was it? Matter of fact, I know exactly what I’ll do!” 

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