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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Lucien's Search for Galaken  Empty Lucien's Search for Galaken

Mon May 09, 2016 6:16 pm
Lucien was ready to set out on another adventure. This time, he already had in mind, the exact task that he needed to be completed. Lucien, pacing around the room of his house would talk to himself with just enough volume for him to hear himself. “I must find my way to the sword of my ancestors. And yes… I mean it, the Galeken Sword, conveyer of wind and creator of Gale.” Lucien echoed about to himself inside of his head. “There are a few problems with that however, I can’t really leave the village at the current moment and I doubt that I’ll get any type of pass to just leave and go out alone and in that case, I’ve got no time to go and assemble a team for my departure. Thus, I need to find a way to get someone else to do it.” By it, Lucien meant leaving the village to return to the village of the original Chasseurs and checking through the ruins until they found the entrance to the valley of ShogunGale. The place where all mega enhanced wind weapons would be. “I don’t really know any of the higher ups so I may have to rely on someone who isn’t that well known by me but that’s a very poor idea. 

What’s to stop them from keeping the weapon for themselves afterwards? Besides, I was next in line to receive one regardless. It will be pretty difficult indeed. Thus I need to find another method past that even. Uhh…” Lucien said now over informationing himself which was effectively like overloading a computer with too many objects loaded into a program at once, disaster. Lucien ran around at the speed of 25 and then 50 until progressively mentally exhausting his control over what he would do. At this point, he was bored and rather perplexed by what type of method he would then need to be able to get his sword back that was basically his from the start. Lucien would then grab all of his ninja gear and prepare to leave his house around the village for a little trip. This didn’t take much time at all and he would be ready within five or so minutes. Following that, as he left, Lucien would begin contemplating again so that he could come up with another way to get his weapon into his rightful hands. “Maybe I can find Atem and we could go on a bit of a mini quest and end up both getting at least one for ourselves. Nah….  I still can’t leave the village as I get scolded forever by the higher ups of Hoshi like Aki and the villager leader, Den. -_-. But I suppose I don’t have much of another course of action to go about getting this so in that case, what’s the best way to do this without getting caught, nobody would know that I left honestly granted that I could use a few various arrays of stealth techniques but there is a decent possibility that I could still be detected by whatever amount of guards that are likely on guard duty.”

 Lucien thought to himself just generally walking around the area of Hoshi. “Nope, I’m not risking that and besides, that would dishonor the vow that I made to Kozai and all the people of Hoshi the day that I came here. I said I’d follow the rules and do as told in order to show my worth. Alright…” Lucien had nearly forgotten that he made a promise with his past familiar that if he survived he would want the bird, Kosanu, to bring him his weapon no matter how long it took. Don’t worry, Lucien wasn’t like that much as his familiar insisted that he’d bring it to him. Lucien, before leaving the village, told him that it would be an extremely long trek and would be pointless if he had not survived by he took it upon himself, Kosanu, to do it anyway. Thinking about how long it would likely take for him to travel there, Lucien realized that the bird would likely be arriving very soon in fact. How had he not remembered? And what perplexed him more than this was…. “Holy hell. I’m thinking that Kozai realized more about me than I did when he used that one technique that involved grabbing both temples of my head…. Was it possibly a mind reading technique? That would explain why he no longer wanted to kill me and decided that I would have been of some type of worth being in his squad. Speaking of which, I still need to figure out where he is anyway… I guess that will take some time though, he did seem like the loner type, and the kind that were really good at doing so.”
By this time, it was pretty late and Lucien would then decide on returning home so he could think of a plan for finding his weapon with his bird company at the ready. To be entirely truthful, he didn’t really think that his familiar would remember him. But it never forgot a command nor favor so he may have to battle it decently once in order to get his sword back. And another problem would be if some other ninjas stumbled across the bird and attempted at taking it. Granted the wind imbuing made the material of the blade nearly incredibly light, the bird wouldn’t have much trouble flying with it so that would be rendered out of factors as long as no missing ninja along the path tried to go about shooting it down. Based on Lucien’s calculations, it would be arriving somewhere in Hoshi tomorrow it seemed. But there was another catch to the entire deal that Lucien would deal with once he woke up from his good night’s sleep.

Lucien woke up and shot out of his bed getting ready for the day by changing his clothes and gearing up with all his equipment fitting out with his Hoshi head band, normal ninjato, a small backpack, etc. His job was moving around Hoshi roof to roof and scouting out what was happening in the sky. At some point or so, the bird would show up and literally just drop the sword from high above in the air. 

There were a few problems with this still. “How in the hell will Kosanu know where to drop the thing? And what if the Hoshi defense system spots it as an aerial threat and demolishes it before I even reach the darn thing. Will he even know that the village that I’m in is currently Hoshigakure? Ahhh this is going to be more tedious than I had imagined.” Lucien said only loud enough for himself as he left his front door and jumped up onto the roof of his house. And so then, his search mission would begin on that roof till the moment his sword could be proudly grasped in his hands.

Lucien was forming a plan of action. He realized that just scouting the sky wouldn’t be enough to make sure that he safely retrieved the weapon without bringing it harm. Lucien would need to somehow get assistance from the guards that ran the long range sensory units around the border of the village. This would allow him to scout the skies without needing to pay much attention to it at all. Next up was making sure that the village he would be dropping it at was Hoshi. This was nothing more than a gamble at this point because he had no way with making new contact with his prior familiar that likely didn’t remember him anymore. Lucien would begin jumping from roof to roof at 50 speed making his way to the closest village gates border which was to the north, 300 meters or so. This didn’t take him long and eventually, he could see the entire wall before him. Despite that fact that he was covering a large distance and in this distance, he would often encounter Atem, he never saw Atem around here at all today. Looking at the wall, Lucien began talking aloud for once. “I guess Atem isn’t here today, he must be pretty busy in that case… Maybe he could be getting his weapon too just like me. Granted he wasn’t from the original village somehow, I bet he has something different coming from within his sleeves. I look forward towards seeing it when we spar, hopefully, it’s as deadly as what I’m about to obtain if I can find my gosh darn weapon…” Lucien said looking very animated just for the fun of it and why not. Lucien walked over to one of the nearby guards. 

“Hello, sir, I’m wondering if you could be of assistance. I’ve lost my familiar and it’s a bird, I think it’s out somewhere in the sky and I would greatly appreciate if you could, just for a moment, get the sniper squads out on the wall to just have a few look at the sky above to see if they see a bird. It was carrying a very important item of mine, my sword, you see I specialize in weaponry and without it, I’m kinda useless haha.” Lucien said in a sad whiny kid but needing manner that made the guy feel like helping. “Hmm? Sure thing, that’s if they want to but I don’t think they’ll mind. After all, it’s not like we’re at war or anything. I’ll be right back.” Said the high ranking guard of the walls. Lucien gazed at the man as he jumped automatically up and had seemed to land on the wall without much effort whatsoever. “Wow… such a high jump.” He said aloud with the sound of a decent amount of awe in his voice. From above, Lucien could hear conversing and the sounds of an annoyed sniper squad trying to say no to his request. “Well then, they must like their jobs some hehe.” He said to himself only loud enough for him to hear.

 In some decent time, the guard would jump down from the wall in a gust of wind and land in front of Lucien again where he would begin talking once more. “They really don’t feel like it but I managed to get them to. If we find this bird, I’ll alert you with a personal alert horn sound.” “Thanks, I’ll listen out for it.” Lucien said as he began walking away. “Alright… if they shoot out the personal horn I’ll know exactly when to start watching the sky. As for now, I should get to the other side of the village so that I can scout out that side. It would be long before my weapon is finally in my hands and ready for use. Then again, I need to move fast as to make sure that I don’t end of missing my chance because some random citizen boy found it and decided to play with it -_- 

speaking of which, it would be even worse if the blade had somehow hit someone. I’m guessing I’d be charged with that and even if I managed to explain what happened, the weapon still traces back to my clan which isn’t the most desirable thing.” Lucien thought to himself already moving from roof to roof now and speeding up with each moment that he could. Within a short period of time, Lucien found himself now on the south side of the village and was looking around in the sky making sure that his bird wasn’t here yet. “Seems as if all is clear here. Under that circumstance, I should likely return to the center of the village as to make sure that I don’t end up having to run there if he drops it mid-center which is the most likely thing to happen. He doesn’t know where I live or anything of that nature.” Lucien said to himself only already getting ready to head for the center when in the distance, he could hear a loud personal horn. He heard those many times before and they were often for when citizen were lost and the search was called off after they had found them. However, this one would be for him and his sword. “Looks like that’s my call to go pick that bird up.” Lucien said as he began moving his way back over to the North side of the village. It would be a long trek granted it was from whole side to whole side but once Lucien made it there, he could make out the bird high in the sky before even getting close to wall. “There’s no I’m gonna be able to get it from here and I have the feeling that it’s going to drop it down from the mid-center point. I need to get to the sniper squad fast and tell them of my plans for retrieving the item.” Lucien said as he ran towards the wall and would then proceed to walk up it very fast using his surface walking technique. Along with this, he made it on top of the wall and would look over to the sniper squad leader and then begin talking. “That’s the bird, that’s the one!

 Now I really need that item from him, do you think you could shoot the item down?” Lucien asked with a hyper tone faking his happiness. “Uhh… I guess but you better be ready to catch that cargo when it falls. Otherwise, it’s all on you if it hits anyone within a 400 meter radius from the drop zone.” “Sure thing, I specialize in speed so that shouldn’t be very hard.” “Alright.” The sniper said as he held his hand and the arm began turning a tense blue color. “Neat technique you got there, sir.” “Heh, just worry about collecting your… what is it… a sword again right? Good luck.” He said as a bolt of high energy chakra shot from his hand and began spiraling into focus. Lucien, with his keen vision, could see that the chakra bolt was rather off path from the start. “You know that’s not on path right. I’m guessing it’s a homing attack?” Lucien said gazing off and wondering if he’d miss or hit the sword. “Mhm.” “Oh wait a minute! Don’t hit the sword itself, I need to make sure that thing stays sharp and durable.” “Really, you tell me that now? I guess I’ll just have to take out the familiar in that case. Sorry for your lost, hehe.” “Well that won’t be a problem really, I just need to get the sword from the bird. He was my past familiar after all so I don’t use him any longer.” “Well aren’t you the heartless one. Now watch as the blade falls so you can accurately assess where it will land. Granted you could tell the attack was off from the start, I don’t really need to help you with that.”

 “Sure thing.” Lucien said as he turned his attention towards the chakra bolt homing into the bird before the bird exploding in a cloud blue and was effectively vaporized. “So much for being of use.” Lucien thought to himself. He sprang into action automatically and began running at max speed to get his weapon. It was falling and falling but right before it would touch the ground some 100 meters away. Lucien would catch it in both hands via his keen eyesight. “Score.” And with that, he had his weapon and would return as fast as possible to admire it.

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Lucien's Search for Galaken  Empty Re: Lucien's Search for Galaken

Mon May 09, 2016 6:17 pm

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