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Ezra Terumi
Ezra Terumi
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I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~ Empty I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~

Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:44 am

Ezra sat in the middle of a small-ish clearing in the training grounds of Hoshigakure's water gardens. He had been lucky enough to be granted access to the area to train as he may. His attempts at battle puppets had been...majorly unsuccessful, something that depressed him a surprising amount. He had considered himself a skilled craftsman, and yet he was unable to create something that proved widely effective.


The boy's legs were crossed, eyes squinted tightly closed. His mind was supposed to be at peace, and yet here he was fretting over his failures as a puppeteer. No, not as a puppeteer. As a craftsman. He had a name to live up to, a legacy to uphold.


The boy's eyes would snap open, Ezra rising to his feet and beginning to pace. Perhaps he had been looking at this the wrong way. Perhaps he wasn't meant to be a puppeteer. He loved his creations, he loved creating things. But it wasn't like puppets were the only things you could create, right? Perhaps his destiny as a creator lay elsewhere.

The boy would push his foot under a stray branch on the ground, lifting his foot and kicking the branch upwards, putting it vertically in the air. The boy would grab the branch out of the air and swing it idly, putting his thoughts of failure aside. They were getting him nowhere. Swinging a weapon, or anything idly representing one, had always been meditative for him anyways.

Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~ Empty Re: I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~

Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:07 am
So far the day had been fairly average for Nano. He had gone through the same process as every other morning. That is, until Nano decided it was time to begin training. Every single time he went out to train something different would happen, always in a different spot, with a different person or with some completely different to train. Sometimes all three. Recently Nano had realised the tranquility of the water gardens so he had decided that today he would head over to the area to get in some good training.

As he arrived, Nano headed straight towards the trees and began searching for the perfect spot to train in peace. After a good ten minutes of searching, Nano was still not satisfied. There were plenty of spaces which could have been perfect but each of them had a single detail ruling them out. Whether it be a small lake in the middle taking up too much space, the area being too small or there was no shade over the top of the clearing, Nano could not seem to find one without any problems. Whilst still wandering around looking for a place, Nano began hearing noises coming from nearby. Following the sounds, Nano eventually stumbled into a smallish clearing. Looking up, Nano would see a freakishly pale man about his height pacing around the clearing. As the man began swinging around a stick, Nano pondered whether or not he should reveal himself. When he had stumbled into the clearing he had stopped behind a bush concealing most of his body so if he didn't feel like interrupting the man he could simply leave, hopefully unnoticed.

Deciding that he would attempt to start a conversation instead of leaving as that was not really his style, not to mention the man kind of looked like a shinobi so it would probably be futile, Nano would walk out from behind the bushes at a slow pace (5 speed) so as to not startle the person. He would then begin speaking while walking forward, "The name's Nano Gōka. I was searching for a place to train when I stumbled upon you doing whatever it is that was and I was wondering if you would like to train with me. I spent ages searching for a perfect spot and I think you might have found it before me." Now that he mentioned it, Nano noticed that the clearing was the perfect spot to train. Not too small, not too big. Nice, shady leaves over the top. Nothing was wrong with the place. It was perfect. Hopefully the man would accept as Nano was really in the mood for training and did not want to have to go searching for another half hour.

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Ezra Terumi
Ezra Terumi
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I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~ Empty Re: I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~

Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:16 am
Swing. Backstep. Swing low to cover your retreat. Take stance.

The sun seemed to glint off his skin, the light shining through the branches highlighting ever minute movement the boy made. He would breathe in deeply, slowly, his mind going through the steps of a proper stance, his father's voice echoing in his mind. Feet wide. Bring your right foot forward, facing frontwards. Back foot, slide back...

"Too far back, Ezra!"

The voice of his father echoed in his mind, memories of when he tried to teach Era the ways of the samurai. Right, shoulder width. Forward a little, forming a right angle with his right foot, facing outwards. Arms square, and...stri-

"The name's..."

The boy would swivel in his movement, his front foot losing traction quickly in the damp ground. The boy's movement was to turn to face the voice, leaving him slipping towards the earth before his mind could register the mistake his body had made. He ended up flat on his ass, looking at the newcomer to his previously private training ground.

Standing, the boy would brush himself off, trying to recall what the newcomer had said exactly. He had said something about training, looking for a perfect spot...and his name was...uh, Nana? Nanu?

"Ah, hello, of course. You may train with me, I have no objection. I was merely, uh..." 

The boy would falter in his speech, looking for the stick. It had left his hand in his fall, winding up some five meters away and behind him, stuck in with the still attached branches of one of the trees around the clearing.

"...practicing my swordplay."
Ezra Terumi
Ezra Terumi
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I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~ Empty Re: I Know I'm Not A Saint ~Open~

Tue May 16, 2017 9:56 pm
Seeing as the newcomer didn't react to Ezra, the young Terumi would simply go back to his swordplay. After a few moments of the newcomer gawking at him, Ezra would grimace and move on, deciding it may be better to train at his workshop than in the open where some weirdo could perv on him.

Hoshi was a weird place.

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