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Overwhelmed (Takeo) - Page 2 Empty Re: Overwhelmed (Takeo)

Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:00 pm
"We've all done things we're ashamed of," Akihana offered quietly when Takeo spoke of Denkiteki abandoning the village. Maybe some day she would tell the young man that Den never spoke of it because he liked the memory as much as Takeo did. Maybe one day Takeo would see how hard Den worked for Hoshigakure to make up for his past shortcomings as a leader. Sure he wasn't around often but he delegated to others who made sure Hoshi ran smoothly. The blonde personally knew how much her dear friend disliked the position of kage but held it simply because he knew what deserting it would mean. "What's important is that we try to make up for it. Denkiteki is trying, so am I." The final portion remained unspoken but no less understood. Aren't you as well?

His suggestion to register anonymously made sense, after all he had made friends here. Friends who may very well decide that they like Takeo the shinobi a lot less than Takeo the guy who drank and gambled with them. It was the unfortunate side effect of living in Hoshi, you still had to exist in two different worlds. But again, that could be handled. Once they reached the palace someone could run and get the paperwork for the shinobi to fill out and get him a headband.

Pig's protests were drowned out by Takeo's own preparations. Of course the animal wanted to go with its master. side from wanting to keep the white haired male company, Pig would likely want to investigate what kind of food Wind Country offered. but sadly for the familiar, Akihana agreed with Takeo on this one. "Of course, i couldn't possibly spare Pig for such a journey. Who would keep Hoshigakure safe if both of you were gone?" The affirming snort from the animal denoted it had calmed down some. Pig enjoyed compliments about as much as he did food. It was a shame he didn't receive that many from Takeo.

As they left the barn without informing the inn keeper, Akihana wondered if this was the best idea. The last thing they needed was to cause alarm in Suna but a letter seemed vague and distant. a person in the flesh would convey the message much better. "Please remember to be curious and respectful as you approach. This is a diplomatic effort and I can't stress enough that no news is good news for the Prince. He is an extremely capable fighter and I have full faith he is fine." Their walk back to the palace was mostly uneventful, a few children following them some ways behidn to get a closer look at Pig who was trotting and showing off for apples and carrots tossed his way by passerbys but nothing else. Once safely in the palace grounds, Akihana threw off her hood once more, gaining entrance easily thereafter.

Greeting Ser Kyouske who was by her side like a shadow once more, she issued requests to show Takeo to the guest wings where he'd find bathing areas and food supplies. She also sent a ninja down to the academy to fetch the paperwork that would be signed and stamped shortly afterwords declaring him an official Hoshigakure ninja. It took almost two hours for everything to be done but at the end of the two hours, Takeo stood at the palace gates with Akihana ready to leave.

"I will pray for your swift return," the golden haired young woman offered in lieu of a goodbye, not wanting to reach over and hug the male again as it only made him uncomfortable. Instead, she simply performed a small curtsy as was Hoshi tradition. "Be safe, come home soon."

Little did he know she meant every word.

(Exit Akihana)
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Overwhelmed (Takeo) - Page 2 Empty Re: Overwhelmed (Takeo)

Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:42 pm
Once again he found himself listening to the words of Akihana. They rang true, though he was going to ignore them. Now was not the time for some sort of epiphany. Perhaps later, when he returned, Takeo would think on it some more. It seemed they were trying, deep down. Takeo himself was trying, just a little. He had nothing to make up for though. Not that he knew of anyway. Especially not to the people in this place. Maybe he was still running away. Takeo grimaced, now really was not the time to get distracted by these kinds of things.

Naturally, Pig tried to object to his demands. Takeo was about to get into yet another verbal battle with the rebellious pet of his, but it seems Akihana beat him to it. Takeo watched in amusement as the animal was calmed by Akihana's manipulation. The whited-haired man looked towards her with amusement. In a way she was turning into more of an owner of the pig than he was. He'd make sure to spend more time with the creature later on. Takeo might even make a note to bring some food back for the animal. If he remembered that is.

They finally left the barn after a few minutes of getting ready. Takeo had to double check that he had everything in his possession that he needed. It seemed so. Some of the items in his bag might finally see the light of day for once. The pair, or trio rather, walked and talked. Though in actuality it was mostly Akihana doing the talking. More like a lecture really. The man sighed, running a hand through his hair. "You don't need to lecture me on politics. I did lead a major shinobi village for some time." Honestly this woman was irritating. Why was he even doing this again? The man was already harbouring some regret about this.

It was odd that the most attention drawing of the threesome turned out to be Pig. The animal would do anything for food it seemed. Takeo had to restrain himself from strangling his pet after the fifth apple was tossed his way. "Honestly, can you stop thinking about your stomach for five seconds." The animal retorted with a snort. Takeo rolled his eyes and waved the animal away dismissively. "One day I'm going to give you to the palace chef." Not much was said after that, and they arrived at the palace. Takeo took note of the arrival of someone. Akihana's bodyguard perhaps? Amusing. The man was weak, reminded him of those guards he had first met in the palace during his first visit. Though perhaps the guards were slightly stronger to give credit where credit was due.

He was eventually dragged off by someone to the guest wing. There he went about the routine of cleaning himself up. His hair was cut short so that he couldn't cover his mismatched eyes unfortunately. Food was also provided, though Takeo wasn't sure he really needed it. If he went as fast as possible the man was sure he would be able to reach Sunagakure in a few hours. Still, he wasn't about to pass up free food. And if he didn't use it, well he could just give the leftovers to Pig when he got back. Simple right?

The two hours passed by uneventfully. Well, not entirely uneventful, but signing paperwork and such wasn't entirely riveting such. Takeo finished strapping his shield gauntlets onto his forearms. It had been quite sometime since he had bothered to go full out with his gear. A black coat was atop all of it though, one that he had used for travelling many times. A small bag of food and other things he deemed needed were also there. His mask was resting around his neck, acting much like a scarf in that it kept him quite warm. "Shouldn't take too long." Takeo said, running a hand through his far shorter hair. He had forgotten what it was like to have hair this short. Felt weird, it was like a great weight had been taken off of his head.

The man took one final glance around the palace. It was nice, that was all he really had to say about it. His gaze moved over towards Aki after a moment. He observed as she did some weird movement. Takeo blinked, he wasn't quite sure what that was supposed to be. Oh well, didn't matter he guessed. "Being safe is boring." The man replied blandly, turning and making his way towards the gates of Hoshigakure. Turning a street corner, he'd reach into his bag. Grabbing a vial of water he'd eye it carefully. "Seems like she didn't use any of it." Being a shinobi had perks sometimes. Borrowing things became a lot easier for one.

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Overwhelmed (Takeo) - Page 2 Empty Re: Overwhelmed (Takeo)

Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:54 pm
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