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Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:36 am
Everything was the same in the village of Hoshi. The people were cheery, the water gardens were still beautiful, the one that had changed was Kyousuke. He seemed to have gotten taller again, it must have been a reaction to stress. His body was increasing its mass to better deal with threats, priming his fight or flight response. The relative peace within the village after all of the radicals were removed must have stunted his growth to 6’4. The mans pants no longer even fit, they had all become highwaters with his new height of 6’9. I don’t even think this is medically possible.

Kyousuke studied many books on medicine within the library, all of which suggested his growth was paranormal. So, he began looking through things that were paranormal like the effect of space/time on the body. The man’s theory was that his body had actually grown rapidly, because while in Sanctuary time had been slowed relative to him however time had still elapsed. So, he went through many months of growth in the span of a couple of days because his body was catching up to its normal progression. It was an odd theory that could be wrong, but what did he really know about the laws of changing physics.

The large man looked through scroll after scroll in the space/time jutsu section of the Yuki library. The were mostly jutsu and information documents. There were also some copies of un-classified mission reports of the opponent using space/time techniques, all of the names were blacked out for safety reasons. As, he picked up another scroll the giant noticed this one was just a regular ninjutsu. Guess, they put this under the wrong section, I should put it in the right area. Getting up from the table Kyousuke would head over to the section on earth ninjutsu. Assimilate all creation, that sounds neat I guess.

Pausing Kyousuke would begin to truly read the scroll, he had only taken glimpses of it previously. So, using this technique you can transform your body into a material you touch. Looking around Kyousuke would walk over to the librarian. “Hello, I am Kyousuke Snow. Mind if I borrow this scroll?” The elderly woman fixed her glasses and smiled. ”Why, of course father.” Hearing someone call him that was a surprise this woman must have attended his mass on Sundays. “Thank you, I hope to see you on Sunday. May, the gods be with you.” She would hold her holy pendant of the seven and say May they also be with you.”

Walking away the priest began to write down that he should ask Den how his dimension worked. If, he was going to figure it out, he would need the man’s expertise. Not only was he a master in the space/time element of ninjutsu, but it was his dimension that may have caused the change. Figuring out this would have to wait though, for now all Kyousuke wanted to do was learn to assimilate a bunch of stuff.

Kyousuke would find a seat on a bench in the water gardens. Before he was going to learn how to use the technique he would need to learn how it worked and what it was capable of. Unrolling the scroll the ninja would read the name once more. It is still cool. He would continue to read Okay, so I have to touch whatever it I want to transform into with my hand. Looking around for anyone that could be watching the man would start touching the bench with his hand. He watched his skin for any changes, but none seemed to happen. I guess it is too soon to turn into a wooden person. Continuing along in the scroll he would squint his eyes a little. You can only use earth style jutsu while your body is made of another element or non-elemental jutsu? That’s a little different, but okay. The ninja would continue to read while using the technique it seemed you could take on multiple forms, but only one at any given time. There also seemed to be a delay between changing forms.

I wonder how having an amorphous body would work with my amorphous skin? Kyosuke would place his palm on the bench once again, his finger became partially made of wood as… He got a splinter. Nice, don’t pet the bench. Removing the piece of wood was easy enough, it seemed though that taking the properties of wood and applying them to himself would be harder than originally thought. Getting off the bench Kyousuke would place both hands onto the bench and concentrate his chakra. Within seconds his skin of his forearms became like bark. Brown and jagged, his arms had actually taken on the properties of wood.
Something he had noticed with his chakra sensory was that chakra flow to his arms had been increased. The level of chakra within his arms had doubled making it quite noticeable to him. Huh, so my nature energy chakra cannons with this arm would be increased. Kyousuke would begin to walk around the village he had to find materials for all of the other transformations. In addition to wood, there was also stone, steel, and sand. Each, transformation offered bolstered defenses and extra abilities. The ability to reform from being shattered probably the best among them.

Kyousuke had to head to his apartment first getting sand would be difficult if it was going to shift at any given moment. Walking in the door he would get a bowl. The he would leave and put some sand into the bowl, after which he would return to his house. Once, inside he would place some glue into the bowl and mold the sand into a block with a hole inside. Okay, while that dries I can get some other stuff. The man would walk outside and pick up a sizeable stone. He would then transform his hand into an axe and begin cutting the stone into a block of similar size to the one of sand.

Okay, so I still need steel and wood. I’ll go to the store for a chunk of steel and buy a log of cedar wood. After, that I’ll cut them into blocks and put them onto a necklace. It was an interesting plan to say the least, it made so that he wouldn’t have to look for the material he was attempting to become. At the ninja shop Kyousuke talked to the smith that created all of the weapons and armor. He was willing to part with a bit of steel and even gave him a log of cedar wood that had not been going to use.

With the items assembled Kyousuke began to cut the last two objects into rectangles. Half an hour had already passed since the sand had been glued. It should either be dry by now or close to it. Running inside he would pick up the block and attach them all to a bit of rope. The rectangles would hang around the ninjas neck, so that they could be easily grasped for each transformation. Since, everything was now assembled and in order it was time to head over to the training grounds.

Once, at the gates of the grounds Kyousuke would grasp the piece of wood with his left hand and using his chakra would begin to take on its properties. Now as wooden giant he would form a cannon on his right hand, the concentration of energy was higher than normal. Similarl, to the effects of absorbing nature energy this jutsu increased his chakra and durability. It was time to see if he could use nature energy to transform further. The bark on the man’s arm would become an odd shade as his wooden eyes darkened. It seemed that the transformation had worked. Kyousuke would form his left hand into a sword. Okay, so cannons and all of my other transformations work. So, I can still shift my body even while transformed.

Kyousuke would attempt to channel lightning through his body, but found himself unable to do so. Okay, the jutsu actually does prevent me from using elements other than earth. Returning to his regular gray sage transformation form Kyousuke would turn his left hand, back into a hand and touch the wooden rectangle once more. This time only his left arm would be turned to wood. Kyousuke would begin to charge his arm with lightning, which seemed to work this time. So, elemental jutsu still work when I only use a partial transformation. The reason the ninja had reverted back to a normal form was that the scroll had mentioned needing to return to an unaltered form, before other alterations could be accomplished. Meaning there was a delay between a partial transformation, a full transformation, and a transformation into a different substance. The delay could prove to be problematic at some point in the future, but for this training it really wouldn’t matter. Kyousuke would just have to learn to cope with its flaw.

Approaching a training dummy Kyousuke would push his fist forward as the fist pushed through the straw and into the wooden framework of the object it would burst forward using the momentum of the punch. The wooden form didn’t seem to increase his strength, but the ninja had a feeling that one of the harder forms like stone or steel would. The orange haired mail would just walk around in the form to gain some experience with it, walking seemed a simple enough process. He was not any faster than usual or any stronger. His chakra flow and durability were likely the only things increased.

Kyousuke would revert back to human form each form the scroll had mentioned an ability. So, taking out the reading material he would glance through the section on turning into wood. Apparently, the wood secreted a type of poison that could quickly drain an enemy’s energy. Even though he could test the poison, it would either require time in a lab or trials on animals in the training grounds. Neither of which Kyousuke wanted to do.  So, he would move on from the wood transformation and work on sand. The power of reformation was something he wanted to try out.

Gripping the sand block in his neck the ninja’s body would begin to turn to sand. His body seemed to be lighter than usual and his he could see tiny bits of sand falling from his body. Each form increased durability, so it wasn’t something that needed testing. Kyousuke would walk up to a different straw dummy and hit it in a similar fashion to the previous one he had struck. It landed only a few feet behind, but close enough to not show significant change. The ninja would grow wings of sand from his back, then with a mighty flap he would spring into the air.

In the sky Kyousuke would make a few loops, after the couple of loops he would then make a few turns and land back into the training grounds. He needed to grab a stopwatch to check if his speed had increased, he felt faster in the air, but that wasn’t proof that he was. So, Kyousuke went to his desk in the academy where he would pull out a time. With the object in hand the ninja would set the start and ending point. Mentally the ninja would begin to count down. One, two, three, go! He would press the start button with his thumb and simultaneously start his run, as he reached the end point he would give the timer one more click and turn around. Touching the sand on his necklace he would become a sand human once more and would begin to count again, out loud this time due to the excitement. “One, two, three, go!” The ninja would take off and get to the end in half the time as before. The form did increase the user’s speed, all that was left to check was the shattering and reformation.

Kyousuke in order to test the sands ability to reform would have to attempt to remove his own arm. The ninja would hold out his right hand and then proceed to turn his left into an axe. He would then attempt to hack off his arm, which of course wouldn’t work. His skin was much too durable to be chopped through, so easily. Okay, I either have to find someone to hack my arm off which would make them think I’m crazy or I have to take it at face value and accept that if the time comes I can reassemble my body. I could always fly into the sky get pretty high up, put my wings back into my body and plummet to the ground. If it works I’ll be fine, if it doesn’t I’ll have broken everything and probably be dead. He would shake his head. “Yeah, I’m not doing that.” Kyousuke would return to his usual form it was time to take a lunch break anyway.

Walking to the water gardens the ninja would get some take out, maybe a chicken salad with light dressing on it. Though it wasn’t what he truly wanted it was healthy and good for the body during training. There was a small line, so getting food wouldn’t take that long. When it was the ninja’s turn to order, he would get it in a to go box. Kyousuke would pour in a little bit of the dressing and mix it around with a fork to evenly cover the lettuce. He would then close the box and shake it gently, before opening it back up to eat its contents.

The ninja would place the empty box in the training grounds trash bin, before settling down onto the ground. Kyousuke would use a tree to lean his back against and would just watch as the ninja trained. He watched for quite a bit before a young girl approached him. ”Ser Snow?” The girl would ask causing Kyousuke to turn his head. “Yes, can I help you?” The girl would pull out a scroll that was fairly common to those in the academy. ”I am trying to prepare for the genin exam and was wondering if you could teach me the academy jutsu. You being an expert and all.” The priest would stand he couldn’t ignore a person that asked for help.

“Sure, I’ll help. I need to do some training of my own so this will be a little different.” The tall man would grip the stone block on his necklace and his skin would thicken, but he wouldn’t feel any heavier. “These are the seals for the transformation technique.” He would demonstrate the seals and give the girl the instruction to do them. She messed up the seals quite a bit, so Kyousuke would do them once more. “The finger placement is tough, but its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.” The girl would nod and continue her training.

As the girl did this Kyousuke would move a couple of feet over and punch a straw dummy. It would fly and much further than the other two dummies had. The girl would stop her training as she saw this and only stared with eyes nearly bursting from her head. ”Can you show me how to do that?” She would ask, the queensguard would laugh a little. “That was just a regular punch, but I can show you some taijutsu moves once you become a genin. For now just keep working on your finger placement. When you are ready, we can move on.” The girl would nod and return to her practice, Kyousuke would do the same he would strike the air with his rock-hard fist and do a few kicks. He could feel the strength behind each attack as he continued. The stone had turned his fists into a tool, maybe he could do the reformation thing with this new power.

“I’ll be back in a minute, I wouldn’t move until I come back.” The ninja would move quite some distance away as the scroll mentioned the rock form could explode into shrapnel before reforming. Kyousuke would create blade on his right hand and hold out his left arm, in one fluid motion the axe would slice through the rock. It wasn’t painful and as the arm dropped it exploded into tiny sharp rocks that went a couple of meters before stopping midair and returning to his body as if nothing had ever happened. The man breathed out a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to stop any bleeding and have to explain to the hospital how he had lost his arm.

Kyousuke would return to the girl attempting to learn the jutsu to pass the genin exam, she had gotten down the seals so it was time to teach her how to use her chakra. “Okay, so to transform you need to use your chakra. The seals help channel that chakra, but you need to tell your chakra what you want. What you want to become or who you wish to look like. Most people just choose the person proctoring them.” Kyousuke would form the seals and his stone body would transform into a statue. He would give the girl enough time to look and then end the jutsu along with his stone transformation. “Now you try to transform into… That!” He would point at a training dummy located a few feet away. The girl would look at the training dummy and begin forming seals, she would then use her chakra to transform into a copy of it. Kyousuke would look over the transformation for accuracy, once he looked at both he would give a thumb up.

“Perfect, now I would think about how this jutsu can be used on a mission.” The girl was about to open her mouth to explain its usefulness, but Kyousuke would stop her. “I can’t give you all the answers.” He would say before laughing. “Okay, now clones.” Kyousuke would form a lightning clone. “So, there are solid clones like this one and then there are ones that are only used to distract.” The lightning clone would give the girl a light shove moving her a couple of inches. “Solid clones can effect the world around them and distract, but the clones to pass the genin exam can only distract.” Formin a basic clone it would move forward as if about to tackle the girl, but would only go through her.

“See the difference?” She would nod and Kyousuke would allow her to test it out. He still had one last transformation to try out, the steel transformation. The man would grip the steel on his necklace and his body would become heavy. As he tried to move he found himself moving at a very slow pace. Kyousuke would throw a punch forward, but it was so slow it definitely wouldn’t hit anything with ease. If this does hit I bet it hurts though. The man would think, but the form didn’t seem any better than the other forms. Kyousuke would read through the scroll the reason why the form was so slow was that the steel was more durable than the other transformations.

The orange haired ninja would throw a couple of very slow punches before ending the transformation. “You think you have that jutsu down?” He would ask the girl who was making dead eyed clones. Clearly, it was a no but he wanted to check if the girl would take the easy route. No, I just can’t get it right.” Kyousuke would smile. “Okay, so just visualize yourself and form the seals. Mold your chakra to reflect what you look like.” The girl would listen to his words and give the clone technique another try. It wasn’t long before she made a clone that looked identical to her, she had it run around in a circle. Both ninja would smile showing that the technique was a success. “So, keep practicing that until you can do it without even having to build the chakra. It will eventually just be automatic. When that happens take your genin exam, you’ll probably be ahead of your peers who only learn the jutsu a couple of days before their exams.” The girl would thank Kyousuke before going off to continue her training by herself.

Kyousuke still wondered what he should attempt to train maybe he should attempt to fly in his metal form. The ninja would grow wings on his back and take to the sky. Once, he was ten meters up he would grip the metal on his necklace and match his body to fit its properties. He would feel his body become heavy, but he would remain aloft. He moved quicker through the air than he had on the ground. Maybe it had something to do with his increased strength in the form. The ninja would hover for a few seconds before moving his heavy body forward. He would then end the transformation and plant his feet firmly onto the ground. Okay, so I’ve studied what each can do and their limits. This will surely come into use when I return to Kumo.

The ninja would exit the training grounds and remove the necklace. He had to write down what he had learned about the technique over the day, otherwise he would forget most of it within a week and be left to wonder which form was the best for a given situation. Once, in his home Kyousuke would begin to write down what happened in each form. He started with sand. “Sand form increases durability and makes the body lighter causing the user to be quicker. Scroll mentions the ability to reform, but that was unconfirmed through current study of the jutsu. Wood release makes the flow of chakra easier and the bark creates a solid defense against attacks. Scroll also mentions the ability to poison, but was not confirmed through training lab testing of poison required. Stone form increases strength by making the body heavier without slowing down the user, also increases durability. Ability to reform in this form confirmed and in addition the destroyed piece explodes into shrapnel before reformation. Steel form increases durability more than the other forms, but sacrifices the ability to move smoothly. Attacks with the form seem to be stronger than usual, but additional testing required.

The ninja would put away his notebook and return the scroll to the library, it was time to call it a day.

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Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:50 am
Please don't make me nerf this, approved.
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