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Memed Hams [solo,nk] Empty Memed Hams [solo,nk]

Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:39 pm
Steamed hams! Kozurou shook his head and walked away. Now was not the time to eat, he'd already had breakfast. Time to head out to the training grounds. Walking away from the delicious smell of steamed hams, Kozurou would focus his mind and body on what was to come. Still, he just couldn't get his hand off of that delicious smell of the meat. Dammit, he needed to achieve a separate state of mind. Closing his eyes when he reached the training grounds, he began to channel his energy again. Like it had done so many times recently, the power exploded from inside him like a gas bubble coming to the surface. His aura raged around him like some kind of beast that was hungry... hungry for steamed hams! No! He needed to concentrate. This was no time to be worrying about fast food that had been stolen from some nearby fast food joint and re-arranged to look like normal food. No, he needed to focus on his real training. But everywhere he looked, he saw or sensed some vestige of that divine food, the steamed ham. So, he focused on the only thing that was ugly in the scenery: a wooden post.

To be frank, this post looked like shit. In fact, it could even be called... a shit post. Shitpost? Kozurou thought he could hear somewhere the sound of a young Asian man moaning "end my crippling depression". Irrelevant, all of this. Whatever ungodly force was trying to distract him, he determined, would have to try harder than that! The energy swirled around him, causing the dirt of the training ground that hadn't already been packed firmly by the stomps of little feet to shift. He was on the cusp of something great, he could feel it. The power that he needed to generate wasn't resonating right with his body, though. It was disturbing just how close he was getting. Disturbing in the sense that he knew that he was close, but the power that he sought was just out of sight. If he didn't try hard enough, he was a loser who would never reach his goal, but if he tried too hard, he could damage his body. Yet, no matter how many small intervals he increased his power by, it was never enough. Or rather, he never quit hit he right spot. Imagine a number line, for instance.

A person can choose to move slowly across this number line in search for the solution to a specific equation, or in search of something like a complex number, but will never find it. A line, after all, has only one dimension. You could only move to the left or to the right. Going up or down would put a person in the realm of the imaginary and complex, and many didn't even know how to work that system. Either way, Kozurou was in a similar situation. He needed to think of a new and creative way to use his energy.

That's when it occurred to him. Why NOT just go "above"? Not higher up in the figurative sense, but higher in the literal sense. Who said that he had to circulate his energy inside his body? He was strong enough to create small currents outside of his body now, so there was no reason not to try. Now, he needed to find the equivalent of an acupoint above his body, probably directly atop his crown acupoint. There were bound to be a lot fewer of them out there, since the points weren't inside his flesh. This meant he needed to search carefully.

Upwards his chakra searched, millimeter by millimeter. The aura, sensing that he was getting close to a crucial point, began to vibrate with a different sort of power. Rather, it was less of a vibration and more of a pulsing, an oscillation that was nearing a point of resonance. Kozurou knew that when he reached that point, something big would happen. In physics, the power of resonance is not to be underestimated. The simple actions of repeated motions were powerful indeed; waves and rotations were forces to be reckoned with. An appropriately timed wave resonance could destroy solid structures. An orbital resonance could stretch moons and cause volcanic eruptions.

And then he reached a point. This edge of his aura extended to a point that was about four inches above his head, and it seemed that something clicked. The paths of energy, his meridians taking the world elements and chakra around his body seemed to fall into a deep and profound rhythm. The blueness of the aura began to blanch, slowly turning white as the power coursed through his very cells, forcing his body's limit to grow to higher and higher every passing second. Yes, this was good.

No, not just good. This was everything he wanted. However, this training ground might not be enough. Calming his power and memorizing the location of the out of body acupoint, he went ahead and took a small break. He needed to use one of the smaller islands for this. Well, it didn't even have to be solid land, really. In fact, he could just as well use the open water. Yes, that would work admirably. He finished eating his steamed ham, and as he walked away, he turned around. There was a strange fiery glow coming from the kitchen, as well as a stranged smokey smell. Or was it a steamy smell? Either way, he attributed it to the northern lights and walked away. Heading east, he would search for a calm bit of sea shore before warming back up. Man, whoever ran that shop steamed a good ham, though it tasted like it was grilled. Could it be that they really were just grilled hamburger patties marketed under the name "steamed hams"? How delightfully devilish, Kozurou thought to himself. Why not just purchase fast food at some other joint, then market it as high quality food yourself? Nobody in Kiri with your average palate would be able to tell the difference.

Kozurou made it out to the water, finding a nice calm bit. The sea spray and the mist around him set up a nice scenery and a good environment. He focused in on his power, and extended his energy out to the 4 inch higher acupoint. It was a lot easier this time now that he knew its exact location. The white aura manifested around him, and he felt the power roar to life within him. He clenched his fist again, getting a better sense of exactly what he could do now. He threw and experimental punch, and marveled at what he could do now. Not too shabby after all. But what was more interesting was that there was some kind of unique brew of chakra gathering inside of him. Kozurou closed his eyes, using his willpower to find order and peace even while standing atop the waves. His senses extended deeper into his own body, searching for something. He found it, in his own dantian. His chakra had settled into a hyperdense symbolic formation, something brilliant and life-giving. Much like a star, he thought to himself. Could he evolve this further? Maybe.

The power coming from this star was unique. Bit by bit, it was filling his tissues and chakra network, and Kozurou felt that maybe he would be able to do more with it in the future instead of just releasing it outward from his body, but at the moment, that was about all he was capable of doing. Still.... it was more than enough. As the sea monster that he had been baiting rose from beneath the ocean surface, Kozurou's aura grew brighter... MUCH brighter. It's like the star within him had manifested, creating a glare across the waves.

"HAAAAH!" Just like that, the power exploded out of him, for real this time, a shockwave flashing out, ripping the sea monster apart and pulverizing its bones. As the expulsion of power ended, Kozurou took several deep breaths. What... was that? For somebody who had only recently come into a new set of meridians, Kozurou was quite sure that he shouldn't be able to produce such an effect. Puzzling, but it felt so good. This was something that only a genius of the clan could produce, and it was marvelous. He had finally made something of himself.

As he walked away, the blasted carcass of the sea beast sank beneath the waves. Easy game, easy life boys, he thought to himself. This power had quite the buildup time, but he felt that with his skills, that would be irrelevant pretty soon. The white aura faded as his body returned to a normal state, and he found that he was possessed of great exhaustion. So, power like this, a temporary flare of ability, didn't come for free. Well, as long as there were no permanent consequences, he was fine. There was no reason to stop using this brilliantly strong energy.

Whew, well either way, his training for the day was done. He knew that he'd probably need to use this more in order to gain more up-time on it. After all, at the moment, he couldn't handle much in terms of long sustained combat. That needed to change, and it needed to change soon. Without the ability to maintain that level of power, he might fall behind. So, he now knew what he had to do. Build up his stamina so that he could remain in this state indefinitely. Then, he'd be ready to take on the ANBU again.  

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Memed Hams [solo,nk] Empty Re: Memed Hams [solo,nk]

Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:18 am
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