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Catching A Thief D Rank Empty Catching A Thief D Rank

Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:05 pm
Mission Details

“Beep Beep Beep”

“AAAAAARGH SHUT UP” Could probably heard for at least the radius of a village block as Sento rolled over to toss his pillow at his alarm clock in a desperate attempt to silence it so that he could get a bit more sleep. However his pillow simply bounced off and the annoying beep of the alarm clock continued, so he still had the sound, and was now lacking his comfortable pillow. His palm slid against his face as he tried to wake himself up by pulling at his skin before rising out of his mattress and onto the ground.

As he lazy stepped around his room he couldn’t help but remember why he had set aside such annoying measures to ensure he woke himself up at an such early hours of the day. The answer came to him about as quick as one would expect, recalling a memory wasn’t exactly rocket science and even sento couldn’t mess that up.

The reason for his rude awakening all though self inflicted to be fair was to be ready for his first mission as a gennin. He had received his summons yesterday and they had given him his mission details. Apparently konoha was developing a thieves problem, between pickpockets and straight up burglary the whole village was finding itself missing items and the hokage had wanted to put an end to it. So several gennin throughout the village had been given the specific instructions to keep an eye out for thieves.

Of course nothing in the mission details had told Sento that he needed to be up this early, or that this was even at the top of his priority list, the mission just said to keep an eye out for them. But Sento was feeling like a bit of an over achiever today and intended to show that to the village. He was going to catch as many thieves as possible today, and he was going to do it with as much finesse as possible.

As he finished crossing the room he came to a halt, looking at his own droopy eyelids through his clean mirror before picking up his headband and wrapping it around his forehead so that it stayed in place and then lazily following up by brushing his teeth, his yellow eyes following the movement of his hand as he did so. Spitting out the remaining paste and water from his mouth, he’d wipe his lips against the sleeve of his ragged green and black jacket before zipping up the jacket.

The tall white haired senju would then take a deep breath as he walked out of his small cramped apartment and onto the streets of Konoha. At this early hour of four o’clock in the morning it wasn’t nearly as lively as one might think if they had seen it in its busy daylight hours, filled to the brim with civilians trying to sell there goods. No at this hour the only people roaming the streets where the hardworking farmers, lugging their goods throughout the village, and the trained shinobi of the hidden leaf, up early for their missions.
As he walked down the empty streets he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the moon looked, shining in the early morning sky just over the heads of the previous great hokage. He had always loved the outdoors, maybe it had something to do with his clan, they did possess the wood element after all, and he loved nature. Fortunately for him, he lived in the village hidden in the leaves and trees and bushes stretched out for miles outside the walls of the village. More nature than one would ever need.

The boy sighed as he reached the end of the road and stopped mere inches in front of the large tower that marked the dead end. This would be his vantage point for the day, and if he got to the roof in the early morning then nobody would be aware of his presence or be able to account for that while thieving. Using the tree climbing technique he’d plant his feet on the wall before scaling the massive four story tall building. By the time he reached the top the cool morning wind was pushing forward at increased speeds due to the altitude, causing the senju’s boys white hair to flow with it.

He took a deep breath of the morning air as he turned to look at the village around him. His bright yellow eyes scanning the near barren streets. “This is gonna be a long day” He thought as he crouched behind the slight barrier to conceal himself from people in the street. There was no point in hiding up here if he was just going to be spotted right away after all, but still… This was boring.

As he sat towering so high above the people of Konoha that they looked like ants he’d pay detailed attention to several different interactions on the street below his glazed yellow eyes first focused on what looked to be a young man helping an elderly woman of Konoha cross the street, like something out of an old cartoon it caused a lighthearted smile to cross his face before he swiveled his head to the market street where he had bought lunch the other day before practicing his first A rank.

His mouth watered at the remembrance of the smell of catfish at the fish vendor and caused him to be briefly distracted before managing to refocus himself. His eyes centering on the same vendor he had visited yesterday. There was small line of about seven to eight people, it was hard to make out from this distance, after all he wasn’t a hyuuga or something like that, so his vision was limited to the abilities of the average human.

Realising he would need to get down from his tower to get a better view he’d place his hand on the edge of the building before springing himself over and doing a flip so that his feet would touch the building. With his chakra acting almost like a glue on the bottom of his feet he’d stick thanks to the abilities of the surface walking technique that he had learned in the academy so long ago. Gravity however was still a thing and he had to use a significant amount of upper body strength to keep himself from dangling with nothing but his feet holding him in place.

After a good amount of walking he made his way down to where he was level with the streets of the village hidden in the leaves and swiveled his head from side to side until his gaze centered on the alleyway that cut to the market street, he didn’t know why he was trying to get there but something just told him he was supposed to head that way, And sento was always one to listen to his gut instinct, despite the trouble it often got him in he just felt it was the best course of action when one had no other.

The alleyway was a bit long and sento didn’t particularly feel like walking it so he figured now would be a good time to attempt the body flicker technique, a supposedly simple move that he had been reading up on in the academy. The purpose of the jutsu was for one to move from point A to point B at such an accelerated rate that you would look as if you were teleporting. This was done by using one's chakra to enhance your speed for a very short period of time.

Not completely confident in his ability to perform it but also aware of the fact that the only way to get better at something is to practice the young senju would perform the single handsign to activate the body flicker technique before he felt himself zoom down the alley way before his face slammed into something hard.

Falling to the ground rather shocked from what had just happened Sento looked across from him to see another boy about his age covered in dirt holding his forehead. Apparently The two had just headbutted as a direct result of the white haired gennins new technique. Of course the senju had manners and was about to apologize as he lifted a finger to talk to the kid but he was rather taken aback by the boy getting up and running when a lady began to scream. “Help my purse is missing!” this obviously raised some red flags and sento instantly began to give chase as he was supposed to do in such a situation.

Trailing about 10 meters behind he could see that the boy's hand was gripping a purse which was an odd accessory for a boy his age, but hey Sento didn’t judge. His first priority was to make sure the purse was eventually returned to the woman as far as he was concerned so he drew a kunai before launching it with the precision accuracy of a Konoha gennin. Making it graze the boy's hand and almost instantly causing him to release it as he shrieked in the sudden realization that he had been injured.

The purse landed harmlessly on the ground and now the kid was just worried about getting away so he made no effort to pick it back up. As expected, and then sento found himself coming to a sudden realization, he had somehow not messed up this mission yet. Again a smile would find itself manifesting on his face as he realized that the boy was heading towards a dead end, and he doubted a lowly pick pocket would be capable of any ninjutsu so odds where the surface climbing technique wouldn’t be of any use to someone so untrained.

A couple seconds passed before his expectations became a reality and his eyes met that of a scared child, but sento didn’t let the eyes fool him, this man was a vulture taking money that had not belonged to him from people who had worked hard to earn it. He’d get no sympathy from the konoha shinobi in front of him. And despite the scared look Sento wasn’t going to take any unnecessary risks today, taking note of the puddle in the alleyway directly next to him he decided now was the time to unleash another jutsu he had been working on releasing a vapor into the air that would become a thick mist, causing neither of the two boys to be able to see in the close quarter area they had entered.

Sento however had the advantage as he was capable of controlling the density of the mist and his victim was not. Letting the mist fade about 2 meters in front of him as he walked he moved along the edge of the wall so that he would end up behind him if decided to stay still and if he ran sento would of course hear it and pursue.

His eyes lit up as he could make out the back of the boys head before he sent a well placed strike to his noggin and watched him collapse. The white haired gennin would let the mist fade as his mission finally came to a close before he tied up the boy and called the nearest jounin to detain him before going back and securing the purse and return it to the nice old woman he had seen earlier.

After doing so he stretched his arms into the air in an attempt to stretch out his own exhausted body, as he did so his stretched back head would catch a whiff of the catfish yet again and his stomach would growl telling him it was about time to eat. And a smile would appear on his face as he realized he could afford it after his most recently completed mission. “Maybe being a gennin has it’s perks” He’d think to himself.


WC: 2004
Requesting: hidden mist (1000/1000) + body flicker (1000/1000) + 3 AP, + 1K Ryo + 1 Completed D rank Mission

Also Claiming Substitution and surface walking since I forgot to get them for free at gennin exam.
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Catching A Thief D Rank Empty Re: Catching A Thief D Rank

Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:00 pm

Approved <3
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