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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:26 am
I just realised how long ago I was meant to post and I'm really sorry for my lateness. Lots has been going on with school starting up again but I'll try to post something tomorrow morning because it's like 1am. Hope you can forgive me :)
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:28 am
After Sora had introduced himself and posed his own question, Nano would give a small grin and quickly come up with a reply. "Sounds good! I have a fire and wind elemental affinity, I specialise in Ninjutsu, I know quite a few fire and wind jutsu up to A ranked level and I can use Chakra Sensory." Nano would then demonstrate his affinities by using two low ranked jutsu of each element. First he would lay his palm out flat in front of him and use the Wind Release: Wind Arrow technique to create a long white arrow in his hand. After showing his wind element he would then use the Fire Stream jutsu by doing the half tiger handseal and kneading fire Chakra into his chest to demonstrate his prowess in the fire element. After showing off, Nano would then suggest how they should train. "Seeing as you are of the lightning element, there is not too much I can teach you or you me. As that is the case, I could either teach you some non-elemental jutsu, we could both learn new stuff without a teacher or I could teach you one of my elements. If you choose the last option I will be able to teach you some jutsu using whichever element you pick. I would normally ask if you could teach me the lightning element but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be able to use it at my skill level. I am simply not strong enough to withstand being able to use three elements. I'm satisfied with all of the options but it's your decision."

With his suggestion in the air, Nano would then use the moment he had before hearing some sort of answer to think about what he would teach if the third option was picked. Should Sora pick wind he would show him the wind arrow and wind bow jutsu first. Should he pick fire he would teach him the Fire Stream first then maybe something else. Should he pick to be taught non-elemental jutsu, Nano would first show him the Body Flicker if he doesn't already know it then he would show him how to sense Chakra. It was likely that Sora already knew the Body Flicker as it was something most genin learnt straight as they exited the academy so Nano was fairly sure he wouldn't need to show it. Of course, Nano was prepared to mix and match as well. Teach both elemental and non-elemental. Decided, Nano would then wait for the answer from his poker faced teammate.

Wc 432
Total wc 3254
Ap 285
OOC: Sorry for the wait. In my last post when I said I might become less reliable I never meant for it to take this long. Hope it didn't cause any inconveniences. Either way, enjoy! Oh and also Sora if you do want me to teach you some jutsu just take a look at my stat page to find the ones you want.
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:18 pm
After a minute of waiting for a response from Sora, Nano waved his hand in front of their face in confusion. Kind of creeped out, Nano would then walk away. Arriving back at his hideout from earlier on, Nano would keep up his guard for the rest of the night before leaving back to his home come daylight. Normally he would wait for Shiroi to reappear but he was honestly tired of waiting and would go straight to sleep when he gets home. It had been a test for his survival skills and he was ready for some much needed rest.

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Total wc 3355

[Requesting Exit]


16 stats

Wind Style: Quiet Footsteps 500/500

Inner Flame 500/500

Exploding Flame a Shot 1000/1000

Wind Rejuvenation 1355/4000

Ps sorry I'm lazy and didn't attach the links to the words.
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:17 am
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