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Shiroi Shinzo
Shiroi Shinzo
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:17 pm
Shiroi stood. Forty feet in the air. Doing the crane kick pose thing. Was this practical? Not in the slightest. Was it cool? Hell. Fucking. Yes.

She was expecting people to show up soon. None had arrived yet, but that should change. She wanted them to know that Shiroi was above them, figuratively and literally. Perhaps some day they could catch up to her, maybe even outdo her.

Today was not that day.

Shiroi 'wore' her standard black hoodie dress, hanging over and completely covering a pair of black shorts. The scarf was wrapped around her neck, the village insignia visible to the world. She stood on her Bokali, which seemingly refused to listen to gravity.

"Any minute now.." she said.
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:39 pm
Just as Shiroi was in her normal attire, Jeisuta was in his.

Black cargo shorts, some close toed shoes of an undisclosed variety, and a bright happy lookoing blue shirt adorned his person. He actually had a cap on his head too at a jaunty angle previously, but had stowed that away. Cargo shorts are amazing, you know.

He was here today, not for some paltry excuse such as metagaming, but because it was 5 minutes to noon, and his mission superior from a simple mission had wanted to meet him. Nano and Sora as well, but it was on them if they didn't show up.

Humming a tune to himself, he walked slowly into the water gardens, looking around to see if he could find any familiar faces.

No Nano. Or Sora. That was unfortunate.

Well, that meant he was looking for the other person, whose name he had not yet learned. He could have asked the mission assignment desk, they tended to also know other bits of personal information as well. He'd rather just talk in person, he preferred human interactions in the vast majority of cases.

Except for a certain kid with white eyes.

Everyone else, perhaps.

He walked up to the center of the water gardnens, and looked around, still not having seen anyone. Turning in a circle, and disappointed by the results, he said "I wonder where everyone is...."

The place felt eerily silent, aside from the lapping of water.

A cloud obscured the sun briefly, granting some shade over his area, and he looked up, wanting to know how long the cloud was going to cover him for. Since it had come up behind him, after all.

He jumped.

"Wha- what are you doing up there?"

Well, thats one of them, up in the sky. On a staff? His eyesight wasn't the greatest but... was that stick floating in space?
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:29 am
Walking into the training grounds as his mission instructor had said, Nano saw a man he recognised as Jeisuta standing in his usual attire. He was looking up at what Nano could just make out as a person. Nano headed in their direction, guessing that they were also there for the meet up. He was wearing his regular set of clothes; black pants, white shirt and brown jacket. He had no idea what to expect from this session but seeing his instructor floating in the air gave him high hopes as to their strength. It seemed to be a rare thing for that to be possible.

Attempting to make somewhat of a good impression, Nano decided to walk into the air next to his hovering instructor. Pulling out his One Winged Angel, Nano stepped upwards. Feeling the area he stepped onto solidify, he walked to the highest point he could reach which was 10 metres or 32 and a half feet. Slightly below the person which had lead his mission, he got a better look at the woman's weapon that was keeping her afloat. It was a thin metal rod which he didn't completely understand but from what he did understand he knew that the weapon was completely awesome.

Done staring at the weapon, Nano waited silently for his last teammate to arrive so they could begin conversing.

Wc 228
Jiro Daichi
Jiro Daichi
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:06 pm
Sora had picked the same clothes for his wardrobe that he always wore, black robe, black shirt, black shorts, black everything. On top of black being his favorite color, he thought it was great in missions. Sense most ninja choose to use sneak attacks, they would wear black and he respected that. 

Sora noticed his tartness. He quick thought of using the Body flicker to boost up his time to his meet up spot. Sora thought it was good that he was a part of something like this, most people aren't blessed with this.

Sora then arrives. He first spots Jei in the trio, then he noticed the other two from the first mission he had ever been on. 

"I apologizes for my tartness." Sora bows in respect of his comrades.
Shiroi Shinzo
Shiroi Shinzo
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:06 pm
"Impressive," Shiroi remarked at the one that decided to join her in the air. He was still a fair distance below her, but even then, being airborne was an accomplishment.

Shiroi would descend from her stance, gripping the Bokali. Through a complex series of aerial acrobatics that involved several lockings and unlockings of the Bokali, she descended towards the ground, stopping at last a mere two meters above it, doing one full revolution around the Bokali, and then landing atop it in a squatting position. She would look upon the three (assuming that Nano had descended by this point).

"Ok, children. We were 'introduced' by that mission. But here's the real introduction." Shiroi jumped down to the ground, bringing the Bokali with her. "My name is Shiroi Shinzo. For the next however long you fucks are genin, I'm your own personal devil." She smiled. It was not a nice smile.

"You have one simple mission: don't die. You have a five minute head start." Shiroi would then proceed to sit on the ground for approximately five minutes. She would be completely unresponsive unless something forced her to take action.
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:12 am

Jeisuta was speechless as the small woman descended through the air. The staff looked pretty integral to her acrobatic maneuvering through the air. He could barely see her pause, and she was moving really, really fast. Incredibly informal, probably more so than Jeisuta, and that said a lot. He remembered enough from the mission they did together, and gathered enough cues now, that he could assume that she was going to be their sensei. Until they got to chuunin. Looks like every training experience was going to be interesting, all the way.

Her words had a simple finality to them, and he wanted to ask her questions, but he doubted it would work. He did start trying to count down approximately how long he had left of the five minutes, his mind racing. She was obviously faster than the others he had encountered in the village - evidently there were some very fast genin, but that just could mean she was not trying in this instance. Her acrobatics made up a lot for speed that she might still have, obviously he should not get into a hurdling competition with her.

"I guess you are serious, huh."

He waited for a response, but obviously would not get any. If Nano and Sora were still here, he would speak to them.

"Alright, Nano and Sora, skeddadle! I haven't worked out yet where I'm going to hide, so you guys go on first. I'm sure you guys will be faster, anyway."

He made vague shooing motions with his hands, clearly urging them to run quickly.

Hopefully they scooted along. And fast. Because things would be getting messy here in about four and a half minutes, if Jeisuta was better than he thought.

Either way, he would stand their motionlessly, thinking, for a full minute. Then he would speak. Even if she was obviously going to ignore them, there was no way she would not hear what he said, he just wanted to make sure the others had gone off.

"I don't know if you already know why I am not fleeing. Even if you will give the silent treatment for five minutes or however long, I bet you are still going to listen. So I might as well explain my actions, since you will have an easy time seeing what I am doing. Then later, if you are in the mood to chat, I wouldn't mind having my reasoning corrected."

"Alright. I've seen faster people in the village before, but they didn't have your acrobatics. Whether or not you were trying just now, with the twirling around the staff, is somewhat irrelevant, I know damned well that you are going to catch us no matter what we do - short of leaving the village. Especially with that acrobatics, remind me to not race you on the hurdles. Running prolongs what will inevitably happen. So I might as well give my buds a chance to run farther away, by trying to slow you down. Maybe one of them will be able to give you a wild goose chase, but I can't. That staff seems pretty integral to your aerial acrobatics, and while helpful, any movement off the ground will probably rely on that a lot, so my best chance to slow you down, is to sit over in a tree over there, and reduce the options you have to approaching me. I'm fairly certain you would find me if I tried to ambush you, so no point in hiding the location from you. I can't stop you from hunting the others down first, but that would have been the case whether or not I spoke."

He sighed, briefly. Mostly because he was annoyed about his own lack of strength. "I will aim to kill, because that is the only chance I have of fighting you off even briefly. I'm too weak to even consider otherwise. Besides, that would insult your experience and strength. I doubt I would be able to blunt my weapons, anyway. Alright, on my way. Please teach me well, Miss Shinzo."

He bowed briefly. He would briefly look around the water gardens. Not much to see here, except for a few large trees on the perimeter.

He waved at Shiroi Shinzo cheerily, then began scaling the closest tree, standing on a part of the tree about five meters up, where several branches emerged from the trunk at once. Fishing in his weapon pouches, he pulled out two of his kunai, a smoke bomb, and an explosive tag. Quickly, as by his estimates there was only about 45 seconds left, though he was probably off by a bit, he snapped off a small branch, as quietly as possible. He set down the explosive tag, attaching it to the branch he was currently crouching on. He held one kunai in each hand, with the smoke bomb ready to throw at a moment's notice, and hopefully in less. A quick look around him at the surrounding tree branches was all he would have time for, he needed to be able to memorize their locations before Shiroi came for him.

The time limit should be up soon. He awaited, hoping she would target him first.
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:28 am
Hearing the threatening tone coming from his new teacher, Nano was completely willing to follow her orders immediately and sprint for the hills but he knew that he had to formulate a plan. Seeing his teammate Jeisuta having a similar idea, Nano waited a minute to think of a plan. When he heard Jeisuta explaining that he was sacrificing himself, he finally decided it was about time he set off to avoid capture. It was no use wasting the sacrifice so he would try his best to not make Jeisuta's gesture be in vain. He knew of course that there was no way he would be able to outrun Shiroi or as he was beginning to think, Sensei. He would just have to try lasting as long as he possibly could. He was a Chakra specialist, not a speed specialist. 

To gain a head start of sorts, Nano created the ram handseal to 'teleport' away at a speed of 110, stopping 110 metres away. He would then continue to run away as fast as he could towards a small cave. He would not enter the cave yet, instead hanging around the outside. He would then take out his two explosive tags and place them inside the entrance of the cave. He would stand in the open to allow for himself to be seen but when spotted, he would trigger his trap. The trap was that when his new sensei arrived he would set off a smoke bomb and throw a rock inside the cave. If all goes correctly, Shiroi would go along with it and attempt to enter the cave but Nano would instead have escaped the smoke at a different location near a tree and would be hiding inside of it. When his sensei would enter the mouth of the cave, Nano would set off the explosive tags. To be honest, that was a far as Nano's plan was so if that didn't work, he was as good as done for. 

While this trap could be lethal in some cases, he had no doubt that his sensei would survive it. Not to mention there was an extremely high chance that they wouldn't even fall for the trap. Either way, there was no possible way for him to even have a chance at winning in this test of sorts if he didn't go at it with intent to kill. While standing in the open in front of the cave, Nano would crouch down in a bit of long grass to give the impression that he was hiding but he knew full well that he would be found in said grass within seconds.

Holding the smoke bomb in the palm of his hand, ready to throw in a moments notice, Nano would then go over the plan one million times a second in his mind to make sure that he would be prepared for everything. Ready to go, he would then wait for his sensei to show their face.

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Jiro Daichi
Jiro Daichi
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:29 pm
Sora looks in the face of his his new sensei. After she said the "mission", he would nod at her. He saw the other take off, Nano is much faster than me, he's got a better chance at getting away from her, Sora notes. He jumps away at his best speed,10. 

Sora was looking for a spot with close corners, at first thought it maybe a bad plan but he had his reasons. The plan was to use a paper bomb and tranformation jutsu. He knew that with her being a jonin rank that she must have some chakra sensory skills and Sora didn't know how to hide his chakra. He finds a place between to trees. This was the place he chose. He places the paper bomb that he bought awhile back with his starter pack. He covers it up with dirt. Then he goes some space away from the trees but still in the blast radius. He uses one of the academy jutsu to hide his form as he transforms into a human sized tree, that looked a lot like the one he stood by. He gets his body ready to use both the Flicker movement and body flicker to use them on a moments notice.
Shiroi Shinzo
Shiroi Shinzo
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:54 pm
[This post is not a joke.]

Shiroi let them wait it out. The one, Jeisuta, seemed adamant about keeping his fellows safe. That's cool, teamwork is a pretty great aspect in the person.

Shiroi did not give a single fuck, let alone a single flying fuck.

She waited the five minutes, and then she stood up, and shouted "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, NO HOLDS BARRED" loud enough for them all to here. And then? She walked away. Yes, away. Not towards any of the three. She waiting until she was behind cover. Jeisuta would be able to see her disappear behind the cover. And then she would leave. Leave the entire area, in such a way that it happened that none of the three could witness her leaving. She left to get some barbecue. Maybe go to the library and read a book. I wonder if they're all still alive when I get back...

[Weather (Hoshi's a cold desert, so the nights are absolutely frigid), animals, injury, what have you. You can do anything you want to survive the night. But remember, you don't realize that Shiroi left.]
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK] Empty Re: You have one simple mission: [P|I/O|NK]

Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:11 pm
(ooc: I plan to do at least two posts before Shiroi returns - you guys can as well if you want, or I just do an extra, either way idc. speaking of which, we can skip Shiroi until morning arrives)



Where was she?!?

Jeisuta watched from his carefully constructed lair, as she promptly ignored what he said and walked off. Sadly, while he had been training his chakra sensory before, he did not have such skills ready this time, so he was unable to discern her placement. While she was stealthily creeping away, he was nervously scanning the entire vicinity around him, watching for any clues that she might be about to approach. This was a little nerve wracking, he didn't want his carefully planned trap to go to waste, and he most definitely not want to fail in the eyes of his sensei, however strict she may be.

After an hour of tense waiting, however, without hearing any sudden screeches of alarm, perhaps due to focus, he concluded that she must be hiding somewhere. But where? An hour gave her plenty of time to sneak around, Jeisuta would have trouble seeing her without making himself obvious....

He was reminded of a similar sort of scenario in which he was hunting down a ninja in his hooligan da- you know what? Never mind. But he definitely remembered a scenario where he had done something similar. In the ghettos of course. Knives with wide enough blades could be used as mirrors to see behind one self, or around corners, without being quite as obvious or dangerous. After all, in some areas, sticking your head around a corner could lead to it being hit by a passing cart, or a stampeding crowd of thugs, or what not.

He still did not have a clue where she was, unfortunately, so he was going try that trick again. He pulled out a kunai, and was not going to use it to skin a nearby squirrel and let it die or anything. He wasn't Peter. No, he took the kunai, and carefully cleaned it so that it was shinier, with the bottom of his t-shirt. Good. Now he had a mirror. If he could stick it onto, well, a stick, then he would have a sort of periscope. Fortunately, he did. Sort of.

Soon, having transferred all his weapons minus one kunai back to his weapon pouches - including the smoke bomb and unlit chakra tag he had removed prior. Since he sincerely doubted Shiroi was coming after him at this point in time, the trap was meaningless, and was wasted if he went hunting for her. So away it went. The belt from the weapon pouch was what he was relaly after. While it was "more risky" to have both weapon pouches strung on the same clip, it was a risk he felt he could take.

Snapping off a solid and relatively straight branch, Jeistua used his kunai to clean off the extra branches emerging from it. Soon, there was a decently long strip of wood left, the shaft about three feet long and mostly clear of bends, knots, and those annoying slippery leaves. A surprised caterpillar had been knocked off as well. The kunai handle was tied with the belt to the pole - which wound both around the hand grip and the hole in the bottom of the kunai handle. It was reasonably secure, at least. The kunai was not mirror shiny, but you could get the idea at least of what was behind you. It would make a tolerable spear against anything not considered to be tougher than wet tissue paper, and wobbly at best against anything else, but it would have to do. Honestly, it would be best as a bludgeon - without the kunai strung on, but then again, it was not intended to be a weapon.

He held the kunai end up, at eye level. He frowned, polished the surfaces some more, then tried again. This time he grinned. He could take advantage of the slight angles on the kunai to let him watch in two directions at once. Even if his perception of their angle would be off, at least he would know more often where to look.

He began creeping through the underbrush, concentrating highly on his senses, trying to discern any movement. Of course, even though he was heading in Shiroi's last known direction, he was not going to detect her no matter what, but of course, he did not know that. He vaguely remembered what directions the others had gone....

Starting with where he had seen Shiroi exit the clearing, he began trying to track her. The trail was clear at first, it would seem. Even as he walked deeper into the undergrowth, he was able to some how see her tracks, as bright as they were in the clearing. Or course, the tracks eventually disappeared, and he was not sure what to make of it. Even if they went one direction, they could have doubled back. The next few hours were spent tracing through the undergrowth, Jeisuta increasingly able to see in the undergrowth. It was a bit odd, really. the sun was setting, shifting the shadows, but their placement did not bother Jeisuta as much as it should have.

He considered tracking back to find the others, since they would probably be easier to find than otherwise, but not yet. Shiroi HAD implied that they were supposed to fight. Her perhaps. But it was also possible that the others were going to fight as well. Rip teamwork.

Well, he doubted it would matter how tired he was if she came for him, so he went back under his tree, and started doing push ups, just to pass the time....
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