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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

Song of a dolphin calling - Page 3 Empty Re: Song of a dolphin calling

Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:44 pm
The Mizukage explained that he had to leave to investigate a certain situation and as such could not remain with Naoki further. That was understandable and in fact gave the former leader some freedom of movement. However, he did not plot any kind of betrayal. For the moment it seemed that Xyxer was honoring their agreement had a strong interest in protecting the village. Considering that, Naoki figured he would perform the role given to him and see how things develop. His shrouded doujutsu would follow Xyxer as he left the scene, clearly having forgotten that he promised to treat the Uchiha and so the man had to for dango himself.

Now free to act on his own accord, Naoki left the market place and once he was far enough away he finally released the jutsu that concealed his heritage as well as deactivated sharingan itself. Making a handseal the former leader created two clones of wood and entrusted them with purpose. One was to head to a library and find any information relevant to Jinchuuriki and their seals. The man was knowledgeable and even capable of performing such techniques, but he needed to material for the detail analysis of said seals on their subjects. The other clone would in fact head to acquire some certain materials he needed for one of his abilities. This village was the birthplace of Vigil and the seal clone has proved more than worth all the effort. It will now become the birthplace of his sister too. With their assignments in place the clones would scatter in different directions and Naoki would make his chakra not apparent and then head to where he intended from the beginning - the graveyard.

4311 w. total
3,000 used to train Wood Lance
896 used to finish training Seal Rooting
415 towards creating an Exemplar body

I'm using the 25% discount on all]
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
Ryo : 14000

Song of a dolphin calling - Page 3 Empty Re: Song of a dolphin calling

Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:36 pm
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