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Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK] Empty Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK]

Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:56 am
Miyamoto had a hard time getting around the village, something was brewing...something he felt that had been on the rise for some time. The villagers seemed more inclined to go out of their way to not serve or hinder Miyamoto as well as other shinobi of the village. The Queensmen and Queensguards alike had their hands full with the same problems, but the lower ranking shinobi seemed to outwardly show hostility back towards the villagers. Miyamoto constantly stepped away from his training duties to try and help, but there was only so much a ten year old genin could do.

He found himself spending more and more time with the monks recently as he tried his best to help out with the damage he had done at the gardens. Often times he would abscond to sneak a peek at their training that they performed each day. Some were taijutsu masters, others practiced in weaponry, and even stranger still some dabbled in ninjutsu. However he was more drawn to the monks because they seemed a polarizing force of the people, some even advocating that Miyamoto should be punished when he is caught watching them. It was Isshin though that always went to bat for Miyamoto, telling them that he is just a child looking for a home. It was not until the day that actual protesting at the castle did Isshin seek out Miyamoto.

“Moto...there is not much time, but I have taken the time to teach you a few things that might be able to aid you in the coming times of tribulation. If you are willing that is.” Isshin said as he found Miyamoto just at the edge of the gardens where the air was clear and there was no one around for miles.

“I am ready.” Miyamoto said as he followed Isshin to an opening in the nearby fields that were adjacent to the water gardens and training grounds.
“Good now clear your head of all distractions before we proceed.” Isshin instructed as he did the same thing before taking a very neutral stance.

Miyamoto thought over all of the distractions over the past since he has arrived. Meeting new people, graduating out of the academy at a young age, eating dumplings with his peers, fighting in the sewers, gardening, and of course the sparring. None of that mattered here at the new home of Isshin, the Monk Temple was regarded as being the most serene areas in Hoshi. Miyamoto drew long breaths before exhaling as his mind emptied out slowly like pouring water from a pitcher. When he opened his eyes he was on the defense as Isshin was attacking with his taijutsu, it was difficult to follow and after blocking a couple of full power blows he retaliated with his own assault. He was launching an attack as he swung low towards Isshin’s legs in an attempt to force him down. With each breath he inhaled he would prepare and parry before exhaling and countering with his own barrage.

It was all like a bad back and forth game children would play to exercise while at the academy. The ground given by one was overtaken by the other and vice versa as they each took turns. For an older man Isshin was in shape and his form was perfect, Miyamoto’s style was more laid back and non aggressive like self defense more than to attack one’s opponent. It was not long as Miyamoto realized his plan was flawed as he began to attack with more ferocity; his aiming went from trying to disable his foe to neutralizing a threat as he launched a series of attacks meant to strike Isshin in his head and chest to knock him back. His aim proved to be true as he pushed Isshin back several feet as he overtook him for the first time.

“Good, you learn quick. The leaf gale and whirlwind are the building blocks for you and they will become the stepping stones in which you will become a master of taijutsu...deflection...patience…execution.” Isshin said as he stood up straight and bowed to Miyamoto in respect before fluidly moving into another stance.

“I learned that my enemy will always use my naivety to strike me down if I let them. Attacking me while my eyes were closed only put me into defense. When I saw it was all a game I stepped up my game.” He would say, his breathing calm and even as he remained in the finishing stance in which he struck Isshin.

“Then the next step is making it unlike a game.” Isshin would say before launching himself at Miyamoto at a dazzling speed that nearly caught Miyamoto off guard.

Miyamoto instead of blocking received the strike and as Isshin landed his blow in the Solar Plexus of Miyamoto it nearly knocked the wind from his sails, but still his recovery was near perfect as Miyamoto grabbed Isshin’s wrist and bent it towards his attacker before bringing it down with a hard yank as he heard a popping noise from his opponent’s wrist he continued as Isshin did not stop as he attempted to reel back. Miyamoto anticipated the movement and sweeper Isshin’s leg in a quick strike as they both landed on the ground. Miyamoto sprung back up on his right hand and landed with a growl as he felt his skin boil. He swallowed hard as he began to taste sulfur, his mind was becoming clouded but he could still see through it all as he ran up to a recovering Isshin and launched a wave of punches as he was on the ground in quick succession until he felt something stop him.

The dust cleared to reveal that he had indeed been punching the ground as Isshin was now behind him, his chakra was light and airy. Miyamoto turned around with a smile as his hands began to turn black fore settling back to abnormal hue.

“Great job Miyamoto, now that you have learned the gale let us focus on the whirlwind. The power is going to be derived from your legs, I hope you have not been skipping out on leg you kids like to say.” He said as he coughed, a spot of blood was at the corner of his mouth.

Miyamoto noticed as he got low and into another fighting stance. Isshin was in did not take much to see that.

“Take it easy old man...don't wanna get schooled by your own student.” Miyamoto quipped with a sly smile keeping low just in case it was his turn to defend.

“Eventually all students surpass their teachers...otherwise what would be the use in teaching.” Isshin was quick to retort with his own smile before kicking off.

Miyamoto could easily read the moves this time, but right before he blocked the kick of his opponent he had a sort of flashback to the previous encounter with queensmen as in his head he saw a man in uniform lashing out in rage using the same type of movement. It caused Miyamoto a moment of hesitation that was quickly met with a kick to his face that sent him tumbling backwards. Miyamoto landed with a hard thud as he struggled to regain his footing as scenes of the past water garden incident filled his head… the dozens of unconscious queensmen, the wolf man, and him being powerless to stop it all. He sat up and was heaving as he tried to breath but found no foothold as he hyperventilated.

Isshin caught on almost immediately as he rushed to Miyamoto and as he approached Miyamoto scrambled backwards visibly shaken.

“ back…” Miyamoto managed to say in a hurried fashion.

Isshin looked at Miyamoto then the thought hit him of what happened. He sighed as he sat on the ground there with him and gave Miyamoto his space.

“What happened was not a direct result of your actions, you stepped in to help a friend. There is no shame in that. Those that got hurt have healed, those that instigated the fighting were punished. You need to learn to live with the past...otherwise it consumes you.” Isshin said as Miyamoto looked at him, his face pale with realization.

Miyamoto was scared of what could have happened that day, his own need for survival was up to the test. What a cruel world for the children of this world, growing up wanting to be the hero...except that when push comes to shove...sometimes it may not always go according to plan.

Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
Survived 2021
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Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK] Empty Re: Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK]

Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:10 pm
A few hours after the incident Miyamoto had finally calmed down enough to listen to reason as Isshin approached him once more, Miyamoto’s head hung low as his head was swimming with thoughts of his past as well as possible futures.  It was deafining to say the least, like a radio that had been turned to a frequency with no noise.  He was brought back to his academy days where he could not make friends, had to play catch up, and how he managed to alienate himself from the rest of his classmates because he wanted to be the best.  Now he was here, being taught by someone who just a few weeks back would have been looked at as an enemy had the tables been in the right place at the right time.

“Remember what I have told you before...accept the past, and embrace your in the here and now so that you may be able to protect those dear to you.”  Isshin said, his voice was calm and without emotion.

Miyamoto worked to clear his mind, remembering how he was laughed at, picked on, and forced to use his skills against those that found it their life’s mission to fight with him.  His breathing was labored, but as he listened to Isshin’s words he began to breathe slowly as he tried to let go again.  Inside his head the voices of Worr and the other one were attempting to give him advice as to what he should do.

“You could always run...that is what you are good at that…” The deeper voice started in.
“Shut it...Miyamoto knows what he is doing, he always does.  Leave him be…”  Worr stated as the two began to wrestle for control inside of him.

Miyamoto felt as if they would never stop bickering as he had to struggle to actually begin answering back to them, knowing they were just in his head did not help either...was he going crazy.  He groaned for about five seconds before taking a few more deep breathes to calm himself, soon finding solace that he could train his body to meet the needs of the two voices rather than to fight back against them.  The noise in his head soon died off as he set his mind to just fufilling the one task.

“Let us move on with the training.”  He would say standing up and bringing himself back to form, waiting for further instruction.

“Let us get back to it then.”  Isshin would say without much else as he launched a series of kicks aimed for Miyamoto’s chest as Miyamoto dodged and defended with ease.

The return was a bit more brutal as Miyamoto caught Isshin by the ankle and lifted up before taking a step forward and hooking his left leg still planted to the ground, as he pushed Isshin over he noticed he was actually caught off guard making the attack more suitable for what was about to happen.  Miyamoto’s kicks were all aimed for Isshin’s chest as he was pushed back, the barrage was easily visible as Miyamoto was moving at half speed to ensure he did not hurt his sparring partner.  Isshin took a majority of the blows still as he blocked few just out of sheer volume in which Miyamoto delivered the attack.  After he was done Miyamoto leapt back and planted his feet in the earth as he stood tall in defense ready for whatever his teacher was about to unleash.  That is when Isshin stood up and brushed himself off with a smile.

“You have done well Miyamoto, the trick is putting your all into the attack so that your enemy cannot hope to block such a powerful barrage.  Then you can stop whatever is in your way.  This is all I can teach you for today, my duties at the temple require my attention.  Please do not forget to keep on training, and if you need any advice...I am always here to help.”  He said with a smile before taking his leave.  

Miyamoto was left all alone with his thoughts once more as he sighed deeply and took what he said to heart.  He knew he could do it, and as far as training went he needed to get back to his normal regimen anyway.  A small smile crept up his face as he looked up into the sky, the sun almost directly overhead.  His stomach rumbled signaling it was lunch time.  

He fell to the ground and rubbed his stomach as he thought on what to do next.  It was then that a small rabbit crossed the field towards the woods.  Miyamoto was quick as he chased the rabbit till he scooped it up in his arms.  It had been a long time since he had rabbit meat.  

Sometime later he had a small fire going and he had finished the rabbit off himself, the only thing he left were bones and skin.  He took the skin and buried it with the bones as he thanked the earth for the meal it provided him and he was happy to give back to it as well.  He noticed the day was reaching the crest and it was time for everything to begin winding down for the day, his teammates must be doing the same thing.  He knew Ayato was a strict and heavily trained fighter, he must have something he is working on.  He began to make his way back to the village as he crossed the temple grounds, noting that there was something going on and that their own guards were in force. As he made it back into town he overheard a few people talking, it seems the temple was on high alert due to a sort of internal issue.  This made Miyamoto worry about Isshin as he was quick to make it home so he could relax and get ready for the next day.

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Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK] Empty Re: Miyamoto's Lament [P, Invite Only, NK]

Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:24 pm

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