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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Delivery Boy to the Rescue Empty Delivery Boy to the Rescue

Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:02 pm
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Senshi landed just outside the mission office, he was wearing his usual attire with only one new addition. His two Tanto’s had been complete and while they had cost a pretty penny he was extremely pleased with them. They would no doubt help him on his Chuunin Exam missions, allowing him to work far more stealthily than normal. The two daggers sat on each hip so that he could draw them easily and so they wouldn’t interfere with either his sword or his two weapons pouches. He finally felt as though he really looked like a weapons specialist. With two weapons pouches, his two Tanto’s, and his large sword on his back he cut a rather striking figure in the early morning light.
He entered the mission office, his back straight and his shoulders pushed back as he walked up to the D rank mission desk. He had received a missive that there was some missions available that he needed to complete, that didn’t involve the Chuunin Exams. Despite wanting to completely dedicate himself to training and the Chuunin Exams missions he knew his first duty was to the people of Kumogakure and completing any missions handed to him. As such he had arrived as early as possible, knowing that the Chuunin didn’t like it if he showed up before six am, he had waited until the time had just passed six before walking in. Now the Chuunin couldn’t be angry at him for showing up too early, but he still felt he would be able to complete the mission in enough time to get some training in.
As he stepped up to the mission desk he braced to attention giving a crisp salute before speaking, “Sir, Genin Kobayashi reporting for a mission.” The Chuunin gave what could only be called an exasperated sigh as he looked at the overly formal Genin. He recognized him as one of the Genin he had proctored for the Preliminary Chuunin Exam missions. The Genin that had gotten him and his team chewed out rather thoroughly for not being able to stop. Still he was a professional and it was always a good thing that Genin were able to perform so well. “Here, Akihana-Sama placed this mission in specifically. Be sure not to fail.” Senshi gave a sharp nod as he accepted the scroll giving another crisp salute before moving out the door.
He quickly opened the scroll once he was free from the confines of the mission office reading it over thoroughly. He was vaguely surprised by the mission, in that it was so different from all the ones he had run so far. Still he could easily see how beneficial this mission would be for Kumogakure and how it would improve the general morale of the citizens as well. His specific mission was to deliver firewood, food, and blankets to two different shelters. He was to remain respectful, not that he didn’t always do this, and assist the shelters in any other specific tasks that they may have. A building had been set up pre stocked with the items, all he would need to do was sign the requisite forms to get them first.
With a crisp nod to himself he jumped up to the nearest building before setting off towards the distribution building. He had memorized the address of both the two shelters he would be helped and the distribution center. As he ran along the roof tops he tucked the mission scroll into his left thigh pouch. A short run later and he was landing in front of the distribution center. The building looked rather run down, but sturdy enough and Senshi could see several workers headed into the building via a side door. He followed them, pulling the door open and was surprised to see hundreds of book shelves, each filled with scrolls. He could see that the scrolls were all rather large, looking to be about three feet long and four feet around.
As he entered the door several worked turned glancing at him in surprise, before he was quickly approached by a rather nerdy looking older man. He had graying brown hair and the most normal features that Senshi had ever seen. He pushed his glasses up as he began to speak, his voice surprisingly deep for his slender build. “Ahh you’re the first Genin to arrive for this mission, we haven’t even finished setting up yet. Let me see your mission scroll so I know which supplies to give you. Gosimo-san, bring the requisition forms over for this Genin to fill out.” Senshi just nodded slightly bemused at how fast the man spoke and handed over his mission scroll. He was quickly approached by a younger looking version of the nerdy man who had just taken off muttering through the stacks of shelves.
“Here you are Genin-san, just fill everything out the requisite scroll numbers will be provided in a moment.” Senshi nodded, still remaining silent since every seemed to work rather efficiently and didn’t seem to want an introduction from him. He accepted the forms looking down at them before he began to fill them out. They merely wanted his name, rank, shinobi id number, missions number, and specific addresses for the locations he was delivering to. Not to mention exactly which scrolls he was taking to those locations. By the time he had finished filling out the forms the original nerdy man returned, Senshi was assuming that he was the director of this distribution center. He straighten his body as the man dropped two large scrolls in front of him before speaking.
“You’ll be taking scroll number 11275 to location one and scroll number 77439 to location two. Ensure you don’t mix them up Genin-san, and fill out the scroll numbers on that form, then I’ll take it from you.” Senshi quickly wrote down the scroll numbers memorizing them and which location they went to as he did so before handing the scrolls over. He bent down hefting up the rather heavy scrolls and slinging them across his back. He would be unable to draw his sword with these scrolls on his back, but at least he had his others weapons still accessible. He turned leaving the building and taking off towards the first shelter, which just so happened to also be the closest to the distribution center. It was a shelter dedicated to the homeless people of the village.
Those whose homes had either been destroyed in the take over and yet to be repaired, or simply couldn’t afford a home period. Senshi picked up his pace wanting to finish this mission quickly so he could get back to training. He would be able to better serve his village as a Chuunin, even though he knew missions like this were exceptionally important as well. He touched down in front of the rather run down shelter, but was surprised both by how sturdy it looked and also how well kept the grounds around it were. They must either receive slightly more funding than other shelters, or else the manager of this building must be exceptionally good at ensuring everything was taken care of.
Shaking those thoughts off he walked into the building heading up several flights of stairs as he followed the signs to the Building managers office. Despite the early hour he was pleased to see that the woman was already hard at work. Her door was propped open and he could see the elderly woman, her once red hair clearly fading to gray with age. He gave a crisp knock on the door waiting for her to acknowledge his presence, knowing just how rude it was to simply walk into someone’s office unannounced. It took several moments before she finally looked up, she motioned him to walk in as she started speaking quickly.
“Ahh good, you must the Genin on the Shelter delivery missions. I’m glad you’re here. Now before the rest of the residents of the building wake up I want you to store the firewood and the food in the two smaller buildings on the edge of the shelter. Then once you complete that bring the blankets to the main hall. Stack them in piles of ten so as to make distribution easier. Once you’ve done that you’ll have completed your duties here.” Senshi nodded, his face registering surprise at her quick fire orders. He was about to speak when she began waving her hands at him her voice turning slightly hard. “What are you waiting for, go. Go do as you’re told young man.” He just nodded again finding himself outside with no real recollection of how he’d ended up out there. He gave the woman an odd, bemused look again before walking back down the stairs.
These people all seemed in an incredibly rush to get him out to do things, maybe their situation was more dire than he had thought. Shaking the thoughts off as he walked back outside he headed across the grounds to two smaller buildings. Opening the first one he was surprised by the amount of boxes of food stacked in there. He grabbed the first scroll on his back twisting it around his body to check the number. Seeing that it was the wrong one he pushed it back into place before grabbing the other. He did a quick check of the number just to be sure before giving himself an assured nod and unrolling the scroll. As he did he saw it had three large sealing marks on it, each labeled for one of the three necessities the shelters needed. He found the food sealing and applied his chakra to it surprised by how much it took to unseal it,
He was even more surprised when about a hundred boxes of premade, ready to heat meals appeared in front of him. He gave a weary sigh as he began picking them up, ten at a time and stacking them appropriately. He didn’t want to just leave them here near the entrance, when it was clear the entire shed was organized in a certain way. It took him just over thirty minutes to complete his organizing of the food before he rolled the scroll up and walked to the other shed. Once there he was at least pleased to see that they had less firewood than they did food. He unrolled his scroll, outside this time, since it would give him more room to work in before unsealing the firewood. He was unsurprised by the amount this time, around two hundred bundles of wood greeted him.
With another sigh he began carrying in loads of firewood stacking them as the small amount that was left in there were already stacked. When he had completed his task the shed was almost completely full of fire wood, and Senshi was picking out small splinters from his hands. He knelt down rolling the scroll up quickly before heading back to the main building. He could see several people walking around and they gave him odd looks as he tried to read the signs around them. It was a confusing, convoluted path he had to take until he found the main mess hall. It was currently clear of any people, for which he was glad for. He didn’t want to deal with a sudden rush from the occupants of the building. He was wholly unsure how he would handle such a thing anyways. He pulled the scroll off his back checking the number on it, before he unrolled it unsealing the final items in it. A rather massive stack of blankets suddenly appeared with a small poof of air.
Senshi waved his hand so that the dust the air had kicked up would clear from around his face before he looked at the stack. This was going to take quite a while to handle. There were four stacks of heavy duty, warm looking blankets and each stack seemed to hold at least a hundred of the things. He set to work quickly counting out ten and placing them down into a pile of their own before repeating the process again and again. By the time he was close to finished several people were walking into the hall staring at him curiously, and at the blankets enviously. He turned as he heard the click of heels walking fast towards him. The manager of the building made a strange sound in her throat before addressing the Genin.
“Good job, your work here is done. Let me see your mission scroll so I can sign off on it.” Senshi nodded pulling the scroll out and handing it to here. She perused the item for several seconds before signing in several places and handing it back. “We’ll be keeping the sealing scroll so you can be on your way Genin.” She gave him a hard look as he looked uncertainly at the scroll and then back to her but finally he simply issued a shrug before turning to leave. He had gotten the impression that she didn’t really want him to speak. She had been trying to rush him out of her presence and as he saw the heavy glares several of the occupants were sending him he understood why. It was clear that these people did not trust shinobi. He didn’t know why, but he did know that it was his job to remain professional and complete his missions.
Maybe his assistance here, delivering these goods, would change at least some of the occupant’s views. It took him several minutes to find his way out of the building but once he had done so he quickly set off to the second shelter, surprised to see it was already almost nine in the morning. He quickly arrived at his destination surprised by the sudden change between the two shelters. This one not only looked shabby but even the grounds were in major disrepair. He could see two odd attachments to the building that probably served the same use as the sheds at the other building. He had crossed from a higher end sector to a lower, but still he would have thought the homeless shelters were all held to the same standard.
He walked into the door being as careful as he could to not break it as he walked in. He followed the few signs around a corner that led to an extremely small office and saw a tired over worked man sitting in it filling out forms. He knocked on the door and the man immediately looked up a relieved smile gracing his face as he saw the Genin, with the large scroll on his back. “Ahh come in, come in. You must be the Genin with the items right? What’s your name, son?” Senshi bristled slightly at being called son, but understood that it was just a manner of speech for the man. He certainly seemed a lot nicer than the last building manager at least. “Genin Kobayashi Senshi, sir. Yes I have a scroll here filled with blankets, food, and firewood. What would you like me to do with it?” The man nodded several times his relieved smile seeming to grow as his eyes darted to the scroll.
“Oh outstanding, we dearly need these supplies. Here I’ll give you a map, we need most of the food in the storage area but if you could please deliver five boxes to the mess hall. We’ve unfortunately run out of food and none of the people here have eaten in about a day. As for the firewood, that’ll go to storage area two, if you could please deliver two blankets to every room that would be wonderful. Also I know it’s not part of your mission but if there’s anyway you could help clear the ground of all the dead leaves and some of the snow it would be a great help.” The obviously overworked man was looking at Senshi with something the young Genin found uncomfortable. It was like gratitude but far more than he was ever used to seeing. He really didn’t want the man to stare at him for any longer so he found himself nodding choppily as he spoke.
“Yes sir, of course. I’ll find you after I’ve completed my duties.” He quickly turned walking out of the office as fast as he could without seeming rude and followed the map the man had given him to the firewood area first. This building had a lot of firewood already and he was unsurprised when he unsealed the wood to see that there was only a few bundles that he needed to stack up. Once he had completed that he moved as quickly as he could to the second storage area, noting the gaunt and tired looks on all of the people he passed by. Once he was there he moved as fast as he could stacking the boxes slightly more messily than he had the other building only because he wanted to deliver the food to the mess hall sooner. Once he had completed stacking the boxes he selected five of them at random and carried them to the mess hall.
As he did so he attracted several followers from the occupants of the building. They had quickly noted that the boxes said food, and specifically the type of food they had on them and had been drawn to the young Genin. He was extremely uncomfortable at the looks of gratitude and hunger on the people’s faces and as he arrived at the mess hall and handed the boxes over to several tired workers he could hear the people whispering. Most of the time he couldn’t hear what they were saying but occasionally he could hear a thank you, and a reverence in their voices as they noticed the headband he proudly displayed on his chest. With a thing blush on his face he quickly headed upstairs to where the rooms were all at. He unrolled his scroll in the widest corner he could find before unsealing the blankets and grabbing several at a time he began to go to each room dropping two off per room.
He was just happy that most of the people were already down stairs, enjoying the meal that he had delivered. Though the few people that were still upstairs thanked him profusely, almost going into hug him but stopping short when he tensed up. He gave them crisp nods before rushing away to continue his duties. He really did not know how to handle these people here, the disdain of the other shelter had been so much simpler for the boy. By the time he finished and found himself outside looking at the large yard full of snow and dead leaves from the autumn it was almost noon. He could feel himself growing hungry but pushed it off, he had a mission to accomplish.
One he was sure he could do quickly, especially with his new Tanto’s. He pulled the two Tanto’s from their sheaths, located on his hips. Holding them in a reverse grip so that the blades ran along his forearms he focused his chakra. The Decapitating air wave’s technique was another basic D rank wind technique that he had researched. He knew that if he focused his wind chakra into his blades he would be able to create a cone, almost a vortex of wind that could either soften the ground or blow things away. It was commonly used to blow thrown weapons away from a user, Senshi however was going to use it like a leaf blower to clean the yard.
He knew he would need to regulate his chakra and ensure none of it was aimed near the building, less he fail his mission by blowing the whole building down. Once he felt the wind chakra in his blade and he could hear a quiet whistling sound come from them he swung his right hand forwards watching as a cone of wind chakra blew outwards picking up all the leaves and snow and blowing them back several meters. He repeated the motion with his left hand aiming it at a different angle so more leaves and snow were blown back. The technique was exceedingly easy for the young boy to do with his Tanto’s and he proceeded to move throughout the yard using a Ninjutsu and his dangerous weapons to do basic yard work.
With his technique he was able to clear the entire yard and make, a rather huge mound, of leaves and snow far off in a back corner. He was really unsure what he was supposed to do with it but, he would ask the building manager now that the grounds look so much better. He turned jogging back to the building before heading to the manager’s office. He ignored the stunned looks on most of the occupant’s faces on how nice their grounds now looked due to his work. It had taken him almost an hour of constantly using the Decapitating Air wave’s technique but he felt that at least he had gotten some good training from this mission.
It would make it more instinctual for him to sue the technique in a real life scenario now that he had practiced it for so long. He had even managed to avoid damaging anything while he had done so. Though he had, had several close calls especially with some of the locals coming outside while he was working. He approached the manager’s office but before he could knock on the door the man was already rising grinning at him. “Thank you so much, Genin Kobayashi. You’ve really been a large help. Don’t worry about the pile you created its fine where it is. Here let me sign off on your mission scroll. Also we are supposed to keep the sealing scroll, I know it’s odd but its part of what we were told.” Senshi had to force himself not to step back and try to hide from the man’s utter exuberance. He was clearly excited about the supplies Senshi had distributed, and the work he had done on the grounds.
As he was handing over the mission scroll to the man he spoke, his voice relatively soft. “Of course sir, it’s the duty of a Kumogakure Shinobi to serve its people.” The man nodded bestowing a large smile on the young Genin. As he was signing the mission scroll Senshi removed the large sealing scroll laying it by the door so the manager could do with it as he pleased. The man finally handed him back the mission scroll, gripping Senshi’s hand tightly when he went to accept it and shaking it as he spoke. “Thank you again, it has been a huge help.” Senshi just nodded, tucking the scroll away and heading out as fast as he could, without being rude. He really did not know how to handle the gratitude of these people. Thought he hadn’t liked the disdain from the other shelter, it had at least been easier to deal with.

He quickly headed to the mission office filling out his report as he ran, keeping an eye on where he was going via chakra sensory and an occasional glance. It was good training for his situational awareness to do such things. When he arrived at the mission’s office he quickly finished his report before sealing it into the mission scroll and heading inside. It was well after noon by this point and he had to wait in a line before he finally stepped up to the desk giving his usual crisp salute before speaking. “Genin Kobayashi Senshi, reporting a complete D rank mission number 831799.” He leaned forwards dropping his salute as he placed the missions scroll on the desk remaining at attention as he waited for the Chuunin to inspect it. It a rather short time before the Chuunin nodded and waved him off, “Good job Genin, your dismissed for the day. Return tomorrow for another mission.” Senshi gave a crisp salute before turning on his heel and heading out of the building. He had some more training to do after all.

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Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:20 pm

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