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Ikugetsu Hozuki
Ikugetsu Hozuki
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Training session (P,NK) Empty Training session (P,NK)

Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:01 pm
Having finally become a full time ninja, Ikugetsu, not wanting to waste any time, quickly rushes over to the training grounds at the water garden in order to practice his first water jutsu. Ikugetsu would run all the way from the ninja academy to the training grounds, only stopping once he got to the entrance. 

Now standing in front of the entrance to the training grounds, Ikugetsu is bent over trying to catch his breath. Panting heavily he grabbed his water bottle and took a sip, also pouring a little bit over his head to help cool himself down. Once he had  fully caught his breath, he would then stand up straight; taking another sip from his water bottle, as he scans the area for a decent place to practice his jutsu. Ikugetsu’s eyes would scan the area from left to right ‘this place sure is empty a lot, eh more room for me I guess.’ He would think to him self while scanning the area. finally his eyes would come to a stop at a clear area next to a small stream. “this will do” he says to himself. As he is walking over towards his practice area, Ikugetsu would reach into his ninja pouch and grabs out a jutsu scroll his uncle had given him earlier in the day. Opening it, Ikugetsu begins to examine the contents of the scroll;  still walking towards the stream.  At the top of the page the words “D rank Hidden Mist Technique” are written in bold letters. 

Once he had reached his destination, Ikugetsu would grab his bottle, and takes another sip, before sitting down to continue reading the jutsu scroll.  He would hold the water bottle in his hand close to his face as he reads, taking a small sip every few words.

The scroll reads “this technique allows the user to create a dense cloud of mist. This is done through manipulating a preexisting water source. By adding ones own chakra to said water source, the user is able to control how dense they would like for the mist to be; ranging from a light fog, to a mist so thick even light can’t pass through. This jutsu requires the use of the Tiger hand seal… Some skilled users of this technique are able to expel the mist from their mouths, though this could take much practice. Good luck” 

Once he is done reading the scroll Ikugetsu rolls it back up and places it into his pouch. He would then Stand back up and walks over closer to the stream; standing a few feet from the flowing water. . “good thing this streams here. Guess I’ll start with this as my water source.”  With that, Ikugetsu begins to ready himself. He would start by getting into the proper stance in order to generate maximum chakra. He is Now standing with his feet shoulder width apart And his hands firmly at his sides, he closes he eyes and begins to clear his mind of everything except the stream near him.  Once he has recreated the stream In his mind, Ikugetsu would envision the steam getting hotter and hotter until it would begin to boil over and gives off a steam mist floating around the area over and near the stream in his mind. Once Ikugetsu felt that he had created a solid mental picture of the steam siting over the boiling stream, he would make the Tiger hand seal and begins to try to add his chakra to this image in his head. Still holding the Tiger hand seal.

As Ikugetsu continues to focus on the image in his head, the mist would slowly begin to shift towards the area surrounding the young ninja. The mist would start out pooling around his feet. As Ikugetsu continues to concentrate and focuses harder, the mist surrounding him  would continue to rise and fills the area, until it finally settles in a 50 meter radius surrounding the young shinobi. Opening his eyes and resting his hands to his sides, Ikugetsu would see that the area was now completely filled with mist. ‘nice, got it on my first try. Now let’s see if I add more chakra can I make this mist denser like the scrolls says.  He would say to himself before taking a sip from his water bottle; sweat beginning to build on his forehead.

Ikugetsu would then begin to generate his chakra , trying to focus on the thickness of the mist. A few seconds would pass before the mist would slowly start to thicken. Becoming more and more dense. Ikugetsu looking around, could see that the area around him was slowly beginning to disappear into the fog. ‘yes!’ he would think to him self, while still focusing on holding the jutsu.  Ikugetsu, at this point at been working for over an hour and was nearing his limit. Not wanting to push himself to hard on his first day as a shinobi, Ikugetsu would release the jutsu, and drops to one knee from exhaustion. Looking around he notices that even the stream that was a mere feet away from him, was no longer visible. ‘what a nice trick to learn for My first jutsu. Thank you uncle!’ Ikugetsu would think to himself as he knelt there in the middle of his mist cloud.

Happy with his progress for the day, Ikugetsu would take a few more moments to bask in the enjoyment of learning his first water jutsu, kneeling there with a big grin on his face. He would then, stand up brushing off his cloths, and dispels the jutsu, sending the mist away just as fast as it had appeared. 
Tired and exhausted from his first day of life as a ninja, Ikugetsu would take a long sip from his water bottle as he heads for the entrance to the training ground. ‘I can’t wait to show uncle my headband when I get home.’ He would think to himself as he starts the walk home. 
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