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Ikugetsu Hozuki
Ikugetsu Hozuki
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First training session (P,NK) Empty First training session (P,NK)

Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:27 am
It is early morning in Hoshigakure, Ikugetsu has just left his uncles house and is heading now to the water garden to get in some training for his upcoming genin exam in three days time. As he is walking towards the garden, he begins to think aloud to himself “so all I need now is to learn the clone jutsu and the transformation technique, and I can take the genin exam. I guess I’ll get them out of the way today.” Ikugetsu comes to the training grounds entrance as he is finishing his statement. 
Looking around Ikugetsu can see that he is the first person here. ‘I wonder why no one else is here, I know it’s early but still’ he would say to himself as he begins walking and scanning for a nice area to train. After walking for a few minutes, Ikugetsu finally settles on a nice spacious area under a big oak tree nearby the training ground entrance. ‘this spot should do well’ Ikugetsu thinks to himself while taking a long ship from the water bottle on his hip. After returning the water bottle to his hip, Ikugetsu makes a loud yawn and begins to stretch out in preparation for the coming training session. 

Ikugetsu reaches into the ninja pouch hanging of the back of his belt and pulls out a jutsu scroll. He unroll the  scroll and takes a seat under the oak tree in order to read the scroll away from the coming sun. Unrolling the scroll, Ikugetsu can see at the top of the page the words “TRANSFORMATION TECHNIQUE” in big bold letters, as he continues on, he reads aloud to himself the next part of the scroll “The transformation technique is considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires constant emission of chakra while mentally maintaining the form.  By making the Dog Boar and Ram hand seas, the user is able to take the form of anything they see fitting” with a grin on his face, Ikugetsu rolls the scroll back up and returns it to his pouch. ‘Thisshuld be fun’ he thinks to himself as he stands up to begin training.

Ikugetsu, now standing up, pulls a rusty kunai from his pouch. The kunai was way past usefulness in a fight, but just what the young ninja needed to practice learning this technique. Taking kunai into his left hand, Ikugetsu begins to examine the rusted weapon, trying to remember as many mental detail as possible. After about five minutes of examining the kunai, Ikugetsu throws in in the direction of the tree, the kunai would stick in the tree. Ikugetsu then closes his eyes, and begins to create a mental picture of he weapon that he was holding just a few short moments ago. He is trying to recall every dent, scratch and bit of rust on the kunai. Once Ikugetsu was satisfied with his mental image, he quickly flashed the hand signs Dog Boar Ram, and poof! Ikugetsu’s position is covered in a cloud of smoke. He can feel himself getting smaller, or rather, the world around him getting bigger. Unable to check to confirm if he has successfully replicated the rusty kunai, Ikugetsu decides to call his attempt at learning the clone jutsu a success. ‘I guess I’ll have to wait till the genin exam to see how well I was able to learn this technique. 

Now that Ikugetsu has finished learning the transformation jutsu, it was time to move on to learning the clone jutsu. Ikugetsu would take a seat again under the large oak tree, this time pulling from his pouch a scroll containing the directions for learning the clone jutsu. Filled with excitement from learning his first technique, Ikugetsu quickly scans the directions reading only the important parts like the required hand seals of ram snake tiger, and also noting the fact that the clones can not attack and are best used as a distraction to help confuse the enemy. 

Armed with these two facts, Ikugetsu takes a long audible sip from his water bottle, finish the little bit left in the bottle.  He would next stand up and position himself in front of the tree. he begins by gathering his chakra. Ikugetsu closes his eyes in order to focus his chakra. Once he has built up the required amount of chakra, Ikugetsu would then start to make a mental image of himself. This part was a bit hard at first for Ikugetsu as he rarely looks at himself in the mirror and wasn’t quite sure if the mental image was correct. ‘only one way to find out.’ He thinks to himself as he begins to preform the required hand seals. A second late, POOF, a cloud of dusk appears a few meters in front of Ikugetsu, the dust cloud only last a few seconds before giving way to what appears to me a mirror image of Ikugetsu. Seeing himself standing there in front of his very eyes causes a big ear to ear grin to appear on Ikugetsu’s  face. In response, a grin would also appear on the clones face as well. Noticing this Ikugetsu says aloud to himself “I guess it’s more a mirror image of me then a stand alone fighting force. But how to make use of this ?” he begins to scratch his head “well I guess I’ll have to figure that out another day. I’m tired, and it’s almost lunch time!” 

Happy with his progress for the day, Ikugetsu decides to call the day early and enjoy his last new days, hopefully, as a academy student.  Grabbing at the full water bottle on his other hip, Ikugetsu takes a long sip, “this whole ninja thing is kinda fun, I wonder what else I can learn to help me along my way of seeing my goal through.’ It would think to him self before taking another, this time longer sip, finishing the content of the water bottle. He than heads off in the direction of the entrance to the training grounds.

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Ikugetsu Hozuki
Ikugetsu Hozuki
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First training session (P,NK) Empty Re: First training session (P,NK)

Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:31 pm
It is early evening in Hoshigakure, the sun is just  getting ready to set on the day, and Ikugetsu has just finished a long days worth of training at the water garden training ground. Still being relatively new to Hoshigakure, Ikugetsu still gets lost when traveling at times. Because of this, his uncle had told him earlier in the day, to wait for him, and that he would walk with Ikugetsu home, and give him a quick tour of the city while they are at it. However, uncle was running late. He was supposed to have arrived before the sun started going down; about twenty minutes ago.

Ikugetsu peers over toward the entrance to the training grounds. Seeing that his uncle was nowhere in sight, the young ninja decided to take advantage of the extra time that he had, and get in some practice with the cool new equipment he had gotten from his ninja starting bundle. On the floor not to far from where he was standing , lays a medium sized bag, that included all the starting ninja equipment “neat, an extra ninja pouch!” Ikugetsu would say as he takes from the bag and attaches the pouch behind his back next to his original ninja pouch. Taking up the rest of the equipment from the bag, Ikugetsu begins to try to stuff all of the items into his two pouches. He is able to get everything into the two pouches however everything inside is a mess and it takes him a while to retrieve an item from his pouch and the item is not even the one he was looking for. With a quizzical look on his face he would say “how the heck can I get anything from here in a timely manner like this?” 

“well I have an idea as to how to help you out with that..” a voice would say from behind Ikugetsu. Ikugetsu, so caught up in trying to stuff his ninja pouch, had not noticed that his uncle had arrived and  had been standing behind him for a while, watching the young ninja struggle. Now looking over at his uncle, Ikugetsu could see that the man had a smile on his face from watching the young ninja struggle. “well, what do you suggest?” Ikugetsu would ask, after giving up on trying to make the ninja pouches work for him and spilling all its contents out on the floor next too himself.

“well I’d say, you should keep everything that you need to get to quickly like weapons or scrolls in one pouch, and than everything else in the other like jutsu scrolls or books. You have to have an order to stuff that you are able to remember like it’s second nature. But, if you want, I could teach you another way to carry stuff.” His uncle would say, still with an ear to ear grin on his face so big that his eyes are closed. Ikugetsu does not even take a second to consider his uncles offer before responding back to his uncle simply with “Of Course I do!”

Ikugetsu’s uncle would laugh a little at how quickly the young ninja responds to his request  “well than you should take a seat so I can explain the technique and how it works.” Still filled with excitement, Ikugetsu quickly takes a seat in front of his uncle. His uncle would follow suit and takes a seat next to Ikugetsu. “so how do I use the technique” Ikugetsu would anxiously ask while staring straight at his uncle waiting for the older shinobi to open his mouth to speak. Ikugetsu’s uncle is happy to see Ikugetsu is excited to learn and gets right into explaining the technique .

“well, as you know , a lot of clans have a special technique or KKG that there people are able to make use of. Well the people of the Hozuki clan,  our clan have a very special bloodline technique involving water This skill allows us to turn our bodies into liquid form, this technique is unique to our clan. I’ve heard that you are even able to make use of the technique.” He pauses for a minute to let the complement soak in, before starting back up “well, if you continue to train and work at mastering this bloodline, the number of skills and moves that can be made from it are endless, your father was well skilled in our bloodline even able to shoot a water bullet with just his finger,; and I know you can be just as good, if not better.. But for today, we are going to start with a rather simple technique, liquid inventory. As the name Implies, this skill allows you to turn some of your items into liquid; four to be exact. This is done through taking the time out to form a bond with said item. To do this you would have to implant your own water chakra deep into the molecules of the item. This will allow the item to dissolve into water and be able to transfer and combine with the water already in your body. I’m not going to lie, the first time when you are creating the bond, can take a long time as your chakra needs to completely integrate itself with the item. But rest easy, after the first time, you will be able to dissolve and recall your items almost as fast as you move. But you got to practice first so why don’t we work on how the bond is created.” Ikugetsu’s uncle would say in a long drawn out breath. 

Once he saw that his uncle was done explaining, Ikugetsu immediately jumped to his feet to begin training. His uncle would then pull two training kunai from his pocket, handing one to Ikugetsu. “hey why does it have to be a training kunai, can’t I use one of mine that I just got?” Ikugetsu would say with a look of let down on his face as he takes the training kunai from his uncle. Looking over towards Ikugetsu, still with a smile on his face his uncle would respond back to the young ninja  saying “well of course you can use one of your kunai, but, because you are just starting out learning this skill, there’s a very strong possibility that you may destroy the item while learning the skill. So the choice is yours”. With that said, Ikugetsu wouldn’t answer back, instead he decides to just ready his training kunai and wait to see what is next.

And like that, there was no more talking, the smiles that were previously on the two shinobi faces has now dissipated. Replaced with looks of aggression and determination. Both men would take a long sip of water before beginning. “just watch and do what I do and say” his uncle would say as he stands at attention with his eyes closed holding the kunai between both of his hands in front of his body. Ikugetsu watching his uncle closely, would do the exact same thing. A few moments pass of complete silence. Five more minutes go by. Both men still standing there holding their kunai with there eyes closed. After about another ten minutes had passed Ikugetsu was not sure what was happening , but what he thought was happening was the kunai between his hand was slowly beginning to feel wet to the touch. And not like from his palms being sweaty, but soaked as if he had dropped the kunai in the ocean and stuck his hand in to get it. Before he has a chance to question it, his uncle would chime in “ by now it should feel as if the kunai has a hole in it and is leaking water from all over. That is good, now keep with it”

‘I guess I must be doing something right.’ Ikugetsu would think to himself as he continues to stand and wait for what seems like eternity but is actually only another fifteen minutes. Just as he is about to say something to his uncle, Ikugetsu begins to feel the kunai lose a bit of weight. At the same time his uncle would say to him “about now your chakra should be entering into the molecules of the kunai and becoming one with it. It probably feels like it is getting lighter. Since you pretty much got the basics down, here’s a tip, if you envision the kunai turning into water, it will help to speed up this part of the process.” The older Hozuki would finish his statement with a slight chuckle. 

Ikugetsu is to focused on trying to envision the kunai washing away into a puddle of water to be mad with his uncle for waiting so long to share this bit of information; but he does note it as something g to complain to his uncle about later…five more grueling minutes pass, but this time  with each passing minute, Ikugetsu could feel the kunai getting lighter and lighter. Until finally he could feel his hands clasp together as if he was not holding anything a second ago. Upon opening his eyes for the first time in what felt like for ever, Ikugetsu would peer down at his hands to see that the kunai indeed was gone. He would then look over to his uncle with a big grin, only his one long tooth sticking out from the side. 

“not bad for your first time, now let’s see you recall the item, it shouldn’t take more then a few seconds.” His uncle would say. Ikugetsu would then hold out his hand in anticipation of the kunai reforming in it. After a few seconds pass and the kunai does not reappear, the smile begins to dissipate from The Young ninja’s face. He would then again look over to his uncle this time with a question look on his face. And judging my his uncles grin, Ikugetsu could tell that his uncle knew what he had done wrong. 

“that’s what happens if you do not apply enough of your own chakra.” Ikugetsu’s uncles says to him, as he points to a puddle at Ikugetsu’s feet. The older Hozuki would continue “if you do not supply enough of your chakra to the item, it will just melt into a pool, unable to combine with your body. Essentially you need to get the same chakra ratio into the item as in your body. Now let’s try again, that was good” His uncle would toss another training Kunai at him. 

Now with a look of sheer determination, Ikugetsu holds the weapon tightly between his hands immediately begins to Envision the kunai in his hand being washed away in a wave of blue. Little by little he again begins to feel his hands getting lighter and the kunai dissolving from his hands. Once the kunai was completely dissolved he quickly held his hand out to test if he was able to correctly complete the bond. With in a matter of seconds, the training kunai was back in his had. This causes Ikugetsu to jump up and down in excitement! Looking over at his uncle, he would say “thank you uncle!”

With a bit of a surprised look on his face, Ikugetsu’s uncle would say “wow, nice got it on your first day huh. Pretty impressive, even your old man had to take three days before he could get the bond.” Hearing this causes the smile on Ikugetsu’s face to grow even larger, happy that he had out did his father. 

“now that you know how to form a Hozuki bond with an item, I should tell you this, in order to recall or put away an item, you have to be in direct contact with it. So keep that in mind when picking what four items to form the bond with. Now, let’s get out of here it’s late and you have to be up early tomorrow”

The two would gather up the rest of Ikugetsu’s ninja equipment, and than head for the exit to the training grounds.
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First training session (P,NK) Empty Re: First training session (P,NK)

Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:27 pm

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