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From the brink of death - Page 2 Empty Re: From the brink of death

Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:55 pm
"I don't know what else to tell you my friend, everything I have will also be yours. We will take everything worth anything from everyone and bring the world back to the beginning before all things existed. I know if it us, we will be able to fulfill this goal entirely."

He waited to see if Maku would reply positively or negatively. He was still prepared to attack his friend if the occasion called for such a thing. He refused the seat, the world did warp but his stance stayed one of a standing and ready position as he hoped his friend would come on his own accord.
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From the brink of death - Page 2 Empty Re: From the brink of death

Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:41 pm
"You really are a cunt."  Maku would say taking a large drink, emptying the glass. The warmth filled his body.  Waving his hand the door that would lead him to death was swallowed in darkness, before being lifted upwards.  It would seem to disappear to Youka into the rafters.  In reality it had taken residence in one of the rooms upstairs.  It remained open, it remained there waiting for Maku some day.  He had 10 years to enter the door after all, he had given himself that.

"Fine, but so help me if its not as you say.  I'll kill you myself, and take you with me..."  He said deadly serious.  Standing he stepped towards the door Youka had came through.  He supposed he was back in it for round two.  Round two of life, an attempt to get back to what he had started.  There was no stopping it, there were no longer limits.

No village would be safe, no secret he wouldn't claim.  It was all Youka fault, but the world would pay.  Even as these thoughts clinger through his mind a familiar impish grin graced his lips.  A look he had almost lost sans when he spoke and annoyed Akihana.  "Well lover, time for round two......lets have some foreplay before the main course.  Thanks darling...."  With that he would step through the door, and cause discord to force Youka out.  

When Youka entered the forest or wherever he had used the key there would be no sign of Maku.  He had gone from kumo.  First stop was stealing his cloak and sword back.  He left a note for den saying sorry he had just been kidding so the stuff was totally still his.  He also had to resize the damn thing, figures brothers always dicking around with other brothers stuff.  He would return to kumo shortly after, though now the suppression mask was tightly strapped to his head.  All traces of his chakra signature gone.  He'd make himself known, in due time.

(For those who care, this does not stop the events of the topic with echo.  Maku will still go to hell, he will still die.  In that topic he died hundreds of years in the future, so this is merely a timeline of him coming back.)
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