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Really? A Teddy Bear? Empty Really? A Teddy Bear?

Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:33 am
The jutsu Kyousuke had used the other day was bothersome. It had significant effects on his body, ranging from rapid healing to increased mass. Could it be done with things other than people? Like teddy bears for example. It was worth testing out for sure, but it was late and surely no one would have bears for sale at this time of night. Following that the jounin shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep, maybe he could learn something about the technique in the morning.

The alarm rang early about six, he slapped the thing off the dresser fully waking him as it hit the floor. The ninja walked over to his weight bench, the bar was made of durable metal. It would need to be to take the weight Kyousuke was about to place onto it. Ten, one hundred pound weights five placed on each side. Getting onto the bench he gripped the bar evenly. He would then raise his arms and the bar until they were over his head.

He raised the bar up and down before becoming tired. Once his arms felt as if they would give, his skin greyed and his muscles became tighter. The weight no longer felt as heavy and his muscles felt as if they were not doing as much work. After three more sets he returned the bar and weights, before making breakfast. Six eggs for protein and some orange juice, was all he needed before putting on a pair of jogging pants and walking outside shirtless.

After breakfast is was time for a run, maybe he would see someone he knew along the way. Kyousuke started his run at his house and did two laps around the village. He had seen some people he knew along the way and waved never stopping. Once, in front of his house he unlocked the door and took a shower. After which he would change into his usual attire of pants, sandals, and his flak jacket.

He didn’t have any duties today; he was supposed to enjoy his day off. Which probably meant doing some training then watching some television. For today’s training certain supplies would be needed one large teddy bear, beef, a whole pig and possibly some other things. The first stop was to get a bear. He walked into the convenience store picking up a rather large stuffing filled bear. He placed the object on the counter before asking for a pack of smokes, paying and going on his way.

The ninja would then head to the butcher shop a place he was sure to find the last of his training needs. He asked for the pig, along with some ground beef. If he wasn’t able to use it in his training, he could make a nice lunch or dinner in the field at least. Surely he wouldn’t use everything for the training. The jounin would then order some steaks to eat and maybe add to his training. Once bringing the groceries home it was time to go to a secluded part of the training grounds.

He made his wait out of the door, teddy bear, steaks, and pig in hand. He kept them all separated with the pig in a large trash bag, and the teddy bear tightly stuffed inside his jacket. Luckily no one was around to see what Kyousuke was about to do. The curse seals spread across Kyousuke’s left side and as the marks progressed began to turn his fist into a needle like projection. Once formed the ninja removed the bear from his jacket.

Kyousuke looked at the teddy bear. “Well if this doesn’t work I can give you to Shina, she would like it. Maybe Shiroi, it would probably piss her off though.” He shrugged placing the needle through the abdomen of the bear and trying to suck out the contents. It had no effect though, which Kyousuke wasn’t surprised by. It was theorized by many that Kyousuke’s body released a liquid from his body which combined with senjutsu chakra caused the manipulation of his form. Whereas the hardening ability was a direct result of senjutsu infused cells brought about through his particular genetic makeup.

Of course Kyousuke had studied his own cells under a microscope while looking at others and indeed there was a molecule between his cells that seemed to alter their shape and movement. It seemed only momentary though, as eventually the cells would return to their normal shape in the absence of this particular molecule. The jounin had hypothesized that his body using this molecule had altered the form of his attacker and made it closely resemble that of his own. After which the body was assimilated and began to take in more energy. The body with the additional mass began better at form manipulation and could use additional mass to heal injuries. That was the theory anyway, luckily the ninja had brought his microscope along to test the cells.

Placing the beef cells Kyousuke looked at their form before pricking his finger with the needle. He placed the blood on a slide and looked at them. He then took a slide made with a drop of blood from an average human. All three had similarities, but they were also different. The addition of the form altering molecule in Kyousuke’s case. The jounin placed the steak onto the ground and placed the needle inside. Once within the needle began to absorb the meat. It didn’t take as long as the person had, the size and bones were probably a factor there. A large lump formed onto the jounin’s shoulder, it was much different than the person. Where it had leveled itself off becoming even around the body.   

Poking it with a sterilized needle Kyousuke placed the blood sample onto a slide. Before he could look the large lump began to turn a clear, red, jelly-like color before falling to the ground. It left no open wound on the ninja’s body. He added some of the jelly to a different slide. Looking at the blood sample he saw his DNA and the transforming molecule attempting to alter the cow DNA. It looks like it was trying to shape the cow’s cell into one that resembled Kyousuke’s. It failed in its attempts as it seemed there was a species barrier interfering. Meaning likely the pig would have a similar effect. That was something the ninja had feared, it would have been much safer to use if it did not require a human sacrifice.

He turned to the pig it was no use in trying its cells would also have enough differences that the jutsu would have no effect, but he still had the jelly. He placed the jelly under the microscope and what he saw was all dead cells that were also unchanged even slightly. So, in addition to someone of the same species the person must also have died relatively recent. Otherwise the enzyme wouldn’t affect the dead cells and alter them.

With that the ninja picked up his remaining equipment. Maybe he would give his findings to Denkiteki, he seemed like someone who would be interested. Kyousuke then left with his things returning home and recording his findings. He made a separate copy to give to the hoshikage, who would get the results the next time they spoke.

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Really? A Teddy Bear? Empty Re: Really? A Teddy Bear?

Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:47 am

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