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Miz Hozuki
Miz Hozuki
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Twisted Transistor (Private) Empty Twisted Transistor (Private)

Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:39 am
He knew what this meant, they use to go through and find Words that made no sense after reading the capital letters! Ugh, this meant a good hour or two reading this letter from Akki! That was fine, he was spending the day relaxing in his room anyways.
He sat at his desk as he looked through the letter.

Mizuki Hozuki,

Hey how are you doing? Do you remember back when we were kids and I was still in the orphanage and we would always write letters with secret meanings? Wouldn’t it be cool if we did that again sometime?I would Say it was Worth learning! Life teaches us so much we can use. Those days are Behind us now, but me and my crew are s ready to move on.If it's worth it I cant wait to see you in the future I hope!
AnywayS I hope all is going okay where you Are!Very Nice Here! So who Is your Kage now? And how is the GeniN Exam training going? Going good here. We have a really nice Kage in office now, and I hope to eventually follow Tori’s footsteps and go for Chuunin like she did! I really wish I could see you again, its been so long! I sent you a new picture of ME and Tori and the rest of our crew! We are supose to go herb hunting on the borders again soon. Last time, Yensung took us, but this time, it is going to be me, Tori and Sephora! Megami is to busy dating Dante Hyuuga, Sephs twin, to want to hang out with us like that anymore! Took forever to convince her to join our sleep over! Anyways, I will write you again later! Kisses and HUgs!

Miss you,
Akki Marie Senju

Full Names in the letters meant emergency and immediate action required! Now the Capital letters spelled out something..S A V I N M E...Savin me. So she wanted immediate action in saving okay...but what and why? Say it Worth life behind me....wait a lyrics.....Say it for me say it to me and ill leave this life behind me, say it if its worth SAVIN ME!!! Holy shit!!! They are in trouble or in fear of trouble! What the fuck! Wait a minute....isn't Haru Hyuuga Tori's boyfriend? Maybe he needed to speak with him! Because he would need permission to help them! Regardless, if he had permission or not he would find a way to save them or help them, that was his intention. It was his girlfriend and close friends after all! He folded up the letter and stuffed it in his pocket with the picture as he left the room!
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