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Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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A Letter To Yensung Auburame (P) Empty A Letter To Yensung Auburame (P)

Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:43 pm
Ashie the same day she wrote her letter to Zero wrote a second letter to another friend Yen. She wrote his full name on the scroll and got her pen ready for a long one.

Dear Yen,
      How are you my friend? I know when I left we didn't leave on the best of terms. My Uncle has treated my brother and I with the most respect and so have the villagers here. My brother looks like he's getting a lot better, seems healthier and more adept to learn. I've met a few new friends while I'm here as well. My father and I had trained for a whole week and even lent me some jutsu and history scrolls to read in my spare time. I heard through the grape vines that the Jounin exam started, I was wondering if you took place? I couldn't do them this year, but maybe that was a good thing, I might've not been prepared for it without my father's training. I know its against the rules to talk about the answers and such outside of it, so I beg you to keep it that way. I want to experience the test with my own mind and body. I'll try the exam next time!

Your Friend
Ashie Uchiha

Again she went the her Uncle's office where she grabbed a carrier bird to carry the mail to Konoha where her friend resided.

Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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A Letter To Yensung Auburame (P) Empty Re: A Letter To Yensung Auburame (P)

Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:14 pm
The wind rushed as yen now studied and surveyed  the area around his  eye caught sight of a shadow  as he passed through the screen into his home. And up to his work station  being The desk of various notes, genjutsu  notes, medical and notes on his own chakra levels  from his own uses of his techniques and such. Yet on top of The mess of his notes and such was The opened scroll with grand writing from a good friend of his. Alas  The sight of a letter directed to him fresh from  an earlier visit to the mail  center of the village caught him off guard when his seemingly invisible box had a letter addressed to him. He read it with a smile and nodded.

Atta girl ashie  I assume our meeting shall be soon. And I'm glad your brother is getting better.... I assume he shall be ready soon.

Yen turned back to the letter and grabbed his quill and ink. As he wrote a nice reply  to the girl.

Dear ashie

I'm doing fairly well. The fact and reality we all face at one point  when some challenges  may come only make us that much stronger. I will say I am proud of both you and your brother taking and further handling the village of sunagure  in such an grand way. I give praise  to your uncle for taking care and trainining you in the way. We all find out path difficult but peace is not a impossible goal. Just the hardest goal when we see our world as violent as it is. You though as I said are the maker of your fate, and Destiny  that is the secret  to what and where you can go and do. I'll be happy to see your progress  in person when I pay a visit. I'm excited to see how far you have gone in your training and perhaps shall meet and train with your uncle  from what I see he is a wise and powerful man. Tell your brother to expect the unexpected  and stay strong and powerful. He will get his chance to meet me and like you grow.  

Till the fates cross our roads

Yensung aburame

Upon completion of his reply yen walked back to the mail center and grabbed  a carrier bird. His eyes scanned  the sky as it was late and sent the bird off to suna

Godspeed  little one be safe and may the travel  go peacefully.

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