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Dante Hyuga
Dante Hyuga
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Undead (letter to Yensung Aburame) Empty Undead (letter to Yensung Aburame)

Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:42 am
He knew Yen was the new leader of Fuku and he had to make sure he kept up with the team. Of course make sure his girlfriend Megami was ok.

To our fearless leader,

I felt it was necessary to inform you of my whereabouts. I have decided to return to my home Village, which is Volcano. Still, I am a member of the team and wanted to make sure they were ok.
With you being our leader you would know. How many of us reside in the Leaf at this moment? Are My of us still missing?

Dante Kaguya-Hyuuga

He was polite and respectful despite the first line. Our fearless leader, was more of a mockery, but like Ten would care. He had only met him twice. He sent the letter if with a twisted smile across his lips.
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Undead (letter to Yensung Aburame) Empty Re: Undead (letter to Yensung Aburame)

Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:09 pm
The letter arrived in a similar fashion to prims. Although he never formally met the other twin of sephora. He knew of him to the extent nessccary.  

In a sense he would write more to the nature of keeping each of the other members in mind.

dear dante

I am certain most of the team is around here save primrose, and,tori. I do not know where tori is. Prim is somewhere around volcano as she informed me. But i reccomend you find a way to improve, and build a trusted network of individuals. Find a way to grow. The world is dangerous nowadays, and even i wonder with the ambitions of many individuals. Where you will stand.

Still heed my recommendations and also i would like to observe volcano for myself as an means to see what we konoha can do to apply to its growth. And grab a use for its unique facilities. All will be handled when i of course arrive in several weeks.

Sincerely yensung deputy hokage of konoha.  

With that the aburame lord offically sealed and sent the messenger bird off.
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