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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:55 am
Kiru didn’t exactly know where he was. He had never really favored a map, and had memorized the paths between Yukigakure and the major villages, which was how he had made it to Konoha. However, as he didn’t have a village in mind and had just simply started wandering, this was the first time he had ever been truly lost. However, he couldn’t say he disliked it. Some people around this area were bandits and thugs of course, he had even run into several rogue ninja, but past that it was an area where he was truly free. He didn’t have to worry about the policies and laws of the village system, or be wary of the locals being suspicious of him. While it wouldn’t be accurate to say he fit into this kind of life, he did find it appealing. Though he came across weird information as he went on. Rumours of some dragon worshipping cult, a Mercenary with silver hair who, from the rumours, was very good at his job. Kiru had considered taking up a job as a mercenary, and had even stopped a few attacks on his journey here. The problem was he wasn’t entirely worried about pay but.. That was just going to make keeping up with his equipment hard to deal with. For necessity's sake, he was going to have to make some contacts.

The last sighting of this Silver Haired mercenary had been this shady bar that sat in a town that was known for its blades for hire. The people he asked believed he was referring to a “Morning Star Mercury”. The young shinobi had spent some time tracking his whereabouts so he hoped he had the right guy. He wasn’t looking to be approachable, so he wore a his coal black coat, its long hood easily covering his features. The only thing that was easily gathered would be his affiliation with the Uzumaki clan due to the blue variation of the symbol on his back. The bar he was looking for stood in front of him, looking a bit weathered and aged. His only problem is that the entrance seemed to be barred by some tough looking thugs. Though he probably shouldn’t judge a person based on their appearance. He strode up to the door, the thugs unmoving. The leader, a burly man with a blonde, mostly shaven head looked him up and down and gave a toothy grin. “Eh? You lost kid?

Kiru was a bit lost on where the man was getting that the shinobi was a “kid”, but opted not to argue the point. “I am looking for someone, so if you would let me through?
The man and his cronies didn't budge, making it painfully obvious Kiru was going to likely have to beat him up. The man would begin to talk but slowly become confused, as he was suddenly unable to move his body. The particular seal Kiru had used would be near unbreakable on a man as low skilled as this thug, and the man's grin quickly turned to panic. Not really wanting a loud confrontation, Kiru’s palm would meet the man's chest, and while it didn’t look like it hit hard, as soon as the seal at the boy's feet disappeared, the man collapsed. The thugs cronies grew wide eyed, quickly grabbing their boss and running before they too were met with such a fate. Kiru sighed and removed his hood, his messy deep blue hair falling free. While it seemed to anyone around that the boy had knocked the man out in a single blow, he had actually used a sealing jutsu that he had put on, and then broken as soon as the man fell unconscious. However the likelihood of anyone having the perception to view that action around here was slim to none.

Kiru entered the bar without a problem, and the smell of smoke, sweat and even blood filled the air. This wasn’t a bar for people with a weak stomach, leading Kiru to believe that the thugs outside may not have been allowed in either. Finding a seat at the bar, a burly man cleaning a mug eyed him curiously. “What’ll it be kid?”
Once again with the kid thing? He tried to keep the annoyed sigh to himself and looked up at the bartender. “Nothing at the moment, i’m here looking for someone. People seem to know him as “Morning Star Mercury”, has he been here?
The bartender had a look in his eyes of familiarity but shook his head. “He ain’t here right now. If ya wait, you may get lucky though.”

Kiru gave the man a nod, and not wanting to seem the loitering type, gave the man some ryo as thanks for the information. The bartender moved on to other customers, and Kiru was left alone, becoming aware that he was an oddity in the bar. Without the hood on, he was clearly young to be hanging out in this sort of place. It was like they could smell that this sort of thing was very new to the Young Wanderer. The boy was suddenly about to figure out a way to keep himself occupied when he was approached by a man with an eye-patch. While he was also tall and relatively well built, the eyepatch was the most distinctive thing about him, being ornate and well made. He had a raspy voice, as if something had damaged his vocal cords, or he simply smoked way too much. He had a toothy smile, and seemed to have a rather false positivity about him. “Hey, Aqua Boy, you up for a game of pool? Everyone else in this lousy bar seems to think my damned missing eye is a handicap, you’ll give an old man a good game won’t ya?

This felt Kiru. He was way too nice, but not outright suspicious. He didn’t feel like giving the man a single game was a horrible idea, so he stood. “One game couldn’t hurt, though I do have to keep a lookout for someone.”
The man seemed pleased and led the Shinobi to a table. Kiru himself was mentally bashing himself for almost saying he was keeping an “eye” out for someone. The game started and the man was..rather pitiful to say the least. Kiru had let him go first and he had missed almost immediately. Kiru himself began pulling his shots. The boy still won handily and was surprised when the man offered him quite a bit of ryo. He shook his head, “It was just a game, i’m not really interested in your money..
The man smiled, and pulled out a sack of even more cash, speaking before Kiru could comment on that. “Around here we play for money, it isn’t a good game if you don’t accept your winnings. Now how about this, we play for double. I have 2k right here if you can win. I was just warming up after all!

Kiru wanted to deny but something about quitting now felt wrong. If the man wanted to play like this, Kiru wasn’t going to be the one to stop him. “Alright Alright, one more game then i’m out.”
However, something was vastly different now. Kiru went first this time, getting a decent shot. However when the man went, he played with the accuracy of a Shinobi. Kiru was suddenly pressed to beat a man with only eye. However, not holding back he was still quite skilled. Even if it was barely, he still managed to barely beat the one eyed man. Kiru let out a sigh of relief, the man must really have been warming up this time. His sigh was interrupted as the man was suddenly swinging for Kiru’s head. The ninja managed to dodge but this man...was awfully fast. The veins around where his missing eye seemed to bulge violently, his breathing ragged. “Ya think you can hustle ME? Do you know who I am?!
Kiru wasn’t even very positive what the word hustle meant, much less who this half-blind man was. He couldn’t start a fight in here, someone could wind up injured. Gritting his teeth, he began posing some sort of plan as the people in the bar watched with bemusement.
Mercury Akari
Mercury Akari
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:35 am
He's already aware of some blue haired Uzumaki's presence in this village, Lin gave him the heads up as she was leaving and he gave her some ryo so she doesn't make him think he's a chicken again with some of her crazy genjutsu abilities..He remembers the last time he didn't pay her for information, he will not be repeating that mistake. But regardless of how scared he is of the admittedly beautiful young woman, someones looking for him...And he can't think of a reason why.
He's never had a hit put out on him before, and if he does have a contract..Well he sure as hell wouldn't have been able to walk back in, too many people would love to cash in on him if given the excuse.
So, does he have someone looking for him for a job?

He can't imagine why, unless he's the cheapest they can think of..
Certain Mercenary's come by all the time and get his help with jobs, but they never follow his plan and when it all goes to hell he's the only one strong enough to fight off the opposition while his 'team' either runs off, or the idiots actually disregard his warnings and get skewered themselves...
No he doesn't feel bad, shut up.
He doesn't have time for weaklings, nor does he wanna join any of the missions those monsters take..
Though having someone to watch his back during some of these other missions would be ideal, he can't imagine someone at least half as good as him dropping into his lap, or someone having something big enough to sweeten the idea of teaming up with them.

Regardless, they'll probably scope out the bar, and he's got friends in here so it's not like they'll get away with getting the drop on him. So he pushes the door open, his chakra suppressed sufficiently to keep him under the radar..His eyes flick towards Old Man Iryo taking a swing at the-..Oh well, hello.
Taking a swing at that blue haired Uzumaki that's been looking for him and a smirk tugs at his lips, before his lips thin into lines as he takes a closer look at the way the man moves...It's fast, smooth..Possibly faster than him, and the man is clearly trained..His chakra pool is large, and refined...Soo..definitely a Ninjutsu user, possibly a Genjutsu or a Fuinjutsu user as well, his musculature and the way he moves suggests he's not exactly adverse to getting in close either, but he doubts that he specializes in close quarters.
He steps closer to the Bartender, who has given him a look, the man flicks his head towards Iryo, who has been warned in the past, and the Bartender smoothly palms some ryo notes to the eagerly waiting palm of Mercury, who's smirk returns. His steps are silent as he circles the pair, Iryo swinging wildly and Aqua-boy over there ducking and dodging...Mercury flicks his leg upwards, snapping out a quick kick from across the bar, a ball of light quickly shooting between the pair, several peoples eyes clenching shut tightly before it flashes brightly.
Now, either the Blue haired Shinobi has closed his eyes, or he's been blinded by the blinding ball, either way? Iryo doesn't have the reaction time needed to do so.
So when Kiru re-opens his eyes, it's to find Mercury pinning the Old man to the Pool table, a painful wrist lock being applied as he forces his face down into the green rough cloth that covers the table. His leg is also wrapped around the man's squeezing threateningly..

"Iryo, Iryo, Iryo...Didn't our good friend the Bartender warn you not to start fights in here..?"
Mercury begins, leaning in before his eyes gleam a golden color.
"It makes some of us jumpy..."
He asks, grinning in a way that shows off way too many teeth and is not at all friendly.
He cuts the man's answer off by raising him by the back of his hair and slamming his nose into edge of the pool table, followed by a quick shove forward before, with a quick pivot of a his hips and a small hop, he push kicks the man against his tail-bone, and sends him flying towards the door..Where a man nearby, another Mercenary and the actual Bouncer, calmly opens it up as he goes through..Slamming it shut as he clears, before going back to his drink.
If Kiru glances away to follow the trajectory of the man, he'd find Mercury has already walked to a booth, and has taken a seat, arrogantly dusting off his jacket, before folding his hands behind his head, his eyes returning to the silver color they were before.
This is the man known as "Morning Star Mercury", who the Blue Haired Uzumaki has been looking for, and very suddenly certain patrons of the Bar, are watching Kiru and Mercury very carefully...

Iryo's bullshit was one thing, but a fight between Two Shinobi like them, would most certainly not be tolerated.
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:18 am
The Old Man was rather furious in his strikes, but as Kiru was finally deciding on a useful non-lethal method of putting the man down, he felt a surge of chakra uncomfortably close to him. All he got from warning was some of the quicker men in the bar covering or closing their eyes as quick as possible. Kiru himself jumped back to make sure the man couldn’t land a blow and covered his eyes with his arm, closing them to be doubly protective. He opened his eyes as soon as he felt the danger was past, ready to dodge or prepare a technique but was surprised to find..the man he was looking for. The Silver Haired man was quick, Kiru hadn’t even heard him move. That light technique as well was..very different. It wasn’t any fire style he had ever seen, and it didn’t seem to fit any of the other elements he had seen. An advanced element perhaps? Kiru wasn’t as good at reading people as Kira had been, but he was sure this was the man he had been looking for, and could understand why he would be known as the “Morning Star”. Mercury’s eyes would gleam gold, a Dojutsu perhaps? With a precise series of movements the man, Iryo evidently, was out the door. The Mercenary had returned to a seat, brushing his jacket off. He seemed like..a different sort than Kiru was used to.

Now he just..needed a way to breach a conversation. This man didn’t seem to be one taken likely, and was probably more respected then the Blue Ninja was. Even now he felt eyes on himself that told him not to start trouble. In his defense, he wasn’t trying to start anythin, trouble just sort of sprang up around him. He headed over to Mercury, taking a seat next to the Mercenary Ninja. Inside he was a bit nervous, he had never done things like this on his own but on the outside he remained composed.That was an interesting technique you did, I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I have been looking for you, for some help. I’ve heard about some of your recent exploits and was wondering if you’d be interested in teaching me how you do things? I am new to this...profession, but I do have skills you may find helpful and money if you need compensation.
Kiru felt that perhaps he had gotten a bit too long winded, but he needed someone to help him get a start, and from he had heard, this Morning Star Mercury was a man who could be trusted with any sort of mission that was given to him. Kiru was no slouch on the battlefield either, so if they could help each other out, it was even better. Depending on how much money the man wanted, if any, Kiru may not be able to afford it he mused. Though, he supposed the worst he could get told is no.
Mercury Akari
Mercury Akari
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:51 am
Mercury's stare is sharp, intent and yet blank, as if he's looking right through the Man, staring the entire time he begins speaking with an unblinking silver gaze which has one intent, to make the Ninja feel uncomfortable sitting so close to him.
Oh of course Mercury is listening to his proposal, but this guy is so green he could swear he was talking to a particularly powerful Genin who's been kept in reserve all of his life.
The guy wants to be a mercenary and wants him to teach 'em how to do it right..?
It doesn't seem much like it'd be worth his time, but the guys clearly got more power behind him than Mercury does, so maybe he could use him...
The mention of money means he might be able to get something worthwhile out of this, so he'll bite.

But, the first thing that slips past Mercury's lips is not an answer to any of his questions, instead it's a simple curt.
"So where you come from, people just plop down into a seat without asking, huh?"
He asks before his palms slide against the counter and he flicks his head towards the seat adjacent to the booth.
"Sit there, I don't like people being so close to me."
He demands rather simply, and stares until he does move..
And if Kiru follows directions, Mercury leans back further against his seat and closes his eyes, leaving a long dead silence for a total of ten seconds before he speaks again. "You didn't introduce yourself, stand up, introduce yourself and shake my hand. It's only polite to exchange greetings before we get into a business proposition." He remarks, and if Kiru once again stands up, so does Mercury, and if he introduces himself, so does he. "My name is Mercury Akari, I'm a Mercenary for hire." But if he extends his hand, Mercury does not extend his own, instead sliding them into his pockets calmly, before he blinks, tilts his head and explains with a simple. "Oh, I don't shake peoples hands, that's dangerous in this sort of business." ...Then the rather infuriating young man slides back into his booth and gestures for him to sit again, if ALL of this goes as planned, then Mercury's gaze suddenly becomes harsh and his lazy tone slips away, being replaced by a firm, dangerous tone that wouldn't be out of place coming out of the mouth of a Kage or perhaps an ANBU Captain.

"What kind of Jobs are you looking to be doing? I don't take anything that would last more than two weeks and I'd expect B-rank Mission pay for time lasting more than one week, if you want something that will last more than two weeks? It'll be A-rank pay, to take on certain Ranks of Shinobi, I'd expect as much of a bounty as I'd get normally, and a quarter of your collection as well. I do trades as well, artifacts that would be useful to me, items that I could either sell or use on the field would also be acceptable.."
He remarks with a shrug of his shoulders, before his hands fold behind his head once more and his eyes narrow. "And I don't kill those who avoid killing. No negotiations on that."
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:32 am
Kiru thought he had started off well, but was sort of getting the impression that..perhaps he had messed up. The man seemed to be listening but at the same time, his Silver Eyes seemed more focused on seeing past him. Kiru couldn’t fully be blamed for this, usually kira did things like this but Mercury couldn’t know that. Although at this point an apology would come out as more annoying than anything so he was sort of relieved when Mercury began talking, well, relieved probably wasn’t the word. He pretty much informed Kiru that he was being rather rude and the Blue Ninja sort of got where he was coming from, even if he was being rude about it. Not really wanting to start a fight, he simply moved seats as requested. Mercury is then silent for a good few seconds. Kiru feels as if he should say something until the man speaks up once again, though it was another order. The ninja was a little irritated at this point but again, h hadn’t really spoken his name, though was that even a good idea? Even still, he stands up. “I’m Kiru Retsuno, previously of the Land of Snow.
He seems to consider the shaking the hand bit, but he has a sudden thought of when he detained a certain Rogue Hidden leaf ninja, and considering how he barely knew the guy, figured that it was probably best to keep his hands to himself for a time. “It's a pleasure Mercury, though I think i’ll avoid the hand shaking for now, i’ve found that's a dangerous habit.

Of course the way he said it made it seem more like a fact and less like Kiru had done it to several people in his time as a Ninja. Once again, the Mercenary beckons him to sit and he does, though at this point he is getting rather tired of the constant orders. The man's shift in tone was..unsettling. Reminding him of superiors he had in the past. As Mercury went on, Kiru began to wonder if he really didn’t have the funds to get his help until the man mentioned artifacts. The image of that stone flashed into his mind. Despite this man's rather generous orders, he did seem to know what he was doing, and Kiru had no idea what the stone even did other than Kira had used it. He was brought out of his last thought as Mercury finished his statement. This man was… definitely different than Kira. Any doubts he had of whether or not he should do his best to get to know this person were silenced. If Kiru was going to partner with anyone, Mercury was the best fit.

Kiru had listened to the man intently, even with his own thoughts and as the man waited for a reply, he prepared to bring out the Stone. “The kinds of Jobs I am best suited for is defending people who need help and taking down those that prey on the weak. I understand thats..kind of naive but I don’t have a lot left in this world. I really don’t know what kind of Jobs exist for a person like me, but if you’ll help me i’ll do what I can to pay the costs.
With that Kiru produced the Stone he had been carrying with him, even holding it in his hands seemed to fill him with energy. “The last person I had from my village, my teacher, she wasn’t a good person. Sacrificing those without power in a misguided idea that she could save the world. When she died, I was left with this. Its powerful, but I am not altogether sure what it is. If this will cover the costs for a while i’ll give it to you, as long as it's taken care of.
Mercury Akari
Mercury Akari
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:16 am
He shrugs at the warning, a little amused smile tugging at his lips before he sits, the actions as explained above occurring as planned. With Mercury laying out his offers and what he will and will not do, of course there's more to it than that, he's a Mercenary, not a criminal, and he's got a lot of work to do.
Mercury listens intently to Kiru's explanation, his eyes flicking down calmly to his hand as he produces the Stone that apparently came from his Teacher...
Sounds like a sociopath if he ever heard of one, but, he overturns his palm and beckons to take a closer look at the stone.

If it's dropped into his palm, Mercury raises it between his fingers, and his eyes narrow slightly..Before he drops it into his palm and closes it, a low hum of thought slipping past his lips before he sighs softly..
As if already exasperated with his presence. He holds up his index finger as he speaks, pocketing the stone as he tells the Blue haired Uzumaki.
"Directive One; You may voice concern, give opinion, or question any order I give. You may not do so twice." He begins, apparently accepting Kiru's terms, his tall finger raises as well as he continues, his tone making it clear he should be paying attention.
"Directive Two; Our lives are more important than any mission objective, you will act with this in mind."
Some ground rules, some simple terms to follow, a speech he gives to anyone who works with him, especially if they seem inexperienced in things like this.
His ring finger joins his others, and at this, he smirks, a mission already in mind for this one, a simple matter, that shouldn't even involve enemy Ninja...
So of course it's going to involve enemy Ninja, probably Missing-Ninja of a high-rank.
"Directive Three; Assume everything is going according to plan."
And with that, he slides out of the booth, and gestures for him to follow with a quick wag of two fingers on his left hand.

"Come on, we've gotta make some preparations, if that job is still open..? We're heading to the Land of Iron."
This Stone, is rather familiar..And now he's got a Ninjutsu user of acceptable Combat prowess to aim at people while he circles around from the shadows, the mission should be easy enough.
And he's got a lot of work to do, he's gotta get Talaria repaired and resharpened, get enough rations to last the trip and the time it'll take to complete the mission...And it'll be really friggin' cold, so a jacket wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.
This guy is from Yuki, so he'll be used to the cold at least..
He'll give the guy a hand, after all, the world needs a Hero..Might as well be them, and they might as well get paid for it.

[Exit with Kiru, Acquired Stone of Gelel, Mercury has Joined the Party!]
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:50 am
Kiru noticed that he had at least made Mercury a little less seemingly annoyed and was certaintly glad for that. Kiru willingly hands over the stone, at least letting the man look it over. Hopefully he comes to a positive decision. He seemed at least interested in the rock, and that gave Kiru some hope as to what the outcome would be. His tone didn’t seem helpful but the words Mercury began to speak led Kiru to believe the proposition had been accepted. Obviously the man had rules he wanted followed and the Blue Ninja could do with the first directive. The man was much more experienced. However the second mission objective was going to be a bit harder. Kiru knew he was a bit of a hero at times and certaintly was beginning to have problems caring about his own personal safety. However, he knew throwing his own life away and not achieving anything would just fail those he was trying to live for. The last directive was simple and something Kiru could follow pretty simply. Kira had a very similar rule when he worked with her so it wasn’t anything new to him to just assume everything was going exactly as it should be.

As soon, as the man finished his directives..apparently they were heading out. Kiru was about to question it, but wouldn’t want that to use up his only time he can question an order. So instead he nodded in affirmation, and began following the man out. He hope he had time to prepare, he hadn’t studied up much on the land of iron, other than how they had helped during the fourth Ninja War. He also had some techniques he needed to work on if they were going to be getting into any serious battles. This man was different then Kira, but it was a good different. He did wish he could have changed his teacher, but maybe this was better? He could carry on the spirit he wished to remember that she had in Yuki. He would learn how to actually help people from this man, and someday he hoped he could make her memory proud. He would never be her, or Maku, or Yorice. For now, he would have to learn how to be himself, and find his own cause to fight for. For the first time in a long time, he took steps down a path that he had sought for himself.


-Stone of Gelel dropped.

-Party Formed?
Mercury Akari
Mercury Akari
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:52 am
[Topic closed.]
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Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?) Empty Re: Out of his Element (Mercury/NK?)

Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:33 pm

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