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Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Suh' Dude [P] Empty Suh' Dude [P]

Mon May 30, 2016 6:37 pm
Twilight had fallen over the city by the time Lucian arrived at the unseen university. Oddly, this was the first time he had been to the compound on official business. An audience with the kage would hopefully be a good introduction. Having spent a considerable amount of time explaining to the guards his situation they finally allowed him in. Upon entering the building he was greeted by what he could only assume was a secretary. Once again he launched into his story, which was, thankfully, received with fewer questions.

Instead of being asked questions Lucian was simply asked to wait until the kage was ready to see him. Placing the vast array of weapons on the ground on the chair next to him he took a breath. His day's travels had caught up with him. His back ached and he was sporting a healthy tan. Hell, there was still a fine layer of dust over Lucian's normally immaculate clothing. A shower was in order after all this, but first business.

Five minutes passed and secretary called Lucian over and instructed him to follow the hallway to the left and take the door on the right. Electing to leave his weapons and shakujo in the waiting room he went off. The building was quite impressive. As he walked through the halls the Nazar boy could not help, but wonder what this building had been before shinobi were widely accepted in Hoshigakure. Was it an administration building? Another palace? He'd have to ask later.

Not bothering to knock as he had been informed he was expected Lucian pushed open the door slowly to reveal the room within. The contents of the room were hardly registered by the boy as the door closed behind him soundlessly. What matter, or rather who mattered, was sitting behind a desk on the opposite side of the room.

Stepping into the room Lucian stopped a respectable distance from the desk and bowed deeply before speaking. The man before him did not look like all that much really. And, to be honest, he looked like more of a Sebastian than a Denkiteki. If Lucian did not know where he was he may have mistaken him for a servant of some sort.

"Good evening," Lucian said politely. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I bring news of two shinobi from Hoshigakure. Recently I was asked by Princess Tehniyat to check on her wayward uncle Mervyn who had escorted two shinobi Asheriel and Reial Sun on a mission to Amegakure."

A slight pause as Lucian considered his next words.

"I found all three of them. However, Asheriel and Reial were dead, killed in an apparent bandit attack. Lord Mervyn survived only losing a hand, but..."

Another pause, longer than the last. Hesitation.

"I have reason to believe that Mervyn was the one who killed Asheriel and Reial. In an inebriated state he revealed details of their deaths so gruesome and intimate that only one present could know them. I am not sure how to proceed, I came to you."

This was the part Lucian felt uncomfortable with. he had made his case, but as it stood it was only his word against Mervyns. Hands clasped tightly behind his back all Lucian could do now was wait. He realized now he had, in his rush, forgotten to introduce himself. Alas, words could not be taken back nor time rewound.
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Suh' Dude [P] Empty Re: Suh' Dude [P]

Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:58 pm
Denkiteki would sit patiently through the shinobi's mission report. So Meryn had killed the two kunoichi? It was terrible news, the two had been rather talented. Den had heard odd rumors on the behavior of at least one of them but they had proven skilled during their battle with the other Chuunin candidates.

"Thank you for telling me this. I'll go to Meryn at once and see if your suspicions are correct." Den would stand up as he spoke, organizing some of the papers on his desk into a neat pile before placing them in a folder that was then put in a drawer, "Good work finding the 3 of them. There’s a room with a blue door down the hallway if you take a left. Go in there before you leave, there’s something there for you.

Den really wasn’t into formalities. He probably should have mentioned that the room was the fitting room for the chunin and Jounin jackets but decided against it, the two men who took care of the inventory and found jackets of the right size for those who had ranked up were aware of Lucian’s promotion to Chunin. The boy had gained favor with the princess and had proven himself capable, he had been in the process of doing missions to achieve the rank of chunin when he had decided the 3 way battle that was required didn’t fit with his ideology. Being forced to travel across the continent and back had been an alternative mission that the princess had given him without consulting Denkiteki but the village leader thought it suitable all the same, Lucian proved that he could take care of himself and that’s what Den wanted in a chuunin.

Den would move to the door, opening it and allowing Lucian to leave first. The village leader would then head towards the exit of the university, however he’d disappear in a display of white light before doing so. He’d use Sanctuary to find Meryn, he was a member of the Queensguard so Den was aware of his chakra signature, having visited the palace a few times. His plan would be to use the Mind Reading technique on the man in order to discover the truth.

(Ranking up Lucian to Chunin because he got the princess to force me to for investigating the fate of Ash and Rei)
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Suh' Dude [P] Empty Re: Suh' Dude [P]

Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:02 am
A nod and a bow, Lucian was not one for an outburst of emotion either way. That said, he was a bit interested in why he was being sent to another room. Perhaps it had something to do with a further debriefing. Sure, he had told one of the highest authorities in the land, but it still needed to be recorded. Yes, that had to be it. What else could it be? Unless Mervyn had somehow arrived before him and told of how Lucian had killed people, but no he doubted that was possible considering the state of the man when he left him.

Had the young Nazar boy glanced behind him he might have seen the source of the white light that illuminated the hallway briefly, but he did not. Instead he continued on leaving Denkitkei's office behind him and entering a new room. Having taken the left as instructed Lucian arrived in a fairly spacious room filled with racks upon racks of what could only be armor.

"You must be Lucian," A voice said from behind a particular rack. "Denkiteki said you would be coming, congrats kid you're a chuunin now."

A flak jacket flew from behind the aforementioned rack leaving Lucian to do the only thing he could, but catch it. For a moment the words did not register. Then all at once they did, he was a chuunin. The boy who never strove for rank was now a chuunin. How odd things were in life.

Thanking the person behind the rack, Lucian returned to the waiting room. Once there he gathered his stuff an set out for home. Right now all he could think about was a bed to sleep in and a shower to soak in. His new posotion in the village did not matter all that much right now. Perhaps the next day, when he was less worn out, he'd celebrate, but for now making it home was good enough for Lucian.

[Exit, requesting chuunin, +20 stats, free chuunin flak jacket and +3 canon jutsu C-rank or below.]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Suh' Dude [P] Empty Re: Suh' Dude [P]

Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:10 am

Approved <3
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