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My Snake And Me [P] Empty My Snake And Me [P]

Thu May 26, 2016 4:00 am
The Summoning Jutsu, the fabled jutsu that allows you to be able to add familiars and creatures into a battle to aid you in many different ways. From the knowledge Atem gained from his teacher he understood there were contracts to be gotten when he had learned the jutsu, but he would have to research on his own how he would go about getting them. There was a snake race, toad, race and even a slug race. Atem being mature understood that the slug race had to be one of the greatest defensive races due to it’s ability to heal the summoner, communicate with the summoner, and attack anyone it is supposed to. All summons have a different size summons that require more chakra, it seems they can range from normal size in the real world to incredibly large versions of their real world selves. How these beings are created Atem did not know, but it was most definitely worth having in his opinion, this is when he decided to learn the summoning jutsu because he won’t always be able to take out enemies with just himself and using the summons as a worthy distraction could let him get a blow in with his Fatal Attraction. “Okay, the summoning jutsu is something of mystery to me. I will need to analyze this jutsu to the T in order to actually learn it easily by the end of today. Luckily it doesn’t take too much chakra or all that training with Chronos has given me a larger chakra reserve than I had before.” Atem said to himself as he began to ponder about the jutsu in question. “Okay, I know one worthy combo with the summoning jutsu is the ability to summon animals which you have marked with the marked seal, it’s like they have some sort of link or connection. It must be due to the chakra being of the same person which allows it to teleport something like that of body flicker. That is why contracts are needed in order to request the presence of those other summons. So, the link between chakra is what does it eh? The jutsu also needs a blood sacrifice which can be done yourself, the most common way the teacher at the academy had taught us was biting the thumb and then drawing it to the floor creating some sort of black insignia as if it were something of relevance to fuuinjutsu.”

Atem began to contemplate how the jutsu’s inner workings were being manufactured at each steps, but then he realized that it really wasn’t worth it to go that deep into it just yet. The wind began to blow from east to west carrying a flock of brown and white speckled birds which reminded Atm that he needed to get an animal to use the mark seal on. Instead of going after the birds which would be useless at the altitude they were at, he decided to look on the desert terrain in order to see if he could find some critters running around doing their daily diligence for nature. As he began to walk through the sand, his soles leaving imprints in the sand, he finally came across a snake that had dark purple scales on it’s back and what looked to be a dull white underbelly. “There we are.” Atem said to himself as he began to inch closer and closer to the snake acting as if he was some sort of poacher. As he got within 2 meters of the snake the snake would dive in the sand leaving no trace. Luckily for Atem he could hear the nestling of sand as the snake got closer, it was funny to Atem that the snake was not running away, but coming towards him. This was surely take any normal pedestrian by surprise, but Atem was different, he would not be suaded by this act of the snake. As soon as he began to see the green eyes of the snake pop out of the sand he would implant his hand in the sand at the speed of 70 with his right hand, grabbing the snake by the back of the jaw he then placed his chakra on the snake and a small black dot appeared on the top of it’s head. The snake began to his a wiggle it’s body back and forth trying to get out, but to no avail. “Feisty one aren't you.” Atem would ask the snake as if it could talk. Atem realized that he had a bad habit of doing this, but it was just him and as long as it didn’t affect they way he fought he was fine with it.

The snake was now calm and just wagged it’s tail which was consequently it’s body, “How could the God have forsaken you, such a beautiful creature yet they have taken your legs. That is alright, you are a deadly predator without them, they can change your appearance, but not your nature. I will add you and your species to my contract when I master this jutsu because sometimes I feel as though the Gods have forsaken me as well.” Atem said to the snake that peered into Atem’s eyes with some sort of softness. It was as if the snake was saying, “I resonate with you.” Now, that he had the mark seal on the head of the snake and got the monologue over with he was now going to begin the summoning jutsu. He put the snake down softly and it nestled it’s body into the sand with just its head peering out as if it were some sort of playful dog. The snake then gave one last his and began to travel the opposite direction from Atem which his what he wanted. He wanted to see if he could get the snake back without searching for it by using the summoning jutsu. The dry wind blew one more making the perspiration across Atem’s forehead to become cold which was a natural human function. Anyhow, Atem was beginning to summon the snake by biting his thumb as seen previously and then placing it on the ground, a small insignia with weird looking letters appeared on the floor.

With a puff of smoke, on top of the insignia Atem could see that the snake had appeared looking about as confused as anyone else would be had they been looking from the outside in. “Easy enough, I wonder if there are anything restrictions when it comes to this. I might need to see the minimal chakra required to actually do the jutsu because I don’t want to have to be using more chakra than what is actually needed.” Atem said to himself feeling as though he was some sort of hoarder of his chakra, but in this world that is a good thing. The snake began its travels one more, but this time consciously, it was as if it were taking slow walks...or slithers, who knew what it was called that snakes did in place of the word walk. Atem would then look into the eyes of the snake once more as it went underneath the sand, instead of slithering away thought it seemed to have found a nice spot for itself. It sat their with it’s green eyes peering at Atem from 5 meters away. Could it be waiting for the ride of being summoned again? “How peculiar, i wonder how it feels to actually be summoned, it must be invigorating if the snake seems to like it.” Atem said as he began to do the hand seals for the jutsu and then biting his thumb one more time and placing it into the sand creating the insignia once more. As he did so the smoke began to shoot out of the black symbol as if the sand had a volcano inside of it.

The snake then appeared on top of the insignia again and looked as though it had an exhilarating ride. “How easy is this jutsu, there must be more to it, but it must be done with humans. Humans are always a lot more complicated than the things we associate ourselves with.” Atem said as the snake began to climb his leg and end on his right arm. “I wonder if I could take a human and see if that would really work-” As soon as he would say this some desert poachers would appear, or he would hear them rather from 35 meters away. He turned to their direction to see that there were three of them. They were dressed in beige rags with mask over their face allowing nothing to be seen but their eyes. Once 10 meters in Atem’s vicinity they would speak. “Give us that snake, it is very rare and precious to our pockets.” The what seemed to be leader of the group had begun to speak. “Oh, is that so?” Atem would say in a devious manner that was even more so through his smile. “Well, how about you take him.” Atem said as he let the snake go inside of the sand, as Atem heard the little snake’s body quivers through the sand as if it were swimming. Once it got close to the men and sprang out of the sand scaring the men Atem would weave the handsigns for the summoning jutsu and then bit his thumb once more to have the snake transfer back to Atem, but this time with a flashy appearance the snake would be on his arm coiled up looking as though it were all an illusion. “See, your lives are indebted to me. I suggest you guys get going before you face something you can’t overcome...and it may be your death.” Atem said looking at the men with his voidish eyes. The men would then run away with no destination in their minds, their tails in between their legs like wounded dogs and so forth.

“Well my friend, it seems that we can both hold our own so I guess we better split ways. I know you want to get back to your desert and find food, being at the top of the food chain is pretty nice isn’t it?’ he asked the snake. “Being forsaken and having your legs taken from you means nothing in my eyes. I’ll see you around.” Atem said letting the snake down and watching it nestle into the sand for the last time. Back on his own he felt as though he wanted to train the summoning jutsu some more, he realized that his chakra was the highest it had ever been so what if he could reduce the hand seals he had to do in order to perform the jutsu. At the level he was at he felt as though he only had to do three hand seals, but which ones would he choose, he figured it would be the last three in succession so that is what he began to do. Bird, Monkey and Ram is what he began to weave and after completing that he poured his chakra out of his body and bit his thumb for which seemed like the trillionth time while right afterwards placing the hand down into the sand that would be a little blood soaked for obvious reasons. After doing this a cloud of smoke puffed out of nowhere, but he realized that nothing happened. That is when he remembered that he had no animals or people mark sealed meaning he could summon nothing. This is when he concluded that he was too tired to actually finish his training and stopped it at that. “Ah, what a long day it has been, one step closer to becoming a chuunin and having this summoning technique down will surely help me advance towards that goal. How wonderful is today?” Atem asked himself as he poofed into the sand. “Away I shall drift, it has been such a long d- yeah it’s time to doze off as I am beginning to sound redundant.” Atem drifted away into dreamland.

[WC 2024]
[Exit, Claiming Summoning Jutsu Acquired, 10 Stat Points]
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My Snake And Me [P] Empty Re: My Snake And Me [P]

Thu May 26, 2016 5:38 am

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