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Kosurama Senju
Kosurama Senju
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Senju Training Pt.2 [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Senju Training Pt.2 [Private]

Fri May 27, 2016 4:27 pm
Kosurama eyed the the scroll as Tatsurama set it down next to him.
"I finished my Water Wall as well. Hmm... In the meantime you could show me the basics of Wood Style. Only the basics though, I realize it's a highly complex chakra nature." 
Kosurama reached in his bag for his note book once more and flipped to a blank page titled "Wood Style".
"You see, I have no information or study material to go off of yet."
The Senju closed the notebook and set it down next to him. 
"It's up to you though, i'm only trying to get prepared for our squad's upcoming mission."

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Tatsurama Senju
Tatsurama Senju
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Senju Training Pt.2 [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Senju Training Pt.2 [Private]

Fri May 27, 2016 6:43 pm
"I guess i could show you the basics of it before the day's over. I'll show you the element change, and then how to mix it together and change it into wood. Then you should be able to get it down from there. Actually, take the wood release scroll that i've been using. It has a lot of notes and diagrams of how to use the wood style, like you are used to doing with your notebook."
Tatsurama then pulled out the wood release scroll, and handed it to Kosurama before stepping back a moment to showcase how to use the wood style.
"First, you need to gather chakra into both of your palms. After that, change the chakra in your left hand to water, and chakra in your right hand to earth. Once that is done, form the snake hand seal and release the chakra at the same time to wherever you are making the wood release. Have the chakra mix together, and then try controlling it after that and it should work."
Tatsurama then began to follow his own steps, gathering the chakra into both of his palms before changing the chakra into the two elements then using the snake hand-seal. He began to grow a few small plants around Kosurama that began to spawn flowers. 
"Try practicing making some small plants or flowers or whatnot, or just study the scroll and see what exactly it has to say on that. As long as your practice for a bit, you should get it down easily, considering you already have earth and water release."
Tatsurama then walked over to gathering his things, leaving the wood release scroll with his brother if he needed it for any help in his training from then on.
"Also  make sure you use the snake hand-seal. It's the hand-seal most commonly used with wood release techniques. There are maybe a few that use something else, but the majority is with the snake hand-seal, at least."
He then began to make his way out of the leaf training fields, giving a quick wave to his brother. Knowing his brother could handle his training from there, he felt he didn't need to linger anymore, and he had to go get prepared for the mission later.
"Alright i'm gonna go now, and prepare for the mission later. Meet up with us after you finish here, and don't be late!"
He walked out of the training grounds making his way back home, wondering what the mission would be later, and if his new jutsu would be enough to handle it.

WC: 432/4002 
Claims: +20 stats, and Wood Clone Technique

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Kosurama Senju
Kosurama Senju
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Senju Training Pt.2 [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Senju Training Pt.2 [Private]

Fri May 27, 2016 9:42 pm
Kosurama took the wood release scroll and watched as his brother began to demonstrate and explain the fundamentals of wood style. He carefully observed each and every one of Tatsurama's movements.
Unlike water style, mokuton is a very power centered nature. From the aggressive hand seals to the defensive yet assertive stances, wood style is physically enduring and chakra taxing.
He listened intently as his brother explained each step, along with providing a visual representation as well. Kosurama watched as Tatsurama separated his hands from one another, focusing water chakra in his left hand and earth chakra in his right hand. He then slammed his palms together, forming the snake hand seal. This would mix the two nature, thus creating wood style, his brother explained. Small plants began to sprout around Kosurama, blooming into tiny flowers. His brother then collected his things and said his farewell, leaving the wood scroll with Kosurama. The young Senju knelt down in the small patch of flower and unravelled the scroll. He thoroughly ready each word, attempting to imprint them in his brain so he wouldn't have to refer to it later. He briefly glanced at the diagrams, noticing each jutsu began with the snake seal. 
I guess that's a good start.
Kosurama set the scroll in the bed of flowers and took a defensive stance. He began by channeling water chakra into his left hand and earth chakra into his right hand, just as his brother instructed. Kosurama then slammed his hands together, forming the snake hand seal. He could feel the two natures begin to mix with one another, thus creating an unfamiliar chakra presence. Once the two natures had successfully mixed to create the desirable chakra, Kosurama separated his hands and slammed his palms into the earth. He watched as a small stem rose out of the ground, shortly after blooming into a delicate flower.
Until I learn any actual wood jutsu, these flowers are practically useless. I suppose in the meantime I can focus on creating different varieties of plants. 
Kosurama took a defensive stance once more. This time he collected a large amount of chakra in each hand, molding the chakra accordingly. He formed the snake hand seal, just as he did before and slammed his palms into the earth, exerting more strength and chakra than his previous attempt. A small tree began to take form, slowly developing leaves and branches, etc... 
Now, let's see what I do with this.
Kosurama began to pour more and more chakra into the plant, sprouting small white flowers from the tips of the branches. He stepped back in amazement. Kosurama quickly formed the snake hand seal once more and pressed his hands against the tree. The white flowers soon took the form of highly detailed orchids. The white orchids shifted to a soft shade of pink, with small red red polka dots near the tips of the pedals. He stared at his creation for a moment before slamming his palms back into the earth, retracting the tree back into the ground. Kosurama turned to grab the wood scroll that was laying in the patch of flowers his brother had created and brought it with him to the tree where he left his things. The young Senju, content with his new abilities reached for his notebook to write down his findings. He had memorized the wood scroll so he had no longer had any use for it. He quickly sketched the basic procedure of creating a plant, drawing the snake seal as well as the left hand forming water chakra and the right hand forming earth chakra, thus creating Mokuton. He shut his notebook and placed it in his bag along with wood scroll. Before returning home, Kosurama stared at the field where he had performed the many attempts at Water Wall and Wood Release. He smiled in content of his newfound abilities and swung the bag over his right shoulder.
I'm glad Tatsurama and Gamakuro were so willing to share their knowledge of the subject matter with me. Without them I would probably still be hopelessly attempting to create a pressurized wall of water, or a tree for that matter. 
Kosurama then noticed the sun resting on the horizon. He was so caught up in his training he had lost track of the time. The young Senju quickly out of the training grounds and made his way home. 


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Akihana Akari
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Senju Training Pt.2 [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Senju Training Pt.2 [Private]

Sat May 28, 2016 7:02 am

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