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The Up and coming Fuuinjutsu User? Five Elements! Empty The Up and coming Fuuinjutsu User? Five Elements!

Fri May 13, 2016 11:18 pm
Atem, taking a break from all of the ninjutsu action felt as though he needed to learn so more jutsus that embodied his fuuinjutsu side “I, think learning the famous ‘Five-Seal Barrier’ would be pretty refreshing.” Atem thought to himself. “Now that I have this newfound mental capacity I should see whether I can get into that world again and see what the task is to completely master this jutsu.” Atem said scratching head questioning his thought process. Atem began to walk to the training grounds all the while controlling his breathing and feeling the flow of chakra through his body, he often wondered why breathing activated this feeling, but he also wondered if there was an amplified feeling to what he felt now when he took his breaths.

In order to practice fuinjutsu he brought a notebook and pen which reminded him of his father who would carry this around with him as they traveled “He was always up to something.” Atem said laughing as he entered the desert that lead to the training grounds. “I think I should find a place that I can meditate in like before, but this time writing out the seals. When Atem thought he had found the perfect tree he knew he was correct when he felt the silkiness of the tree which reminded him of that old man that had helped him so much. “Ah, I should go visit him after I’ve mastered this jutsu.” Atem said with a slight smile on his face. As Atem made his way to the top he again tied the branches together and sat atop the tree in his meditating stance.

Atem took out his pen and paper and began to concentrate his chakra through the pen and into the paper. He had taken this pen from Chronos’ cave which would aid him in the fuuinjutsu training. He began to practice endurance and the neatness of his writing because he understood that the basics of a jutsu can take you far from where you once started. When Atem had wrote a good five pages of neat calligraphy-like letter he then put his book in his pocket and took a short exhale then inhaling deeply to fill his lungs. He did this in order to get in the ‘Realm of Jutsus’ he called it. This was in no shape or form real, but what Atem thought the actual jutsus would be like if they were people and what tasks they would give in order for you to master them.

As if they were a familiar guiding you through a maze they would give helpful hints, but not by simply telling you. The correct word to call what they would give you would be a riddle, one that involved your body and your mind. This is important because some say that the mind and body are completely separate even though they are in the same plane of reality. Using this method of thinking is how Atem gained the idea of creating a realm in his subconscious where he could train from the jutsus himself. Upon entering Atem noticed he was in a giant library filled with book in all sorts of languages different than his own. He wondered what they could be about and if they used the same belief of jutsus or not. As he walked through the library he sees a fairy type familiar that stands there hesitating to move, but then changes direction. “Is this some sort of guide of the library.” He said as he followed the fairy. Through shelves and shelves of books lining all the way up to the ceiling of the library Atem seemed to have followed the fairy to where she wanted him to go. “Oh, is this the place.” Atem said looking up at the giant rectangular opening causing the library to be split into a sect, who knows how many of these were in the library for no one could tell. Atem walked into the enormous door-like shape seeing scrolls this time instead of books. “This must be where the all of the jutsus lie.” Atem thought to himself as he picked a scroll up. The scroll he picked up was written in white ink with black paper instead of vica versa, it also was laced with red wiring on the side having golden woods sticking out of it.
Upon the scroll read “Dead Demon Consuming Seal” Atem on instinct tried to open it up, but to no avail could he see the contents of the jutsu. Something that seemed to be an omnipresent entity said in a deep tone “This is not what you came for, is it human?” The entity asked. “You, are correct, but as all humans I get side-tracked and curious as well. Would you mind directing me to the Five Elements Seal?” Atem asked in an annoyed manner hoping the entity could help him. “Yes, right away Chasseur.” The entity spoke as if he was all-knowing. “He, knew my name.” Atem said to himself shocked by what the entity said. Atem than seen a black shadow like goops on the ceiling move through the library, Atem felt as though he should follow that shadow in order to find what he was looking for. When the shadow had stopped it said “Here, you are. That red scroll that lie in front of you is the jutsu you are looking for. Be careful with merchandise, I usually don’t let your kind in here.” The entity said while disappearing into the ceiling. “I’m assuming he meant humans, but nevermind that. I have the scroll, now time to read up on it.” Atem was able to open this scroll this time being ‘what he was looking for’. When Atem was reading the scroll something stuck out to him the most out of all the words he had seen. “Five Element Seal is a technique which produces a powerful seal that is used to block or disturb the flow of chakra in a target.” It also stated that “An odd number of seals creates an imbalance when placed on top of an even number seal.” Atem thought this was interesting and began to contemplate what type of imbalance this would create. “Hm, it’s funny that even scrolls follow the rules of math, this is basically saying they cancel out.” Atem said in a light-hearted manner. He kept reading, but didn’t receive anything worth remembering so he closed the scroll and went to find the shadow entity. After a while of walking Atem couldn’t find the shadow anywhere, but at this point he didn’t even care.

Atem began to look at all the different types of books and most were types he had never seen before. “These are the books that have been made throughout the centuries of life.” The shadow said appearing through the ceiling. “You can’t read these or open them because you wouldn’t understand them, only books you are compatible with will open to your touch.” Then entity stated. “Thanks for the information, but do you have any paper, I need to write out this seal and see if I can create it just yet.” Atem said. “Yes, I do, but you must answer one of my riddles. “It walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening. What is it?Atem thought long and hard pacing through the library “I’ll show myself when you figured it out.” The entity said impatiently. Atem began to think about all the things that had those number of legs and wondered if it was an animal, he knew of many animals that had four legs and many that had two, he wondered what type of animals had three. “Well, maybe the third leg is a tail. There are many animals with tails though but not many walk and two feet.” Atem thought to himself. “I’m ready to solve the riddle.” The shadow seeped through the ceiling as he always does. “Are you sure, you only have three chances.” He asked eager to know Atem’s answer. “Yes, it is. The Kangaroo!” Atem said loud and proud of his answer. “Completely and udderly wrong Chasseur, every time you enter this realm you have three chances so use them wisely.” The entity said a little disappointed in Atem’s answer. “Typical humans.” He said to himself. Atem began racking his brain again trying to figure out what the riddle was, then he thought all of this was unnecessary for some paper, but he couldn’t lie it was fun to think about. “ Atem said having a good time. Atem needed that paper and pen to write out his fuinjutsu so he tried to determine what the time periods mean. Morning, Noon, and Evening. “Maybe he wasn’t talking about the literal meaning of the times of the day and meant periods of life!” Atem thought. “But, what animal could this apply to.”Atem a step closer to solving the riddle thought of every animal he could think, whether they lost legs over time or in some way matched the riddle he put it into consideration. That’s when he came up with a brilliant idea. “Some people consider us humans to be animals, we must be the animals then. That’s the only explanation for the riddle, Man is the answer and the only answer that could be correct!” Atem once more called out to entity asking him to judge whether he was correct.

“Are you sure you’re correct this time.” The entity said a little angered. “Yes.” Atem said in a confident manner. “Well, come out with it than human!” The entity rushed. “The answer is...MAN.” Atem once again yelled out loudly. “You’re correct young Chasseur, I will now take you to get the things you need for you jutsu. Atem follows the entity proud that he had answered the riddle on only the second time, but wanted to get it the first. Nonetheless he felt that he had did good. “Here we are.” The entity said. “Take all you like.” Atem looked past the entity and seen stacks of paper lined up so neatly he didn’t even want to touch them in fear that he would mess up the order. “Do as you please young Chasseur, you did well to figure out that riddle.” The entity said encouraging Atem to go in. As Atem walks in the doorway he notices tables and chairs made out of the finest wood he has ever seen, looking like a milky red. This is the first time Atem has seen a solid object looked as if it were liquid, better than any genjutsu could ever recreate. Upon those tables and chairs were pens of every color, Red, Gold, Blue, and Green. Atem eagerly walked up to the table with the ‘Five Element Seal’ in hand and placed it on the table, next he grabs a pen and paper from the neatly stacked pile. “Now, it is time to write.” Atem began to write with the pe and the fluidity of the pen amazed him, his calligraphy-like writing was always neat, but never before has it ever looked this good and probably never would look as good as this.

“This is absurd!” Atem thought to himself. Atem began to outline the formula of the seal and practiced it over and over again. When he wrote out the final draft of the seal it began to glow purple. “Is this completed.” Atem asked himself. When he couldn’t find the answer he then called out to the entity to show itself, a few moments later he again seeps through the ceiling. “Yes, Chasseur.” He said in a slightly more delightful tone. “Are you able to undo seals if I place them.” Atem asked. “Yes, I can undo and redo any and every seal known to man and the ones that aren’t.” He said with a snicker. “Well, I want to place this on my notebook, would you mind taking it off after I place it.” Atem asked politely. The entity then shook his head as if promising that he would undo any seal Atem was to place around the library. “It’s been a while since I was able to show off my power to someone.” He said in a cheerful voice ready to show what he could do. Atem slowly placed the seal on his notebook and began to see the notebook light up with a faint purple glow. The entity looked at it unimpressed and simply placed his shadow covered hand on the book unlocking it “Do you wish to see if it is truly unlocked now.” Atem goes and tries to open the book, when he grabbed it it opened with ease. “Hm, I see. That weak, huh?” Atem asked waiting for feedback from the entity. “Yes, very weak, I should at least break a sweat opening this type of fuinjutsu.” The entity said patronizing Atem’s Fuinjutsu.

Atem felt insulted, but understood who he was up against, then he immediately went back to writing out the formula but placing more chakra in it this time and using some tricks he learned in the academy combining all of those tricks and rearranging some formulas to match with others. “This should do it.” Atem said feeling as though he had accomplished something. “Now, try to open up this seal as easily as you did before.” Atem said while handing him the notebook with the seal placed on it. As the entity grabbed the notebook he again, touched it and popped it open. “Needs more work, young Chasseur.” He said handing it back to Atem. Atem was astounded that the entity made light work of his seal. Atem went back to work on the seal and for some reason he noticed that this pen has yet to run out of ink. Quickly dismissing this he kept writing this time creating his own techniques to use in this seal. He made it so the entity would have to go through another seal just to get to the Element seal, but he knew this would not be enough for the entity to even call it a task. So, he tried a few more things that he thought the entity would stumble, although in the back of his mind he knew the entity knew everything about fuinjutsu and it’s seals. Atem wondered what else he could do with this seal that he hasn’t already done, but he finds nothing else. He then places the seal on the book to give to the entity.

The entity grabbed it and touched it, this time he didn’t immediately opened, but did shortly after a while of looking at the seal. “You’re getting better, but you need more practice.” The entity said. This was just the encouragement that Atem needed in order to beat him, the entity did not know that he had lit a fire under Atem, but the entity did not want Atem to lose sight of his goal. Atem then gets back to his lab of fuinjutsu making his seals more complicated and creating new techniques to trip up the entity. “This, will have to beat him.” Atem said again placing the seal on the notebook and handing it to the entity. The entity opens it easily this time. “You cannot use the same methods on me more than once, I never forget. Keep that in mind.” Atem suddenly begins to fade out of the realm. “I’ll see you again...Young Chasseur.” The entity said before Atem snapped back to reality on top of the tree. It was now nighttime and Atem jumped down from the tree. As he lands on a branch he sees a spider web that at first looks invisible. Shortly after a bug flies directly in it, this was due to the moonlight refracting light off of the water droplets that the bug focused on making him forget about the spiderweb in his path. He knew this was how he would get the entity to mess up. Well, the entity did mess up, but there were no consequences for it so he was able to seem like he disarmed the seal with ease.

Atem walked home thinking of new techniques and such and came up with a few things. When he finally got home he began writing with his pen which felt as rigid as trying to write with the bark of a tree. From what he had experienced before in that what seemed to be magical library, although it was harder to make his writing neat he completed it and used it as a rough draft. When he completes the final draft copying what he had put on the rough, it began to glow purple with a few strands of black leaking from it. This made Atem think that he had finally came up with the solution to beat the entity, not just make him ‘break a sweat’. Atem then went to sleep thinking about how well he had done, but every time he thought he could implement something new into what he already done he got up and added things to the seal. This went on for hours on end until the sun began to peek over the mountain side. Atem knew that he would have to go to sleep in order to be in the right state of mind for his final bout with the entity. “Well, time for bed.” He said collapsing on his cover not even bothering to get under them. When he awoke refreshed he grabbed his pen and notebook and headed to the training grounds. He felt really well about what he created and thought nothing could get passed it, not even the entity that ruled over the library.
“I’ll be sure to one up him this time.” Atem said talking to himself as he passed the gates to the training grounds. As he made his way up the silky tree he began to get excited to show the entity what he had created in just a day. Now atop the tree Atem begins to control his breathing, getting ready to enter the realm. He has trouble because he is too eager to battle this monster in the art of fuinjutsu. “Oops, I have to calm down and put my mind in a different plane of reality.” Atem then resets his process and this time he enters the library once more. “It seems like you have returned with something you would consider big.” The entity said curious of what Atem had devised. “Hey ruler of the library.” Atem nicknamed the entity. “Take me to the papers and pens please. I need to finish this as fast as possible to show you.” The ruler of the library then leads Atem to the place where the pens and papers lie and sits there and watches Chronos goes to work. Atem copies the his rough draft did little subtle elements that he thought would make a difference in the outcome even if just a little. Atem decides to make two seals of the same type and place them on the front and back and remembered that the scroll said that five seals per element seal needed to be placed. “This whole time I wasn’t even doing the Five element seal.” He said to himself. Now he took ten more sheets of paper and began to write them as decoys which the ruler of the library would have to complete in order get to the main two seals.

Atem thought it would be an amazing idea to strewn them about the library, making it harder for the owl to reach and causing more time to be used up for the owl. “How smart of you.” The ruler of the library said. Atem was so focused that he couldn’t hear a work the ruler said and ran right passed him in order to place his seals everywhere. When finally finished Atem used his seals to get back to the room his was first in and gave the ruler the book. “Try it this time.” He said. “The owl tries to open the seal, but realizes he can't so he goes to find the other seals, while walking on the ceiling he discovered the seals one by one, but they were meant to be found. The ruler tried to unlock one of the seals, but he noticed that it exploded and damaged his shadow filled hand. “Are, you okay ruler?” Atem asked. “This is nothing child, but good job so far.” The ruler said. Since the ruler knew he couldn’t do each seal one by one he sprouted out ten limbs touching all of the seals previously located and tried to unlock them all at the same time, but he knew he messed up when they all exploded at once.” Chronos then smirked. “Is this not ten seals.” The ruler asked confused and counting the seals he had touched. “It is, but I’ll tell you since you already lost.” Atem said. “The eleventh seal is on me, and I  linked the other seals up to this that way you would only need to unlock the seal that was on me to get through the other ten.”
Atem said as if he knew it all.” Than the ruler smirked and said “You have a few thousand years before you catch up to me.” The ruler said while pulling the seal from out of his shadowy cloak and unlocking the notebook.” Atem stunned that his plan had failed. “It was a nice plan, but do you think I didn’t see you put the seal on your stomach when you scratched it.” Atem busted out into laughter and so did the ruler. “Well, now I think it is time I gave you my name and who I really am.” You seem to be worthy of my praise as well. I am Mito Uzumaki, a distant ninja who is from the past and I am a woman as well. I was among the best of the uzumaki clan and the first jinchuuriki. You will become a fine young man.” She said as she released her shadow form and showed her bright red hair did up with hair pins. “H-how? You’re an Uzumaki!” Atem asked stupidly. “Well, look at my hair.” The now old woman said. “I’ve implanted myself in every Uzumaki to give them trials and help the train jutsus, it seems I have made a miscalculation as I am in you and you are no Uzumaki.” Atem stood astounded by the news he had just received and the first question to pop up in his mind was his mother. “Do, you know my father?” He asked boldly. “Well, not really I know all Uzumaki, but not your father.” Mito said empathetically. “Ah, I see!” Atem said calmly. “I will tell you when the times comes.” Mito faded out of the realm and Atem was atop the tree sweating beads. “Tell me what i wonder?” Atem falls in a deep confusion, but is suddenly jolted out of it when he looks into the sky and sees a faint human figure reaching for his cheek. “Father?” He asked boldly. “Yes my dear child, never be sad! You’re a Chasseur, we stay optimistic, even through the hardships. Through tribulations we become strong and that is our clan name and in the shadows we lie and wait for our prey.” He said with a reassuring voice that seemed to be mixed with a certain  sternness. “Now go on, and become the best independent ninja that is known throughout the lands, Atem, I believe in you and I love you. Now, bye.” He said as he faded away into the clouds from which he came. This made Atem feel a lot better than he was a minute ago, now he was hyped to learn new fuinjutsu. He also was glad that his fuuinjutsu was getting better showing his Chasseur pride. Atem had to see if the seal worked in the physical world before he could call this jutsu mastered and went to the tree he meditated upon. A purple glow grew around his fingers and he placed them onto a nearby toad, he knew that he had completed it when the purple glow grew around the frog and it could not move. And thus Atem went home to continue making Fuinjutsu and wondering about his heritage and past ancestors.
[WC 4088]
[Exit, claiming 20 stats, Five Element Seal acquired]
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Akihana Akari
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The Up and coming Fuuinjutsu User? Five Elements! Empty Re: The Up and coming Fuuinjutsu User? Five Elements!

Fri May 13, 2016 11:25 pm

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