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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only) Empty Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only)

Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:34 am
[Earth Element Training]

Vretyel realized through his training and reading of the book some of what the serum of the Inazuamhi’s actually did to the body and the chakra of all the members of his clan. He realized that his clan was given the ability to use metal as an element. Metal was a combination of two other main elements, earth and Lightning. This explained why Vretyel was so good at learning the lightning element at an early age. So in order for him to get this element he knew that he had to learn the earth element too. This gave him time to think of all the things that he needed to do with his clan and his element. He knew that he had to one day go train with the monkeys for a long time and learn their secrets, but he also needed to see if there was any more information that he could learn about his clan. Although he was not strong enough yet, he was still young, and now he had to deal with his other self-trying to take control.
Constantly he had to talk to himself to subdue the thing inside of him, arguing with it for control, and sometimes he felt as though he was losing.

You are weak, pathetic and I am strong, let me take control of this pathetic body and I can give you everything.

No I will not give you control, I am in control of my own self, you are nothing but an illusion in my brain.

I am not an illusion, I am not a coward, but I am everything that you made me to be. I am your failures, your weaknesses, everything that you became I am, you made me to combat the lie that you keep telling yourself. Justice is not there, you think that you can combat the world with justice that you seek for others and yourself, yet you cannot even give justice to the ones that you care about most. You fail every time you try, going deeper into the failed path of justice, and giving me more control. Without me you would be dead.

I would have died for justice and honor as a ninja of this village.

You would have died a coward and a fool. You are nothing to this village, you have done nothing to make it better, and yet you still call yourself a ninja of the village. If you left the village right now than they would be better off. They don’t need a fool like you, chasing childish dreams, and giving your life away for people you don’t care about.
I cared about them! They helped me in troubling times and we grew close, I would have died with them in that field because that it was the right thing to do as in Inazumahi.

An Inazumahi, the clan that abandoned you, died off, but left you with nothing. You think that you should let these ghosts of your past dictate what you should do with your life. No, I will not allow it.

That is not for you to decide. I am Vretyel and you are nothing!

Although this was a typical conversation that he had with his inner self, with each passing day it was getting stronger and stronger, and Vretyel was losing control.
“Hey kid, you alright?” Konma asked him.
“Oh yeah, thanks, but maybe you should go for this training, I mean I am going to be using earth chakra after all.”
“Alright then, jerk.” And with that Konma disappeared into a cloud of smoke.
To get with his training Vretyel had made some arrangements to go to a local quarry to help with his element training. He knew that it was going to take a very long time to master the element, but he was ready to to start the training early.

In order for earth to bend to his will Vretyel had to understand earth and how to use it. As somebody who was wielding the earth element he knew that he would have be strong and sturdy at all time. Earth was supposed to be strong and should be able to support the weight of many. He decided that he was going to do some simple Earth Techniques by creating and moving small pieces of Earth from different locations in the Quarry. This meant that he was going to have to move large boulders by using the earth to do so. While doing so the work was long and hard, knowing that it was going to take a long time to master and learn, but as he was doing he knew of his motivations for going forward.

As he learned to cut and mold the rocks after days and days of training he kept on thinking of the boy that kidnapped him all those many months ago when he was still a genin. He remembered how he was too weak back then to save his friend Ayama and himself from the boy who would have surely killed the two young genin had he been less reckless with his time and his experimenting. He knew that one day he would have to face the man again in combat one on one to prove that he was better than him in everything now. That one day he would kill the man that took so much from him before and that Vretyel would come out on top. The only way he was going to do that was if he trained as hard as he could with all the information that he had learned from his clan. He knew that he had to be the best ninja in the world if he ever wanted to defeat this man, his one true enemy, and the thing that would forever hold him back from greatness. With a burst of energy that day (mind after several weeks of doing so) He was able to create a small mountain from the chakra that he had been given by this burst of motivation from what he was thinking. He was proud that he was given the energy and the ability to do this simple task with just a few weeks of training, This showed him that over more and more time he would be able to master the element, meaning that he finally had the chance to learn the element that he was destined to carry with him. To Vretyel, each and every step towards learning how to manipulate metal was a step towards greatness in his mind. He knew that he could develop his own techniques and abilities one day so that he would be able to be the best metal master in the world. He had so many things that he wanted to do, so little time to do it all, and was just thankful that he was still alive.

HE was only 12 years old and he had already been close to death twice in his life. This was something that he was not proud of but it was a part of his life. After a few weeks more of mastering the element of earth Vretyel decided that he was going to go back to Konoha and work on some of the metal techniques that he knew that he should work on now that he knew that the earth element could be one of the elements that he could use. As he walking back he did some thinking about how all of things in his life have led up to this moment. He knew a long time ago that he was destined to be great by the leaps and bounds that he made a child and as a student in the academy. Even before he was going to become a ninja he knew that he was going to become something great. When he was three years old Vretyel had created a toy for himself that could turn into a toy car and then back into a boat just with a button turning. His parents who hailed him a genius to all people who knew him also realized that he could one day become a ninja and create justu and abilities that would surpass most. He was hailed as a genius by most but shunned by the two people he loved most. Vretyel never thought that his parents had ever betrayed him when he was young, knowing and thinking in his brain that his parents wanted only for him to become the best. But after a few years of watching the things that his parents did, restricting the time that he was given to create things and playing, being forced to go on trips with his dad to all the lands of the world to get away from his gadgets. It was when he was about 8 years old and about to join the academy that he finally knew that his parents were trying to stunt his growth. He was given the all the tools that he needed when he was at the academy to bulid up his mind and body, given tests to see just how smart Vretyel was, and he learned that he had a very high IQ level that was well above the 200 mark. This was something that was rarely seen among others in his class or in his generation, this proved that he could do great things, and that his parents were stunting his growth.

During his days at the academy Vretyel was put into advanced classes to where his true abilities could shine, his teachers coming to his parents’ house time and time again to show them of his progress, and asking the two why he was not put into the ninja academy sooner. The only thing was that while they would talk to his teachers Vretyel had sneaked out of his room and watched from a distance as his parents told them time and time again about how they feared his potential and what he could do. He never knew at the time why that was, but just figured that it was a show of their betrayal to Vretyel’s growth. When he learned that his parents had been hiding the secrets of his clan to him for so long that is when he knew that he was truly juked of his development, years of training lost because his parents were fearful of his power, only to end up giving it to him forcibly. Along the way he had severed the connection with his father and had lost his mother in order to get him this power and knowledge. This was ok in Vretyel’s mind, because he knew that he had to do this in order to get justice for himself. At those moments, he knew that in order for him to rise from the ashes of his clan, he himself had to be given justice. As he walked home from his training at the quarry, he realized that he was going to be going back to the village a new ninja. Reborn from the ashes, the boy that was once Vretyel was gone, and the man of metal was about to join the ranks of village ninja.

As he walked through the crowded streets of Konoha again he went to the memorial of the fallen shinobi of his ranks, newest among them being that of his teammates Nero and Taro. He had survived and they had not, which angered Vretyel, and also started to get his inner self back in his mind. He fought the urge back in his brain and did a few hand signs and pounding to the ground. Konma appeared next to him for the first time in a few weeks, going on Vretyel’s shoulder like he always did, but this time, Vretyel spoke before the monkey.

“You want to help me learn the metal element?”

“Sure why not… sounds like it would be a blast.” The sarcasm dripping off his lips, but still there meaning that there was some interest in him staying. With that the two moved to go to his house and learn the metal element there.

[WC: 2015, added to Soul Amathyst, requesting Earth Element and 20 JP]

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Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only) Empty Re: Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only)

Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:42 am
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only) Empty Re: Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only)

Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:49 pm
As Vretyel walked inside of his apartment to go over some of the things that he needed to do for the metal element training he knew that he had to do some cleaning later inside of his house. In the weeks that he had been gone training the house had become dusty, that was something that would have to wait though, because Vretyel had more pressing matters to attend to, and he could not wait to get to training again. From some of the readings that the got from the book of his clan he learned some of how he was going to be able train this, mostly with going to the training grounds and going to an open field to do so. As Vretyel sat in his room getting ready Vretyel recalled just how lucky he was with his discovery of learning the secrets of the book. It is explained in the first few chapters of the book in secret that the KKG of the Inazumahi clan was metal release, but it order to pick up on that piece you had to have read the entire book first. This meant that only an inazumahi could read the book entirely as the dialect and complexity of the wording was difficult so that only somebody from the clan would be able to figure it out. One his way back from one of his other missions it clicked when he was walking by an abandoned quarry. Angered still by the death of Nero and Taro Vretyel raced inside and was going to punch some of material there, instead he came across a hermit whom was living there. He told the boy to prove to him that he was a ninja be showing him what his element was, giving the boy some of his special chakra paper to see which nature he was. Vretyel had never done this to prove that he was a ninja, always expecting his to be lightning he was surprised to see that the paper turned into a metallic sheet of metal. The man said that he had never seen paper do that before, wondering what element could cause such a paper transfer. The man allowed for the boy to leave the quarry and on his way back Vretyel realized what that paper meant. Vretyel’s element was metal, and so when he went back to his home he knew that he had to go back to the quarry to see if he could learn the earth element, which he could. Then with that he went back home to start his training of the metal element and got back to the present day.

Starting his training after going back on what he had learned before he was ready to train. In a flash Vretyel had body flickered his way to the training grounds to the location where he was going to start his element training again. From the locals that he had talked to the ground there had been filled with metal and minerals deep down in the surface, so with some of the money that he got from his missions he bought the land and said that he was going to use the metal for training. After a few hours of making all the necessary preparations and saying good bye to Konma again as he did not want the monkey to be present during his training again. He understood and after a finishing another banana with him the monkey kings son escaped into the cloud of smoke back to the land of the monkeys. Konma had hinted that one day Vretyel should go to the land with him to train, not understanding that entire he had to do here, and thinking that it would be O.K. HE kept on telling him that one day he would and the two just moved on, he knew that he would have to do it eventually, and one day, he would.

While at the area of the training grounds he started with a simple technique to make the metal bend to his will by creating a simple kunai. It took a while to get the metals from the ground, because it was his first time doing it, and it was difficult to incorporate the Earth element and the lightning element to make a material that could be stronger than the earth but also sharper than diamonds. Vretyel had to take time to go over all the parts of creating the metal by using earth jutsu to gather and sift through all of the materials that he did not need for metal creation. This meant since it was the first time doing it that it took several hours, he did not know what metals would be good and which ones would be bad so some of the materials that he was trying to use he had to look up in a book that he had gotten from the library to see if they would work. He knew that he was going to have to go deeper into the ground to get the materials that he needed. After a few days of training and learning about some of the metals in the earth Vretyel then was able to get the materials that he needed from the ground with ease. He had mastered the first step of his metal element, now it was time to do a more challenging part of the exercise, and that making weapons out of it. Using enough metal Vretyel concentrated on trying to make a metal kunai with the material that he created. HE was thinking and concentrating hard on what he needed to do, thinking that he had done it easily, but that was not the case. Upon finishing what he thought was the completed Kunai he instead created a monstrosity of metal with no sharpness at all. This was a disappointment to Vretyel, but he knew that with training he could complete the task one day. The stage was set for this ninja to master the element of metal.

[WC: 1010, requesting words be added to Soul Amethyst completion, metal as an element, and 10 JP.]
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Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only) Empty Re: Elements to the Max! (P, NK, Vret only)

Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:01 pm
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