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Training in Mom's Quarters (P) Empty Training in Mom's Quarters (P)

Thu May 05, 2016 8:48 pm
Kanzaki sat in a meditative stance with her legs crossed. The Senju was on the edge of the pale brown, wooden flooring, looking upon the inner courtyard in her mother's section of the palace. The blonde girl was surrounded by fine and smooth spruce wood. The inner courtyard was essentially bordered by wooden flooring, and in the center was a small, quaint looking garden. It consisted of small plants and trees, followed by a golden sculpture of her mother in her youth. The glass ceiling was bordered by wood, and was the same size as the garden itself, allowing sunlight to shine through.

The scent of rosemary appealed to Kanzaki's nostrls as she sniffed the air gently. Her cat, 'Snowball' blended in with the lap of the white kimono that she was wearing. Her white cat with it's thick tail, cute facial features, thick snow-like fur and tubby body was curled up into a ball and asleep. Despite how intensely cute the small cat was she refrained from petting it or stroking it behind it's ears. As for the kimono, it was obviously snowy white in color, however it had black bordering the color, and a series of red rose designs etched into the fine, soft fabric that graced her small frame.

For accessory, Kanzaki was wearing a multitude of silver necklaces with cyan or blue gems in them. The Senju's hair had grown a little longer, the platinum strands of silkiness flowing down to her mid-back in semi-curls. At the top of her head was a tiny, silver tiara. Several guards were within the wide area, four to be exact. One of them was a male that stood at six foot one inch, with his greasy black hair slicked back. One strand of the curly locks hung in the middle of his forehead. He wore the typical Queensguard attire with a broadsword on his back.

Seeing as he was the leader of his squad of Queensguard, a red cloak lined by gold with fancy, draconic shoulder pads embedded into the top of the fabric was attached to his armor. Upon closer inspection there was a scar oon his right cheek. His eyes were thin and mischievous, especially with their gold-yellow tone. 'Aiki the Great' city people called him. His real name was Aiki Hikarushi. The male was lean-muscle beneath his armor, with countless scars and marks on his slightly tanned skin. He was the noblest and most knight-like in contrast to the rest of his squad, smelling of ashes and wood as he spoke of the oath he swore.

What oath was that? To protect Kanzaki, and other royalty of Hoshigakure in that regard. He would die protecting them. All in all he was an easygoing man who was just doing his job, and his dedication to said job knew no bounds. Another one of her guards was a man with short and spikey brown hair, with a scar over his closed eye and one onyx eye that always possessed a crazy look in it. He wore the typical attire, though one of the armored shoulderpads was always missing, and he adorned a sword that was slightly wider than the typical.

This man in particular never talked, and not only that but he also had the same devotion as his leader. He was acquainted with a saintly aura, thus being typically referred to as 'Hikaru', even though his actual name is Daisuke Burabaida. Her third guard was Kaiba Sushirama, a male with a half-lidded gaze, black eyes, and black, spikey short hair. His bangs were all bundled together and pushed to the right side of his forehead, while cleared on the left. Of course, he wore the Queensguard armor, but unlike his teammates he was accentuated with a mere katana, when he is not being forced to wield a broadsword that is.

Their last squadron member was Jiburu, the basic of basic, wearing the generic Queensguard and the generic standard sword. His eyes were emerald green in color and he had long hair that reached down to his lower back and was yellow in color, as well as straight. Jiburu was noble, and he was the most talkative. In addition, he seemed to be the one that was most inclined to entertain Kanzaki whenever she was bored to the point of becoming impatient. All in all he was a gentleman as the Queensguard were expected to be.

These four guards were separated, one in each corner of the room. They were preoccupied with watching the girl as she 'enjoyed' the process at hand, mixed in with thinking back on stuff. A few months had gone by, and she mostly spent them doing much of nothing, but this time around she was actually going to do something. It was time for her to get started with training, and what better way to do that then to meditate? Her health was as brilliant as ever, and for the past few months she has yet to catch any ailments.

Perhaps it was in her blood to always be healthy, or she was just lucky in a way. A few weeks after her exam was her seventh birthday. For her birthday she received another gold necklace with a turquoise gem in the center to add to her collection of jewelry, in addition to a cool little, scarlet arm bandana with Hoshigakure no Sato's star symbol etched into it in full black. Naturally there were a lot of other gifts, but they weren't as important. But enough of reminiscense, there was extensive training that was necessary at hand. The blonde was currently doing her best to practice at the potency of her chakra reserves. She wanted to increase them, as well as her control over them.

Therefore for the past few hours she had been sitting there resisting her urge to sit up and do something more entertaining. Yeah, she was a pretty little princess and all but she wanted her name to be worth more than just 'oh this girl is royalty'. Therefore, she was going to train for the respect and strength that she so badly desired, with the help of her parents of course. The Senju's small, pale hands remained clasped together as she continued to hone her control over her reserves. The specific thing that she was doing with her reserves was attempting to make most of her chakra assume the properties of an element she'd yet to have learned; Water.

While she could ask for help from fellow royalty, it would've been better for her credibility if people found out like 'whoa this girl learned how to use a second element on her own'. Therefore they would not have the excuse to push it off on her getting help from her family. Then again they could just be prejudice and say it was because of her royal blood, but wouldn't that be a compliment for her? Who knew. This entire plan of hers was devised by her father, however the mastermind himself was off on a tough S-Rank mission. High-ranking missions were getting more and more common for her father to go on, so she was usually seeing far less of him.

In his absence, however, she did her best to be a good girl so that when her father did return he would be proud. The Senju broke from her intense train of thought, her hands remaining clasped together. She pursed her lips together and squinted her amber orbs, trying to resist her urge to scratch at the itch on her thigh. Snowball, whom was initially asleep, was now awak,e and rubbing at the spot profusely with her paws, trying to get comfortable. To maintain focus and concentration she didn't utter a word, or even move for that matter. Kanzaki continued to course chakra throughout her body, thinking of the properties of Water.

If she could compare it to normal chakra, she would have to say that it flowed much more easily. So the first property that Water had was it's freely-flowing formlessness. She already had the formless part down in a way; she was unable to manipulate her chakra into that of a designated shape. The next property of water, in her mind, was it's ability to vary in temperature. She could make her water scalding hot or frigid cold, and it was something that she could appreciate. That also tied in with the speed of it, since the hotter it was the quicker.

The at-ease blonde kept trying to manipulate her chakra and practically force it into assuming these properties by kneading it. Unfortunately kneading was not her strong suit since she had not been acquainted with years worth of experience with elemental chakra like shinobi and kunoichi alike have. Kanzaki wished that she could inquire upon her father right now and beg for him to help her out with this, but again he was on a mission. She puffed up her cheeks, her amber eyes shutting as she prepared to delve further into concentration.

"I am on my own with this! I got to make dad proud!" Kanzaki provided herself with those motivational words. The girl slowly raised her arms while keeping her hands pressed together. She summoned up her reserves all in one go, surging the entirety of her rapidly flowing chakra network. The Senju's abyssmally-above average chakra reserves continued to swarm her frame as she attempted to control them and force them into assuming the properties of Water Release. The ambience that coursed throughout her petite frame continued being rebellious, rejecting her demands.

She let out a soft, restrained growl and continued trying to coerce and force her chakra into doing whaat she demanded it to. The rebellious, immense amount of Senju reserves just did not want to do what she wanted them to. The girl's focus was rapidly depleting and so was her willingness with her task. The unsophisticated thinker was caught up in the heat of the painfully boring moment. While she did not want to shame her dad, she also did not want to do something when she was getting nothing but irritation out of it.

The blonde mumbled to herself before she parted her now clammy hands and stood up from the edge of the wooden platform, pressing her bare feet to the open, trimmed emerald green grasses. She walked forth, being strangely enticed and appeased by the beauty of nature itself. She admired the plants that stood short, yet radiant and full of vibrance before her. Perhaps it was natural attraction, or it was something further than that. Regardless, the Senju stood there with her hands folded at her crotch for a long while, inspecting the bright greenery.

As far as she knew, something about her lineage on her father's side was extremely special. It was all based around chakra, so it was sort of coincidential that she would want to learn how to wield chakra especially when she had special chakra of her own. When it was broken down into simpler meaning, Earth Release produced constructs made out of the ground itself. Plants suck up nutrients from the ground, and these nutrients vary between minerals themselves and something else.. water. The very element that she was trying to wield was practically right in front of her. The element she already could use was also right there.

She could not put her finger on it, but somehow these plants themselves, or just plants in general, were related to her. Her six year old mind went off the fritz, making her quietly contemplate if she was a plant girl. "Oooh, what if I'm the princess of all plants and not just Hoshigakure no Sato!?" Kanzaki thought to herself, giggling gently at how cool it sounded. She could imagine shoving a tree trunk out of her palm and whacking someone with it until they fell down unconscious. Her father told her that he was able to do stuff like that, and make wood using his chakra.

He also proclaimed that he could grow super plants that spewed really weird stuff like toxins that could knock you out for five months. Kanzaki always thought that he was just trying to entertain her and that wasn't actually the case. Somewhere deep in her more thoughtful, analytical outlook, she contemplated if it was all true. And if she was his daughter, did that mean she had the capability of doing such wild things as well? She had to stick around and find out by continuing to try and train, and for now she had made some progress, but some would not cut it. At this point the girl vowed to learn how to wield the water element properly before her father could return.

With a dramatic smacking together of her fists, the kimono-wearing piece of petite royalty cheesed a graceful and determined smile. Her amber orbs lit up passionately as she looked at the greenery in front of her."By the time my father returns from his quest I will learn how to feed you water! Look forward to it, ya' low-life vermin. Bow to me as your almighty Princess of you and the rest of your species!" The girl stated in a macho voice, cracking up as though she was the funniet person in the world. She hopped back, seating herself back down.

Snowball brushed up against her hip and curled up into a ball at her side. She offered a gracious smile to the cat, proceeding to rub the space behind the fluffy ball of white fur's ears. "Being nice now that you know I won't need a spray bottle to get ya', ehh?" She stated, continuing to stroke and rub the cat in a genuine manner. She would stop after two minutes of straight entertaining the cat. At this point Snowball had curled up and fallen asleep in her lap again. Now that the cat was too busy napping to preoccupy her attention, now she would allow her attention to be preoccupied by something else, learning how to wield the element.

First things first she was doing what she typically did to knead her chakra from raw chakra into an Earth Release format. Now that all distractions were gone she was beginning to think much more fluently and smarter. It seemed that her six-year old train of thought switch turned off and her analytical, growing-into-an-independant-person switch turned on. Of course that did not mean that she was going to be rebellious and try to spend most of her days alone. She was far too many years away from that stage and point in her life. The Senju Princess realized that all she really had to do was switch up what sort of properties she applied to her chakra.

She naturally, could not use the same properties as Earth Release chakra, because Earth Release chakra was Earth Release chakra. While she could maintain some of them and just alter those slightly, she could not expect to maintain them. She listed off numerous physical traits to describe water in her head. "It has no shape.. it is see through... it sticks to itself and other things.. sort of. Uhhhh.. it can be hot or cold.." Kanzaki continued to brainstorm these things, all the while calmly manipulating her massive reserves with relative ease due to how tranquil she was at the moment.

This manipulation was none other than her applying the kneading process to her raw chakra. The Senju Princess was literally kneading her chakra to such a degree that with every property of Water that she listed off she 'customized' her chakra to accentuate that physical trait. "Using an element is like walking... it's really hard at first but as you keep trying it eases up and before you know it... boom..! You know how.. " She murmured the motivational words that her father spoke to her before he headed off to his mission.. which he called a quest. He introduced missions as 'quests' to her.

"I seeee now.. so I just gotta remember the properties of Water.. and turn the method that I used to apply the property to my chakra into an easily-rememberable pattern. " Kanzaki thought to herself. She was quickly and easily revolutionizing her understanding of chakra. Kanzaki knew for a fact that she had a knack for controlling chakra, whether it was in her blood or her hard work at the academy paid off. Eitherway, her insight on the subject was something that she could never stop appreciating.

Her body felt cool one moment and then warm the next because she was currently trying to test out the degree at which she could increase the temperature of her half-kneaded Water chakra. She had the formless part down, and her chakra was translucent at this point. It was also naturally bonded with every last molecule, or in this case, every last drop of itself. Naturally, there were many other properties of Water that she was trying to apply, such as the fact that it was the universal solvent, or in her father's words 'good for taking care of eeeeeeeeverything'.

Kanzaki contorted the Tiger handseal and proceeded to surge her chakra once more, helping to increase the flow of chakra throughout various parts of her body, specifically in the joints, by causing the knodes to expand from her performing the seal. The Senju continued to try and knead her chakra to assume the properties of Water, but none the less she was varying between successful and unsuccessful at the moment. It was a frustrating, strenuous process, but none the lessshe refused to give up. A blonde woman wearing a pristine, white kimono with collars and edges of the fabric varying between green and black entered the room.

Naturally, the woman was her mother. Her mom settled her sights upon Kanzaki with a sleepy look on her face. Upon recognizing what her little daughter was doing, she decided she would leave her be. The girl needed utmost concentration at the moment, and the blonde heir knew that to a degree from what her husband told her in the past. The Senju Princess continued to develop and try to mold her chakra, consistently listing off properties of water no matter if they were the same as the ones she previously stated or were completely new ones.

She could finally begin to feel the components of water combine and thus allow her water to knead into Water Release chakra. Upon realizing this she bounced up, causing her sleeping cat to jolt awake and sprint away hissing with the fur on it's back up. The Senju Princess bounced up and down with her arms in the air, cheering at her achievement. Kanzaki suddenly stopped, thinking a little deeper and trying to find an answer to one question she just developed. Now that she had kneaded most of her chakra into Water Release chakra, what could she do with it?

Kanzaki gathered the molded chakra and clapped her hands together. The Senju Princess puffed up her cheeks as she gathered the water in her now puffed up cheeks. She parted her lips and blew out the water like she narrowly avoided choking. "Blrrrr! Water Release Water Spitting Technique!" The blonde yelled after, watching as the molded chakra drenched the plants in water. Kanzaki sighed softly, watching as it dripped down onto the grass. She had wasted all of her kneaded chakra on that dumb excuse for a jutsu, now she was back to step one!

The girl grunted as she ran back over to where she was sitting originally. The Senju Princess formed a single handseal and shut her amber eyes. She began to concentrate on kneading her chakra again. She thought about how her father said water was good all around when it came to dealing with stuff. He also mentioned how it sticked to itself and other objects, hence why it could move forth in one mass. While on the subject of mass, it also possessed a mass but was also formless. Kanzaki started to concentrate on the temperature of the water.

Instead of making it scalding hot and possibly hurting the plants (somehow), she would try and make it cold. Still maintaining the seal to keep some of her chakra knodes in her joints dialated, the girl was letting the chakra gradually being molded in her petite form. The blonde-haired Senju continued trying to force her half-kneaded chakra to alter it's temperature so that it could be colder. She was feeling confident now that she had the process of doing this down, but now it was just a matter of rinse and repeat, failure and success.

The eager Senju princess made sure not to allow her childish impatience to get the best of her. The dedicated individual continued to strain her reserves by maintaining the seal in order to keep circulating her chakra at the rate it was moving at. Kanzaki contorted more handseals, causing more of her chakra knodes (otherwise her tenketsu) to stretch from their normal circumference. Kanzaki began to feel the entirety of her body get a little colder, and as if on cue she would begin to bundle the now almost fully-kneaded chakra together into one compressed form.

The Senju Princess puffed up her cheeks and inhaled greatly, closing her mouth and gathering the Water Release chakra in her mouth. She puffed her chest out, curving the middle of her back outward and retracting her upper body. She ached her arms at her sides, balling her hands into tight, knuckling whitening fists as she readied her use of this. The blonde, kimono-wearing girl was not doing any actual technique, but she was still wielding the element at this point. With that being said, she was thrilled that her efforts were successful.

Kanzaki parted her hands and she pressed the tip of her index finger to the tip of her middle finger, forming a small o and proceeding to hover her hand a few centimeters in front of her mouth. She leaned forth in one rapid movement, extending her left arm out behind her while her right was in front of her. She slightly parted her lips, making an o with them and proceeding to release the bundle of water in her mouth. A funnel-like stream that progressed into a small wave fired from her mouth and proceeded to course out ahead of her. She shifted her head downward, watering the plant with the constant flow of water out from her mouth.

The Senju then tilted her head upright slowly, watering the plant as she did so. She halted the flow of water chakra, closing her mouth and then forming an o with it as she aimed at another plant and began to water it as well. She was excited, but that would not cause her to lose focus. She was determined to maintain what she was doing at the moment, because she would be upset with herself if she did not. Once she finished watering the plants the girl shifted her head completely down, backing up a bit as she did so.

The easy-flowing current of water was altered when she opened her mouth a little more. Kanzaki released the water from her maw in the form of a spray that spanned outward a little more from a stream. The water fell into the rich, brown soil hidden beneath the thickets of recently cut, emerald green grass at her bare feet. Kanzaki continued kneading and coursing chakra throughout her throat and out of her gullet, allowing the consistent flow of Water Release chakra to be released from her mouth. At this point in time her reserves had completely underwent the process of memorizing how to mold Water Release chakra, specifically the properties and traits that had to be applied to it's physical being in order to make it work out.

"Sure.. that's done.. but now if what my dad has said is true.. then I can do what he can. One wall down, one to go!"
(4018 words. 20 Stats. Water is my second element now!~ <3)
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Sun May 08, 2016 7:26 pm
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