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Affinity Of Wind: Embodied Blade! Empty Affinity Of Wind: Embodied Blade!

Sun May 01, 2016 11:12 am
“Hm, I need a technique that will enhance my future swordsmanship. I would hate for my sword to break due to someone with heavy armor; I wonder if there is a jutsu that can reinforce your sword while also increasing the slicing capabilities.” Atem said as he scratched his chin while hanging upside down from a tree’s branch. He then began to think of his chakra nature and while thinking of that he knew that the Wind Chakra Blade would be his best bet when it comes to reinforcing the durability and slicing ability of the sword.

“Well, isn’t this a handy idea, but I was never for chakra control. I fear this will take a minute.” Atem said as he began to look for a stick strewn about the luscious forest he was in. Considering he didn’t have enough money to buy the sword he wanted he knew that a stick would probably be the best substitute due to it being easy to obtain. After finding the perfect stick that was around 4 centimeters thick and a little shorter than a meter long he knew he could begin.

“Ah, enveloping your chakra over a sword will be difficult for something this size, but it will prepare for the future which overshadows the opportunity cost of time.” Atem held the stick out in front of him as if it were a traditional japanese sword and began to breathe. He found out that under a calm mind he was able to develop his chakra better than if he was under stress which is until he is becomes familiar with the way chakra nature works.

In his mind he knew that wind nature was rather rare, well, that is what the academy had said at least. His instructor told him that in order to generate wind release chakra you need to make your chakra as thin and sharp as powerful. It is always best to visualize what it will look like at the moment you let your chakra dispel from your body because chakra is also connected to the mind.

Atem made sure his arms were extended as much as possible while staying in his comfort zone, while doing this he would begin to concentrate the chakra into both of his hands. When he felt the chakra had reached it’s destination he then dispelled it as fast as possible thinking that is how wind worked.

He was wrong.

The wind rebelled against him and expanding knocking him down on his feet, “Shit, hard to take are we?” Atem asked the wind nature as if it could speak. After a few more tries and having the same results happen over and over again he realized that he might have gone a step too far in advancement. “Hmph, I’m most likely doing too much for my skill level so it would be best to retract to the very basics and that is controlling the chaka in my hand first and then manipulating it from their.

Atem held his right hand out and then curled his fingers inwards, he then began to force the chakra down into his right hand while trapping it there, when he felt he was ready he dispelled it slowly this time, as it poured out like water from a tilting vase he tried to form it, but realized that it had no speed to it. “So, it can’t be released to slow or too fast. This reminds of that book Goldilocks and the wind is the porridge.” Atem said to himself in a joking manner.

Now, compromising with the wind het let the chakra leak to his right hand while remembering to make it thin and sharp and then he released it. The form was somewhat correct, but it was lacking power, it was as if it were a breeze. All of the sudden a strong breeze cancelled out Atem’s and stripped a few leaves off of the tree branches. As they fell Atem could see them spin violently until they gently hit the ground, some of the remnants of the wind would pick the leaves up and twirl them in a circle until falling back to the ground once more.

“That’s it. Circulation is what I needed in order to release the chakra at any speed that I want while also retaining the speed of the initial wind once it is released from my hand. Hopefully it is more malleable in this state as well.” Atem theorized. Now was the moment of truth,”if this didn’t work what else would?” Is what Atem was thinking at the moment. Once more he held his right hand out in front of him while curling his fingers inwards, the chakra began to flow to his right hand this time and to test this theory out he released the chakra as fast as he possibly could while simultaneously churning it in a clockwise fashion.

As he did this he could begin to see a miniature tornado form on the palm of his hand, “Okay, time for you to transform around my hand.” Atem said. Flattening the tornado as if it were Playdough he pressed against his hand while still rapidly moving, he then began to make the wind chakra enveloped his whole hand which was fairly hard.

He began to breathe hardly and the chakra was calmly released without combustion this time. “Whew, that surely is a work, but I’m almost there. I need to practice this more because if I can’t cover my hand in chakra then there is no way I can cover a one meter long stick.” Atem said to himself in a calm manner.

“Ah, for now I guess I’ll take a break to regain my chakra. No need to rush anything, it’s not like war will be coming anytime soon and if it does I should be good for the most part.” Atem made his way to a tree he could sit upon and relax quietly. He looked at his hand until he fell asleep. All of the sudden he was awake, but he wasn’t, in front of him was nothing, but pitch black darkness. Following these events a voice rang out from afar, it said “Are you satisfied with your current skill level?” The voice sounded very similar to someone he had heard before, but for the life of him he just could not tell who it was.

“N-No, I need more power.” Atem replied. “Good, then wake up!” The voice retorted loudly. At that moment Atem awoke in such a way that it caused him to fall out of the tree, but he quickly latched onto a branch on his way down. “What was that all about?” he said to himself. “I guess you could call it motivation if anything else.”

“Hm, after waking up I remember the fact that I have forgotten all about chakra infusion. Utilizing that technique I should be able better visualize how to get my wind nature chakra all the way up the stick instead of just my hand. Let’s see, practice makes perfect.” Atem found that he always talks to himself and he begins to chuckle. He then picks up the stick that he had left on the ground a few hours ago, while picking it up he then began to hold it out with both of his hands gripping the makeshift sword. “Okay, here we go.” Atem began to use the same technique he did when he form the wind around his hand and seems that the wind began to crawl up the sword.

As it did Atem could feel a certain sharpness added to the blade itself, getting closer and closer to the tip of the stick Atem began to get excited and he disrupted the flow of chakra through his body causing it all to disperse into the surrounding nature. “Ah, so close, but no cigar. It isn’t like I didn’t have the technique down. I just didn’t have my mind set on getting it to the top and not let my emotions rule over me.” Atem tried once more, but this time his mind was completely set on perfecting the amount of chakra needed to reach the top of the stick successfully cloaking the stick and turning it into a dangerous weapon. Once more the chakra began to creep up the stick until it was finally engulfed and now it was a wind sword...essentially. Holding the chakra in place was pretty taxing to Atem at this point, but he refused to start over again and plus he also wanted to swing the sword of couple of times.

Taking his first swing at a tree the wooden stick cut through the tree about halfway through, but it cracked a bit. “The stick must not have enough durability to withstand the blunt force of the tree when I swing it, obviously this is nowhere near the durability of a sword so I won’t have to worry about that in a real battle.” Atem pondered as he continued to swing the sword until it broke.

Now, that he was able to control his wind natured chakra and apply it to the stick he wanted to test it out a bit more, so he continued to grab other sticks and cover them with his wind chakra, small and big using different sizes to help diversify his skills and what weapons he can cloak. Not realizing his limits he collapsed to the ground, “I got a bit excited there for my own good, I need to calm myself before I end up dying to chakra exhaustion.” Atem said to himself panting with every breath.

Hours passed and he had finally regained his stamina, but he was incredibly hungry, he decided that it would be best to use the ability he had just learned on a moving object and an animal to hunt down would be the best choice. Also, since his clan is basically a hunting clan this would be an easy and relaxing task for him. Looking through the forest Atem would see the tracks of what seemed to be a boar, it had a two-pronged footprint which meant that it could have been an animal with hooves. In this area it would be safe to assume that it was a boar and not something like a horse, especially since the spacing of the footprints weren’t large enough. Anyhow, he then began to follow the tracks at the speed of 23 until he seen a stream and to the right around 10 meters from him was the boar he had been tracking down.

“There you are.” Atem said holding an oddly shaped stick. He decided this would be his final test, as the stick wasn’t conventionally made (being straight) so shaping his wind chakra with the stick he began to dash at the boar silently while it was still drinking from the stream. Soon the stream ran red with the blood of the boa, Atem had used the wind chakra infused stick to slice into the body of the boar causing it to convulse violently until it died. “How, satisfying. I hate killing these animals, but the hunt prior to is always a delight.” Atem said as he dragged the boar back to cook. Still unconvinced with his skills while the boar was cooking he began to use his wind chakra to create a blade that was 3 centimeters from his fingertips. This would help in situations in which he had lost his weapon and still had to fight.

This turned out to be more difficult than the previous training, concentrating the chakra to his hand was easy but creating a blade where there was nothing to mold it around was harder than anything he could imagine up to this point. He soon discerned that he had to tap into his imagination and visualize a small blade that the chakra would shape itself around. “Voila, bladeless wind blade.” Atem laughed. His smile quickly turned into a frown when he realized he was burning his boar from the scent of charred meat.

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[Exit, Claiming 10 Stat Points, Wind Release: Chakra Blade]
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Affinity Of Wind: Embodied Blade! Empty Re: Affinity Of Wind: Embodied Blade!

Sun May 01, 2016 11:19 am

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