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Wae Of The Blade Empty Wae Of The Blade

Mon May 21, 2018 8:53 pm
“Blades,” A sword fell to the groundbreaking in shatters. “More blades.” Two blades fell to the ground. “More, I need more, I NEED MORE!” A voice boomed across the area, Tadashi could feel himself unconsciously running towards the voice as it began to amplify in sound. Tadashi made it to the area as he saw a boy, about 2-3 years older than him. He had the same red hair and golden eyes as Tadashi. He had tatters, bruises, and cuts all around his body. He was also much taller than the younger boy as they saw to each other. “Is that me?” The crimson-haired boy pondered for a moment, but he was brought back to reality as the older teenager gave an ear-piercing scream, “I NEEEEEEDDDD MOREEEEEE!!!!” Suddenly, Tadashi felt something dull, sharp, and stingy pierce into his body. He looked down to his midsection as he saw something. It was two swords, one white and one black. They were twin swords, so elegant, but dangerous. Tadashi coughed up some blood as he dropped to the ground whilst closing his eyes.

“GAAH!!!” A gasp of pained yells escaped Tadashi’s mouth. Sweat was covered all over his body as his bed was so soaked with sweat that you would think he leaked on it. The crimson-haired teen took his medicine that arrived yesterday night as it read, ‘Take two times a day, one during the morning and one during the night.’ Tadashi gulped down one of the pills with a canteen of water. “At least the nightmares are getting less worse, but weirder.” Tadashi got up from his bed as he stared into the late morning sky. Whilst he was doing these actions, he reflected on yesterday’s events. “Quite eventful…” The boy thought while sighing. After Tadashi finished capturing and sending the criminals to jail, one of the criminals particularly the raven-hair man mentioned something about the man called Shinku Inoki. He said it was their boss, but nobody knew anyone by the name of Shinku Inoki. There was also no recorded records or criminal activity from the man. Tadashi and Enzan were paid handsomely for their brave actions as the manager of the Ninja Shop gave them his thanks. The crimson-haired boy purchased a Katana as he was very hyped to try out the new weapons.

The boy had always liked swords from when he was born to now. The teen took his shower and he changed into his signature clothes and scarf. He grabbed the katana with its sheath attached to it as he wore the Konoha headband. He dashed to his house’s living room as he was greeted by his Father, “ Hi Dad!” He smiled, he looked at his two parents whilst grabbing a can of food. It was Ramen with Shrimp Tempura. “This was Kaze’s favorite dish, and today is Kaze’s Birthday, May 20.” He grimly thought as he closed his eyes, “I hope you’re resting in peace buddy.” “Tadashi, Tadashi!” Suddenly, the crimson-haired boy heard a sharp, snapping of fingers on the side of his ear as it brought him back to reality. “Tadashi! Are you ok?” His Father questioned him. The crimson-haired boy merely nodded as he faked a smile for his Father not to worry, but the older man could easily slice through the facade that his son was putting on. “It’s Kaze isn’t it?” He inquired, with a soothing voice. “H-How did you know?!” Tadashi stammered, as the Father answered, “What Father can I be if I don’t know what my son is feeling?” He gave a rhetorical question. “I-I just miss him so much…” The crimson-haired boy began to tear up hugging his Father in the process, “Why did he have to die?!” He bawled, as tears began to freely drop down from his face. His Father comforted him as he ran his hand through his hair. “You know, Kaze wouldn’t want you to cry like this, because he passed away. He cared about you with all of his love and he didn’t want you to be sad at all. This one guy said to me, ‘The people who you love that pass away aren’t really gone, they’re just watching, staying, living, loving, and nurturing you from somewhere else’” The older man said as Tadashi began to wipe his tears, “You’re right Dad, Kaze’s still with me, dead or not.” Tadashi said with determination on his face. His Father replied with a warm smile, “I’m going to get some shut-eye now, I’ve been working on a project all night.” Tadashi smirked right back at him. “Sleep well,Dad. Before you go, where are Raiu and Mom?” The crimson-haired boy asked to which his Father responded, “Raiu went to go on a mission, and your Mom is at work, she is working overtime.” The older man went to give his son a hug before he went to the house’s master bedroom. The crimson-haired boy opened the can of Ramen as he sat down on the kitchen table. He poured the Japanese soup on a bowl as he gulped it straight down in less than a few seconds. “That hit the spot.” He said as he burped loudly. He picked up the Katana that he was holding as he unsheathed the blade. The white blade shined brilliantly upon the morning horizon. “Kaze, your favorite weapon was the Katana. You always dreamed of having the weapon in combination with your Sharingan. Sadly, you never got the chance to use or buy one of them. I will honor you by mastering and using this weapon.” Tadashi thought whilst he looked into the distance. He sheathed the Katana on its black sheath as he held the weapon on his right hand. He pondered for a moment, “What would be a good way to carry the sword. It would be pretty weird to attach it to my lower body like the Samurai of The Iron…” A silence emanated from the room until Tadashi found a brilliant idea. “Find a sword strap.” He thought. He dashed to his bedroom to find a sword strap. He opened his bedroom closet while he was looking through his clothes, shirts, belts, jackets, coats, shoes, and even his underwear in order to find a sword sheath. After a few minutes of looking through the deep disarray of used, dirty, or unused clothes, the crimson-haired boy found an emerald green strap with a silver ring on each end meant to hook on to something. “Bingo.” He simply said. He rushed back downstairs with the sword strap on his hand. He grasped his Katana as he hooked the rings onto the Katana. The crimson-haired boy wore the green strap with the Katana on the back of his jacket and the green strap on the front.

The teen was ready for some hardcore training. He opened the house door and he closed the door when he came out of it. “This is going to be a great day,” Tadashi said as he breathed in the warm, fresh air. He sprinted to the Training Grounds, passing through people, new students of the Konoha Academy, some Chuunin, and maybe even some Jounin. He arrived at the place with no delay. “Hmmm. I wonder why nobody is here, slow day..” He mumbled for a moment. The crimson-haired boy looked intensely at 8 training logs from about the 200 training logs in the whole Training Ground area. The crimson-haired boy suddenly unsheathed his Katana from his back as he began to bend his legs, forming some sort of fighting stance. He began to focus only on the targets on hand, not on anything else. He opened his eyes as he was done cleansing his mind. Tadashi gripped the Katana with a hard grip as he rushed at one of the Training Logs. He sliced the poor thing in half as wood fell into the deep depths of the water. The crimson-haired boy ran sideways as he ran the blade through the second log, creating a narrow hole in the wood. Tadashi pulled it out as wood chips were tossed onto the ground flourishing of grass. Next, the crimson-haired boy held his Katana sideways as he made a spinning slash which sliced horizontally through not only the log in front of him but two other logs diagonally back from him. The severed pieces of the logs fell onto the ground. Then, the crimson-haired boy spun around, holding his blade diagonally as he split another wooden log perfectly. Both pieces of the log drowned in the deep abyss of the water. Afterward, Tadashi raised the longsword upwards, above his red hair. He swung the sword with so much force that when the blade made contact with the poor log, the cylinder-like wood was split in half. The crimson-haired boy stared down at the last two logs each equally spaced out from each other and one was behind one.

“This is my last move, I need to put all of my strength into these last moves.” Tadashi smirked, “This is so much fun, I could do this for days.” He let all of his chakras flow into his body. “Focus my mind, focus my body.” He thought. Suddenly, the whole area was overflowing with chakra like a waterfall going over its limits because of a flood. His golden eyes gleamed in the afternoon sky as his battle stance changed from him in his usual fighting stance to him standing upright with his right foot in front of his left foot with the boy holding his Katana with both hands. Instantly, he dashed to the logs as he slashed horizontally at the first log, slashing it in half. The impact of the slash was so hard that the top part of the sliced wood was high up in the air, just waiting to be attacked. Tadashi skyrocketed up in the air to cut the descending piece of wood in the air. He slashed it diagonally upwards whilst the wood floated down on the air. Tadashi now had to focus on the last log. He gazed at it in determination as he raised the Katana upwards with force. “HAAAA!!!!” He yelled, when he reached about ground level, he slashed vertically on the log. The crimson-haired boy heard a CRACK sound as the log and some parts of the ground around him were smashed and sliced open. The crimson-haired boy smirked at himself. “I did it!!!!” He screamed to the sky, he felt like he could do anything, he felt like he could reach the moon, touch the sky, sleep on the clouds, become Hokage, and be the best ninja. He was cheering, laughing, and felt particularly proud of himself, “Tadashi Namikaze, mastering the art of swordplay in just one day. Has a nice ring to it.” He thought to himself. He went to the side of a bench to drink his cold, canteen of water. Since it was Spring, nearly nearing Summer, it would be natural that it’s very hot and humid outside. Tadashi realized he was sweating, pretty hard actually. He unzipped his jacket but kept it on as he finished the cold water. He growled, “Dang it, the water ran out. Sometime, I should ask Yuya to teach me Water Release: Fish Spi-” He was interrupted whilst he heard a slow clapping sound. Tadashi growled once more, “You know, it’s pretty rude to start clapping when someone’s mid-though-” He stopped speaking when he saw it was a girl, particularly a girl he knew very well, particularly a girl who was the same rank as him, and particularly a girl who he had a crush on. “A-Akari Namikaze???!!!” He stammered as he looked at the girl right before him. She had blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a blue shirt, and blue pants. She had the Konoha headband tied to the side of her shoulder. “Tadashi Namikaze we meet again, and with dyed hair and golden eyes I see.” She said with a plain expression. “Uh… They’re not dyed! Something really weird happened!” He replied. “Oh, I see.” She smirked, and Tadashi merely blushed, trying not to look at her.

The crimson-haired boy tried to regain himself, “So, what’s your business here Akari? I don’t think it was just to tell me how cool I was mastering swordsmanship.” The boy trying to be cool cuts to the chase. “No, I was just here to tell you that. See you again!” She waved as Tadashi stared at her, shocked to why she would say that to an awkward guy like him. Akari was leaving the scene as the boy felt something wrong. “What is this weird feeling I have?” He thought for a moment.  Suddenly, the crimson-haired boy saw a small, black dagger headed towards his face. His eyes bulged wide as he could only think of this, “A Kunai?!”  All that Tadashi thought for that moment was to get out of the way, and so he did. The boy narrowly dodged the attack by moving his face sideways. The Kunai was heading extremely fast as it didn’t just hit a wooden log, it stabbed straight through the log.

The crimson-haired boy slowly turned his shocked and scared face towards the blonde. “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT???!!!! WERE YOU ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL ME??!!!” The boy shrieked towards the blonde to which she smirked, “No, I wasn’t. Do you want me to try to kill you?” She looked him in the eye as her face switched from happy to serious. Tadashi shook his head in fear. “Tadashi, the real reason I did that was to test your strength. To be honest, you intrigue me Tadashi Namikaze. You learned Chidori, an A-Rank move of Jounin/Kage level at only a Genin. Not everyone does that, well not to be tooting my own horn, but I learned Rasengan.” She admitted. “WHAT? RASENGAN?!! THE MOVE THAT THE LEGENDARY NARUTO UZUMAKI KNOWS??!!” He screeched at her in shock. “My Father wanted a son.” She simply replied. “Well, she got one.” Tadashi quipped at the blonde to which her face changed from plain to melancholic. “I-I’m so sorry Akari, I was being an idiot, a rude idiot.” The crimson-haired boy tried to comfort her, but she responded, “No, it’s not your fault. I know you didn’t mean it.” “Anyways, I came here since you always come to the Training Grounds, to ask you if you want to have a spar.” Akari asked the boy to which he stuttered, “A-A spar?! With Akari Namikaze, one of the most popular Genin?! It would be an honor. The two people gave each other a handshake to signify their agreement. Instantly, the two Genin dashed to both ends of the Training Grounds. No one was here, so they can use all of the space they want.

“You’re the one being challenged, so you can choose when to start.” The blonde told the crimson-haired boy. Tadashi took a deep breath as he cleansed his mind of any worries and fears as these words escaped from his mouth, “The spar begins…. Now.” Suddenly, Akari formed the Rat>Dog hand seals, “Storage Displacement!” She said. Instantly, particles began to form in front of her as a Katana appeared. She grabbed the blade as she rushed towards Tadashi. “Darn, she’s fast!” Tadashi thought as he managed to unsheath his weapon to counter her’s. For a few minutes, there was a metallic clanging of steel with each Genin trying to wrestle each other with their blades. Suddenly, Akari let all of her force go as she soared high into the air. Tadashi tripped a little bit since he had nothing to support him. The blonde weaved the Bird hand seal. “Water Release: Water Shuriken!” Instantly, the girl summoned 6 shurikens made out of the tangible water.  The shuriken bolted at the crimson-haired boy which could easily give him some cuts that could give him some days to heal. As the shuriken was very close to him, Tadashi formed these hand seals, Tiger>Boar>Ox>Dog>Snake.

The jutsu seemingly came in contact with the crimson-haired boy, but as soon as the jutsu touched him, he exploded in a puff of smoke. The puff of smoke covered a big area of the Training Grounds which made Akari unable to see Tadashi when she descended to the ground. After the smoke cleared up a log appeared in boy’s place. “Substitution Jutsu?!” The blonde thought, but she stopped thinking when she heard the crackling of lightning a few feet away from her. She spun around as her eyes bulged when she saw Tadashi’s kunai that was covered with lightning sparks. “Raiton: Kunai Cutter!” He dashed towards the girl with the Kunai in his hand as their weapons clashed with each other, with Tadashi easily overpowering her with his lightning chakra. He found the opportunity to kick her down on the stomach. When Akari tried to get back up, Tadashi pointed his Kunai at her face, “Akari, I’ve won.” He simply stated. A grin appeared on the girl’s face as she dissolved into a pond of water. “What jutsu is that?!”  The crimson-haired boy thought in confusion as he tried to scan the area to see where the real blonde is. He saw the was right behind him, but before she could do a technique, the crimson-haired boy weaved the Boar>Ram>Snake>Horse>Dragon hand seals. “Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder!” Suddenly, lightning spread across the boy’s hands as they spread five meters forward from him. The lightning bolts hit Akari, but she dissolved in the same pond form. “The same jutsu?” Tadashi thought in boredom. “How long are you going to keep this up Akari?!” Tadashi asked in annoyance. “I think now is a good time to stop.” The crimson-haired boy tracked the voice and the blonde was right in front of him. “The Water Clone Jutsu was simply a setup to put water all around you in order to do a jutsu.” She explained. “What jutsu?” Tadashi queried.

“This.” Instantly, the blonde performed the Tiger>Ox>Dragon>Hare>Dog>Bird>The Clone Seal>Dragon>Ram hand seals in perfect succession. “Damn, so much hand seals.” Tadashi thought in amazement. The water from the clones began to levitate towards Akari as they formed into a water shark, a very large one, no the Great White Shark. “Water Release: Water Shark Bullet!” The water shark was hurled at the crimson-haired boy in fast speeds. He had no time to react, just the time to see the beautiful, elegant, but dangerous Great White Shark being thrown at him. “GAHHHH!!!!” Tadashi screeched as he was hurled with high-pressure water that exploded on contact with him. He was sent flying for ten meters as the friction from the ground stopped him from getting any farther. The boy barely got up as he was limping, drenched of water, and blood trickled down from his mouth and forehead. “Let’s finish this Akari!” “Right back at you Tadashi!” Akari and Tadashi both peered at each other intensively. Tadashi weaved the Monkey> Dragon> Rat> Bird > Ox > Snake > Dog > Tiger >Monkey hand seals in rapid succession. He held his left hand just above the ground as his right hand supported his left wrist. Instantly, bolts of lightning appeared just under his hand as a few seconds later a lightning circle appeared around him. The lightning bolts were making a crackling or birds chirping noise and the bolts were gaining in largeness.

At the same time, Akari didn’t weave any hand seals as she held her hand out as if she were holding something. A gust of wind was blowing around her as a small blue ball began to form. She closed her eyes as a form of concentration, whilst the blue ball grew bigger, bigger, and bigger to the point that the blue ball grew almost to the size of her hand. After Akari and Tadashi were finished charging their jutsu, they yelled these words with all of their might. “Chidori!” “Rasengan!” The crimson-haired boy dashed towards the blonde as streaks of lightning trailed behind him. The blonde rushed towards the crimson-haired boy in determination as they were close to each other. “TAKE THIS!!!” They both yelled they both hit their jutsus at each other. As the jutsus combined with each other, they exploded on contact. The two Genin were sent flying at two other sides. They both struggled to get up as the stared at each other as, they yelled, bloodied and bruised, “HAAAAA!!!!” They rushed to each other with their Katanas unsheathed. They smashed their weapons with each other as Akari asked, “Tadashi, why do you fight? What is your goal to achieve?” She queried as they were struggling to gain the advantage from each other. “It may seem selfish, but I fight for my ideas, I fight to learn, and I fight to become the strongest ninja. It doesn’t matter who I fight, Enzan, Tsubasa, you, or hell, even the Hokage. I will prevail because I WILL BECOME THE BEST!!!” As he said that his Katana turned the color blue overpowering Akari. “Chakra Infusion?! How did he learn that?!” She thought in amazement. Just after she thought that Tadshi smashed her Katana in a million pieces. Due to the impact of the attack, she fell to the ground. She tried to get up, but Tadashi pointed his Chakra Infused Katana to her.

                                                     “That is why I fight.”


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