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Lucien Chasseur
Lucien Chasseur
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Training Chakra Infusion, The Green Kind Empty Training Chakra Infusion, The Green Kind

Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:26 pm
Lucien was relaxing within his bed room of his house. Sitting there on his bed, he admired his new blade, the Heaven Sorrows Ninjato. “It isn’t very sharp nor durable, but as for now, it will do until I get my clan marked weapon. Since I’ll be doing some weaponry training today, I decided to get it with the money that I gathered while working alongside Atem. Speaking of which, I wonder where he could be. But besides that, it’s funny because this skill that I’ve used to have mapped out so well. I’ve forgotten during my days of the escape. How peculiar that is but nevertheless, I will train it once more. And by, I mean the ability for chakra to flow freely through my weapon enhancing its already materialistic capabilities. As for means of stealth, it isn’t very practical for my later ANBU job but I will figure something out about. In fact, I already have ideas in mind…. Though, that’s for another day.” Lucien thought to himself.

He was ready to begin his training that he had completed a many ago back in the village of the Chasseurs alongside his prior comrades. Despite remembering them all, they held no significant to him now. “All I need to do is master stealth to the highest level and teach whatever I know to that Atem boy, so that we can prove ourselves and become the most successful unit of the ANBU that Hoshigakure has ever seen. I doubt nothing.” He thought once more.

Lucien dressed himself and proceeded outside where he would hold his ninjato steady in his right hand merely getting a feel for it. Swinging it a few times, he now mentally began mapping out the distribution of its weight and what it felt like to toss it in the air a few times and catch it. Agility and the ability to move ones weapon in a range of motions is very key on the battlefield, he thought and also generally knew.

“Now I’ll need to able to sense my chakra and where it is located throughout my body. Sadly, I haven’t had the need to use chakra in the sort of way for quite a while. My main ability deals ironically with suppressing its existence in a way. Welp. It can’t be helped.” Lucien thought to himself once more.

He would, at that moment, let the training begin. First, Lucien focused on his veins and tried to feel the blood moving through them. “Strange… The chakra network, as I remember it, resembles something very close to that of the vein and heart network. With that being the case, mimicking control over it should be little of any problem at all. Come to me, chakra, aid me in my quest for recognition so that we may once again light this blade up with the flare of self-power.” He thought.

Now tensing his body, he remembered that in order to have good control over the chakra, one must remain relaxed in every sense. Untrained ninjas often had the first reaction of trying to tighten the chakra paths like muscles in the sense of flexing them but unlike the normal physical body, that only blocks the pathways and aids suppression.

“Relax yourself and feel the flow.” Lucien said closing his eyes and imagining his body within a sort of drifting realm in space. He watched as his body was rendered entirely black, the world and nature white, and then the chakra within himself purple. It was all clogged in his center of his body, near the heart it seemed. Like a ball of energy waiting to pour into all the possible positions that would invite it in. “Flow.” Upon that command, his chakra pushed throughout the body and retained to normal where it would be seen in large amounts all over the human form. However, this did not extend to his main weapon. Which was the purpose of chakra infusion in the first place. It served as the essential building block to future attacks that relied off the focusing of ones chakra to augment or serve new purposes that would then, in a chain-like reaction, use the blade as the base.

Lucien stuck his right arm and hand forward at the speed of 20, having the Ninjato tip of the blade point directly forward. “Hmm… so this is the prior use of chakra that my clan so barely payed attention to. I see, with this, future suppression should be relatively easy.”

Lucien saw this next step as a puzzle of sorts. Allow the weapon to be penetrated by his chakra was like infiltrating an enemy base that held secrets of great power, this was something that to him, was very important and also entertaining to partake in. It was like navigating a labyrinth that was in all honest much smaller than an actual one. He would focus and let his chakra pass through like a surge of electricity. “Hmm… that last thought would have made a lot more sense if I happened to have known the lightning style. Gladly, I don’t. Besides, it’s too flashy for my liking.”

Lucien stared blankly into his Ninjato as the blade began glowing a weird shade of blue now… just faintly ever so faintly. “I’m mustering up the chakra but it isn’t remaining strong enough to take full effect towards the weapon. I suppose I’ll have to try harder or come up with a new method.”

he decided to change his gear of thinking towards the process of it all. In reality, it was no real puzzle but rather something more similar to a demon wrapping around its human prey and absorbing its contents, corrupting them, gaining control over them, and then enhancing it all. In a strange way, this didn’t bother him. “Not that I’m a demon or anything but that would be a pretty fun ability to have anyway.”

Despite Lucien focusing on his training of his chakra infusion, various thoughts slipped through his mind such as would he be successful with mastering his clan’s ultimate forbidden technique or not? Would he even be able to learn it based on the limited information he was given about its existence, abilities, and how it was made in the first place? While important, these were all for another day.  

“Come to my demon chakra, told hold of this insignificant weapon and grant it power. Let it yield so that I may wield.” Lucien chanted in his mind with a devilish smirk on his face for added effect.

While doing so, the blade in front of him began glowing similar to the faint one from before. “More power, I need more.” The blade switched from a faint glow to one that rose in power by the seconds, it became nearly neon and very hard to look at before lowering itself and settling. “Alrightly then, I can now make it like this in some time, but how will I fare when I need to use it in a moment’s notice. For that reason, I will train this in that manner as I did before.” Lucien halted his flow of chakra into his weapon, allowing it to return to a dull color of plain sharpened metal. He took 3 steps forward starting on his left foot at the speed of 20 before he’d throw the Ninjato downwards in an arm snap at the speed of 20 as well. This landed the blade in the ground where he’d continue to walk after that until receiving a decent distance of 15 meters from the blade.

“Now demon chakra, attack with me but at a swifter pace so that we may take over this weapon and wield it with power.” Lucien said in his mind. As quickly as the words echoed around in his cranium, he body shot forward at 20 speed where he grabbed the sword from its left side with his right hand dipping down and swerving into the hilt to lift it. Upon touching the hilt, he’d automatically start sending his chakra into the Ninjato as to aid his practicing. Strangely, this time he was given no result once he checked the blade for the blue chakra meaning that it was successful. “Hmm, the blue was a no-show there. Could it be I wasn’t prepared or fast enough to allow it to activate yet? Perhaps I must increase the speed of my chakra flowing itself, though that’s unlikely. Another try should be issued as to confirm.” Lucien tossed the blade into the ground once more and began marching back to his original positon where he’d chant to himself in his head once more before rushing the Ninjato’s position. “Burst!” He yelled moving forward at 20 speed repeating the same maneuver he did from earlier. Gripping the hilt of his blade, he pushed his chakra into it and looked down quickly to see that the blade was once more glowing a fine shade of blue that signified. “I suppose I’m successful, but not enough. Besides, blue isn’t even the main shade of my chakra if I recall. It should be green.” Lucien threw the blade back at the ground and wielded it once more holding it up to the sky where he’d, again, push his chakra forth making sure that this time it would appear in the color he normally had it as before.

Looking up, Lucien saw the color of the blade. “Green, just like I remember it hehe, I guess I haven’t lost much of myself on this road of becoming a new ninja and proving myself. Nevertheless, there’s much more to gain down the road. And once I have it, I’ll be sure to bring this village to an even greater level of achievement.”

As for means to get adjusted to constantly having his chakra flow through the weapon, Lucien began generally swinging back and forth to get a feel for it. Each slice became a bit faster with his now gaining better accuracy and control over the Ninjato itself. As for Lucien, he was nearly completed with his chakra infusion training but, he’d need a bit more control if he wanted to make sure that it was battle ready. He doubted that he’d ever find himself in a random confrontation within Hoshi, but for whatever exams of battle may lie ahead, he’d need be ready.

As for a final means of testing, Lucien would stretch out both of his arms and hands and then flip the Ninjato between both hands releasing the chakra infusion hold when it flew in the middle, and activating it upon touch once it came in physical contact with either hand. Surely, this would improve his reaction time to completing this action. Each time he completed a round of it, it seemed to grow more steady and precise as if it wasn’t even trained but mere 2nd nature.

“It would make sense to work out like that, since I did train with it before. Though people tend to forget things, habits or extreme tendencies never fully leave. Standby, if you will.”

Lucien now held within his left hand a blade of green focused chakra reinforced Ninjato metal. The material reeked when he held it close to him but having such a powerful nose also meant that he had to be able to grow resistant to urging into whatever feelings a specific smell would waver himself into. As for his training, it was completed and from that point on, the rest of his day would continue with him contemplating of how to get to the next rank that was required on his way to becoming an ANBU, Chuunin.

“The people of the village only teach secondary specialties to those that are of Chuunin or higher. As for me, I’m still a mere Genin. But in due time via some path, I will prove myself, likely to that royal lady that needed assistance from my currently vanished Sensei, Kozai. She seemed to be off importance. I did run that one errand for here with Atem, but I can almost guarantee that she doesn’t know that much of me. Though the face should be memorable from the time at the library. It would be stupid for me to directly pay her a visit as I’d get shooed away, for now, I’ll plan.” Lucien thought to himself gazing out of his window, already settling himself back into his home.

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Training Chakra Infusion, The Green Kind Empty Re: Training Chakra Infusion, The Green Kind

Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:45 pm

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