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Chakra Infusion Confusion (Solo Training) Empty Chakra Infusion Confusion (Solo Training)

Tue Nov 24, 2020 8:35 am
As Kita walked down the myriad of streets within Kirigakure, curiosity began to fill his mind. Kita had been a shinobi for a bit of time by this point. Yet in all this time, Kita had never trained. That isn't to say that Kita had never increased his strength, that simply wasn't accurate. Kita's learning came entirely from mission experience, with most of his jutsu being learned from books, and practiced in his off time. While acceptable, it's far less effective that actual training. Kita would normally be happy continuing on in this manner, but there was something that he was stuck on, and no amount of book learning would be able to assist him. It wasn't long before Kita stood at the base of the Kirigakure Military Training Facility. Kita had heard rumors about this facility, and the numerous services offered within. Supposedly, they had the tools and technologies to turn even a weak ninja into a prodigy. The rumors were surely exaggerated, but Kita had no doubt that this training facility was what he needed to turn himself from a Genin, into a Jounin.

Kita strode confidently through the facility, looking for the room that he desired. Eventually, Kita came across it. The water pool. Kita entered into a smaller facility, and inhaled the scent of chlorine. The room was a large, gray tiled room, with some small observation windows in the wall above the entrance that Kita came through. Kita didn't know how someone would get into it, as he didn't see any stairs leading to it from the hallways inside the facility, or in the room itself. Inside the room, stood a large pool of water, several meters deep. On the walls sat a number of warnings, stating that the water pool was incredibly deep, and that the training facility was not responsible should anyone drown during training.  Kita walked towards the pool, dipping his hands into it. It was a nice, lukewarm temperature. Kita began to take off his white kimono, and placed it on a nearby hook. He took off his shoes for good measure, and nearly all of his ninja tools, until he stood in the underclothes of his Kirigakure uniform, and his katana hung at his belt. Kita walked towards the side of the pool, noticing a certain panel. On it were several labeled buttons, levers, and knobs. Swimming was nice and all, but swimming wouldn't give Kita the strength he needed. Kita began to manipulate the panel, altering it to his settings. As he did, the pool in the center began to churn and morph, slowly changing from a motionless, glass like surface, into a whirling maelstrom that one would experience at sea. Kita even changed to opacity of the water to be entirely unable to be seen through. Kita nodded, satisfied with the settings. Kita wasn't ready for the maximum settings, but the churning of the pool was enough for now. Kita brought his hands together into a familiar symbol, one that he was becoming accustomed to using. In a puff of smoke, an identical Kita appeared next to himself (Shadow Clone). Kita turned to him. "Go ahead and stand at the other side of the pool. We're going to spar. Treat this seriously. This isn't a fight to the death, but I want you to give it your all." The clone nodded and made its way to the other end of the pool.

Kita waited patiently for the clone to get to the other end. His heart beat a bit faster in his chest. If something went wrong, or if the clone went a little to hard, Kita could die. Kita sighed, exhaling slowly. It was a risk that Kita was willing to take. Kita thought back to why he even wanted to do this. Kita unsheathed his blade, and looked down at it, staring deeply at the deadly sharp surface. He had wanted to learn how to properly channel his chakra into objects, and he just couldn't get it on his own. This time however, Kita was determined to understand. He would learn to channel chakra, or he wouldn't be leaving this training facility. It wasn't long before the clone got to the other side. From across the surging water of the pool, Kita could barely make out the words of the clone. "I'm ready when you are! Just step in, and I'll follow your lead!" Kita nodded, looking down at the water below. Kita channeled the chakra into his feet, and stepped down into the water, bracing for the impact of the waves as he walked on the water (Surface Walking). The clone followed suite, and both Kita's stared across the pool, daring each other to make a move.

Eventually, Kita grew weary of the stare down. Kita held his sword aloft, and pointed it towards the clone. Kita gave a slight smile, and began to approach, walking across the churning waves towards the clone. The clone did the same, making its way towards the the original. Both of them, mirroring the other perfectly, sheathed their swords, and made their way to the center of the pool, standing face to face with one another. They stared, unflinchingly into their counterparts identical gray eyes. "So. Care to tell me which of us will make the first move?" Kita shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't. I guess it'll just be the faster shinobi." The clone grinned. "That's going to be a bit difficult to judge when we're the exact same speed, don't you think?" Kita shrugged. "The way I see it, there's no comparison. You're a clone, and I'm the original. It only makes sense that I'll be the one to win this fight." The clone let its hand drift closer to the blade. "Well, lets just see how well this clone can match up to the original then." Kita let his own hand mirror the clone's, and both Kita's set their hands on the hilt of their blades. With a flurry of motion, both of them stirred from their motionless stare down, and with a clash of sparks, both Kita's slammed their blades together, clashing in midair for the briefest of moments before continuing their dance. Clone Kita spun around, swinging the blade low to the ground in hopes of slashing diagonally upwards across Kita's chest. Kita saw the clone ready his upwards strike, and roundhouse kicked at the flat of the blade with the bottom of his left foot, halting the blade's progress and staggering the clone ever so slightly. While his posture was broken, Kita continued in his momentum, bringing his right heel upwards, attempting to strike at the head of the clone. The clone recovered just in time, and performed a backwards handstand to escape the blow, quickly recovering to its feet and sheathing its blade. Quickly, the clone formed familiar hand seals. Tiger, Rat, Boar, the clone performed the handseals to send watery needles flying at Kita, five small bits of the pool glowing with pale blue light, before springing to life, whistling towards Kita (Suiton: Mizu Senbon - 35 Power). Kita looked at the needles racing towards them, and rushed forward, dropping to his side and sliding underneath the needles coming his way. Kita looked up, just in time to see four puffs of smoke emerge around his clone, which grinned at him like a madman. Four identical copies of his clone stood around him, and Kita felt his jaw drop (Clone Technique). Kita looked at him incredulously. "Hold on. I can only make two shadow clones at any given time. Not only do you have more than that, but I didn't know that shadow clones could make shadow clones!" The clones laughed in unison, and shook their heads, speaking as a collective. "You're right. Shadow clones can't make more shadow clones! Even if I could make them, there would be no way to make as many as I did." Kita stood up slowly from his slide. "Then how?! How are there so many clones here?!" The clones tutted, wagging a finger in the air. "That's the tricky part. Listen to what I said. They're not shadow clones. They're regular clones. Four of them aren't real, but one of us is the shadow clone. Only one of us five can hurt you Kita. The only question is, which one is it?" Kita gulped as the clones began to fan out around him. This was about to get very difficult, very quickly.

The clones began to circle around Kita, as he wracked his brain for any way to get out of this situation. He couldn't utilize his throwing weapons, and he couldn't try to fend all of them off with a sword. Kita had to determine a way to find out with of these were normal clones, and which one was the shadow clone. Kita looked around, thinking hard as to what the potential answer could be. The shadow clone obviously knew which of the Kita's were clones, and which one was real, so Kita couldn't try to impersonate the clones. An idea came to Kita, he began to form the necessary had seals for his plan to work. The five clones laughed in unison. "You told me to take this seriously. You're about to lose Kita. It would be a lot safer for you if you gave up now. If you don't, I might just send you to the hospital." Kita finished the jutsu with the snake seal, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The clones looked baffled, staring at the area that Kita left behind. "Hey! Where'd you go?" The clones looked around in perfect unison, trying to find where the original might have gone, when they noticed a peculiar ripple by one of the clone's feet. Then another. Then another. The shadow clone felt something tap against its foot. The shadow clone looked down into the depths of the murky water, noticing the ever so slight silhouette of a fish. Under the water, smoke emerged in a tiny explosion around the fish, and the clone noticed its creator emerging upwards at breakneck speed, water bursting out with him. Kita rose from the depths, water trailing behind him, cloaking him as the pool came with him, and slashed at the shocked clone. The clone stepped back, just barely managing to avoid the blade, as the sword ripped through the front of its uniform, just barely managing to avoid getting nicked. A large gash hung in the middle of the clone's chest, and Kita could see the pale blue chakra storage seal on its chest. The shadow clone looked down at its ripped shirt, and the back up to Kita, its other clones fading away into nothing. "How did you do that? How did you know that it was me?" Kita grinned. "I didn't. Truth be told, you nearly had me. However, I remembered what you said about four of them not being real. If they weren't real, then I wouldn't be able to touch them. All I did was transform into a small fish to hide beneath the water, touch the bottom of the feet walking on the water, and attack when I collided with something." Kita had used the transformation technique (Transformation Technique). The clone shook its head. "I won't lie. That caught me off guard. I was sure that I had won right there. However, even if you win the fight, you won't beat me like this." Kita raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing, trying to do some sort of psychological warfare? If I win the fight, I beat you. How do you think fighting works." The clone shook its head, and gestured to Kita's sword. "Why did you come here? It wasn't just to fight a clone." Kita cursed under his breath. The clone was right. Kita came here to learn to infuse his weapons with chakra. Simply fighting the shadow clone wouldn't help him. The clone looked at Kita and grinned. "Tell you what. You've beaten my first strategy. In fact, with this hole in my clothes, I'll even say that you got first blood. So I propose a handicap. You can only use your blade. In exchange, I won't use anymore clone strategies. That sound good with you?" Kita scowled. "Alright. I accept that handicap. If you go back on your word though, I will recall you." The clone shook his head. "Don't worry, I'll keep my word. In the meantime, give me a second to take this shirt off. It's pretty much ruined anyway, and I would rather not fight in totally wet clothes." Kita sighed and motioned for him to carry on, sheathing his blade as he did. The clone nodded and smiled, taking off the top portion of his underclothes. After, the clone readied its blade, motioning for Kita to come and attack. Kita drew his own blade once more, rushing the clone with blade at the ready. The clone readied its sword to block, and Kita brought the blade to his side, trailing the tip of the blade in the water. Just before Kita was in attacking range, Kita brought the blade out of the water in slashed in a horizontal motion, flinging the water that clung to the blade at the eyes of the Kita clone. The clone stumbled slightly, blinded from the water and Kita used the opportunity to press once again. Kita focused as hard as he could, attempting to channel chakra into the blade. Kita raised the blade to eye level, preparing to stab at the head. Kita could see the vaguest outline of chakra in the blade as he drove the blade forward, trying to send it between the eyes of the clone. With a flourish of its hand, the clone slammed the blade away, and countered by slashing at Kita's stomach. Kita brought the sword around in a half circle, swinging to countered blade from its eye level height into a more natural one, in which he could be protected from the slash. The enemy blade collided with Kita's and sparks flew as the two Kita's clashed in the swirling whirlpool. To the casual observer, they were completely even. Kita on the other hand, grinned. Kita started to channel chakra into his blade. It was imperfect, but it would do the job before long.

Kita grinned, pressing the blade a bit further, sending his clone back just a bit. "I would give up now my friend. You won't be able to beat me. Eventually, your blade will break, and you'll be nothing more than a puff of dust." The clone grunted, and took a step back, forced to let Kita advance just a bit more. "We'll see about that. Raw power and fancy jutsu aren't enough to win a fight. You also need brains!" The clone raised its foot and drove it into the top of Kita's making Kita loosen the pressure. The clone pushed the advantage, and shoved against the clash, pushing Kita back. As Kita was stumbling, the clone turned around, driving a back kick into Kita's gut. Kita coughed, and the clone spun one last time, completing a three hundred and sixty degree turn, punching Kita in the jaw as it did. Kita stumbled back, raising his sword to defend against the onslaught of the clone. The clone walked forward with confidence, and with the ease of a trained dancer, its sword leapt forward with incredible speed and precision. The blades clashed, but this time, Kita wasn't ready. The clone knocked the blade from Kita's hand, and with a splash, it fell into the depths of the water. The clone held its blade outwards towards Kita, smirking as it did. "You should probably surrender. If I were to get hurt, I would vanish sure, but I can come back again. If I get you with this, you don't get to come back. Think long and hard before you make any decisions there Kita." Kita felt something metallic and bitter in his mouth, and his jaw still hurt. Kita spit into the water, noticing that it was a bloody mass. It seems Kita cut his lip. Kita stood tall and readied a Taijutsu stance. The clone laughed. "Look, I get it. You don't want to give up. You don't have to be ashamed though! You fought well, and ultimately, I'm a clone of you! We're the same individual! You're not any lesser for giving up." Kita gritted his teeth and squinted at the clone. "There isn't any reason to give up. I haven't lost yet." The clone gave a long sigh. "What on earth could possibly make you think that. You're entirely disarmed. You don't have any way to beat me right now. Face it, you lost. Just submit before I have to take you to the hospital." Kita gave a slight laugh. "How about I propose a handicap this time. Clearly, you're the only fighter to draw actual blood, and I don't have a weapon right now. How about you throw that katana to the side, and we fight one-on-one, Taijutsu style." The clone made large, exaggerated thinking expressions. "It's a very tempting offer, but I think I'll pass. The whole point of this training was you learning to use your blade so that you can use Chakra Infusions. Since you failed to do that, and you've been disarmed, there's no point in continuing. Sorry Kita, but unless you have some crazy plan for victory, you aren't getting out of this."  The clone raised its blade, rushing forward with incredible speed and precision, the sheen of the blade falling from above as the clone attempted to slice Kita into tiny pieces. Kita dodged the blade with a sidestep, but one after the other, the swipes and slashes keep coming, with the clone performing a relentless assault on the defenseless Kita. Finally, the moment came, and Kita saw his opportunity. During a moment where the clone was readying for another swing, swinging from its waist, Kita grabbed the hilt of the katana, pushing his back against the clone. Kita bent his head forward, reeling up for a devastating headbutt. Just before Kita sprung his attack however, the clone dropped the sword and jumped back, trying to avoid the blow. Kita spun around with the blade to see the clone performing some hand seals. Kita didn't take the time to analyze them. Kita prepared the same kind of slash that the clone had prepared for him and channeled as much chakra as he could into the blow. Kita swung with all his might. As the clone finished his last hand seal, its own blade collided with it, cutting through the clone like butter. Kita watched for a moment or two as the clone's limbs and body fell apart, having slashed through his chest region, amputating the lower arms and lower torso from the body. After a moment, Kita saw the puff of smoke, signifying that the clone had left this world.

Kita watched as the smoke dissipated from the air, smug in his victory. He hadn't mastered the art of chakra infusion as he had thought he would, but Kita did beat his clone. However, after a few moments, Kita realized something. He hadn't gotten his chakra back. Whenever a shadow clone dissipated, their chakra returned to their creator. Kita also realized that he hadn't gained any new memories. He didn't feel the flood of memories into his mind, the momentary disorientation as he sorted between his own memories and those of the clone's. Kita looked at the dissipation mist for just a moment longer. Kita watched in horror as the smoke fell away, revealing the shadow clone's shirt that it had discarded earlier (Substitution Technique). "He used a substitution!" Kita tried to turn around to find the clone, but before he could, a fist drove itself into Kita's back. Kita coughed, thanking his lucky stars that the clone didn't go for his kidney for just a moment before a kick collided with Kita's head. Kita was sent flying, colliding with the water and the waves as he fell to the pool, the sword falling from his hands and into the floor. Kita just barely managed to manipulated the chakra to keep parts of himself out of the water. Kita wheezed, spitting up small parts of the pool that got in his mouth. As Kita looked skyward, he saw the clone had leapt into the air and was performing a somersault. Kita realized in horror what his plan was at the last moment. Kita tried to raise his hands to defend himself as the clone slammed feet first into Kita's chest, sending him spiraling into the depths of the pool.

Kita found himself at the bottom of the pool. The kick that the clone delivered had sent him straight below. Kita could hear the whirring and humming of the wave generators working below. Kita could barely think. The last barrage of attacks that the clone used had sent Kita reeling in pain. Kita found that he was thinking to himself. Kita thought about his lack of success with the chakra infusion. He knew that he could win if he just figured out how to utilize it. Even with the handicap, Kita could win. Could have won by this point. Kita felt his mind begin to fuel with anger. It wasn't fair that he would lose to a shadow clone. He never should have taken that stupid handicap. Anger began to flood all of Kita's faculties. He never should have lost! Not to some dirty shadow clone! Kita stopped. It wasn't over yet. Kita gauged himself mentally. Despite the clone's best efforts, Kita was a pretty strong swimmer. He could hold his breath long enough to do what needed to be done. It would certainly be close though. Kita searched around for the swords on the bottom of the pool. He knew that they had to be here somewhere, he just didn't know where. Kita searched, until he saw the slight glint of two shining swords at the bottom of the pool. Kita had never been so determined in his life. Kita swam over to the blades and scooped them off the ground, holding them aloft in either hand. Kita focused his energy and his chakra into the blades, channeling everything he had into it. Chakra began to practically drip from the two blades. A slight blue glow surrounded them. "Bigger," Kita thought, channeling more chakra inside of the blades, causing them to glow slightly more. "Bigger!" The swords practically glowed with chakra, the light from his chakra illuminating the depths. Kita leapt upwards with a mighty force in his legs, and swam as hard as he could. He knew exactly what he wanted to do.

The clone waited patiently for its creator to come back up. After he didn't surface immediately, he began to worry. "He isn't dead, is he? No, he can't be. I'm still here. I disappear if he dies right? Do I become a real human if he dies? Is that how it works? Should I go after him?" The clone pondered these questions for a bit, when the water began to glow with a bright inner light. The entire pool began to change color, and the clone felt the vibrations in the water pick up even more. "Dang it! I must've hit him into one of the wave machines and broken it! Wait a minute. He didn't get sucked in, did he? That would be an awful way to go." A massive explosion of water went off behind the clone, and he quickly whipped around to see what happened. There, suspended high in the air, was Kita. The clone's jaw dropped. Kita ascended higher and higher, until he reached the top of the ceiling. As he did, Kita spun himself around, bringing his feet into the ceiling, and using it as a springboard to gain momentum. "Say goodbye, you dirty clone imposter!" Kita took both blades and raised them above his head, preparing a slashing motion. The clone's eyes filled with fear, and he began to perform handseals to save his life. "It's too late!" Kita reached the point. Kita slashed his weapons down with incredible force, cutting through the shadow clone with incredible ease, causing two torrents of water to go rising up in the area where he collided with the pool (Metal Crusher). When the water finally settled, Kita looked around. His chakra returned to him, and memories began to flood his head. He looked at his hand, and the clone's sword was gone. Kita walked towards the edge of the pool, and shut down the wave generator. He walked over to his clothes, and began to slip them on. Kita was happy. He had finally figured out how to infuse weapons with chakra. All it took was some anger, and an incredibly pesky shadow clone. "I will admit. It wasn't the most pleasant experience at first. However, I think I'll be coming back here!" Kita left the building, utterly exhausted, but smiling all the way.

Jutsu Used=

[Shadow Clone - 0 AP] (255 AP to the original, 255 AP to the clone)

[Surface Walking - 10 AP] (5 AP reduced from both original and clone)

[Suiton: Mizu Senbon - 20 AP]

[Clone Technique - 20 AP] (5 AP for each clone reduced from shadow clone)

[Transformation Technique - 5 AP] (5 AP reduced from the original)

[Substitution Technique - 5 AP] (5 AP reduced from shadow clone)

[Metal Crusher - 35 AP] (35 AP reduced from original)


Total Word Count- 4183

Stat Claims-

+41 Speed (3280 Words)

+11 Vigor (880 Words)

(20% Stat training discount due to training in the Kirigakure Military Training Facility. Buying stats at 80 per plus 1 stat as opposed to 100 per plus 1)

Jutsu Claims-

Chakra Infusion Skill (2000/2000 Words. Was working towards it in a previous thread. 3146 Words left to spend)

Chakra Draining Seal (1500/1500 Words. Can do this without specialty due to being a clanless ninja. 1646 words left to spend.)

(B-Rank) Rupture (1500/1500 Words. 146 Words left to spend.)

Paralysis Seal (146/1500 Words. Can do this without specialty due to being a clanless ninja.)

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Chakra Infusion Confusion (Solo Training) Empty Re: Chakra Infusion Confusion (Solo Training)

Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:47 am
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