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Shiori Aka
Shiori Aka
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Shiori's Training (Private) Empty Shiori's Training (Private)

Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:26 pm
Shiori awoke one morning, groggy and still half asleep. His long red hair messy and hanging in front of his face. He stretched and let out a long loud yawn, brushing his hair back as he did. He scratched the back of his head as he tried to motivate himself to move.

"I wonder if mom and dad have left yet..." He thought aloud to himself.

About that time he heard his grandmothers voice calling from downstairs. 

"Shio! Its time to get moving young man! Come down and have some breakfast!"

He smiled, thinking of his grandmother. Her hair was raven black, like his fathers, not a single grey hair to even hint at her age. She usually wore dark red clothes, not for any particular reason. She just loved the color, as he and his father did. He hopped out of his bed and opened up his blinds.

It was a beautiful morning in Konoha. Blue skies, with white puffy clouds scattered about. The birds sang and he could faintly hear the villagers as they busied themselves with their daily routines of work and morning chores.

"Young man, do not make me come up there and get you! You're breakfast is getting cold!" He chuckled and quickly threw on his clothes.

It took some effort to pull his shirt over his messy red hair. He growled and pulled hard, finally getting it to work with him. He then quickly ran his fingers through his crimson locks, straightening them out to look semi presentable. He then tied his bandanna around his forehead and rushed to get downstairs.

"Coming Grandma! Had to get dressed." He laughed as he rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

"Do you realize what time is Shio dear? I thought you said you wanted to get an early start to training today?" Shiori went wide eyed and snaps his gaze the clock over the stove.

"Awe crap! Sorry Grandma I gotta go!" He grabbed up some toast and rushed out the door.

Asuna, his grandmother, laughed heartily as the young man darts out the front door.

"You'd better not forget to eat lunch this afternoon Shio!" She called after him.

He grinned as he quickly devoured the toast and tightened his bandanna.

"Alright, no time to lose!" He dug in his feet and pushed off hard, quickly increasing his pace as he raced to the training grounds.

Konoha was so much fun to speed through. The alleyways, the streets, the different districts. Not to mention some of the taller buildings that he scaled, just to jump from one to the other. He was quite the speedy young man, and he loved it. The wind flowing over his face and through his hair, whistling through his ears. Nothing made him happier.

Shiori dashed down the street his house was on, leaving a small dust cloud behind him.

"Today, I'm beating my old record. Im gonna get to the training grounds in half the time!" He exclaimed as he turned the corner.

The sound of his boots hitting the ground slowly quickened as he built up momentum. The wind in his face growing slightly more intense. He couldn't help but grin to himself. As he neared the next street, he heard a bit of commotion. Two men yelling, but he couldn't make out what they were saying.

As he made the corner, his curiosity was sated. One mans fruit cart had gotten away from him and slammed into the others fish cart. They were right at the corner as well, so Shiori had little time to react.

"Awe crap!" He exclaimed as he nearly hit the wreckage.

He planted a boot firmly on a piece of the cart, his momentum pushing him, and launches himself upward a few feet. The surprise of it, however, had thrown him off. He had no time to recover while in midair. He landed with a loud thud on his backside.

"Owe owe owe..." He said as he stood up.

The two men looked over at Shiori with furrowed brows. Then they recognized him.

"Oh, its just Shiori." One man said.

"Hey, isn't that the kid that helped that woman in front of the gates a few weeks ago? Chasing after that fox?"

"Yeah that's him. He helped my mother the other day too. The poor old lady couldn't get all her groceries from the market to her house. So he grabbed it all up and took them right to her doorstep."

The two men then looked at each other and smiled, slowly turning their gaze to Shiori. He hadn't noticed their comments as he was rubbing his sore backside. As he looked up, the two men were standing in front of him, grinning.

"Uh... hello. Sorry about that, I was trying to get to-..." The men interrupted him.

"Hey kid, you nearly cost us what little we had left of our carts and merchandise!"

"Yeah! You could have ruined us completely."

Shiori hung his head.

"Ah! I'm sorry sir's! I didn't mean-..." They interrupted him again.

"Sorry wont cut it kid. Although this whole mess wasn't your fault to begin with..." The two men then grinned at each other, looking back to Shiori, they began to put on a pitiful display.

"How will I feed my family?" He bellowed, crocodile tears welling from his eyes.

"My mothers medicine is too expensive! I'll never be able to save her now with my business in this condition!"

Shiori went wide eyed at watched the spectacle. After a moment, he got an idea.

"Uh... h-hey guys? Why don't I pull your carts to where you need them to be? I mean, not only is it the least I can do, but what kind of man would I be if I left two villagers of my own village in this sort of situation?" The two men suddenly stopped and looked at him.

"Are you serious?" They asked in unison.

Shiori smiled and nods at them.

"Not only would mother scold me, but its the right thing to do!"

Shiori then proceeded to help the men. He fixed the wheels of the carts as best he could, and tied ropes to both of them, wrapping them around his torso and waist. He very much resembled a horse pulling a wagon now. The two men, sitting in their respected carts, looked at each other, then to Shiori, whom was stretching his legs.

"Uh, hey kid. Are you sure this is alright?"

"Yeah. It might be too much to pull both carts at once. Patching them up was enough, really."

Shiori scoffed as he crouched down.

"My name is Shiori Aka, Son of Iori and Lucy, Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. If I'm gonna join my parents, I cant afford to slack off. Besides, how else am I going to get faster? This is perfect!"

He digs his feet into the ground, jetting off towards the market. At least, he started too. The ropes tightened up and yanked him backwards, slamming his head into the ground.

"Awe crap... owe owe owe..." He rubbed his head as he stood up.

"These things are heavy..." He thought to himself.

"We tried telling you." The men nodded.

Shiori narrowed his eyes and tightened his fists.

"Alright! For real this time! You guys better hold on!" 

This time, he started slowly, waiting for the ropes to lose their slack. As they tightened, he dug his feet in once more and pulled. Slowly, the carts began to roll forward. Shiori turned red in the face and sweat immediately began to bead on his brow. The villagers watching the show began to cheer him on, which only made his resolve strengthen. 

They started moving, slowly, but surely. Shiori grunts and groans as he pushes himself to get the cart moving.

"Too... slow... we're not moving... fast enough guys..." He grunts out.

"Hey kid. There's no reason to go any faster. This pace is fine."

"Yeah, don't hurt yourself on our behalf. You're doing too much already."

Shiori shook his head.

"No way! Speed is everything! If I cant... get you guys there... in the next five minutes... then I will have failed... this mission!" The two men looked at Shiori for a long moment, then at each other.

"Mission? What the hell is he talking about?"

"I have no idea. He's taking this way too seriously..."

Shiori lets out a loud yell as he slowly quickens his pace. His legs begin to burn. Sweat is now rolling down his face and neck. Luckily, his bandanna kept the sweat from his eyes. He looks up to check his progress. He had moved, almost six feet up the street. He grits his teeth.

"C'mon, c'mon!" He tried motivating himself. 

Another minute passed, a total of two since he began to pull the carts. Still only barely moving. He growled and grunts. The cart began to roll a bit more quickly.

"Hey kid, you're doing it! Good job!" One of the men yelled.

Shiori wasn't paying attention to which one, he was too focused on getting the carts moving more quickly. With each step, it felt like his legs were burning hotter and hotter.

"Maybe... maybe I cant do this. Was this too much?" He thought to himself.

He let out another furious growl, and slipped, landing on his knee's. Sweat dripped off his nose as he took long deep breaths.

"I... I can't... cant do it guys. I'm... I'm sorry..." 

"How dare you!" The voice of his father made him look up quickly.

Iori, in his dark garb, with his raven hair and bright blue eyes, stared at his son with a stern visage. Lucy, his mother, stood next to him, smiling sweetly, as she always did.

"Dad? Mom?" Shiori asked, surprised.

"Hmph. Shiori. You'll never become a ninja like this. You're giving up already? You just need to make it to the next street in the next three minutes. You've done good so far. And you're quitting? I am disappointed in you my son."

Shiori's eyes widen at his fathers harsh words. Iori had always been like that though. Maybe not that intensely though. Lucy had always said Iori preferred tough love, though occasionally he would lighten himself. This time seemed different though.

"Perhaps you were accepted into the academy too soon." Iori continued. "Maybe I should go to the Hokage and ask him to release you from your training and studies. It could be you are not meant to be a ninja."

"Iori, that's too harsh darling..." Lucy whispered.

"I will not be the father of a failure." He said simply.

Shiori balled up his fist.

"Shiori. Untie the rope and lets-..."

"NO!" Shiori stands, tightening the rope around his waste even more.

"I will not fail! And I will not disappoint you father! I WILL become a ninja! And I will be the fastest ninja this village has ever seen!" 

He dug his feet into the earth, kicking up little piles of dirt as he slowly began to move forward now. He didn't notice, but Iori was now smiling. Lucy nudged him with her elbow.

"Wasn't that a bit much dear?" She asked.

Iori chuckled as he watched his son pulling two food carts ever so gradually down the street.

"It may have been. But look at him. He's doing it. Just like I knew he could. As parents, we can not let him get discouraged. We must do all we can to motivate him properly."

Lucy smiles and leans into her husbands arm. 

"Io, you are the best a woman could hope for, you know that?"

Iori's eye's widen and he blushes, clearing his throat.

"AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" Shiori lets out an agonizing yell as his legs ignite once more, burning from the stress.

"I! WILL! NOT! GIVE! UP!" Four minutes have passed.
Shiori hasn't noticed, but he has moved quite a distance since his father spoke to him. Another few feet and he will have reached the end of the street. One of the men looks down at his carts wheel. He goes blue and his eyes widen. He looks over to the other man.

"Uh... h-hey... is your... brake on, per chance?" The other mans face goes stiff.

He then also looks to his wheel. The broke was indeed on. They look at each other and then nod. They both release the mechanism. Shiori's feet suddenly break out at top speed. A moment passes as he realizes whats going on.

"Uh... what the... they suddenly got lighter..." He turn in that split second to see the carts barreling right for him.

"AWE CRAP!" He was no longer pulling the carts, in fact he was now being chased by them.

On top of this, any time he would get in front of them enough, the rope would pull them closer to him, which he had not noticed. Shiori bolts down the next street, turning the corner sharply. The carts, close on his heels, skid around the corner as well. A massive dust cloud accumulates behind them as they ran through the streets, completely missing the stopping point.

Iori lets out a loud laugh. Lucy looks to him, worriedly.

"Io, that is cruel, laughing at him like that."

Iori looks to her and laughed a little more. 

"My darling, it's not humor that's making me laugh. I am proud of him! He made it to the next street within his self imposed time limit." Lucy looked at her husband a long moment, then smiled.

"Oh, I suppose he did, didnt he?"

Now, Shiori is doing all he can to keep ahead of the carts. The men riding them hanging on for dear life as they dart down one street and skid as they turn to the next.

"This is nuts!"

"Hey kid! Stop!"

"Are you crazy!? If I stop I'll be flattened by the carts!"

Shiori's legs had now gone numb. First the resistance from the carts having their brakes on, on top of the weight itself. And now, running so fast that his feet barely touch the ground as to not get run over.

"This is nuts!" He exclaimed as he turned another corner, seeing a group of elderly women chatting in the middle of the road a little ways down.

"Awe crap! Hey! Excuse me grannies! Ya gotta move! We don't have brakes!" They didn't seem to hear his warning.

He knew what he had to do to keep anyone from getting injured.

"Awe crap... this is gonna hurt!" He then jumps up slightly, and slams both feet into the ground.

The carts quickly catching up him, the two men riding had an idea.

"Hey did he say no brakes!?" One yelled to the other.

"Yeah, but we have brakes!"

"What the hell are we doing then!? Lets use them!"

They both reactivated the braking mechanism. The wood creaks loudly as the wheels suddenly stop, kicking up a massive dust cloud, blocking anyone's vision of what may have been happening. The carts, while slowed, still hit Shiori with a fair amount of speed. He gasps as the wind is knocked from him. His feet leaving ruts in the road as he tries to stop the carts before they hit the old ladies.

The grannies now notice the carts, but its too late. They let out gasps as the Shiori and the carts get closer and closer, but the dust cloud covers them before anyone can see the impact. A loud crash is heard. Iori and Lucy jump over one of the buildings, landing on the street side, next to the cloud.

"Damn! I should have stopped them sooner. Shiori! Say something!" Yelled Iori.

"Oh no, Shiori..." Lucy covered her mouth as she tried to look through the dust.

A few long moments passed before the dust finally started to settle. The old ladies had not moved from their spots. Their eyes were closed, waiting for the worse. As they opened their eyes, they saw Shiori. His feet were somewhat buried in the ground, his back still pressed against the carts, that where now wheel-less. Without them, the bottoms of the carts dug into the ground, slowing them even more. 

Shiori looked up and smiled at the old women.

"S-sorry to startle you, ladies. Is everyone ok?" He asked.

Shiori was covered in dirt and sweat, but it didn't seem he was injured all that badly. No blood to be seen what so ever. The old ladies all nod their heads. Shiori smiles and closes his eyes.

"Good. I'm glad no one... was... hurt..." He then started to fall forwards.

Iori appeared in time to catch his son.

"Io! Is he alright!?" Lucy asked, worry stricken.

Iori smiled and chuckled.

"He's fine dear. Seems he's just exhausted. Though I might think his back will be fairly bruised tomorrow." He looked down at his son, who was now snoring peacefully.

Iori smiled, then looked up to the sky. The sun was starting to set. He raised an eyebrow.

"I hadn't realized it was this late already. I was too distracted watching Shio. Did he really run around like that all day?" He thought to himself.

Later that evening, Iori had brought Shiori back to their home. Asuna had cleaned him up and laid him on the couch to rest until he was awake enough to go to his own room. He smiled in his sleep, kicking his legs slightly. Asuna chuckled at looked to Iori and Lucy.

"Even in his dreams, he's running. I don't remember you ever being this active as a child, Io my boy." She chuckled as she teased her son.

Iori rubbed the back of his head. 

"He gets all that energy from Lucy's side, no doubt." He leaned over and kissed Lucy's hair.

She smiled and wondered off to get ready for bed. Io then looked to Asuna.

"Mother. I am not one to say, but I believe he is doing quite well. Perhaps, one day soon, we can talk about training him in the clan's more advanced-..." Asuna cuts him off.

"No, Iori. Not yet. there is still much I would like him to experience, before he must face that sort of thing." Iori nods at his mothers words and waves to her.

"Good night mother." He then followed Lucy out.

Asuna then looks back to Shiori and places a hand on his head.

"No, my dear grandchild. Not yet. I pray not for a very long time yet."

((Word Count: 3086))

((Stat Points Awaiting Approval: 15 [More likely to be less as there are non-training elements accompanying this session. I will digress to Admin/ Mod decisions. <3 ]))
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Shiori's Training (Private) Empty Re: Shiori's Training (Private)

Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:56 pm

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