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Genin Shenanigans Empty Genin Shenanigans

Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:11 am

Kirino had already been up for several hours as she walked down the halls of the ninja academy, a place where young kids developed their skills so that they could murder someone in the future. Aww, look at the little devils. She thought while thinking of how cute the soon to be psychopaths looked. Waving at some of the kids that eyed her with curiosity the girl walked into one of the empty classrooms as she was told to show up and someone would give out her next mission. After waiting in the classroom for several minutes a chuunin entered the room “Hello, Bone Devil we were going to assign you a different mission today, but it seems that things change.” The man handed her an envelope and let her look over it.

Bone Devil, is he referring to me? Opening the packet her eyes grew wide as she read the mission it was D-rank finally she received an appropriately ranked mission. As her eyes widened in excitement the man backed up and defended his body as if he would be attacked. “I know it is below your mission standards, but it is urgent.” Touching the man lightly on the shoulder the guy jumped a little and was shaking. ”Why are you calling me bone devil and jumping when I come near you?” Did I receive a nickname and bad reputation when I wasn’t paying attention. “Umm, I just… I need to go gather my class.” With that he rushed out of the classroom leaving Kirino in silence to read.

Hmm, it says I can bring one other person I know who I should get. Walking away from the school house she headed towards the training ground the teacher who had spoken to her before was also on his way there with a gaggle of young students. From what it sounded like they were going to be learning how to throw some kunai. While walking in the same direction he kept the children away from the Kaguya and followed her movements with his eyes. Alright, this is weird. She thought as she ran full speed ahead into the training grounds.

Once there she noticed her ally by a tree where she had met her by a tree and a lake where she had trained the girl on how to use electricity. If Ayame wasn’t around she would probably just go save the kid on her own, albeit making the task slightly more dangerous.

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