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Xena Uchiha
Xena Uchiha
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Xena's Winter Shenanigans  Empty Xena's Winter Shenanigans

Tue Jan 10, 2023 1:48 am



The snow was something Xena was in all truth unused too, she never got too go outside much during the snow, not that she didn't like it, in fact she cared a heavy liking towards snow, the cold often feeling far better then being hot, as well as simply laying in it, while bundled up in her usual snow attire, heavy jackets sweat pants etc. Though today wasn't like that, she had her typical purple cloak, a zip up hoodie under, and some shorts with leggings beneath, so the cold should be getting to her, she questioned why it didn't, perhaps she simply grew over the snow as she continued to walk through the almost open snow field she could see a plateaued of characters, some making snowman, some having a snowball fight, even a unlucky kid stuck to a candy cane pole, how does that even happen she thought that was just a movie joke. She couldn't help but actually start to laugh a bit at the boy stuck to a candy cane pole, it was rather funny if she was being entirely honest, though she had a want to help him.

As she made her way through this winter wonderland her ear was caught by a yell, her head turning to view a kid trying to usher her over, nodding she walked over only to hear a very simple request. "Scuse my miss! Could you help me make a snowman!" Bewildered Xena nodded, why was she being asked to build a snowman for some kid she question, maybe it'd be worth her while, as she walked around rolling up a ball of snow it seemed the boy went off to get decorations, she honestly questioned if snow jutsu was a thing, most likely. Though now that her thoughts of snow jutsu was over here had placed a third ball atop the two the boy already had, looking around she grabbed some twigs to place for arms, and then the kid had come back offering buttons to her, she placed three on the middle of the snowman two for eyes and put a carrot nose on at the end. Then finally she placed a scarf around frosty the snowman as the kid deemed them, Xena couldn't help but nod with a chuckle. Though then she figured something was missing...

Perhaps it was her imagination but she simply commented. "Perhaps we should get frosty a hat?" Looking around she didn't entirely know where she could find a hat, perhaps the kid had one inside their home back she couldn't really just guess that. "Do you happen to have one in your house?" So thus she asked it instead, if the kid didn't have one in his house oh well, maybe she could mold one with snow, but to her surprise the boy responded with a rousing yes too having a hat as well, she simply watched the boy run back into the house, waiting about 2 minutes she crossed her arms when the boy ran back out, bringing a top hat, Xena nodded placing it on top of the Snowman and simply stated. "Wonderful."
WC:524 TWC:524

Xena had since walked away from the snowman kid, he was a wonderful boy all things considered, seeming both soft spoken and well mannered, she couldn't say much wrong about him besides that he seemed to be rather quiet, perhaps he didn't trust others with making snowmen, perhaps it was his first and he just wanted to make it right and proper, she simply hoped she helped the best she could with it, thinking about it it was nearly 5 feet tall, has some long arms 5 buttons and a carrot for a nose, that's almost the text book definition of a snow man, so thinking of that it certainly made Xena feel better about herself, walking now into what could only be described as a battle to the death between a group of kids, one side throwing chunks of frozen water at the other, and the other following suit with its own volley, Xena barely managed to avoid the chaos, only to notice she was being invited to join in by both sides, how kind, she might as well have some fun throwing snow balls, she physically never has before so this would be a good learning experience and not at all a chance to just goof off and have some fun. As she started making snow balls along with a little wall to keep herself covered what she did notice is she was being pelted by both teams, so it was 2 on 1 huh, she couldn't help but giggle at this odds, slowly she peaked up throwing a snow ball towards the base on her left, only to quickly do the same for the one on the right, all the while more and more snow piled up on the shoddy wall of snow she was barely covered by when she sat down.

As she quickly began to pick up the pace in throwing snow balls she felt she had gotten into a nice rhythm, a snow ball would hit her barrier, she'd peak up and throw a snow ball, and then suddenly shoot to the other side and throw another, then hide back behind her shield, it was so far working incredibly well all things considered, she managed to avoid taking any hits until unfortunately as you should expect, she got cocky, presenting more then just her head before with a good throw a snowball collided with her neck, it sent her flying back a bit coughing though not at all really injured, it was more of skin damage then anything internal being hurt or damaged, taking that as her queue to leave she gave a wave bye as she started walking over to the comedically stuck kid stuck on a poke. Perhaps with him she'd manage to find out one what was going on with all the kids here, two why is he stuck to a dang light poke... and three, why was that kid honestly stuck to a light pole, what outlandish events could of caused such a situation.
WC:504 TWC:1028

As Xena had trudged through the general wonderland area, she had already gotten caught in 2 predicaments and now she willingly walked towards a third namely a kid being stuck to a lamp post. One that happened to be fashioned to look like a large candy cane, though obviously it was fake, what kind of moron would actually believe it was a real candy cane, well apparently this kid it would appear, calmly looking the kid over she commented. "Bit off more then you could chew huh pal?" Too which she was responded too in a variety of words she couldn't understand because the kids tongue was physically not useable thus causing a portion of the noises his mouth could make to be completely muted, she sighed looking around the area, looking for something she could do to help until eventually she walked back over to the kid. "Jeez you really got yourself into a pickle... Lets see what could i do to help you out here kid..." Slowly she knocked on the candy cane lamp post seeing if it was frosted over, which to her unshocked reaction it was, perhaps if she could warm the area up enough to get the saliva to unfreeze he could free himself, though with what to do so with she question until she looked at her hands, she supposed if you wanted to get something done it'd always be best to do it yourself.

Rubbing her hands together up and down at a high speed the friction created a decent amount of hear, which she applied directly to where the kids tongue was frozen, it didn't seem to work at first but she knew it would, she did it again, and again, Even trying to wrap the area with cloth to make it harder to get cold again, her hands managed to stay warm long enough to slightly melt the frost on the bar, as she placed a freshly heated hand on the tongue leading to it melting just enough for the kid to suddenly fall back with a somewhat frozen but otherwise fine tongue. "Hey look at that your free now!" She smirked somewhat annoyed she had to do that with her hands though. "So tell me, what the heck got you set up like that on that lamp, i don't imagine you did that to yourself." Xena asked looking the boy over, supposedly the boy had been dared by his 3 friends, and once he had done it the friends laughed and ran off, saying they'd be back in a bit, which was supposedly 2 hours ago, Xena simply scoffed at how awful a prank that was. "Well that's hardly a good friendship if you ask me, you should get better friends." Xena would say rubbing her hands on her jackets still a bit jostled about touching some ones frozen tongue with her hands. "Just try not to get yourself stuff like that again kid, that was nasty and i don't particularly wanna do that again ya know?"

As Xena walked away she slowly walked back through the area she had just went through now that that was done she'd simply take a really quick trip back through the area's she just was at, namely the snowman kid and the snowball fighters, though she did turn back to look at the kid who had gotten stuck on that lamp pole, only to find no sign of them, it was somewhat spooky in all honesty, leading her to walk back over rather quickly. "Uh... kid? ya there?" Her voice asked echoing a bit through the snow filled winter wonderland, it didn't seem like he was there anyone, looking for foot prints in the snow she couldn't seen anything that would lead her to believe he actually walked off, maybe he was a genin and just jumped off, yeah, that calmed her mind for the most part, now just sitting staring at the candy cane lamp post, thinking about the scenario that had managed to pull that kid into licking it, it likely went along the lines of the kid was dared to lick it for some Ryo, she imagined that's what kids would offer to make other kids do stupid stuff, hell she was only a teenager and she already felt rather old, though she did smile staring up now as she fell backwards in the snow, maybe she should enjoy this a bit more before she left.

Her arms slowly moved up and down in a motion of happiness, in all truth she was attempting to make a snow angel, something she hadn't done in a long long time, and with the knowledge of them being super easy to make she decided to do it right then and there, though as she enjoyed the snow falling her face staring up towards the sky she could notice a sound of foot steps approaching, slowly sitting up it seems that kid she had seen vanish was now walking back over from where those kids were having a snow ball fight, seems he wanted to say thank you and offer her to play with the snow ball fight kids again, though Xena simply shook her head. "Sorry kid, I think i'm just gonna lay here and enjoy myself, the snow is wonderful this time of year and i don't get this chance very often." The kid seemed to nod running back over to his new friends while Xena just continued staring up at the sky it really was such a beautiful night or at least she thought it was, the only light she could see was coming from the street light in front of her maybe tomorrow it would be even nicer, when the sun shined she'd be able to see so much more, and enjoy the snow some more after it slowly settled into a straight blanket of snow again, regardless she laid there, still as a mouse, enjoying the sight of snow falling above her, as a single snowflake landed on her nose.

WC:1011 TWC:2039

WC Claims
1500/1500 Great Fireball (B Rank)
500/500 Hell Viewing Technique
20 Stat Points into Speed.

Mission Claims
4000 Ryo
20 AP
1000 Winter Equinox Tickets

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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Xena's Winter Shenanigans  Empty Re: Xena's Winter Shenanigans

Tue Jan 10, 2023 1:07 pm
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