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Baby Shenanigans Empty Baby Shenanigans

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:40 am

It was a typical Kumogakure day. The clouds roamed the sky, preventing any chance of sunlight. There was a pleasant breeze, one that traveled through a Genin's hair as he sped past. If one were to follow his life, they would be able to realize how fast the boy had actually gotten. Maybe it was because of his sudden boost in strength, speed, and chakra. Perhaps it was because of learning a new jutsu, Soul Expulsion. Or maybe it was the stroller of giggling triplets rolling down the hill at dangerous speeds. A delightful day soon turned into a horrible day for one Genin by the name of Zyxis.

This was the last thing he thought he'd be doing when he was given the mission to babysit these children. He decided that they would need some fresh air, every human being needs fresh air. It seemed that gravity didn't like him. At the one moment, he let go of the stroller to stretch, they had just come upon this hill. Even worse, the stroller was heading straight towards more children. Who put a playground there!? Zyxis stayed calm like he always did, using Body Flicker to appear at the stroller's side, and then using Soul Expulsion to go even faster, flickering straight in front of the carriage and using his body to soften the stop.

One moment he was looking at the triplets and the next he was on the ground looking at the air. Nobody told him that it was such a dense carriage. He groaned as he got up, waved off the parents that were coming to see if he was okay - wait, maybe they were checking on the babies - and continued to take the babies to their parents. He sighed as he thought to himself. Nobody told him that he would be tired, battered, and bruised from a measly E-Rank mission. Why weren't they taught how to take care of children in school? He would most definitely have to talk to his mother about this once he got the time. 

Okay, so he checked off "getting fresh air" on his list. This list consisted of things that he did in the morning. He didn't believe that he needed to give them a shower or brush the one or two teeth in their mouth, but maybe they were hungry. He grabbed three bottles and poured the formula in them. He pulled out his bottle of water from his backpack and poured it in the three bottles. He then started to shake them and began to juggle them. He smiled to himself, perhaps this could be one of his hobbies? Now if only he had an audience. He turned to the babies, but they just drooled, giggled, and stared off into the distance. He raised an eyebrow. Strangely, they were cute. Very innocent creatures that could do nothing wrong if they tried. He stopped with his baby formula circus tricks and gave them each a bottle. They exclaimed happily in baby noises and started to drink the bottle.

That's another thing done. A walk, breakfast, and what next? He decided that he would take them back to their house so that they could get ready for a nap. If he remembered correctly, all babies did was eat and sleep. He could handle both of those. He made it back to their house. He noted that it wasn't that far away from his humble abode. If he needed anything, or the babies wanted anything, he could rush over there. He put them in their highchairs and grabbed some baby food left out. After they finished their bottles, they were still ravenous. It only made sense, they were growing boys. How did he handle this? What did his mother do with him when he was a child? How would he even remember?

He'd just have to use his ninja training. He dipped his spoon in apple and radish baby mash - why would anyone think of mixing those two things - and gave it a quick smell. It wasn't gagging material, but it definitely wasn't the best thing he had smelt. He took a deep breath, "Here comes the kunai~" He said in a high pitched voice. After feeding them once again, he started to do push-ups to pass the time. After a while, a bad smell came from the babies. The moment he's been dreading.

He took a deep breath - and promptly gagged - as he told himself that it was okay. This was the training he needed to become a ninja. He rushed in with an emotionless face. If you looked close enough, you could see tears rolling out of his eyes. Afterward, he put the babies to bed with a kiss to each of their foreheads and parked the stroller outside. He sat on the steps as the parents got home, waiting for his mission currency so he could go sleep.

The parents had come back from their grocery shopping. Zyxis helped them carry groceries, and they smiled as they went upstairs and saw their children sound asleep. They went back downstairs and outside. Seeing their smile, it made Zyxis' heart pang, maybe this mission was worth it after all-

"Is that a small dent in the stroller? You're a monster! We paid 50 Ryo for this! You expect us to give you 500 Ryo?" The mom hysterically screamed at him. She reached into her pocket and chucked it at Zyxis who just blankly stared at her as he snatched the money from out of the air with no effort. That served to make the citizen even angrier. "So you think you're super cool now-"

Zyxis disappeared in a flicker, ignoring everything else that came from her mouth. He sighed as he went back to HQ and turned in his mission. The guy behind the counter had a knowing smirk, "You look ruffled, Zyxis."

He couldn't hold in his sigh. "I hate E-Rank Missions."

WC: 1,000

Claims: 1 AP, 500 Ryo, Flicker Movement
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Ryo : 500

Baby Shenanigans Empty Re: Baby Shenanigans

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:50 am
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