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The Art of Throwing Without the Use of Hands  Empty The Art of Throwing Without the Use of Hands

Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:27 am
Yumi had realized she was weak. Out of the small friend circle, she was the weakest member. She was also the youngest, and she was a girl. There were some villagers who did not believe that women were fit for the life of a ninja and Yoshi was beginning to feel that she was justifying those claims. Not to mention her clan was not known for making ninja. Yoshi was feeling very down, yet each day, when the young girl stepped into her clan's housing complex, she was greeted with smiles. Her clansmen and clanswomen looked up to her and felt very honored to have such a young child posses her first dot in her shokunin.

I have to get better, Yoshi told herself. I have to get better for myself, but also for them. I cannot let them down. I cannot bring shame to my family!

Yoshi found herself walking into Suna's library and walked passed the history section. Yoshi hated history and found it completely boring, and yet there she was all the same. She looked down and saw one book in particular that grabbed her attention. It was labeled A History of Notable Ninja From Sunagakure. It was a thick old book - one that survived the cataclysm. Yoshi carefully took it out from the shelf it sat in and sat by a round wooden table which was close by. Yoshi opened the cover of the dusty tome and flipped to its index. Many of the names she was not familiar with, Some of them looked familiar – as if her instructors covered the parson in their lectures but Yoshi was not paying attention at the time. Some names were big enough that she recognized.

The Sand Siblings … they made Suna famous during the time of the legendary Naruto. There was Gaara. He was Kazekoge at a young age. He was even younger than our current Kazekoge. He had the one tailed beast inside him. There was Tamari, she was a wind jutsu user who used a big fan. I can use my puppet like she used her fan a little bit. There was Kankuro. He was the puppet user. I wonder what happened to his puppets? He didn't make them, though. They were made by the infamous Sasori, The Red Scorpion. His entire body was a puppet. Kankuro used his puppet body later on too. I wonder where it went too? Kankuro wasn't the one who brought on Sasori's demise though. Who was it again? Let's see, oh, a ninja from the Hidden Leaf by the name of Sakura. Why is she listed in this book? I thought it was suppose to be about Suna ninja! Oh, she fought alongside the Honored Grandmother Chiyo. She was related to Sasori and also a puppet user?

Yumi read though the entry of Chiyo where it depicted what happened in the fight with Sasori. Both Chiyo and Sakura were trying to rescue Gaara who had been captured by the Akatsuki. To save the Leaf ninja from Sasori's attacks, Chiyo used Sakura like a puppet. With the the chakra threads attached to her body, Sakura was fast enough to dodge his barrages of senbons.

Wow, that must have felt strange to be strung up in chakra threads. And it must have taken a lot of trust to let someone control you like that!

Yumi continued to read the entry. It mentioned that Sasori was inside a highly defensive puppet and used it like armor. It possessed a segmented blade tail which could be used to deflect incoming attacks as well as attack. Sasori was very quick with it. Together Chiyo and Sakura managed to break thought the puppet but before they could they had to get past the tail. To do so Chiyo used a distraction. Chiyo used the technique Manipulating Attack Blades. It created a disk of chakra which could suspend thrown weapons if placed within. Chiyo secretly attached her chakra threads to the ends of her weapons. After flooding the disk with more chakra Chiyo's weapons dashed out at Sasori. He deflected the shots with his puppet blade tail. But the real kicker was the threads. They attached themselves to the tail and rendered it useless. Sakrua was then able to use her super strength to smash the puppet.

Hey, I like the sound of this lady. She's a trickster – a trickster like me. I wonder if Ninja Headquarters has the jutsu scroll? Yumi wondered as she closed the old dusty tome.

Yumi placed the book back on its shelf and hurried over to the Ninja Headquarters. The grumpy ninja clerk was busy signing papers. He only gave the young girl a quick glance before getting back to work. Yumi did not say a word. She knew it was better this way. If she were to speak to him, he would probably line her up with another mission. Instead, Yumi continued into the back room where all the jutsu scrolls were kept. Yumi looked for many minutes. Suddenly she was bumped into. Yumi looked up and saw a tall man. He was one of the clerk's assistants.

”pardon me, are you looking for a particular jutsu?” the assistant asked.

”No harm done,” Yumi replied. ”Actually I was wondering if we had the Manipulating Attack Blades technique? I can't seem to find it. Its not under Ninjutsu and its not under Weaponry. But its gotta be one of the two."

”We do have it. Its in the mixed section. You were correct on your thinking, but its actually both ninjutsu and weaponry. I fetch it for you.”

The assistant set down the scrolls he was putting away and went over to the mixed techniques section. After a short amount of time, the assistant came back with a scroll in hand.

”Here you go,” said the assistant holding out the scroll.

Yumi took it and bowed. Then she was off for the training grounds.

As Yumi walked out the main doors, the clerk piped up, ”You'd better bring that back, Yumi. We'll find you if you don't.”

A cold chill went down Yumi's spine.

Eek, how does he do that? Yumi thought as she stood in mid step.

”Okay, I will.” Yumi said as she quickly hurried outside.

Once Yumi scampered off to the training grounds, Yumi took off giant scroll, which was slung over her shoulder, and set it in the sand. It contained her puppet and was not going to be needed in this exercise. Yumi stretched out her legs and arms and hips before she pulled out the jutsu scroll from one of her weapon's pouches. After undoing the clasp which wrapped the scroll together, Yumi read its contents over to get a general understanding of the technique. Basically the user created a meter wide disk made of chakra. Once the disk was made the user was free to place throwing weapons inside the disk. If the user molded enough chakra the weapons would stay suspended in the air. It was similar to the surface walking technique. Mold too little chakra, and you loose your grip. Mold to much and spring off the surface. Mold too little chakra in the disk would cause the weapons to drop to the ground. Molding to much chakra and the weapons would get launched per-maturely.

Perhaps I should begin by practicing the surface walking technique just to practice molding my chakra, Yumi thought as she placed the jutsu scroll on her giant scroll.

By now the surface walking technique was second nature to the young ninja. It was almost as easy as tying one's shoes. But since the scroll did mention the surface walking technique, Yumi decided that it was best to start off with it. Yumi stood at the base of the training wall. It tower about the village like a plant reaching up towards the sun. Yumi molded her chakra on the bottoms of her red, open-toed sandals and started to walk up the wall. As she walked back down, she let her body fall towards the ground. As she got close to the sand, Yumi reached out with her hands and planted them in the sand. She then molded a little more chakra onto her feet and pushed off doing a cartwheel. Simple.

Yoshi had never projected her chakra out of her body before. Not in the way that the jutsu instructed the user to do. When producing her chakra threads, Yoshi imagined that her fingers where spinning wheels and that she was spinning the thread needed to control her puppets. But projecting a sizable disk of chakra seemed like an entirely different story. Then Yoshi remembered the day she learned her wind release jutsu. She could mold the air to her will. Whatever she could imagine she figured it would appear. While this jutsu was not an elemental one, Yoshi figured she could apply the same logic.

Yoshi went over to the range part of the training grounds. There were giant slabs of trees which had painted rings which made a target. The bulls-eye was painted red and only ten centimeters across. Iron stakes where staked into the sand and had a ring on their end. A thick rope ran through each ring and sectioned off several lanes. No one else was throwing at the time, so Yoshi had free reign on the range. Yoshi tried projecting her chakra outwards to make a disk. You could see tiny wisps of blue emit from her body. Then Yoshi reached out into one of her weapon's pouches and procured the scroll which contained her ten kunai. In a puff of smoke they were now firmly held in the girl's hands. She then placed them within the chakra disk. But as soon as she let go the kunai, immediately fell into the sand. Yoshi jumped back to avoid having her toes get pierced.

That was a close one! Yumi thought as her heart pounded in her chest. Did I even make a disk?

Yumi picked up her kunai which had stuck themselves into the coarse sand. It was a nightmare. Not only did Yumi have to concentrate on the target, but she also had to keep track of the chakra disk which she molded in the air in front of her. This time when she placed her throwing weapons in place, they remained suspended in the air. When all kunai were in place, Yumi twitched her hand and shoot them forward. But once again they fell to the ground. Once again, Yumi jumped back, but only in the nick of time.

Grrr, what am I doing wrong? Okay. Think like the wall climbing technique. If I mold too little chakra on my feet, I fall off the wall. That must be what I'm doing with my kunai. I wasn't molding enough chakra to keep them suspended. If I mold too much chakra on my feet I'll spring off of the wall. That seems to be what I need to do which my disk – increase the amount of chakra. Doing so will cause the suspended weapons to spring out. Right, the third time is the charm! Yumi thought as she picked up her weapons for the second time.

For the third time, Yoshi molded a chakra disk that was a meter wide. And when the disk was complete, Yoshi placed her kunai within the boundaries of the circle. Baring down on the targets, Yoshi increased the amount of chakra within the disk as she swept across it with her hand in a sweeping motion. This time the kunai launched forwards. Some did not hit the target and none of them were bulls-eyes. This was because of the placement of the weapons. Yumi practiced this theory a few times until she was able to hit the target with all ten kunai. As her angles improved, so did her aim. It was all a matter of honing in the skill. Closer and closer she was able to hit the target towards the bulls-eye. When she was satisfied with her results, Yoshi packed up her weapons and big scroll and marched back to the ninja headquarters to drop off the jutsu scroll. Another technique to add to her arsenal. Though there was no time to dally; more training was needed she were to catch up in skill with her friends.


(WC = 2069, claiming Manipulating Attack Blades, +10 stats)
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The Art of Throwing Without the Use of Hands  Empty Re: The Art of Throwing Without the Use of Hands

Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:30 am

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