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Calin Pendragon
Calin Pendragon
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Ashuron Akari's Training Empty Ashuron Akari's Training

Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:59 am
Ashuron arrived at his home away from home during the early hours of the morning, before the sun even rose to greet the day. The cold air the morning evident by his visible breath. The stars could still be seen by the millions in the sky and it painted a beautiful picture. His preferred training location was on top of a plateau a few miles out from the village. This kept it close by home, but secret from pretty much everyone as not many people would be up there at all. Only shinobi as far as he knew and they wouldn’t be opposed to his training. Today he intended to learn the clone technique. At the ripe age of twenty two he still didn’t know any techniques and that needed to change. He had studied it well enough, so it shouldn’t be super hard so long as he focused. He looked around the area and smiled at the prospect of getting just a little bit stronger. He then began to channel his chakra and perform the hand seals, rat-snake-tiger, at a painfully slow speed compared to the speed he should be able to. He waited to hear a poof sound or something to show that he had succeeded only to see nothing. This annoyed him slightly, as failure did to anyone, but he knew he simply had to put more chakra into the technique. He remembered what the books said about creating a mirror of yourself and making a reality, it was only an illusion made of your chakra and you yourself had to shape it to fit your needs. He performed the hand seals once more, rat-snake-tiger, at a slightly faster pace. This time something appeared next to him, a dead clone by the looks of things that stared off into the sky like an idiot before dissipating into nothingness. Ashuron shrugged, that meant he overloaded the technique. Meaning he was at least capable of it. He glanced over toward the sun and saw it slowly coming over the horizon, painting the sky in beautiful shades of pink and purple. He admired the view for a moment before a chilled breeze knocked him out of his musings and he shook his head to clear it. He turned back to his training and he began to focus his chakra once more. He closed his eyes and began to visualize a mirror image before him, looking himself in the eye in his mind if you will before he slowly began to go through the three hand seals that he hands were getting quite used to performing. He felt the chakra leave his system and he opened his eyes to see the mirror image of himself smirking at him as he smirked at it. They both nodded their heads and the clone poofed out of existence. “Well that’s one of the three down..” He said to himself as the sun had finally come up completely over the horizon, it’s light bathing the plateau in early morning rays.

He contemplated the sun for a few minutes before considering an idea that “I could train another, it’s not like I’m tired or do anything all day…” He thought to himself before shrugging hit off and decided to train the transformation technique. It was theoretically the second most difficult one the three as he’d have to perfectly transformed in order to fool anyone. Of course Ashuron didn’t really have any friends, he was a refugee from Iwa with no family after all. He’d have to carve his place in history, but as such he has needed to swipe a picture from someone in order to have the ability to train the technique. He walked over to a rock formation that was jutting out on top of the plateau and pinned the picture to it. It was of a beautiful blonde woman about his age. He could definitely admit to her beauty, so it was obvious why someone would have a picture. He began to perform the hand seals required. Dog-Boat-Ram, the handseals were a bit slow on his fingers as they hadn’t really been practiced but he knew he’d get them down quickly. He looked at the unnamed woman in the picture and began to mold his chakra. He heard a poof and a cloud of smoke appeared. He then performed the clone technique to see how he looked and frowned. Nothing had changed. He raised an eyebrow at that thought before slapping his forehead. “Of course, I can look at the picture until I’m blue in the face, but if I don’t visualize her image in my mind it won’t make a lick of difference.” He said under his breath. He sighed at his own stupidity and looked at the picture again, memorizing every detail. From her golden hair, her brown eyes with just a hint of gold, her slender figure “She really is beautiful..” He thought to himself as a small blush graced his cheeks, if a picture of her looked this amazing, he could only imagine how amazingly beautiful she was in person. He shrugged it off though, he’d probably never see her. He got his mind back on track and focused on the task at hand, the sun after all was starting to turn from the lovely pink color to a brilliant white. He looked at it and wondered why he could stare at it like that without any problems. He shook that thought out of his head too “Focus Ashuron!” He yelled in his mind as he stood before the picture and closed his eyes. He pictured every detail in his mind down to the wire. Before slowly performing the hand seals needed. “Dog-Boar-Ram” He said to himself as he moved through the seals slightly faster than before. He felt the chakra leave his system once more and opened his eyes and performed the clone technique. He smiled at the perfect transformation and nodded his head at the clone before dropping both of the newly learned illusions.

He glanced over to the sun again and let out a breath directly up, blowing his bangs around as he contemplated learning the final technique and getting some extra training in. He shrugged and decided to give it a shot, what’s the worst that could happen after all, a wasted day? Almost everyone saw his life as a waste now anyone since he was a refugee, he didn’t have his own place after all, causing him to move around the city. He thought about the last technique, the substitution was supposed to be the hardest of the three as he had to utilize his chakra and switch positions with an object. He would need to completely overpower the object with his chakra in order to do it too or else the switch wouldn’t happen. The really difficult aspect of it however was the speed in which it needed to be executed. It was meant to be used in full combat situations, to save the skin of the shinobi. It was an instantaneous switch technique that he needed to have down perfectly. He’d practice this for awhile he knew because he had to have it down pat. He looked around and smiled at all of the rocks that were laying around the area. After all that just meant he had plenty of substitution targets. He took a deep breath and targets a stone nearby. He closed his eyes and began to pull toward it with his chakra, trying to make it switch with him. He covered himself in chakra at the same trying to get the idea of how down on the fly. He knew he’d need to use his chakra as a medium for the technique as was true for all of them after all. But he needed to know HOW. As it was he was trying to surround the object with his chakra and switch what was in that particular shell with what was inside of his, namely him. He felt an extremely odd tug as his chakra, like a string being pulled toward a location and when he allowed himself to take it he suddenly found him where the rock was. He smiled at his success of the technique on his first try, but now came the hard part. He still had to do it fast enough after all. He took a deep breath and covered another rock in his chakra again and felt the feeling again, he switched again and immediately tried to subvert another rocks nonexistent chakra with his own. He succeeded and substituted with that as well. He briefly wondered if he could do it with an explosive tag and REALLY screw up someones day, but that was for another experiment later on. He cleared his mind and began to try to prepare multiple substitutions. He wanted to see if he could queue them up and use them in sequence. He covered two rocks in his chakra and substituted with one and then grasped the other in his chakra and substituted with that one instantly. He turned toward the rocks and smiled at the success of the technique. He could say he felt like that one was covered quite well. He briefly realized he didn’t even need the hand seals after a few of them and smiled at that too.

He looked up at the sky and noted that it was only about eight in the morning. He still had plenty of time to train, so he might as well utilize it right? He shrugged and decided he’d run back to the refugee sector of the village. He would get a bit of exercise that way and get home in time to play some pranks on people. He could be a very sneaky person when the need arose after all. He jogged back toward Haven, moving through the desert at a moderate pace and enjoyed the view of the endless wastes of sand in every direction. He stopped momentarily and looked toward his plateau and thought “Why did I think training there was a good idea again?..” But shook it off, the training was done for now so he’d just need to run back and prank some losers. Yup, the twenty two year old academy student calling people losers. If that isn’t an oxymoron he didn’t know what was. He sighed and began to run back toward Haven once more. The sun had begun to beat the country with it’s heat and sweat could be seen through his clothes as he ran. He pulled out a water bottle and took a swig to keep hydrated and soon found himself back in Haven. He moved through the people at a decent pace, some people glaring at him as a refugee. Many people think he made their life harder. But he’d love to see the tables turn if those monsters that destroyed his home came here. He shook that thought off though, that was out of character for him after all. He moved through the outskirts of the city, toward anywhere he could sit and rest, he didn’t have a real home after all. He soon came across a park that he could use as a resting place. He sat in the shade of the wall of the village and rested his head against it, trying to keep cool just like he’d be trying to keep warm tonight when the sun went down. “What would you do mother?” He thought, he didn’t give any thoughts to his father, he understood why he did what he did to him. But he would never forgive him for what he was getting ready to do to the woman who gave birth to him. He briefly remembered his thought about pulling off a prank on someone but dismissed it, he was too tired from training and running through the desert. He’d catch a nap and make someone else hate him later. The list was long enough as it was after all.  

2013 words claiming substitution, transformation, clone, and 10 stats.
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Ashuron Akari's Training Empty Re: Ashuron Akari's Training

Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:02 am
Sure, why not. Trial approved.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Ashuron Akari's Training Empty Re: Ashuron Akari's Training

Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:12 am

Full approved because Charlie scares me <3
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